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Situation Update (09.09.2022)

First of all, for the questions in the comments section, I may make a separate post soon. Secondly, the topic of incarnated C-beings was addressed in the last blog article, which unfortunately resulted in some attacks from them afterwards because they do not like to be exposed at all. That's why I'm currently going to scale back this topic a bit. From now on, I will also describe them with a simple "C" because especially their energetic minions within the Earth grid are immediately alerted as soon as you speak, write down or, in some cases, even think about them. And now for the current situation: At the moment the Light Forces are still busy to free captured Keylightworkers on the surface from the captivity of the Dark Ones. Not an easy task, as fierce counterattacks are taking place. However, the LF are supported by recently awakened or already freed Keylightworkers, which makes the task much easier. These operations are currently taking place in many countries ar

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