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Situation Update (before Lunar Eclipse + Mass Meditations - 09.01.2020)

The year 2020 is about to get off to an extremely turbulent start, with devastating bushfires in Australia and further rising tensions in the Middle East. In both cases, plasma entities at higher planes are the cause of the crises.

A plasma octopus has clung to the Australian continent, whose destructive action on energetic levels results in the fires on the physical planes.

And as far as the USA-Iran conflict is concerned, it is also a plasma octopus that tries to influence and play off both sides against each other.

The LFs are in the process of harmonizing the situation, and the meditations that have been initiated are also a great help:



At the moment we are still moving towards ascension and the old system is dying. Some of the Dark Forces (more the ethereal part) have realized that t…

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