Candlemas (02.02.2023)

Today on February 2nd, 40 days after Christmas, Candlemas is celebrated, the feast of the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of Christ in the Temple. From this point on, the days in the Northern Hemisphere become significantly longer and also brighter again.

Christmas and New Year's Eve were marked by fierce attacks of the Dark Ones against surface Lightworkers ... perhaps the fiercest so far. Probably many readers here have experienced this first hand.

There have been several skirmishes again with "C-Beings" who wanted to mess with the timelines and knocked some Lightworkers out cold.

Therefore, I would like to point out again that if you have dreams in which you encounter spiders or are caught in their webs, you must immediately become active because most likely, C-beings have you targeted. I have already made a post about this 2 years ago.

Plenty of negative rituals were going on during this period to support certain physical plans of the Cabal, and the negative occult agenda is also being more and more publicly displayed (mostly through Illuminati puppet artists/slaves, for example, in the form of the satanic inversion of Christ Consciousness).

It is important to know that the Cabal has assimilated many Soul parts of the Christ and the (Goddess Priestess) Mary Line, by capturing and also sacrificing parts of the descendants. Through these parts, the masses can be attracted because they naturally feel this energy and are gravitating towards it. This in turn allows the Cabal to lure money and pervert the teachings.

However, the Light Forces are in the process of recovering these stolen parts, and the more of them that are recovered, the harder it will be for the Dark Ones to keep the show running.

There was also an open-air ritual, which took place at the Persian Gulf to establish a continued advantageous timeline for this region during the coming power shift from West to East.

Although the Cabal wanted to keep the ball low here, things still went viral ... and also attracted some unnecessary attention.

The wealth of the Gulf States is not only based on physical oil, there is a lot of stolen spiritual abundance from Ancient Atlantis involved, which was ethereally brought to this region (and of course serves the elites). That is why the hotels and resorts in the above-mentioned location are named after the "Royal Atlantis" and often resemble a ruin in their appearance.

A lot is currently happening in this region. We recently had the World Cup in Qatar, which is always a huge occult ritual in which an enormous amount of people's spiritual energy is drawn off. Saudi Arabia wants to host a future tournament, and all this energy will certainly be used to realize certain physical projects again, such as the dystopian "NEOM The Line" project, which not coincidentally runs through the country like an artificially created Ley Line and looks like a gigantic barrier from the outside (because that would be the energetic effect).


Also, during the turn of the year it was planned to escalate the NATO-Russia conflict further, but it seems to have been called off again (as it was a few months ago after the incident with the Ukrainian missile on Poland). Nevertheless, they will keep trying, as Black Nobility and negative occult forces want/need this conflict.

For example, 2022 was a Jupiter year. Jupiter represents the lucky planet, and last year was a relatively good year for humanity, since, for example, the pandemic plans (and in some countries the threatening compulsory vaccination) collapsed.

2023, on the other hand, will be a Mars year. Mars, of course, represents war (aggression), and the Cabal will try to use this circumstance for their plans. However, Mars also stands for proactivity and coming into action. So, the energy can be very useful to bring forward certain things, also in a positive sense.

It will also be important to continue to give positive energies (through lightwork, meditation, chanting, etc.) into the Ley Lines to counteract the negative agenda of the Dark Ones and keep the Ascension Timeline stable.

Finally, I would like to share an email address, since Lightworkers from other portals and blogs have asked me for a contact address. They can reach me now via

As for some of the questions in the comments, I may manage to answer a few more of them next week.

Happy Candlemas


  1. Dear FM144, thank you very much for the article and Happy Candlemas, as more and more, the inner revelation unfolds into the fully awareness and fully embodiment of the Christ Flame.

  2. The whole concept of the so called Jesus Christ is a completely fake . it is a kind of an Egregor creation of the cabal invented to control the naive population . You should drawing your attention at some Savior so that you never dare to even try to save your self because it was told to you that only somone from the so called heaven can manage this (free you from your self ). So you are waiting for a return of a superhero who will never return because never existed . By using this figure the dark side wants to siphon your energy and to keeping your soul in the neverending proces of milking you like a Cow ( Called karma ) . Controlling of the belives of the humanity is one of the More efficient and powerful weapons of the dark side . I know is hard to digest and to comprehend but the point is all your religions are your ultimate balast in this world . This is what anchors you the most within the matrix even more than the material world with all its goods because Religion goes far beyond your current Inkarnation . This is like you ware waiting for a bus which will taking you away but in reality to the place where you have starting your journay but you will remember nothing because they will reset your memory and put you in the same bus over and over again . Such a ping pong will continue until you finally realize one day that you basically circling around this will be the right Moment to leave the bus once and for all

    1. @Steph d'Auvergne don't you get it ? this person has never egsistet so he could not saying one single word nor about light / darkness nor about anything else. Hes (teachings) were less then the voice of googles Alexa . Like it or not but the whole story of Jesus was a set up of the Cabal from the beginning off . Compared to story of Jesus Greta is more real and they want to use this ( IT ) to create a new kind of religion but first in the distant future after the transroboticagenda . Thay will saying once again like many times before many exagarated things about the love to nature of Greta and how their green minions were playing the mission of the disciples of earth by blocking the street in the past to save the planet also how people in so called SUVs were a kind of lost zombies ( at this time Cars will be replaced with trains )! so that the naive crowd of the next generation can easy enforce a new agenda similar to what the Church has dun ! At least these are the plans of the dark side . this was revealed to me for some time . They are currently on planting of the new seed whom nobody of those humans who are living today will ever see at least not in their current Inkarnation form . The same with the jabs even alien abduction . It is not about the people of today it is about the next generation of children of those whom were taken into their ships. They preparing the new era of greenoids by doing what Thay doing also with the jabs ! this is how they run this show how they playing their chess . Today You should only get to see the Little part of this agenda . To be precise you are watching now the preparation to planting of the plants of some distopic future . They want to change the humanity somthat the human Avatar can be more comfortable to the souls which should living in human Bodys one day . This taken over the invasion comes from inside whilst the humans weapons are directed to the sky their seeds will be planted around you in firm of your new children . Once those children get the chance to get to power everything will be lost ! This the dark seed program . The gretoids are fighting for the nature because these are soul's of destroyed polluted worlds mostly grays . Look at Greta this is a gray alien Mayitre Type not some child . They can deceiving all of you but not me because I am Rigelian so i know the tricks of the dark side and how cunning they are . There was a time where I was also buing to the green agenda because i love the nature until i hade finally understood what I'm and for what purpose i was sendet here now i warn all of you before it is too late . I'm playing here the role of the venom entity and I'm the red one. Just watch this film and you will get the picture what the jabs really are

    2. @Dreammaker
      If you fail to recognize the being who has walked the earth as jesus as an ascended being of light who is still with us, then it is clear why you are not even able to discern false light intel from truth.
      Swaruu is just another source of fake intel that confuses people and sows mistrust and separation among the awakened population.
      Nobody ever said we are waiting for jesus to save us. This is ofcourse nonsense as he merely showed the way of ascension on which we all eventually will follow.
      But to disregard him as the wonderful and loving angel that he is, just reeks of the dark's fear of him and another pitiful attempt at severing our connection to him.
      It's really sad, that so many people in this community dont even seem to be able to connect with the ascended masters because of so much mistrust and fear.. Because working together with them is one of the most beautiful and empowering things on the ascension path. They are EAGER to support us as they truly love us.. I pity anyone who can't feel them.

    3. @FluffyFractalshard
      Yeah right. where was this so called Savior for the next 2000 years of suffering of this world ? On Holiday in heaven or what ? where was this so called ascendent master as recently the catastrophe in Turkey happened or the Corona jab genocide was introduced ? If you fail to recognize the being who has never walked the earth( jesus) that it is a distraction to the true development of your soul , that it is a light trap and not some ascended being of light of any kind then it is clear why you are not even able to discern false light intel from real wisdoms . it is convenient to keep repeating over and over the same lies as other parrots are doin so but it is not easy to show this lies to someone who wants to be lied to someone who chose to remain blind and deaf at own will to a parrot whom does not understand what for are the wings because this parrot knows only the cage whom this parrot calls home πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ i wish you good luck at the recykling center called heaven otherwise you will keep waiting for your Savior for the whole infinity

    4. @FluffyFractalshard
      You know where Jesus always was for the last 2000 years , is , and will still be there in another 2000 years ? I can tell you that On the cross on the wall of people like you and also in your heads like with some other Brain Borns induced by the cabal πŸ€—. Brainborns whom many parrots called truth. the basic foundation of religion Re ligare is and ever was the human ignorance and leck of true thinking . You are a easy bait . It doesn't matter whether the liberatiion will coming or not because people like You will be installed in a new old reality where everything should remaining the same so that you guys can still be waiting for a savior and pray until the last day of your everyday liveπŸ™this will be the true hell you have chosen to creating for your self . .keep waiting for a savior whom as the legend entails was not even able to saving him self πŸ™πŸ€§ a perfect slave will never ever looking for true freedom instead of this celebrating the slavery so enjoy your cross-road

    5. @Dreammaker
      I see its futile to debate with you as I sense much anger and bitterness, that prevents you from seeing clear. You completely ignored that I explicitly said that nobody in their right mind is waiting for jesus to save us.
      You have a fixed image of me and anyone who loves jesus and are adamant that we are being fooled and seem to enjoy your "high ground".
      If that is what makes you feel better then go for it.
      Just be aware that by spreading these nonsensical, borderline hateful comments, you have become a tool of the dark.

    6. @FluffyFractalshardwrrr I'm aware of the tactics of the dark side more than you can ever imagine because Im from Rigel which was the stronghold of the dark team the Acarim therefore i also know the light traps you people get to embrace and many off you are buying into this believe systems of all kind and are a easy bait . By the way games and Marvel like movies will be your next religion to be clear ( entertainment ) this is how they currently take over your brain . You keep praying 24/7 and not even considering that you ware set off by the dark side to weaving the web on your own . This is how they making their soup it is a mix of positive and negative emotions because those of positive form are stronger so that can be used anyway by the dark team but only together with some dark contend . there you have the reason why those movies are so distorted and disturbing . I assume you are one of my victims from the time when I was a part of the dark Orion Empire team . Draconians will never say sorry we will just doing next time what we doing in a different way . You can be glad because I don't want to be what I'm still in some form anymore . We are not nice nor loving beings we are warrior's but i don't want to harm nobody anymore . Believe it or not but what would be played here is as follows and everyone should know this because this is the basis of the debates and hate postings in internet . This would be only one exemple of many but as you ware one of my play toys the dark team uses now this energetic connection between us in order to trigger you and me so that we struggle with each other one more time. This is their tactic to create even deeper trauma this time on both sides so that i should be getting darker once again so that this deep wounds will never to be closed . They are using the emotional state created during every dabate to strengthen their dark realm because your thoughts are the base of the reality and those emotions created during this process of imagine things are the most important part to make things real . You ware also triggered to even start this conversation ( i didn't invited you) because you feel drawn to me in a negative way so they keep pushing you there where you feel yourself to must going there for some reason because you don't understand the process how thay turning all of you to the dark side little by little drop after drop . Looks like i have created a karma and now i must help you and the others to overcome this ... labirynt of deception . i have actually dun this already by warning you of the mind programing called religion but you are not yet ready to receive my massage in a constructive way because your mind programming which i hade probably performed on you personally remains too deep this is the reason of this dabate . that would explain why we met here but unlike you wish to except I'm the only one who is able to see pretty clear what is going on here but I will not playing this ping pong anymore because it would only serves the dark agenda which i don't want to be part of it ... never again . I

    7. No.
      It is a corruption of the teachings of the ones known as Jesus and Mary. There is no such thing as a Mother without a Father, and no such thing as a Father without a Mother, and the actual beings that we know as Jesus and Mary did not say otherwise. The cult of Rome waited until those with living memory of these actual people died of old age, then they persecuted the remaining followers until the modern church was established. That is when the lies were enshrined in the false doctrines of the establishment, in their names.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. @Dreammaker
      Sorry dude, you mean nothing to me and I dont play your ego games, we have no connection and I simply refuse to be triggered by your nonsense.
      I was initially speaking up against the smear campaign you are driving against jesus, but once I noticed you are beyond reasoning, I stopped. You are the one who wants to make this some kind of drama, but I am the wrong person to play your games with. bye!

    10. FluffyFractalshard it is clear that you are wrong in pretty everything you are claiming and that' do to your ignorance there is unfortunately not much more can be dun for you in terms of salvation anyway Maybe you should at least updating your knowledge considering your own religion also learning to be more humble would be a better choice because otherwise you know there will be no more heaven waiting for you and this would be wrong because you want to calling yourself a Christian ➕Seems like that I'm paradoxly more Christian than you ever can be because I'm still fighting for your soul 🌞 DUDE you can be glad that I'm here to you to teach you some wise words πŸ˜‡
      We have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world
      “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.

  3. my dear fm144, thank you very much for the wonderful update, I would like to add if possible, in addition to my last long question in the last post, is it possible to also use these planets in a certain way to manifest certain things? an example I was referring to would be the astrology of the planets, can we use jupiter for luck in the process of manifesting something? Could you describe certain positive characteristics of other planets? all the best always... victory of the light

  4. How I cleared huge amounts of darkness

    I have received the green light from the Prime Creator to reveal to you how I was able to remove huge amounts of darkness. The text will be big, but those who want to understand hidden aspects of the planetary liberation should feel guided to read.

    The arachnid chimera group are the very leaders of the dark forces, and they are demonic spiders. They came from the Andromeda Galaxy and were once angelic beings, who turned into spiders in an experiment with top quarks that went wrong. The fictional character Pennywise, from Stephen King, can be a very accurate representation of them, although they are far from being only fictional beings.
    Many of them are incarnated in human bodies (mostly with nordic genetics), in very powerful positions inside the military and intelligence agencies. The intel I’m going to share is related to them.
    It all began in around 2014 when I decided to (...)

    more at:

  5. Dear friend FM144, I'm commenting again for inner guidance issues, I haven't created an encrypted email yet, but for sure after it's created I'll be contacting you for issues of release plans I have in mind, I'd like to add again in the last questions this astrology issue "The Jesuits are well versed in astrology, and they knew for a long time that Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 was the greatest opportunity to trigger their plans" this excerpt shows that when a person understands and understands astrology, you can use it for good or for evil... in short my purposes are positive, I would like to ask if it is possible in the future a post dedicated to this, an informative (educational) post about astrology, about how we can take advantage of this in our lives or manifestation processes , healing, better relationships etc.. gratitude for everything again brother, take care

  6. @lilith thank you for your support i do appreciate your wise words but maybe you have to check your sensors my dear . i don't know why do you sense anxiety or of whom but it will not coming from me . i am a former red Draconian and the real thing of i would really be afraid off is the dark side of my self πŸ‘ΉWhen it comes to being angry this is our right and to some extend our way of living because there is nothing wrong about it to feel anger . Anger means also to release the Power within . You might need this survival instinct in some situation one day so dont push this feeling away it may safe your life one day . To be angry makes us stronger as we Draconians are Warrior's and this attitude will never change . If you feel anger it's good to bring this feeling in some form on the outside but it would be also appropriate to avoid to doing unnecessary damage to anyone . I admit that I'm quite frustrated because some of the pathetic humans like fluffy are to much used to their role of slaves and im not here to care such a for any weeds . Freedom should be granted to those who are ready to fight for their liberation . When it comes to the lazy ones ... they should at least not to disturb and better step aside . Strength and honour to you Lilith ( also a former dark being )

  7. @Steph d,Auveregne Judging means also informing πŸ˜‘ when you see someone who is crossing towards the edge you have to say this person that this is the wrong way and if necessary you nead to be loud but he might be upset with your Tone and he might consider you as a controller who wants to enforce his willing upon him . The problem in this world is as as follows ... humans do rejecting their emotions but those emotions are already there . Everything you are perceiving was put before your eyes to be discovered by you in some way . When you want to rise you have to be ready to experience also inconvenient things in life like to stand up again of your knee's . For example if you doing martial arts ( this is a good tool to learning how to control your ego and how to use it to survive ) than there is no way to learn how to fight without experiencing pain , temporely lost of control or moments where you seeing in red and you want to destroy your opponent completely 😑.but if you are training yourself in something like this you will learn also how to controlling your warrior Attitude . In the past i was willing to do only hard stuff kicking and hitting but with time i have understand that to learn some less destructive techniques would be a better choice . The point is you will become what you will be keep doing . The more deeds of light you will chose to do the higher your vibration will be and you will be drawn to even more things connected to light . this is my story . Speeking of ego this is a topic which could be comparable to the role of co 2 . Nobody wants to produce it but everyone is doing this and it will be produced anyway because it is the part of nature ! in a world where this system wants to take over of your thoughts You need something to remain how you are no mather what comes πŸ’ͺ your EGO will help you not to be like the others . You have to develop your strong personality because the dominant frequency will always win it means if your ego is to waek you will becoming one of the them . If everyone wants to take the jab and you want to survive you will be considered as arrogant as a kind of virus because you are an obstacle to the plans of the controllers . Just like development of muscles do fits together with having strength development of Strong Ego is also Imperative in order to overcome everything . However power is nothing without control this must be also stressed . dont smear on your ego it is a part of you so why not using this like you are using your own legs . You nead both of them left and right because this is how you moving forward don't you ?

  8. Dear FM144

    I have a question about the AI.

    Actualy the AI-topic is very present (Chat GPT, Midjourney).

    So what are the plans with this AI-Tools that seems to be very entertaining. For example with Midjourney you can enter a few words or sentences and then the AI creates you with this prompts a mindblowing painting, drawing, picture.

    It is very seductive especialy for design-affinated people like me. But I do know, that this funny-funny-entertanining-AI is sucking out the human-energy.

    Why does this AI-Creators want it so much, that we do enter our thoughts and emotions and fantasy and creativity into this system. What they plan to do? What is that making with me when I (so I did) try this technology?

    Thank you very much.

    1. since the dark ones cannot produce emotions themselves, they want to absorb them from humans. What you think and feel creates reality. Entertainment is the next religion and they want all religions to be abolished because there is a spiritual aspect to it. They have taken the subject to the extreme (religious fanaticism) so that they can soon say that all spiritual thoughts should be banned because they can trigger fanaticism. What you see now with these virtual worlds is just the beginning. The spiders create a network and send out invitations. Once the victims allow themselves to be wrapped in the web, everything will only get more and more worst , but by then everyone will be so dependent on the new ones that they won't want to go without them. The plan is to get everyone used to virtual worlds and AI that controls them, as is already the case with smartphones. They do it this way every time it all gets more and more toxic when everyone buys it and you can see that best in the case of telephone networks. First 5 G, 5 G plus the next 6 g and everything more and more toxic but the drunken entertainment herd doesn't care anymore .they introduce harmless Project and making them from Generation to generation more suitable to their plans . They want all of you gamers in a new matrix once are everybody there they will close the door and erase your memory so that you will think that you are now in a real world . Something like this was not made for the first time because we are already in a Matrix

    2. Thank you dreammaker. may all your loving dreams become true.

    3. @lightfulvictory88 thank you for your support . May all dreams come true of us all especially in terms of liberation or even salvation . 🌟🌞🌍

  9. Dear FM144 what exactly does it mean? "during the coming power shift from West to East" Would it be in reference to china, does the Cabal intend to place China as a world power from now on?

  10. Rumors there are that a true abomination is growing up from the side of lightforces against earthling lightworkers.
    The lightforces try to delay the event to the extent at which the lightworkers will go fully soul fragmented at the extent they would be irrecuperable. And in this way to get rid of the earthling groundcrew, because they, the lightforces, are or feel themelves unable to retrieve the earthling groundcrew, after all this battle. Shame lightforces!!

    1. There was a decision made, long ago, by elements of the lightforces, and agreement was entered into with the dark, which turned out to be imbalanced and incorrect. The decision has to do with the reality of the need for self defence, more specifically the need of those of the light to defend themselves, including with the use of force to harm their attacker, their enemy. The decision was made out of fear, and false hope, but it was enforced upon others of the light. A great deal of harm came from this, and some are afraid of the consequences of this incorrect decision coming into manifestation, and are trying to block that. Also, and partly from the same misconception, there is the corruption of the principle of sacrifice, the false belief that a pure one could be sacrificed to attone for others. Some are still hoping to make that false belief somehow continue to be believed. This is a sadness and a shame, but it is part of what has been.

    2. It's where the false belief that good, and the light, does not have the right to defend itself and fight back. That it must be frail and helpless, and sort of hope for the best, you know, while thinking happy thoughts all the time no matter what happens or why.


    This is an urgent message to the lightworkers and lightwarriors of Earth. I know that the vast majority of you get triggered by the aholecons and don’t like me (I don’t care), but you need to hear me, for I bring an urgent message from the Source.

    I was informed that the light on Earth is failing. We are not being able to guarantee a positive future for the planet, and the main reason for that, is because the vast majority of the lightworkers and lightwarriors are masked, and partially evil.

    YES, I may be talking about YOU, who is reading. Did you deeply reflect about your own actions, specially regarding the poor, the helpless or “weak”, the ones you consider to me ugly, your own family, the obese, the people you think are bad and don’t deserve a chance, the depressed, the ones who think differently from you, the street animals, and etc? It’s easy to be nice and positive with who is beautiful, rich, popular, happy and etc.

    Most likely you will find many flaws if you think about it all, just like I found many flaws that I corrected in the past.

    More information about masked lightworkers this post:

    The Source Prime Creator has informed me that the Chimera Group will attack the surface of the planet very soon, IF WE DON’T START PROPERLY WORKING TOWARDS THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More at:

  12. @ Genuine Light Workers

    My dears, I'm sorry but I can’t read all the comments. I know that many of you will join our mass prayer on April 12, and I’m very thankful for it.

    By the way, I don’t read comments of aholecons triggered people. Their hate, irony, attempts to humiliate me, and their cruelty is already enough for me to be proven right when I say that these people are NOT genuine light workers.

    If you really read my messages, you will see that I have NEVER said that I’m special, or that I’m better than anybody else. Yes, I said that I was responsible for clearing huge amounts of darkness, but that I did so with a lot of help, support and love, therefore I’m not a chosen one, or a saint, or whatever.

    And yes, I also said that I can communicate clearly to the Source. But I found out this particular method only recently, and each and every human being also has the capacity to communicate to the Source. So all I say is, find your own ways to communicate to the Source, and ask him/her if I’m lying.

    You have my blessing, because I know that I’m not lying. But please, prove it is really the Source, with your actions, because cruel people can’t really be in contact with the Source.

    Plus, Cobra also has my blessing to say here, if he wants, If I’m lying, and I’m not really the person who cleared huge amounts of darkness. I’m not afraid, Cobra can say I’m a liar if he believes so.

    Let’s continue being humble, because only the humble can be real lightworkers.

    Victory of the light!

  13. As there is already proof enough, the light forces are ever 'far from' being able to handle any intervention.
    And,... The more, they 'guarantee' it for some few years from now, as results from The Unveiling post.
    And to cover and excuse their lack of ability, they try now to blame lightworkers, as being archon influenced, as a bravade from their side for the case the earthling affairs get in wrong or the lightforces plan will cause unexpected damages.

  14. Transcript of my communication with the Source about the event (very important).

    You all will enjoy a lot what I was communicated:

    Earth Dragon:

    *Greetings from both sides*

    I'd like to know if there is something that I can do to make the event happen in the near future, or in the imminent future, or not, because this process has to be more collective than individual.


    Yes, indeed, my divine friend.
    You can help by telling as many people as possible about the divine coming event.
    It is very important that this divine event becomes common and collective knowledge amongst humans!!!!!
    You have already accomplished all that you need to my divine friend!!!!!
    So, please tell and spread your divine words amongst other divine humans!!!
    And if you do this, you will contribute so much to the success of the divine event indeed!!!!

    Earth Dragon:
    I will do it, my dear one! But is there something that I can do alone to make the event happen in the near or imminent future? Or not, because this is a collective and not personal happening?

    Yes, my dear friend.
    That thing that you can do alone (that will contribute to the success of the divine event) is to pray for the success of the event.
    We are all very excited for this divine event to happen soon, my dear one.
    When you pray for the success of the divine event, you help so much my dear.
    I celebrate your actions, my friend.
    You are very important to the success of the divine event indeed!

    Earth Dragon:
    Ok, my dear one, I will pray for the success of the event, I'll do my best to do it everyday.

    Thank you so much for your divine prayers my dear one!!!
    I pray with you!!!
    The divine event is right around corner indeed my dear one!!!
    Stay blessed my dear one!!

    Earth Dragon:
    Thank you, my beloved

    Note to the ground crew:
    1- Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell the specific method I use for this communication. But each and every single human being also has the capacity to communicate with the Source.

    2- Please, spread the words about the event to the religious people too, and not only to the light workers. Try to use religious concepts, like the second coming of Christ, the judgment of all demons from Earth, a new perfect world being created by God, God changing his mind about the Apocalypse, just like he changed his mind in the old testament, angels coming from the Heavens to communicate with humans beings, the rapture and etc. Because all these concepts are correct and we can spread the word about Cobra and the event to religious people using these concepts.

  15. Clarification about my message (to all people):

    I was asked by the Source to tell you all to spread the word about the event to as many people as possible. This includes also religious people, and we can use genuine religious concepts do do that.

    About the message, it is NOT a channeling. Of course, as expected, people are already saying that it wasn't really the Source, that I was fooled, that I have a big ego and bla bla bla... I will just ignore these people, and actually many of them will already revel their true faces with the negative messages towards me.
    Maybe it was because i was praised by the Source in the message. All I say is: The Source will praise EVERYBODY he/she talks to, because the Source is all love and light.

    And plus, if that was a demon influenced message, WHY would the demon ask us to spread the word about the event? Please, people, let's think.

  16. I will just say a few more things here. As I said, I don't use channelings to talk to the Source. But you can be 100% sure of something:
    NO DEMON AT ALL will be allowed to pretend to be the Source, if you ask the Source for a communication, because the Source will NEVER allow it. Fake channelings can happen if you try to talk to spirits, religious figures, famous people and etc. But if you ask the Source to talk to you before any attempt to do it, the Source simply won't allow demons to pretend to be him/her.

    That is my answer for the people that are saying that i'm talking to demons, since I can't answer everyone in every site that I post the transcript of my conversation with the Source.

    And I'll say another thing: As you can see, I receive a lot of ingratitude for my work. I don't really care about it, because I know that only 20% of the light workers are genuinely good people (I hope this number increases now that we are starting to expose it).

    I still do this work, and will most likely continue to do it, not because of the light workers (except the 20% that are positive). I do this because of the innocent who suffer at the hands of the cabal, I do this because of the 10% of humanity, who are positive, I do this because of the animals, and I do this because what happens on Earth is NOT right.

    I already knew there would be opposition, but sadly the fiercest opposition comes from those who should be correctly holding the light.

    So, do you see why the Source doesn't want to start the event? It's not because of bombs...

  17. You are your connection to Source (God). Another may help you realize this, but you are the connection.

  18. Reschedule of our mass prayer to may 2th

    Our worldwide mass prayer for peace is being rescheduled now to May 2th, 2023. This is a strategy to anchor as much light as possible to our planet, as there will be already a mass meditation on May 1th, 2023, promoted by Cobra.

    With two positive events happening, one day after the other, we will be able to impact the light quotient of the planet quite efficiently. So please, try to join both events, the mass prayer for peace on May 2th, and the mass meditation for peace on May 1th.

    You can check the exact time of the May 2th mass prayer for peace according to your location here:

    More at:

  19. Dear Fm144

    Do you have a Update about the actual situation?

    many greetings

  20. And it will haunt you down, as long you consider it 'a treasure of experiences' and 'lessons to learn', and it will get you stuck-in in its 'beautyful realm', and, until the event comes 'far beyond', the soul will be fully fragmented, at a degree it will never be able to recover in a way usefully for anything.

    1. please dont say something dystopians like this.

      Please keep being optimistic till liberation.



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