Situation Update (before Lunar Eclipse + Mass Meditations - 09.01.2020)

The year 2020 is about to get off to an extremely turbulent start, with devastating bushfires in Australia and further rising tensions in the Middle East. In both cases, plasma entities at higher planes are the cause of the crises.

A plasma octopus has clung to the Australian continent, whose destructive action on energetic levels results in the fires on the physical planes.

And as far as the USA-Iran conflict is concerned, it is also a plasma octopus that tries to influence and play off both sides against each other.

The LFs are in the process of harmonizing the situation, and the meditations that have been initiated are also a great help:

At the moment we are still moving towards ascension and the old system is dying. Some of the Dark Forces (more the ethereal part) have realized that they have lost and will be wiped out with the coming Cosmic Flash of Light. So, now they just want to throw everything into chaos and take everyone with them.

On 2012portal.blogspot it has already been pointed out several times that the surface of the planet will be transformed into a contact dish:

The preparations for this by the LFs are still in full swing. In principle, the surface of the Earth will be slowly transformed into a kind of gigantic interstellar airport.

This is also the reason why some Starseeds may have been dreaming during night about UFOs, trains, waiting in airport terminals or watching the countdown of a space shuttle launch.

These dreams/astral experiences have to do with the coming Ascension and the Pick-up/First Contact. They represent the structures that are created on the higher planes, which will then materialize in the physical world.

Of course, we still have the Dark Ones here on the surface, of which the most persistent rest will only disappear when the Cosmic Flash hits. These forces are now trying, out of revenge and because they know that they have lost, to prevent Starseeds from making First Contact … which can manifest itself in these dreams, for example, with these locations being fiercely embattled ...

... or by aircrafts taking off and getting shot down shortly afterwards.

These are only the last desperate attempts of the Dark Ones to prevent Ascension... but they will not succeed!

In general, also many covert missions are currently underway, which again may involve many surface incarnated Starseeds too.

So, Starseeds may experience car chases like in a spy movie or shootings like in a mafia film during their dreams. In some cases, this can be combat sequences against the Cabal which are taking place on the higher planes ... during such phases, tensions and events also usually occur in the physical world at the same time.

The Dark Ones also continue to target the Goddesses incarnated here, mostly in the form of energetic attacks, which then also have a physical effect. So, good protection and joint healings together with other capable Starseeds are advisable.

But they also aim at the Light Men, who are actually stationed on the surface to protect the Goddess. Since due to Ascension many Starseed Soul Parts of the incarnated Light Men (and also Women) have already left the body. So, the Avatars are more vulnerable to occupations by neg. entities, which the Archons in turn use to trigger quarrels between Starseed Couples. So, it is especially important right now to be conscious and to protect, cleanse and also charge yourself with positive energy, ideally every day.

We are once again experience a heavy attack wave of the Dark Ones, who, of course, want to use the coming planetary constellation and lunar eclipse this weekend for heir own “unholy” purposes and prevent/throttle down meditations/operations of the LFs on this special date.

Therefore it is important to stay focused, conscious and centred, no matter what happens on the outside.

If you dream at night of being locked away in some grimy prisons or underground dungeons (and you feel weak, tired, listless and passive) the days before, then these were abductions by the Dark Ones, who wanted to take you out of the game for the coming meditations. After such a dream, go into meditation immediately, imagine how you free yourself from these locations and cleanse yourself and your Soul Plane with White Light or the Fire of AN and protect everything.

So to conclude, the links to the important meditations that will be done this weekend on a global scale, to which all Starseeds are welcome to join:

And really important: do NOT FORGET to PROTECT yourself REALLY WELL both before, during and after the meditations and to separate and cleanse yourself from all negative energies:

This ensures that the meditations have a maximum positive impact and that Starseeds also feel well after participation.

I wish everyone beautiful experiences during meditations as well as an uplifting weekend.


  1. Thank you. This update brought tears again. "you will come back to me someday" is what I feel strong since the beginning of new year.

  2. "So, now they just want to throw everything into chaos and take everyone with them."

    Whatever it was I encountered summer 2018, thats exactly what would have happened if it had won, decay and collapse the universe. There would of been no existence after.

    "So, Starseeds may experience car chases like in a spy movie or shootings like in a mafia film during their dreams."

    I have experienced "dreams" where I had to fight or stab street criminals. I have lots of dreams where I was running from the xenomorph from alien or michael meyers. I had one around five years ago where I was dressed like a mobster but I may of been disguised. I ended up being shot by the police.

    "If you dream at night of being locked away in some grimy prisons or underground dungeons (and you feel weak, tired, listless and passive) the days before, then these were abductions by the Dark Ones..."

    I have had lots of those where I am using a home for shelter because its dangerous outside, so dark entities invade. There was one where men in black were after my younger brother. He started changing for the worst around that time.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and confirmation.

  3. didnt we got rid of the plama octopus in sept 2018 already? so what is this octopus? a mini parasite

    1. Remaining smaller plasma entities that are still active.

  4. I have awaken many times with chest and back pain. It felt as if I was seriously punched, but I slept alone. A few times it hurt so much to eat , laugh, or swallow. One day , about 5 yrs ago or so, I went into work after waking up with the same pain and my co worker mentioned he had muscle pain in his chest and back area. He described his pain areas exactly where I was feeling mine. I thought it may be due to the air conditioning system or something we were both allergic to. He said no . I chalked it up to being a coincidence.

    The last time I experienced this was the week before going on a cruise in Oct of 2018. I told my body that I did not want to go on a cruise having pain when I walked, ate and laughed etc. A day later it cleared.

    Fast forward to this summer I was listening to a program and the speaker mentioned something about souls actually go into another dimension or physical bodies when people sleep. I concluded that this must be the explanation for the physical manifestations of being punched and the odd scratches and dings I something notice when I wake up. My co-worker (who I guess is one of my soul family members or a battle buddy) must have been in the same battle or accident that night. It was not a coincidence.

    Last week I woke up with a scab on my arm and blood on my pillow. There was nothing sharp in the bed and nothing around that is sharp. Over the next few days, I noticed other similar scabs on different places on my body.

    I am glad that there is a forum to discuss things like this.

    1. Many of these physical symptoms have their origin in ethereal injuries caused by energetic attacks (often also through Black Magic).

  5. Quoting you from one of the replies from ealier update,“The Soul could become so traumatized or fragmented (for example, when the exotic weapons would detonate, or one has been exposed to the Anomaly for too long) that only a return to the Source would help.”

    So, soul would not exist anymore?

    Also, can you explain about how to remove implants that block past life memories?

    1. The Soul merges with the Source again and loses its individuality.

      Removal of implants have already been covered in older posts:

    2. Light workers souls have the right to live! No any galactic or universal authority has a right to decide against us! As long they gave the call to us to involve in the planetary liberation of earth, should they know we do not accept a 'dust under the carpet' solving of our post war situation!
      We are metaawakening! We do not accept it!
      We stand up against sending us to the CS for 'restructuring'! NEVER would this happen! Should they take the responsibility for out post-war situation! We stand up!

    3. They (the 'galactics') are neating their paths, in this way, in order to get rid of as much of us as possible, under the pretext that 'we were exposed too much to the anomaly.
      We understand much more than they want us to understand. The meta-awakening is already here! It's already too late! Not only for the dark ones, but for anyone who considers our post-war situation in a way of 'dust under the carpet' resolution.
      We don't fear anymore! Non the dark ones, nor anyone else!

    4. And, maybe, this is the 'priceless' that awaits us at the end of the planetary liberation. To be counted 'en masse' as unredeemable 'star seeds', and be sent to the CS, for 'a higher purpose, or 'the betterment of all'.

    5. It is not, because nobody has claimed that Starseeds have to go to CS after the Liberation! Such a drastic damage to the Soul would only occur, for example, through a detonation of the exotic bombs, which is also the reason why the LF are so careful about defusing them.

      Planetary Liberation means, the Souls will survive and be healed!

    6. Am I the only one intrigued by a one way trip to the central sun?

      You want to fight for individuality. I just want to rest. PERMANENTLY. Lol

    7. FM144@
      Thanks for courage to step forward and have an answer. Kind regards.

    8. Syrio@
      You have to be the one to decide for yourself, no others.
      None others, of darkness or Light, no one has the right to decide for you, how much 'unredemeable' are you, in alleged galactic terms, or how 'useless eater' are you from the same galactic point of view.
      An option for your claimed rest might be rather the 'spiritual stagnation'...

    9. I quickly googled spiritual stagnation. I don't understand if you're saying that as something to strive towards or as a diagnosis?

      Did you do some measurements and find me to be unmoving or are you encouraging me to stop?

  6. Stop this blog ur just spreading misinformation. Men from cobras inner circle confrimed this

    1. I don't know which inner circle this is supposed to be, but this blog will be continued.

    2. Haha the archons are whispering in Zing's head.

    3. Excuse, but it's a so childish conversation on a so serious subject...

  7. Thank you for the update!

    I'm going to tell you about my personal experience...

    Some time ago from about 2013... When I slept I had intense attacks of being faceless white plasma or some kind of tentacle that clung to me and tried to choke or freeze me. This happened to me when I had finished a dream and returned to my body on Earth. I think they trapped me in the astral of the Earth.

    But I found a solution, and even a solution for persistent nightmares. The solution: I bought a stone of cintamani, the one that is spelled large gem grade. I put it in my pillowcase so I don't lose it and since then I haven't had any attacks during the night and the nightmares don't interfere in my dreams anymore.

    Once I had an attempted attack from a group linked to the CC group in one of my dreams. They sent me miniature mechanical scorpions to poison my group and me. But I had no fear because I felt the protection, or aura, of the cintamani stone around me and the group I was with. They moved away very quickly when they saw that the attack was useless.

    The stone is very expensive and I'm a person with a low salary but it's worth it, it's just incredible. I don't know if it works for everyone but for me it works. You just have to be careful not to think negatively because you quickly feel that the stone suffers, it emits like a shock wave when it happens.


    Another thing the world doesn't use often enough is the following sentence:

    Command BP Stardust
    Command PB Stardust
    Command PB Stardust

    Say that three times in a row.

    I, for one, was seven and even I thought it was ridiculous. But I took my courage in hand and said it. Well I had been having intense pain in my legs for about 10 years and when I did the protocol, my pain was gone I would say 90%. I couldn't believe it, it was a very, very, very weird and intense experience. Well I was very happy and relieved that finally someone somewhere could help humanity in a direct way.

    I often use the protocol even at the slightest pain. I asked the Pleiadian telepathically if it bothered me to use the protocol in an "abusive" way. They told me that it did not bother at all and that there was plenty of time to take care of my case because almost nobody uses the protocol. So use it as much as you want! Even with emotional problems it works for me.

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I used DEEPL for the automatic translation.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Don't worry about spelling, the information counts.

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience using Command PB Stardust protocol. Thought it did not work out for me in an obvious way, I feel a joyful uplift while saying it three times. I shared your experience out and hope more people would use it to reduce the suffer on earth.

  8. Some questions in my mind again :)

    1.Is lot of unpredictable natural disasters expected to happen around planet Earth before The event?

    2.If dark forces monitor and know starseeds, lightworkers/warriors and others on this planet,
    does light forces also monitor and know every starseeds etc on planet Earth?

    3.How many human-like races there are in universe?

    4.Are there other 3rd dimensional human beings elsewhere in universe than this planet?

    5."This is also the reason why some Starseeds may have been dreaming during night about UFOs, trains, waiting in airport terminals or watching the countdown of a space shuttle launch".
    These dreams/astral experiences have to do with the coming Ascension and the Pick-up/First Contact. They represent the structures that are created on the higher planes, which will then materialize in the physical world".

    Does person still get contacted even if one doesn't see that kind of dreams?

    6.What would be most serious obstacles that prevent or stop invidual contacting with positive ETs and light forces except dark forces and their toblet bombs?

    7.What name extraterrestials has given to our star system?

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. As far as appearance is concerned, many, since mankind descended from various races, as far as behaviour and consciousness are concerned, hardly any.
      4. Yes ... as said, humans descend from various races, or think about the SSP.
      5. It is possible that the memories are blocked, but there are also other ways besides dreams.
      6. It varies. The Sun is often referred to in communication as simply "Sol" and the Earth as simply "Terra".

    2. Okay, interesting. Thank you for answering questions! You skipped one question about ET contacts, but that's okay. :)

      "as far as behaviour and consciousness are concerned, hardly any."
      I imagine that other human-like races live more peaceful lifes in general because there are no control from dark forces.

      Since there is feline beings, is there also wolf/dog beings?

      Does any other races uses phone/mobile phone like devices for communicating than us?

    3. Sorry. I'd say if people are too unawakened to process it at all.

      I cannot confirm the existence of wolf/dog beings, but I can confirm the existence of Starseed Dogs.

      They use various technologies that are far more advanced than our traditional phones/mobile phones ... in addition there is the possibility of telepathy.

    4. Okay, i understand.

      Wow, i have never heard before about Starseed Dogs. Then there must be other Starseed animals too. :)

      Cannot even imagine what kind of tecnologies they have, for sure very advanced. Maybe mobile phones becomes less important communication devices at some point in future here, especially if telepathic abilities are learnt more.

  9. I had dreams this week that included

    - Visit on a spaceship in space
    - Encounter with tiger like being
    - New earth with people living in harmony with nature plants and animals
    - And last but not least me removing implant from my leg then healing the wound

    Great post FM

    1. Thanks for sharing.
      Sounds like Felines.
      Good vision.

  10. Hi,
    What if they take your abilities/gifts, and when the right time comes to be contacted you cant receive it because the lack of the abilities like telepathy and so on. I was stalked,attacked for a year,and now they stopped as they took my abilities. I contacted healer who told me these abilities are still in me but I do not feel them. Can you give me advice. Thanks
    PS My case is more difficult as I went through court case (ethereal one),as the Cabal was lying that I do not deserve to live. They wanted me dead or in mental ward. Now I am under 2 year monitoring because they ask for a case for me,but the price was to take my abilities.

    1. If the ships decide to contact you, they will also make it so that you are 100% aware of it. In such a phase the abilities could be also unlocked in an instant.

    2. After the end of the court, I was awake late at night, and I saw cloud in a form of a ship, but thats all. Thank you for your answer you hope you gave me.

    3. @Elena

      If you like and its feels good in your heart,

      you can contact

      Sha' Ota _ she is from the pleiades healer team

      If your telepathy for the moment is blocked, then write a good old letter.

      All the best for you

    4. As far I know the only way to have my abilities back is to ask for a ethereal court case against the people who took me abilities (counter case) but I do not know the mechanism for that. Also I need time to pass by as with time it's more showing that they lied about me.

    5. During a meditation you can imagine how you astrally travel up to the LFs and start the court case there.

  11. hello, this Sunday's meditation was very intense.
    I have felt my galactic family very close since Friday. especially my twin soul. 30 minutes after meditation, for no reason, I wanted to go out in the garden, and I saw many flashes of light in the sky. the sky looked like a Christmas tree! it lasted a few minutes and I felt immense joy invade me. I thought: they are there!
    I can't wait to see if we have reached critical mass!

  12. I forgot a question: I dreamed of a white dragon, he came towards me, I was happy, I knew that I already knew him. I stroked his head, he looked at me for a long time and he left. does that have a special meaning?
    are there dragons on other planes or worlds? are they positive, negative or both

    1. Probably, maybe you'll find out.
      Yes, there are, both positive and negative.


  13. A FAST NOTE ON THE SITUATION (1193) posted by Gabriel RL (Neva)


    P1 calling Terran for source recognition! Attention to calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    MiD (Cabal) Articulators in Zone T (Israel) are discontinued.

    Infinite abundance emerges.

    Limits must be set for New Times.

    Higher anchored frequencies.

    Divine notifications are set for MiD. Quad29T Diren.

    Quantum stimuli remain for optimal transitions.

    Toplet stimulus denied.

    Reconstructions of Matriarchs happen. Primary level anchoring is displayed.

    Black forests light up.

    The perverse are definitely removed.

    Mystics of * The Hebah Line recognizing transcendental!

    New Divine Instruments come to the Terran environment.

    Attention PVSE and the like! * Spells +++ on ANCHORAGES and SPECIFIC REVERBERATIONS: 54% (non-regressive).

    Full Updates of * MIRV Program in progress. 52% (non regressive).

    Temporarily, end of transmission.

    Pleiades 1 (Empowering New Degree PVSE)

  14. there is something that i don't understand. the critical mass was reached during the meditation of the 12th. however this had no impact on the resonance of shuman. whereas for lesser mediations we saw broad white lines.
    Why ?

    1. It's not necessarily related to anything. People put too much stock in something they don't understand. Is it good if the amplitude goes up? Or is it better if it goes down? Or maybe it's best that it stays the same.

    2. It is very likely that the Schumann resonance diagram available to us is falsified.

    3. janis, that's what i think too. because I feel the energies very well and each time I checked the shumann resonances matched and now it doesn't match. hence my question has fm144

  15. Dear FM144 happy new years :) I wish to ask what is the status of the cintamani grid and the LF? Is this completed enough yet? Any update on this would be great
    Thank you :)

    1. Happy new year too.

      No current updates, as this blog is more focused on other things, if I get reports on it, I will share.

  16. Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика, на основании Декларации о государственном суверенитете от 12 июня 1990 года. госпортал.су;;;

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. How do you, your sources, find the result of the mass meditations on January 10th, 11th, 12th, as a whole? Briefly, but nonetheless comprehensive. On short and long term as well. Thank you.

  19. Two nights ago i saw short dream or vision just before i woke up. I was in spaceship in room what looked like commander cabin or something and there was huge window and when i looked outside it looked like some blue planet (perhaps Earth) was in front and below. It was incredible. I noticed i woke up smile in my face.

  20. May we consider us being here like soldiers, volunteers fighting for the planetary liberation.

    And as soldiers being like, should we have to remember that our language is, or may be, much more 'flexible,'... as much as we may not feel ashamed if hearing phrases like 'the dick to the nose'...

    But the problem is that in some cultures the phrase may seem very strange,... So, even is your language accepted, you get often the question: OK, but what does it mean?...
    The answer is: simply,... wagging the dick towards someone's nose...

  21. Please forgive me, I know that I am a bit 'rough around the edges' sometime. But let's be honest, my work has been very dangerous.
    Please allow me to recommend an adjustment to the depth recommendation on the sacred stone gridwork. Six feet should do it. This will break up the underlying negative energy build up which has resulted from the negative death and burial rituals. Expect energy flux as the releases occur. Thank You.

  22. Please prepare. I am proceeding.

  23. wer ist dieser general? du bekannst im?


  25. you going to talk about the pole shift that's going to come in the next 10 years? what about why the book Adam and Story by Chan Thomas was classified by the CIA?


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