28.06.2024 (Timeline Acceleration)

About 2 months ago, a certain group of Surface Lightworkers decided to contact the Source directly to accelerate the Liberation Process. They connected directly with the Galactic Center and urged the Source to finally initiate the final liberation cycle. Schooled in high-magic, they also shifted the current Liberation Process to one of the shortest possible timelines. A few days later, the massive solar storms hit Earth, whose magnificent auroras astonished people around the world.

The solar activity will continue to increase and is also a physical sign regarding the coming Solar Flash. The media is also beginning to realize this.

Due to the rising energies and the shortened timeline, it is also the case that we'll have a turbulent ride ahead of us. Polarization within the population is increasing significantly, be it political, religious, gender-based, etc. The Cabal has now also increasingly begun to publicly attack puppets who have stepped out of line:





There is still a very high probability that the NATO-Russia conflict will continue to escalate, as more and more red lines are being crossed and Russia will be forced to react at some point.

The Middle East, of course, also remains in focus.

However, it must also be kept in mind that the Cabal can still play another pandemic card, at least preparations are still underway for certain scenarios.

It is also noticeable that many elections here in the West are taking place synchronously this year, which could be a sign that the Cabal wants to have all their puppet regimes on track before they start something bigger. Let's see what they decide to do in their panic, but I just wanted to mention this in case there are any major geopolitical events in the near future.

The Pleiadian Fleet has now returned closer to Earth and another sign that we are now entering the final phase of Liberation is the fact that over the last two weeks they have brought a small number of Key-Lightworkers from the surface to their ships by transferring their consciousness. Onboard, these Lightworkers underwent further negative implant removal and have been given precise instructions for the final phase. Then they got sent back to their day consciousness to instruct other Lightworkers on the surface and prepare them for the final Ascension Process.

These transfers to the ships only involved a very small number of Starseeds, as this is not entirely safe at the moment (due to reptiloid attacks), but I think this number will increase in the future as the Liberation Process progresses.

Furthermore, the Light Forces are in the process of neutralizing, cleansing and recapturing the last portals on the surface that are in the possession of the Dark Ones. This will finally cut off all supply and escape routes for them.

As far as this blog is concerned, as we are now entering the critical phase of the Ascension, the attacks on the blog are also getting stronger, which is why I have massively reduced the number of posts and I will only report when we have major events or when there are crucial updates to share. But it can be assumed that we will have plenty of situations in the near future where I will get in touch asap.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Excellent news. Thank you very much for the information. Blessed are all light workers and warriors. ✨️🪽✨️

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  3. Thanks brother, love you ❤ victory of the light ⚡

  4. Merci à toi, je ne m'intéresse pas au spectacle des élections mais cela crée beaucoup d'agressivité et de violence en France.
    Certains jours, ont été très pénibles, mais je tiendrais quoi qu'il en coûte.
    Prend soin de toi 😘

  5. I actually had the feeling already that some kind of acceleration had been initiated and at the latest, it got clear through one of the Cobra Updates:


    (I'm referring to the increased Mjolnir volume and Dyson Spheres)

    Obviously, there had been too many delays regarding liberation already and accordingly, taking a shortcut is basically what most of the awakened wished for. Also obvious is that this acceleration has increased side effects - as already stated - and fairly speaking, those who wished for that shortcut, shouldn't complain too much about those side effects!

    The German proverb "Wasch mich, aber mach mich nicht nass" fits very well.
    English speakers can read the explanation of that proverb here:


    The meaning is similar to the proverb "have your cake and eat it too":


  6. Very hearteming news. Thank you!


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