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28.06.2024 (Timeline Acceleration)

About 2 months ago, a certain group of Surface Lightworkers decided to contact the Source directly to accelerate the Liberation Process. They connected directly with the Galactic Center and urged the Source to finally initiate the final liberation cycle. Schooled in high-magic, they also shifted the current Liberation Process to one of the shortest possible timelines. A few days later, the massive solar storms hit Earth, whose magnificent auroras astonished people around the world. The solar activity will continue to increase and is also a physical sign regarding the coming Solar Flash. The media is also beginning to realize this . Due to the rising energies and the shortened timeline, it is also the case that we'll have a turbulent ride ahead of us. Polarization within the population is increasing significantly, be it political, religious, gender-based, etc. The Cabal has now also increasingly begun to publicly attack puppets who have stepped out of line: https://www.politico

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