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08.04.2024 (Solar Eclipse Update)

Today is the day of the Solar Eclipse over North America, and plenty of things are going on. We have the MSM , who also realize that this specific event is more important than other eclipses . From the occult side we have a gigantic cross that stands in the intersections of this and past eclipses. In Jerusalem, a sacrifice ritual is prepared, including a special bred cow from Texas to be slaughtered on an altar to herald the arrival of the Messiah. While CERN does CERN things and NASA shoots rockets into space and names the mission after Apep ,  the Egyptian God of Darkness and enemy of the Sun God, Ra. And all this while a rare devil comet is set to pass by Earth for the first time in 71 years and may be visible during the total Solar Eclipse. Of course, there is also a Mass Meditation to go with it and whether you take part in it or not, I recommend everyone to protect themselves energetically as much as possible on this day, as the attacks will be harsh, also in the afterma

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