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Situation Update (10.10.23)

My last update in August was about the Cabal possibly preparing a new pandemic wave this fall. Due to the information distributed in advance and other interventions, it currently looks as if this attempt has lost momentum ... for now. The people's will to support the Ukrainian war is also losing more and more momentum, which is why the Dark Ones have suddenly shifted their focus back to the tinderbox that is the Middle East, as many have probably noticed. These attacks were planned and expected (which raises questions even in the mainstream ), and even more so, it was supported with weapons from the West . But apart from physical geopolitics, the ethereal aspect of this is much more important. Behind all this terror is a group of Black Magic Kabbalists who want to use the portal of the coming solar eclipse to drag the USA into this conflict ... a solar eclipse that is not coincidentally stretching from the North American continent to the south while a US carrier strike gr

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