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The operations of the Light Forces regarding the stabilization of the Ascension Timeline are in full swing. As of now, the effects of the negative COVID timeline have been contained to the extent that the Cabal's general compulsory vaccination plans in the anchor point of Central Europe have been put to a stop for the time being: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/bill-introducing-mandatory-vaccination-all-germans-over-60-expected-pass This shows that public awareness, resistance on the streets and energetic operations/meditations do have a positive effect. Nevertheless, it is now important not to rest on this success, but rather to use it to push further, in anticipation that the Cabal could make new attempts in the autumn. Of course, there are still some problem areas, for example China, which has completely sealed off the city of Shanghai due to the country's draconian COVID policy. A humanitarian catastrophe is currently taking place there, which is why it is advised to inc

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