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Spring Update

From an astrological point of view, the year 2021 will be strongly influenced by Saturn. Such years manifest a lot of chaos on the physical planes, which is becoming more and more visible. Civil unrest due to the increasingly questionable lockdown measures is intensifying. In tune with the global heated energy, we've also had a lot of volcanic activity in recent weeks: As well as a military escalation in Eastern Europe on the horizon: https://dan-news.info/en/defence-en/kiev-forces-keep-shelling-donetsk-with-120-mm-mortars-on-friday.html https://southfront.org/naval-provocations-unidentified-submarine-emerged-near-nord-stream-2-pipeline/ We are now in the middle of the so-called End Time Chaos, which was expected just before Ascension takes place. But we are not through yet.   According to the Pleiadians, one stage that is yet to come is that lockdown measures will be tightened to the point that even grocery stores have to close in certain countries. This will be equiva

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