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Situation Update (04.04.2023)

Since March, the increased Mars energies have been active and so the situation on the Earth's surface (in combination with the increasingly stronger influence from the Sun and Galactic Central Sun) is currently becoming more and more chaotic and also increasingly warlike. I do not want to go into geopolitical, sociopolitical or financial events at this time, as some of these topics are physical effects of certain energetic processes, while other things are merely happening to keep the surface population distracted, panicked and divided. It is much more interesting to see what is going on behind the scenes and what new information is being brought to light. Lately, the Light Forces have taken massive action against the underground systems and tunnels of the "C-beings". There are probably also many Lightwarriors incarnated here on the surface who are reading this blog and are astrally involved in these operations. Maybe some of them are able to remember fragments of their

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