Situation Update (04.04.2023)

Since March, the increased Mars energies have been active and so the situation on the Earth's surface (in combination with the increasingly stronger influence from the Sun and Galactic Central Sun) is currently becoming more and more chaotic and also increasingly warlike. I do not want to go into geopolitical, sociopolitical or financial events at this time, as some of these topics are physical effects of certain energetic processes, while other things are merely happening to keep the surface population distracted, panicked and divided. It is much more interesting to see what is going on behind the scenes and what new information is being brought to light.

Lately, the Light Forces have taken massive action against the underground systems and tunnels of the "C-beings". There are probably also many Lightwarriors incarnated here on the surface who are reading this blog and are astrally involved in these operations. Maybe some of them are able to remember fragments of their missions during daytime consciousness. If they don't, this is not a bad thing because it's for their own protection. For the human self, such experiences are not easy to process, as clearings of these underground facilities are most comparable to a mixture of Torech Ungol (Tolkien's Lord of the Rings) and the military science fiction novel Starship Troopers. Let's just say it's not for the faint-hearted.

Conducting these operations has also allowed the Light Forces to gain and release new information about the Dark Ones. For example, many Lightworkers on the surface (including myself) have assumed that the "C-beings" were actually previously high evolved and positive spiritual beings who became disconnected from Source through contact with the Anomaly. But this is apparently no longer 100% correct. Just as, for example, angels were born from the Heart of the Source, there are apparently "C-beings" who were created out of the Darkness/Anomaly without having been in contact with the Source before. So, they have always been negative and presumably will continue to be so until they are dissolved by the Light. I don't know if this applies to all, but at least to some of them.

The second piece of information I have received concerns the question of who first set foot on Earth, Light Forces or Dark Ones?

So far, the general narrative, which I also have assumed, has been that the Light Forces colonized this planet with humans to create a paradise out of uninhabited Earth and thus spread the Light even further inside this galaxy ... until the Dark Ones came along. They invaded, took over and installed the Grid with the incarnation prison ... which is still true, except for one thing: the Light Forces apparently didn't get here first.

It looks as if a faction of the "C-beings" already landed earlier and hid under the surface before another faction set foot on the planet.

Though it is the case that the Light Forces carefully scan every uninhabited planet before planning colonization, they apparently were not able at that time to detect the Dark Ones, perfectly camouflaged by their exotic technology beneath the surface of the Earth.

Currently, I cannot say whether the "C-beings" deliberately hid inside Earth (so that Light Forces or humanity would fall into their trap in the event of possible colonization) or whether they simply wanted to just hide and were then surprised themselves that the planet was suddenly colonized ... but either way, that doesn't matter anymore. The trap snapped, as that is the characteristic of arachnoid beings when prey runs into their web.

So, they were able to manipulate the structure of Atlantis from the beginning, secretly bring in reinforcements from other sectors of the universe through underground portals, and in the end call in their entire fleet to finally invade from the surface, bring Atlantis down and install the Grid. This perhaps explains even better why Atlantis failed back then, and why we are where we are today. Unfortunately, we were caught like flies in a web.

If the Light Forces had recognized at that time that the Dark Ones were already lurking below the surface, i.e. that the planet was "contaminated", the Earth would have never been colonized. Instead, the planet would have been completely sealed off and declared a restricted zone. Only military units would have been allowed to set foot on or under the surface, for the purpose to remove the "C-beings". After that, the Earth would presumably remain under strict military observation by the Light Forces until today and beyond ... a colonization would still not have taken place.

These are the difficulties that the Dark Ones cause through their exotic technologies: On the one hand, there are the Toplet Bombs, which make action against them incredibly dragging, on the other hand, there is their ability to camouflage, which also makes them so incredibly difficult to detect. But this is all water under the bridge now. The important thing is that the Liberation continues as quickly as possible.

The recent operations against the "C-beings" enables the Light Forces to take more effective action against the Cabal on the surface as well. For example, it is now becoming increasingly difficult for some Cabal members to operate unnoticed by the public. Things will not go so easily and well anymore. Some Cabal minions will begin to struggle with their health or lose their drive for the agenda.

The inner core of the Cabal will panic and possibly try to stage a nuclear war. The Light Forces assure that it will not come to that, but we could be getting pretty close to that scenario, similar to the compulsory vaccination during the pandemic which also seemed to be about to be introduced, but then ultimately failed. So, a similar scare scenario might threaten us during the current East-West conflict. At least it will appear so to the broad mass of people. In this case, my advice to Starseeds is to remain calm, just as during the pandemic.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all the e-mails. I have read through but unfortunately couldn't answer all of them. Although a few black sheep wanted to exploit the contact opportunity, which was to be expected, the majority of the messages were really extremely positive and contained interesting information and questions, so again, thank you very much.


  1. thanks for the fm144 update, it brought a lot of clarity again, here i would like to ask if the other questions i asked in the last post were supposed to be sent to your email, or if they were going to be answered in a post? I'm a little confused about this, if you can give me an answer I'll be grateful, if it's just the email I'll send them all soon then, VOTL

    1. Repeating radio signal leads astronomers to an Earth-size exoplanet

    2. Dear FM144, could you please inform us about the alleged "event" or "scenario" that could happen in August or September of this year: In August 1943 we had the Philadelphia experiment, 40 years later in October 1983 we had the Montauk project, it seems like 40 years then again now in 2023 we will have a synchronicity with this, it seems in the second half of August of this year or September... thanks for everything

  2. Untwine published an article last month regarding the powerful astrological energies that will be present in Spring of 2023. It would be a good idea to acknowledge and work with these energies in order to stay balanced and calm during this time.


  4. Hello my friend! Thank you very much for your intel and information.

    As far as I found out, the first intelligent species here on Earth were the reptilians, created by Yaldabaoth, the fallen God. They colonized the planet, but could very well have been followed by negative spider beings, as the reptilians were originally created to serve Yaldabaoth.

    The Source Prime Creator has seen that we, reptilians, had the potential to become love and light beings, even though we were created by Yaldabaoth. So the Source decided to inhabit some of us, and that was when the souled reptilians were born, and began their journey of evolution.

    Actually, many other races were created as evil or primitive beings, and had to go though the process of evolution as well, this is actually common and Yaldabaoth's creations were not the only ones to go through this process.

    I'm a reptilian myself (a draconian), but i'm currently incarnated in a human body, which means that only my soul is a draconian. I'm physically a human being, just like the other humans, I love my family, I love myself, I have feelings and I can feel positive emotions just like any other person.

    The Source has communicated me that even serpentine reptilians can also become love and light beings, although it's a little bit hard for them. I, myself, am a draconian, and there are even Ascended Masters (Gods) which are from reptilian origin, such as Shenlong, which is also by the way one of my previous reincarnations.

    Thank you so much, dear friend!

    1. They will not like it and don't be willing to exept that you are some Draco. rather an reptylian because you are to humble to being a real Draconian you don't talk like a Draconian . I'm a Red Kingu from Orion but i was also something from the Arachnid branch that was in Andromeda so I know their nature . Earth is the place where a dark being has the chance to experience some light but unfortunately not many of us are taking this chance I'm glad that I'm not alone . I know that in my brood love would be consider as sickness and compation as weakness . The red ones are the warrior clas and I'm still into martial arts , weapons . We are able to adopt to new environment So altaugh we are not nice we do have the ability to change if there is a nessesity to this but i will always remain what i am I'm proud of it because to being a Draconian means staying strong also part of the Empire . i m fighting for my right i will not praying for it like the others ūüôŹ. This time I'm fighting for the light because it is the rightous way and the possibility to evolve to grow and to heal the universe of us all . What i don't understand is this unconditional love talking bla bla bla . It makes me kind of sick because i will not care for any Weed nor any of my kind would doing this . We drop our skins and leave it behind and in the same way my kind will dealing with humans or other species this is not nice but efficient we don't want to carry any balast with us . If someone has becoming inconvenient our paths must better split . Otherwise I will not wishing this person a long wealthy life and but want to avoid unnecessary harm so I will just drop this person . there is a way to checking whether you are an Draconian or not because it is also possible that you will be used as a vessel to them . Draconians are collectors . Every draconian will collect something for their entire life . it could be anything not necessarily weapon's mostly swords knifes but it must be something special . something what makes the draconian feeling superior, above all something we can grow with it what makes an Draconian proud . look at the movie lord of the rings the dragon Smoug and his whole environment those shine things this is what attracts real draconians . we are proud of our collection and don't you dare to steel our precious treasures . in fact we don't even like if someone holding our treasure in his hand . you can look and embrace it but that's it . so the question is what do you preffer to collecting ? the other thing what makes a Draconian a real Draconian is to be skilled in martial arts . We like loud music but only our favorite music in my case that would be Epic . on the other hand we like silence and any noise we don't like . It makes us angry the same with smells . i hate any kind of smoke especially cigarettes but i absolutely love the smell of some perfumes . if an Draconian apears somewhere he or she will be visible , noticeable in some form . we do have some royal masters attitudes we are not humble so if you want to strengthen the connection to your inner dragon now you know what to do . Strength and honour

    2. @Dreammaker

      Stoped reading when you said I'm not a real draconian.

      My draconians instincts are suggesting me to finish this conversation now.

      Have a nice day.

    3. @Earth Dragon you can not finish something what not even startet . You might be a reptylian ( maybe a Green one ) but for sure not any of the real Drakan because they are arrogant which would be considered as a kind of good habit (in our realm ) and you are quite the opposite of it . My Draconian instinct of a former dark being tell's me that they use you to their Tasks ūüźć as I know the tactics of the dark side i can already tell you what they want to achieve . You are pretty active here and there . you have your own page, your meditations in close you are doing what you can to improve the situation . Fine but you are not satisfied because the community is not giving you the appreciation you think you deserve .they will even attacking you and you know that it is true . The point is that this situation should makes you disappointed so that Thay can in the meantime siphon your energy . One day you will remember my words and saying to yourself enough This herd is not worthy to receive my attention anymore I'm dun with it ūüė° . Once this happend the dark side will direct everything they can mobilse against you to push you out of the ring completely once and for all . Your heart will be full of anger because even your old comrades will turn against you they will doing this you will see . The more energy will get the dark side from you ( your emotions ) the stronger connection to your mind will be established and they will continue this game until you turn into darkness and becoming what they are . At first there will planting some thoughts into your mind something like i have dun so much for the light and what do i have of it ? Nothing . I deserve much more you will say ( this is a truly Draconian nature being above and beyond all . The disappointment turns more and more into anger and you will not only remove your page . You will see that your life will be suddenly much more easy (when you stop your light work) . You might even receive some goodies .but one day they take it away what makes you even more angry and again disappointed . This is how you will be Little by Little transformerd into a dark entity . Now you know what they want from you so beware . At next they will checking of what Branch i stem from . They will read your emotions and establish a connection so that they also can reading my energy . They will be upset because by planting new thought you might be more aware of their traps . And they will trying something similar with me but that will be not so easy because i already know they will doing this . Beside that I am not an enemy nor any kind of agent of the dark side . Do to my legacy and this journey I have becoming something different a kind of bridge between the realms . They are still in some form my family so I wish they survive and change but they can not achieve this goel by staying where they are . You can not turn a fish into a bird but you can establish a bridge between both realms so that they can understand and learning from each other . i wish to heal not to destroy and this is my true intention . They are not even aware of the reason why they need the emotions of humans . This is the only way they can integrate new perspectives because they don't have their own emotions but this is a process it takes time . Unfortunately our time is running out so take your chance and survive . We can change the faster when we are close to the end . this war must end as long there is still something what can be healed .

    4. @Dreammaker

      My friend, I won't read your reply because it does not sound something positive to me, therefore I prefer to ignore it. By the way, it's not very polite to say the things you are saying. Do you know me to say i'm not really a draconian? No, you don't, you are only judging.

      Honestly, your messages look like very archon influenced, this happens all the time when I post something in planetary liberation related forums. If you want to make a difference to the light, with all due respects, you need to control your negative impulses. We all need because none of us is perfect, but as light workers, we should be as much closer to perfect as possible.

      And not being arrogant it's not about race. It's about a CHOICE to be a polite, humble and positive person, it does not matter if you are a human or a draconian.

      I'm sorry but I won't read anymore of these messages, i'll focus on positive things.

      Have a nice day.

    5. @Earth Dragon Jeah right if you don't wish to Reading my posts anymore then why asking me something ūü§Ē

      Do you know me to say i'm not really a draconian? No, you don't, you are only judging.

      i have already learned to control what is inside of me because I'm aware of my dark side .( To some extend because we are all under influence of the dark controllers ) . Never mind my mission is complete ⭐⭐⭐ Do what you like they will do the same with you that's for sure ūüíĮūüźä The only think you have in common with the real draconians is that you are an easy bait to them but that's not my business anymore i have dun what should be dun now it's up to you . anyway ...the stage is yours ūüĎĻūü¶ě...ūüĖĖ

  5. @FM 144 Team

    How was the anomaly created ?

    How was the source created ?

    1. They don't know, that's why it's called anomaly. Source wasn't created, that's why it's called Source.

    2. See Randi Green for that.

    3. @Severin

      Hello, my friend, how are you?

      The primary anomaly was the unexperienced possibility of evil. It wasn't experienced untill the aholecons were born with a failed experiment. It also has to do with heavy and dirty energies interacting with living beings.

      I hope this helps, victory of the light!

  6. 'Who was here first'?
    Well, to be entirely honest, 'here' was here first, and 'they' are most certainly not the creators of here, or anywhere else.

  7. What is it that we think of when we think of the word 'moment'? Do we think to ourselves that it is but a passing thing? Or, perhaps, do we think of it as a construct of our imagination, a concept, or some sort of theory?
    Do we truly recognize that the only time anything can possibly exist is in the moment? Do we allow that recognition to become conscious? Do we understand the truth of stillness, of being?
    Well, I ask you to ponder when change can come to be if not in this very moment, in the moment itself, in which we have always been. In this very moment the world is changing. In this moment the world is changed.

  8. May 2th worldwide Mass Prayer promotional video:

    Please, share!

  9. @ FM 144

    The C beings were certainly on other planets first and camouflaged themselves with their technology and then took control, such as with Earth.

    Were these other planets where the C beings were first liberated by the light forces?

    Have the light forces now have the technology to detect the C beings' camouflage technology?

  10. Wir sind ein Spott!
    Was machen diese mit uns, in der nachts mit unserer seele auf den schiffen, und am der tag gehen wir auf der straße und nicht teas errinern ist ein spott.
    Wir sch√§men uns wirklich f√ľr unsere earthling Mission.
    wir werden uns fur dieser Schande mussen immer verstecken.

    1. Das IST EIN Spott alles!
      So much, a lot, to be called to volunteer in earth liberation,
      And only a few be chosen, while the other to be left behind.
      Es ist EIN spott!

    2. Dear Fm144

      Could you maybe only publish comments that are making sense and not confirm comments that are publishing banana nonsense. Thank you.

    3. lol yeah these comments somtimes read like the most insane and pitiful ramblings of very hurt and confused individuals. they are a window into the human fucked-upedness and honestly a very sad testimony of our psychological state.
      Be it narcissists arguing about who is the more badass draconian, people who feel completely abandoned and battling with feelings of impending doom or thos who constantly project their own self-hatred etc..
      I mean I have my fair share of issues too, but at least I still have a grasp on reality and am able to self-reflect.
      I feel that the intel these blogs provide are something not everyone can handle and for many unstable people can rather reaffirm and solidify their insanity. These people need help, but most of them wouldn't even admit it.
      It's honestly pretty gross how fucked up we all are.. this is truly a mess!

    4. Some of you seeing problems where there is none . no one is forcing anyone to read everthing . Fluffy factory you don't want to read it ? Fine simple avoid to reading would be the best solution to you . So simple is that ūü§ó

    5. Q Extension Blog: Wenn man der deutschen Sprache nicht m√§chtig ist, sollte man sehr genau pr√ľfen, was man schreiben will. Die Benutzung irgendwelcher Balla-balla √úbersetzungsmaschinen ist schnell erkannt. Die deutsche Sprache selber ist die mir am genauesten bekannte Sprache der Welt, und das nicht von ungef√§hr. So gew√∂hnen Sie sich bitte an Umlaute an der richtigen Stelle (√§, √∂, √ľ). Substantive sind auch ganz sinnvoll und nicht ohne Bedeutung. Viel Spa√ü beim Konvertieren!

    6. Sam teyr@
      Und, was hast DU nicht verstanden??

  11. Dear FM144, as always your updates are highly appreciated. But please can you do some more moderation on the comments. Below recent updates, most of the comments are only bla-bla-banana-bullshit and are negative, judgmental, unimportant ego driven discussions, etc. This is going on already quite some time and it lowers very much the frequency of your intel updates. Thank you!

  12. Dear FluffyFractalshard, I understand where you're coming from. It's sad to see people struggling with their psychological state and projecting their issues onto others. It's important to remember that everyone has their own struggles and that we should approach each other with compassion and understanding.
    I agree that the insights provided by these blogs can be overwhelming for some people, especially if they are already struggling with their mental health. It's important for individuals to seek professional help if they need it and not solely rely on online sources.
    That being said, there are still many positive and uplifting messages from individuals who identify as starseeds. It's important to focus on these messages and use them as a source of inspiration and motivation. It's also important to remember that we are all capable of growth and self-improvement, no matter what our struggles may be.

  13. Dear Dreammaker, I understand your point, but I think it's important to acknowledge that as a Starseed, the desire to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in discussions about mind-blowing intel from whistleblowers is natural and valid. It's frustrating when instead of meaningful discussions, there are demotivating Banana-comments that don't add any value to the conversation.

    While it's true that no one is forcing anyone to read everything, it's important to create a space where people can have constructive conversations and support each other. Simply avoiding reading is not a long-term solution to this problem. As a community, we can strive to create a positive and uplifting environment that encourages growth and learning.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Note from my side.

    I agree, the level of nonsense comments is greatly increasing lately.

    This is related to the rising energies that some individuals seem unable to cope with, but there are also attacks behind it.

    I am usually for freedom of speech and against censorship, but some strongly negatively influenced individuals like to use this to negatively drag down the comment function with twisted truths, provocations and nonsense.

    Therefore, this type of comments (and users) will be rejected from now on.

  16. The situation about Ukraine and Russia is expected to improve a lot after our mass meditation and mass prayer, on May 1th and 2th.
    Let's share both events, it's important that we don't lose this opportunity, because the cabal is manipulation both sides of this conflict, and a lot of lives are being lost unnecessarily.

    A great method to share the events is by filling online forms of meditation groups, religious groups, yoga and spiritualistic groups, etc. You can also share the events to all your contacts at once via your personal email provider and social medias.
    There is a great chance that if we succeed in our efforts, regional conflicts like the China-Taiwan war, or the war in the Korean peninsula, will be permanently avoided (but there is no guarantee, though, as the cabal will keep trying to start world war 3 anyway).

    It's a great chance, however, to try to anchor peace to the world! The two events have the potential to boost the positive effects if done one after the other, so please, don't forget sharing the events to as many people as possible!!!!

    1. Yes, Steph, every effort to share the events is indeed valid. I don't work with Telegram a lot, but i'm doing my best to share our events. I think the online contact forms is one of the best ways, because it can be done in mass with copy and paste, in multiple websites.
      Even though yoga groups have a different view than ours, some of them may be open to the message, as they tend to have a more inclined mind towards spirituality. The more spiritual and open minded the group, the higher the chances of them participating will be.

  17. English

    Portal of Light Booster Meditation April 20th, 4:17 am UTC


    Portal of Light Activation Videos

  18. Deutsch

    Lichtportal-Booster-Meditation 20 April, 6:17 Uhr MESZ

    Lichtportal-Aktivierung am 1. Mai 2023


  19. And, this will be a real achievement beside the earth liberation. Your full scale soul fragmentation, going upward, on higher planes training into soul fragmentation soulmates and soul family, who have so by so no solution for anything.
    And no one will have to claim anything against you, as long you followed a call to volunteer earth liberation.
    Even blossom, with her alleged channeling from galactic federation claims that starseeds and lightworkers will be really damaged up to the soul level.
    All is right ludicrous haw this process is unfolding.

  20. This is just another one of those pull-down comments from Extension Blog. I hope the FM 144 deletes this comment from Extension Blog of 26 April.


  21. Die Lichtkr√§fte verschweigen sehr viele Dinge an den erwachten Sternensaaten der Oberfl√§che. Den Lichtkr√§ften ist schon sehr lange bekannt, dass die galaktische Konstellationen Portale erschaffen wo die Energie der Zentralsonne immer st√§rker zur Erde fliesst. Die Lichtkr√§ften erschaffen ihre eigeen Dyson Sph√§ren um die Energien der Zentralsonne zu puffern, damit angeblich die Massen diese Energie aufnehmen k√∂nnen. Die Lichtkr√§ften h√§tten also schon l√§ngst die Erde Quarant√§ne aufbrechen lassen k√∂nnen und die Toplet Bomben w√ľrde es schon lange nicht mehr geben, wenn Lichtkr√§fte die Energien der Zentralsonne nicht puffern w√ľrden….

    Die Lichtkr√§fte ausserhalb der Oberfl√§che halten die erwachten Sternsaaten auf der Oberfl√§che die ganze Zeit hin, obwohl die Lichtkr√§ften dies schon die ganze Zeit wissen dass es ein spezielles Datum gibt wo die Zentralsonne mit voller Wucht die Erde treffen wird weil es noch weitere kosmische Konstellationen geben wird und l√ľgen die erwachten Sternensaaten die ganze Zeit an.

    Die Lichtkräfte hätten von Anfang an dies den erwachten Sternesaaten der Oberfläche mitteilen können und das es wichtig ist das Licht zu halten und zu verbreiten bis zu diesem speziellem Datum, um das Elend und den die Kriege auf der Oberfläche so gering wie möglich zu halten.

    Was Ehrlichkeit betrifft haben die Lichtkräfte ausserhalb der Oberfläche noch viel zu lernen....

    1. Dear Severin

      And from where you got this information? Channeling? You know. Everybody can just invent a story. :-)


    2. Die Informationen, dass die Lichtschiffe und die aufgestellten Dyson Sphären um unsere Sonne von unserem Sonnensystem und unserer Erde wo die Lichtkräfte erstellt haben, und das die Zentralsonne ab einem bestimmten Datum mit voller Wucht die Erde trifft (kosmische Konstellationen) findest du hier:

      Nat√ľrlich kann jeder eine Geschichte erfinden, dies gilt genau so f√ľr Cobra und FM 144, wobei Cobra mit seinen Artikel √ľber die planetarische Befreiung und Konferenzen und Einweihungsstrahlen sehr viel Geld verdient. FM 144 verdient ab ihren Informationen gar kein Geld und verkaufen auch nichts.
      Beweise k√∂nnen sehr leicht heutzutage gef√§lscht werden. Vor allem √ľber das Internet und den Medien. Channeling sind genau so keine Beweise, weil das Medium von negativen Wesenheiten und Energien besetzt oder manipuliert werden kann. Es ist gar nicht m√∂glich innerhalb des negativen Frequenzzaun 100% korrekte Informationen zu bekommen, vor allem was Channeling anbetrifft.
      Man sieht, dass die viel weiter entwickelten Lichtkr√§fte mit ihren hoch entwickelten Technologie, nicht einmal im Stande waren, die dunklen Kr√§fte aufzusp√ľren bevor sie einen Planeten kolonisierten.
      Die Lichtkräfte haben die dunklen Kräfte massiv unterschätzt.

      Ich nehme mir die Informationen wo ich mich gef√ľhlt f√ľhle, f√ľr meine Mission f√ľr die planetarische Befreiung und kreiere mir selbst ein Bild.

  22. Portal of Light Activation Preliminary Report

    his is to let you know that we have achieved the critical mass. Full report will be posted here in about two weeks.

    We will keep the energy flowing. You are invited to join us tomorrow for the Portal of Light Grand Trine meditation:

    And on Friday for the Portal of Light Grand Wesak meditation:

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Dear FM144

      Do you have an update for a new post?

      many greetings

  23. Yes! Of course. Sebastian is trying to improve his claims, most likely due to loosing his audience, and getting 'unpleasant answers'.
    But what results, is a more and solidifying confusion in the core of the light community that gave all it's best to bring the event in the frame of 2025, as even Cobra claimed as necessary in some posts. No problem!
    But what seems more dangerous is that even the light grid is on the verge to fall, or is still maintained with great effort by the core of light community, who is so by so exhausted, now, a new narrative is coming into scene, that of the event long beyond 2025...

  24. And what is he also "Unveiling"... Is another form of 'nonintervention', but in a more gentle form. He does not claim a treaty of nonintervention.
    But he claims that the descendants would not intervene too much, because it will result a foreign energy infusing the earth. The claim is that the earth must remain infused with the energy of humanity, but not instead with the energy of a galactic 'liberation army'.

  25. Hello dear fm144, will there be new update on the situation happening on Earth? Thank you

  26. Hi everybody.

    I have a question for all of you.

    I read from Cobra2012 that the Mobile Phone is a Mind Programming. And that this programming works on quite a lot of levels. As far as I understand it also has influence on our chakras and the suppression of the Kundalini energy and the etheric energy and various more energy fields.

    For a long time I have been thinking about how I can get rid of this mobile phone and still be in contact with the world? Because thanks to the mobile phone I can connect to the Internet and connect to other starseeds around the world and be informed about the latest mass meditations.

    I don't want to be manipulated anymore by this mind control program that aims to keep me trapped in this matrix. I want to contribute by getting rid of this mobile phone. But how do I do that? Because I also want not have contact to humans around the world and for that I need access to this technology.

    1. Bevor das Handy und der TV und die Industriealisierung existierten, existierte bereits der negative Frequenzzaun und das Gedankenkontrollprogramm und unterdr√ľckte die Chakren Kundalini-Energie und der √§therischen Energie und diverser anderer Energiefelder….

      Du kannst auch Internet √ľber einen PC oder Laptop empfangen und nur √ľber verschl√ľsselte e-mail Dienste kommunizieren. Internet √ľber Kabel verursacht keine W-LAN Strahlung. Bei Kabelmodems kann man das W-LAN ausschalten. Telegram usw kann man alles √ľber den PC steuern, danach kann man das Handy ausschalten und die Schublade versorgen.

  27. It's right scandalous to hear now, when all strangelets and topless are allegedly removed, that the event is still years ahead, all with the excuse that the population is far more programmed than was believed.
    And that we were setbacked 10 years ago, to the 2013 post, to the subject of eteric archon grid as a main obstacle.

  28. You know how an octopus spews out a cloud of ink when it gets scared? Well...

  29. There is already "the unveiling", the more, in a form of assurance, that the event will be triggered in the latest possible moment, for sure in the benefit of the 8 billion of earthlings. So, not at the point indicated by Cobra in the image of his latest post, but possible much rightwards, as described in the image.
    What he also does, is he give us an unsustainable promise of something that was called time ago as "ball of ascension", but now under the title of "the first island of light", maybe to lure the remaining un-exhausted lightworkers to wait endlessly to the time, named by him, the "foreseeable future".

    1. Yeah... he's kinda one of their 'try to get in front of it' guys. Sorta.

  30. Dear FM144

    Do you have an update about the actual situation?

    Who else wish also an update?

  31. Ich w√ľrde mich auch √ľber ein neues FM 144 Update freuen. Vielen Dank f√ľr eure Beitr√§ge FM 144 Team!

    Some perspective, there have always been those who fight for us.


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