Hot August (Protection Protocol for Mass Meditations)

Since the beginning of this month (and the Black Super Moon), the Dark Ones have started a heavy wave of attacks as a countermeasure to the ongoing Light Force Operations.

The Grid has been temporary filled with huge amount of anomaly (removal in progress), which of course provides an ideal breeding ground for energetic attacks on Lightworkers as well as for various negative physical events that have occurred in recent days and weeks (be it on a global scale through mass shootings/stabbing rampages/sudden "suicides", or even just when people in one’s own environment seems to be going mad).

As for Epstein, it seems that he actually has left the avatar. At the moment, however, this blog cannot confirm yet that he was brought into CS.

And as for the attacks, they are all energetically backed by negative occult forces and the plasma spiders.

One of the main targets are also the mass meditations, which have taken place so numerously lately.

Some Starseeds complained that they feel extremely unwell after participating in these. The reason is that the meditations are currently bombarded severely (especially the ones during the Lions Gate Portal).

The Dark Ones, of course, also know when these meditations take place and will counter ritualize and irradiate them with neg. energies. They partially pump anomaly into the participants, especially into those who aren’t protected or can’t protect themselves that well.

The meditations are still extremely helpful and powerful and should be continued, of course! But it is not intended that Starseeds get harmed by participation.

So, it is extremely important to take appropriate energetic precautions before (and after) participation, which should also be pointed out and made more clear in the various instructions of these mediations.

It is advisable to energetically protect, camouflage and clean oneself and the location you are at, before and also after the meditations (cleaning is important in order not to serve as a portal for negative energies during meditation).

After the meditation one should also consciously separate oneself from it again, also from all other participants, as well as close and protect all energetic accesses to oneself.

It is also advisable to mindfully erase all energetic traces left behind on the non-physical levels so that one cannot be traced back by negative beings, as long as they still exist in the Grid.

If you are using one of the many video or audio instructions for the meditations, and you feel uncomfortable while listening to it, then switch to another one that is comfortable for you (or record one yourself).

It can sometimes happen that the speaker of the instruction is currently not in a sufficiently pure state (due to the Quarantine, every Soul on the surface is to some extent affected by anomaly, some more, some less) or got attacked and therefore could serve as a portal for negative energies at that moment (but fortunately there are already many good instructions on the internet to choose from, and this work is of course much appreciated by the Light Forces ... this serves only as a small hint that especially the speakers of such instructions should be in a good energetic state during the recording).

It is also a good idea to ask Archangel Michael, the Ashtar Command, the Felines, the CCR etc. for energetic protection during the meditations, and also afterwards.

And one more important thing:

Starseeds of all kinds are incarnated here on the surface: Healers, Lightworkers, Angels, Goddesses, Magicians, Light Warriors …

Healers are here to Heal, Goddesses are here to bring Love, Light Warriors are here to Fight the Dark!

Some readers of this blog are incarnated Light Warriors, who in past lives have already physically served as Guardians for the Light here on the surface (some were also members of the Knights Templar).

These Souls can resume their mission as Guardians in this incarnation, this time energetically to prevent the Dark Ones from falling into our flanks during mass meditations.

It is very helpful to distribute tasks during the next mass or even small meditations so that the more tender Souls (incarnated Angels, Goddesses, Healers) would just follow the instructions (carry out the actual purpose of the mediation), while some incarnated Light Warriors, Guards and Magicians would focus on consciously watching and protecting the participants during the meditation process.

Example: 7 or 8 people out of 10 are doing the actual meditation according to instructions (holding the Light), while on average 2 or 3 people out of 10 (who feel guided to do so, mostly incarnated Light Guards, Warriors, Amazons and Magicians) focus specifically on the task that each participant as well as the whole community is encased in a gigantic Blue (Archangel Michael), Silver or Golden Protective Sphere and is made invisible by, for example, White Energetic Fog.

These 2 or 3 out of 10 are supposed to protect and guard the meditation from start to finish. If they perceive negative beings and energies that are preparing for an attack, they can fight and neutralize them ... e.g. with the White Fire of AN and by drawing these neg. entities or occurring anomaly into the Central Sun through a White Pillar of Light. These Protection Force can also put on an energetic armour and arm itself mentally with a sword to neutralize the neg. beings.

It is also advisable to clean the whole community with the White Fire of AN to prevent participants being used as dark portals.

It is also possible to set up ethereal mirror panels around the community so that the negative energies that the Dark Ones will fire at the meditations can be directed into the Light or reflected back at themselves.

In the case of global mass meditation this is not possible due to the acquisition of the participants, but in the case of small group meditations it is also advisable to carry them out completely spontaneously or somewhat prematurely/delayed from the actually planned date, as this does not give the Dark Forces sufficient time to react accordingly.

So, this short protocol for advanced energetic warfare and protection of meditations should bring relief and more protection to future mass and small meditations, especially during negative waves of attack like the current one.

As always, August is extremely hot and chaotic, and soon we will have Full Moon again too. Things are getting more and more tense, because the matrix is getting more and more cracked.

Hang in there, Starseeds. Hold the light!


  1. Report on audio communication with Pleiadian pilot.
    Are we that close?
    FM144, any comments on this information?

    1. Can't confirm this kind of contact. But they are actually very close indeed.

    2. Ok, thank You! But is it possible that some groups of Lightforces involved in liberation of Earth are not aware of some operations or actions of other groups? Or all action is strongly coordinated between the groups and all get briefed (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sphere beings, CCR etc)?

    3. For security reasons, information about operations may be restricted or blocked, especially for incarnated members of the Light Forces. From a higher perspective, everything is coordinated.

    4. Tank You for answer an for all information You give!

  2. Thank you :) Although the attacks continue, the connection to Light forces is getting stronger and stronger. Does the protection protocol here apply for individual too? The protection you mentioned in previous entries can also be used during individual meditation?

    1. You're welcome. Yes, also individually applicable.

  3. I am one of the main Light Warriors on this planet and I thank you for your informative blog.

    I would like to note that the Interstellar Astral Federation has taken command from the Galactic Confederation as we near the Event. The situation with Toplet bombs has become very precarious and nothing can be risked at this point. Many of these bombs are tied to my body.

    You can view the sigil of the IAF at the link below and use it in your meditations to connect with these VERY powerful, intelligent beings.


  4. What do the angelic species do in their grand scheme (Cherub, Seraphim, graces and trones) and that is the utility of their incarnated starseed, if the goddesses are here to provide love, the healer to heal and the warrior for combat against the dark ,the angels ?

    1. A bit of everything. Incarnated Angels can also heal, spread light, spread gentleness and love, but some can also fight the dark if necessary.

  5. could you kindly give an update about the energetic situation in Berlin / Potsdam -if it has improved to your knowledge and therefore helping Germany as well ?

    1. For the last weeks, Germany has been energetically covered by a dark veil and it seems to be one of the countries where certain neg. fractions are trying to bunk in. Energetically, the main centre is located in Berlin. However, the Light Forces are active there and maybe I can say more about it in the future.

  6. Hello Teilen,
    I originally posted this on Cobra's blog It is the result of both inner inspiration as well as the activation from "Hot August". It is written in a style I deemed necessary for that site as its readers seem a bit sleepy. Please post it here is you think it is appropriate:

    For those who are called:

    LIGHT WARRIORS: We Are Now On Offense!

    Do not underestimate your ability to bring on the EVENT! It is EXACTLY your efforts that are REQUIRED to authorize the Light Forces to Intervene on behalf of Humanity and all life here on GAIA!

    Every Light Warrior needs Armor, a Light Weapon, and a Sigil. You are a BADASS, not a cuddly new age weeny. Have you seen the eyes of a Lion with its eyes on its prey. Do you see the focus, the fearlessness, the cunning, strength and ability? Not a bad way to see yourself in this work.

    Maybe you have always sensed that there was something within you that is incredibly powerful, fearless, and powered up by an Unstoppably Fierce LOVE! This LOVE is what you are made of. Invoke the ONE CREATOR and align yourself with the will to serve the GOOD of the ALL, Call in all your LIGHT ALLIES.

    This is no new age, fuzz ball of light! No, think Super Nova! Think Cosmic Sword of Justice! Thor's Hammer is a good analogy! YOU are Cosmic Force Unleashed upon darkness. You are part of a DIVINE ARMY, and You KICK ASS! One Touch of this weapon will vaporize, sever, or liberate anything! You name it: anomoly, the spiders, negative weapons and the web like bindings that form the matrix itself!

    A New Type of Energetic Hygiene is required of us. This means using the protection protocols DAILY, Multiple times a DAY. Think of it like washing your hands or brushing teeth. Personal Protection is not a sometimes thing…. IT is an ALL the time thing! Especially for Light Warriors!

    Cobra has described many such protocols as has Teilen on FM144. Use them as trainers until you get the feel for them and then you can customize them to suit you perfectly.

    I have been called to off-schedule missions; before, after and during major meditations. These inspired impromptu meditations are the most powerful I have yet experienced. As referenced in FM114's latest, going off schedule keeps the dark forces off balance. They know the meditation schedules too, and work hard to counter act them. But you Light Warriors out there can go off the map as needed to take them out, protect the other light workers during scheduled meditations, and just generally wipe out darkness when ever you can.

    Personally, I can only seem to do this once or twice a month, the rest of the time I feel flat, uninspired, attacked and all of that. But, these Missions have been increasing in frequency, described in my earlier comments under the handle “willo”. (Comments on

  7. Inspiration for all healers, magicians and warriors against depression, addictions and anxiety:

  8. When I began the 144k meditations I fully awakened my power and as I stepped into my I am and unleashed everything I had on them I felt them connect with me and I became so sick over the next week or so I was hospitalized and the docs didn't know what was wrong with me. It would go away and come back Everytime I participated in the meditations landing me in the hospital for weeks at a time. It's been almost a year of this and been hospitalized over 10 times and was literally about to die. Even though I finally realized my true power I had to stop participating because the blow back was so severe. It's been 2 months since I participated and I haven't had a full blown attack but I did get hit slightly the other day when durring a very intense workout I began to see the etheric spider network described in recent posts on this blog in my mind's eye. I visioned them popping like popcorn in little bursts of white light and I popped up a ton of them in a very intense moment. The next morning I almost needed to go back to the hospital but it went away fast and I was fine. I would really like to continue my duty to annilate the dark with my newly acquired powers in the guided mass meditations but their retaliation is way too powerful for me to deal with and it seems as though I personally have/get no protection at all. I just hope what I did while I was healthy was enough to hurt them bad, must have done something for them to focus on me that hard.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Some Starseeds get attacked stronger than others. It is a startling but also important example of why energetic protection is essential, which is why the protocols were made.

  9. Hello, Thank you for this information. I warned people who follow my FB page.
    This morning I was gardening, I was fine. But around 10:30 I felt very very tired and nauseated. I felt a very strong energy on me, I was so tired I just went to bed. I fell asleep and heard a voice in my head that told me "they want to paralyze you". I woke up right away, it was midday. I understood that they wanted me to sleep so that I did not do the meditation, so I had to move all the time until 15h. I planned to do the meditation after the one planned by the other groups. I notified the members of my page just 40 minutes before.
    And I was able to do the meditation perfectly well!
    I am worried because the church of my village seems to be a satanist church. Above the door there is supposedly the year of construction: 1666 and above there is a skull with 2 crossed bones (like pirates).
    I read in this report, which seems to come from someone in the alliance:
    That skulls and bones are a satanist symbol.
    This village is sinister, I feel a very negative energy. My neighbor is very negative too. Sometimes he goes out at night and when he comes back, I am attacked by very negative entities. I got attacked by a gargoyle. I slept and I saw it, it went through my aura, I woke up, I shivered from head to toe, I was very cold (yet it was very hot it was in July). I had the impression that death had crossed me!
    I stuck flowers of life everywhere in my village and everywhere on the church.
    in my area there are many very large churches, and there are many strange signs on them, skulls, gargoyles ..., and sometimes even pictures with strange scenes with children ...
    I glue flowers of life what else can I do?

    1. These gargoyles actually exist on the non-physical levels. If you stay in this place, strong energetic protection is extremely important. You can also carefully, and camouflaged, clean the place through a Pillar of Light and the White Fire of AN.

      During meditation, you can also travel up to the ships of the Galactic Confederation and give them a detailed report about the activities around your location.

    2. Yes, the gargoyle I saw was good in the astral, it went through my astral body, but I felt it physically when I woke up. It looked like the gargoyle statues on the church. I think they put stone gargoyles to attract astral gargoyles to these places.
      I did not choose this village, I am there accidentally. I think I was sent to bring light precisely.
      the region is known for its occult activities (possitive or negative) for hundreds of years.
      They are redoing the roof of the church. They are asking the people for money, but the work has already begun. there would be supposedly generous donors to pay, because it is a very important sum of money for a very small village. Who are the people who pay for the roof of a church in such a small village, in the countryside where there are only farmers, strange ...
      I send the white light of the AN all the time and I protect myself in the evening but that does not seem to hold all the night. I wake up very, very tired.
      I listen to all your advice, thank you very much. I will try to hide myself better. And report back to the Galactic Confederation, because I think there are going to be worries in the corner at the time of the event. The people of the region are very Catholic and uneducated, the churches are almost bigger than the villages but they are not temples of love, but Satanist temples. When people will know the truth they will never accept that, I am afraid of their reaction after the event.

    3. Behind closed doors, many churches are used for "unholy" ceremonies. Of course, the truth will make people angry at first, but awakening from a seemingly eternal nightmare/lie is never easy in the beginning. Nevertheless, it must happen if healing should occur!

  10. Sorry I was talking about this report:

  11. aren't we supposed send them love and the white light of the AN to transmute the dark into light, rather than "popping like popcorn"
    can we kill someone in the astral and etheric planes?
    Why kill them, if the soul is immortal?
    are we in the light if we kill someone, even a demonic spider?
    I don't understand the approach and comments of some about it

    1. You can only send love to those who are able to receive love.

      In the higher dimensions, things are going differently than some might think. In this respect, a lot of missinformation and brainwashing has been done too on this planet. The truth is that you can be in the light while at the same time neutralizing negative entities, but that probably requires an own blog entry.

      Of course, the soul is actually immortal, but some have distanced themselves from it to such an extent that they can only be returned to the primary source for a complete restart.

    2. Thank you for all your answers. Yes it would be very useful to make an article on it, I am a little lost on our role in the astral. all those entities that often attack us at night. I try to protect myself and send them a ball of light, then I call the archangel Mickael and the asthar command ... at night when we are awake suddenly it's complicated to be operational and to act.
      I ask myself questions: do they have a soul? how to neutralize them? you say that some entities deserve to return to the source for a reset, I understand perfectly for some of course ... But who judges who must go to the central sun and who must be cured? Are the entities that attack us manipulated as we are?
      to send them away from home when they attack us, where are they going? are they going to attack someone else or come back later?
      do we accumulate karma if we kill them?


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