Situation Update (29.08.2021)

At the beginning of this entry, I would like to briefly address the chaotic weather situation over the past two months, especially the floods. This has 3 reasons: First, it has to do with the transformation process of the planet, then of course with physical geoengineering, but the main reason lies in the past, and by that I mean Atlantis.

The Dark Ones have created an energetic feedback loop with the ancient Atlantis doomsday timeline to manifest the flood disasters of that time into the present.

The goal, as always, is to wreak as much havoc and damage as possible on the surface, and they have partially succeeded, yet it must be said that all the flooding should turn out much worse than they actually did. This is because the Light Forces were in the process of pumping this negative water magnetism out of the ethereal planes again. This magnetism is also the reason why many Starseeds with spiritual abilities may have had dreams or visions of big water masses and floods during the last months, prior to the real physical floods.

As far as the situation on the surface is concerned, it's really getting down to the wire. Now that the Light is working its way closer and closer to the surface, removing layer after layer of Anomaly, we are slowly arriving at the bottom of the swamp and all the dirt as well as the nasty creatures beneath it are becoming visible.

Because the Cabal is now in such a hurry to implement its NWO, the viciousness and totalitarianism of this group and its public puppets is becoming more and more apparent. One can also see, based on how the mass of humanity behaves, how they were able to keep this planet as well as countless other ones under their control for so long. Nevertheless, pressure always generates counter pressure and the resistance in the population is increasing. There is a real chance of revolution.

The next few months are extremely important. The Dark Ones will try to lay the foundation for their negative NWO timeline. The Light Forces will try to neutralize it and hold the Ascension Timeline(s).

It is important not to be dragged down through the currently negative influenced collective consciousness. The demoralization tactics of the puppet governments by using continuous lockdowns and media scaremongering have their psychological effects on the population. The whole energy on the surface is somehow a mix of depression, anxiety and anger.

Furthermore, it is also important to pay attention to the fact that the Chimera and energetic spider beings are currently very active, especially at night. If you have any dreams of spiders or webs, then they are after you. Being wrapped in ethereal spider webs means that they have stopped you cold energetically. If you are stuck in it for too long, you will become weak-willed, unmotivated and passive as far as the Liberation Process is concerned. Exactly what the Dark Ones need to implement their timeline.

After such dreams you should go immediately into meditation, free yourself from these webs, neutralize the spider beings (beam them into Central Sun by using a Light Column) and protect yourself and also your room/home. Cover smartphones and turned-off computer screens, as these can serve as portals for plasma spiders. Be aware that these entities can also come through electrical sockets.

In the next few months, it is also helpful to energetically cleanse the entire planet with a Pillar of Light from time to time, to reduce Anomaly as well as panic and depression inside the collective consciousness.

Furthermore, you can imagine in regular intervals how the NWO timeline of the Dark Ones gets erased and replaced by the positive Ascension Timeline.

In addition, with the rising protests around the globe, it is advisable to energetically protect both protesters and police, and especially to energetically cleanse the police units in order to get out the Archon triggered energetic possessions inside some parts of the police.

The protests are going to get even bigger, as the Ley Lines on the surface get continuously cleared of negative blockades. This is also due to the fact that the Light Forces are in the process of waking up incarnated Pleiadians who held High Key Positions in Atlantis back then. They could not escape in time during the invasion of the Dark Ones, were separated from their Twin Flames, got killed and from then on were trapped like the rest of the population in the reincarnation matrix of this prison planet, including loss of memories etc.

These Pleiadians are considered to be among the surface population and their awakened presence can boost the Ley Lines of an entire country. That is why the restrictions or protests are stronger in some countries than in others.

The physical Cabal doesn’t get this, but the Archons do, so they currently have to relocate some of their incarnated minions from one point to another on the surface to curb the energy in certain areas again.

For example; apart from all the geopolitical skirmishing around Afghanistan, the regime change there has only one superordinate reason: to suppress Goddess Energy:

But then in turn, positive energy is released in other areas on the planet, as shown, for example, by this map of emerging protests in France:

So it's an energetic chess game right now...

Whereas, the cornered Dark Ones see it more as a game of “Whac-A-Mole”… and the pace is getting faster and faster... until the hammer slams in their own face.

So much for the current situation, maybe during the next two weeks I am able give a small forecast for the last quarter of 2021 and beyond.



  2. Forgive me,
    If we truly wish for Goddess Light and Goddess Energy to be anchored in our world again,
    We need to meditate and pray for the Women of our world to Awaken and Accept Goddess Light and Goddess Energy within themselves again.
    That is the natural and right place for this Light and Energy to be, and nobody other than these Women themselves can do this for them or for us.

  3. Thank you for the update

    How and where did the dark forces create an energetic feedback loop with the old Atlantis doomsday timeline ?

  4. Thank you for the update

    How and where did the dark forces create an energetic feedback loop with the old Atlantis doomsday timeline ?

  5. Can plasma spiders enter via electrical sockets when the power is switched off at the sockets?

    If not, how can plasma spiders be prevented from entering through electrical sockets?

  6. Also while we are at it, if we aren't too busy that is,
    We need to meditate and pray for the Men of our world to accept the Light and the Energy of God within themselves.
    In Truth.
    Because that is the right and natural place for that Light and that Energy to be in the first place.

  7. I guess today is your lucky day...
    You are on to something regarding Atlantis.
    Those among the Faithful who survived and remain know the Truth.
    Those who betrayed themselves and betrayed the Light are still stuck in the loop of the Fall of the Sacred City and Her Temple.
    We must all face the truth of what happened, and what caused it to be possible in the first place.
    When we are honest enough with ourselves to do this, our healing will begin.

  8. thanks your updeits are relaxing:)

  9. Dear FM144

    Thank you for the update.

    In the alternate media there are people telling about the GrapheneOxide that are in the vaccine and even know in many other things like drinking water and  chocolate and food. Is that true or fear-propanda for lowering the vibration and light of the people?

    1. There is a lot of evil but I think the key is to stay balanced and out of fear while resisting the evil. Stay in a balanced state of peace. Methodical intentional decisions not made out of fear. I think it is the solution but it is easier said than done.

  10. Sending Love and Light to ley lines..

  11. Have Faith,
    The Tragedy of the Fall will not be repeated.

  12. The energy of love flows most strongly through a loving couple (woman and man). The male and female energy also flows most strongly through a loving couple. Especially when the loving couple is aware of these extraterrestrial situations and starts to act that these situations change on the surface from Gaia. Such energy has a powerful worldwide impact on all of Gaia and beyond.



  15. Regarding Atlantis and the floods.... for a while now, I have been hearing a noise like rain when I lie in bed at night, even though it is not raining outside. It sounds so real that often times I get up to check only to find out that it's definitely not raining...

  16. this spiders so big and crazy they are so many in my house
    i’m afraid to meditate!
    anyone can help me!?

  17. this spiders so big and im afraid to meditate anyone can help me!?

  18. Thank you so much ! 💖🥰🌟

  19. @ LightWorker

    Face your fear and beam this energetic Chimera spider being into the Central Sun with a white pillar of light over you and your home, as stated in this blog entry. Facing your fear effectively dissolves the implants.

  20. When will we reach interstellar society? Expecting too much is not always good. How many times did the galactic Federation's major projects fail?


  21. @ FM 144

    Do plasma toplet bombs still exist ?

    If so, what can be done to dissolve these remaining Plasma Toplet Bombs as soon as possible ?

    If there are no more plasma toplet bombs, why is the event not yet?

    If the ascension of Earth (Gaia) is not completed by 2025, what will happen afterwards?

  22. I am sorry if I was impolite.
    I meant no offense, but it is a touchy subject for me.
    I hope you are well.

  23. Well,
    If we are going to be honest,
    What exactly were the factual results of the peace between the Darkness and the Light in this world?
    I'll tell you what,
    This very moment,
    That's what.

  24. By God, Brother,
    Just exactly what last chance is going to be the last chance?

  25. Time for a new update!? I hope that will come soon.

  26. "maybe during the next two weeks I am able give a small forecast for the last quarter of 2021 and beyond."

    Sitting. Waiting. Wishing :-)


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