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New Moon Update (27.10.2019) - Positive developments

The last weeks were marked by intense battles between the occupying powers of the planet and the Light Forces. Many Starseeds have noticed this during their sleep and have been involved in various different meetings and missions during night.
As a positive result, there was some prevention and disclosure regarding various plans and operations of the Cabal, also including climate fraud and their movements:


https://www.wakenews.tv/watch.php?vid=a970b0e64(article and video in German, but content described here in the blog)

Environmental movements such as Extinction Rebellion, who currently paralyze entire cities and display their occult signs everywhere, are a psychedelic drug supported MK Ultra Project. This of course does not affect all participants – many people participate in good intention, but do not recognize the true agenda behind it at all.

Some of the founders behind the movement have connections to…

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