Situation Update (20.12.2023)

The last few months have been marked by heavy scalar attacks by the Dark Ones against Surface Lightworkers.

The Light Forces have been busy fending off the new pandemic timeline, which has worked well so far. The Cabal is trying to bring up the topic again here and there, but so far unsuccessfully.

The conflict in the Middle East, which has unfortunately already claimed many victims, especially civilians, has also been kept rather small from a geopolitical perspective.

This is mainly thanks to the many Surface Lightworkers who meditate for peace in the region. However, as mentioned at the beginning, many of them were exposed to strong scalar attacks during this time. They were even the strongest attacks so far, with the peak in the period from the end of October to November. I have received many reports from people who could no longer move due to the attacks; some were constantly vomiting or even lost consciousness.

The Dark Ones still had scalar weapons stationed on the subtle planes, some of them house-sized cannons that they used to target Key Lightworkers. However, many of these cannons have been removed over the past few weeks after these attacks.

Also, and this is important, the Dark Ones have placed a kind of subtle cocoon of Anomaly around many Surface Lightworkers to break them psychologically as well as physically. This cocoon causes poor health, chaos on the outside, injuries, accidents, arguments with other people, psychological terror, etc.

It is important to remove this cocoon, preferably in meditation, in which you allow yourself to be brought energetically onto the ships of the Lightforces for asking to remove this layer of negativity. Those who like to work with Archangels, like Michael (to cut open the negative layer with his sword and remove it) can also ask them to do this. In addition, you can go into a Pillar of Light in combination with the Silver-Violet Flame and have this cocoon burned and sucked away. It is also important to recharge your energy and protect yourself afterwards.

There is also new information about Twin Flames. It's not just that hardly any Twin Flames incarnate together here on the surface, as they would be bombarded by the Dark Ones. It is also the case that every Soul carries a kind of subtle magnet within that automatically attracts one to its Twin Flame. This was given to each Soul by the Source so that they could always find each other again across time and space.

The problem is that this magnet has been removed from almost every Soul here inside the Grid by the Dark Ones. It has been subtly surgically removed, so to speak. This not only makes it harder for Twin Flames to find each other again, but the Dark Ones can also use this magnet to bind the respective Twin Flame to themselves instead. The Lightforces have already taken care of this problem and Starseeds are invited to travel to higher dimensions during meditation to retrieve these magnets.

As for the situation on the planet for the coming year ... I think one can see that the matrix is becoming increasingly unstable. People, especially in the West, are slowly losing their trust in their governments, the more expensive the prices become and the more absurd decisions politicians make.

It is also the case that the after-effects of vaccinations during the pandemic are becoming increasingly visible. Sickness rates are rising, and we see almost daily reports of athletes collapsing live on TV or celebrities and influencers "suddenly and unexpectedly" passing away, so that even the mainstream must ask themselves questions. The internet tries to deal with the situation with black humor, making the air thinner and thinner for certain middlemen of the Cabal.

This means that the pressure in the boiler is rising, and deflections are needed. That is why it's important to keep an eye on the situation in the Middle East. The air will also become thin for many people there as soon as the truth comes out, both on the one side and on the other.

The West has not placed so many warships in the region just for fun. A much bigger scenario is being planned here. As history shows, major wars have often started with attacks on ships (Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin, etc.), which has already been attempted, so the Cabal is using their old playbook.

In addition, the Earth as a conscious being will interfere more and more in the events on the surface, which will become more and more visible in the increased geological activities on the surface, such as in Iceland or Italy.

These geological activities will also throw a spanner in the works of the Cabal. Things are still progressing very slowly, but the surface situation is definitely coming to a head, and 2024 will be a very interesting year, also from an exopolitical perspective.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!


  1. Very cool update! Thank you and merry christmas! 🙏💜✨

  2. Liebe SternenSaaten

    In der Tat erleben wir ganz verrückte Zeiten.

    Ich danke euch allen für eure Kommentare und interessanten Beiträge.

    Genauso wie ihr habe ich auch ganz viele Meinungen was ich alles darüber sagen will, fühle und denke.

    Es ist so schwierig das alles in Worte zu fassen.

    Vermutlich wäre es besser einfach weniger zu denken und stattdessen mich dafür zu entscheiden glücklich zu sein.

    Wir Denken viel zu viel. Wir wollen es verstehen. Lesen wieder 1000 verschiedenen BlogBeiträge und "Updates" und News.

    Anstatt dass wir einfach etwas schönes für unseren Körper tun. Wunderschöne klassische Musik hören oder in die Natur gehen und Freunde treffen.

    Habt Vertrauen dass es wunderschön gut kommt.

    Habt Vertrauen, dass wir dann schon eine unglaublich tolle Zeit erleben werden und alle unseren allerliebsten Sternengeschwister und Zwillingsflammen treffen werden.

    Ob wir nun in Monogamie oder Polyamorie leben werden. Ist doch zurzeit vielleicht gar nicht so wichtig. Du wirst dann superglücklich sein. Dein Gegenüber wird dich und deine Gefühle wahrnehmen und genauso daran interessiert sein, dass es dir gut geht.

    Verbinde dich mit deinem Herz.

    Lasse deine HerzEnergie fliessen. Egal wenn auch um uns herum ein Sturm tobt.

    Wir können zurzeit nur etwas machen.

    Dafür sorgen, dass wir jetzt glücklich sind, egal wie schwierig die äusseren Umständen sind.

    Alles liebe euch!

  3. Great article, thanks. I'm definitely one being attacked and anomaly bound. I used to be healthy and active but now I can barely move or think. My connective tissue has been destroyed. If my muscles are engaged, my joints and spine are fine, but light movements my body is ripped apart. Every time my shirt gently brushes against my spine, multiple vertebrae explode out of place. I can't dry my back off with a towel because a feather weight touch snaps vertebrae out of place and I'm in crippling agony. But I can bend over and deadlift 120 pounds. But if I roll over in bed my spine is torn to pieces. This is a fucked up condition. I exercise at the gym and have NEVER been hurt. But daily chores I have seriously 50 spine and joint injuries a day, it's constant. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have no life. I exercise and then lay around the house hoping to die because my brain is also destroyed and there's a constant shrieking in my head and pain that's intolerable. The slightest noise, someone setting down a spoon, is like an explosion to my ears. I hope the Light Forces can hurry. I have a great family and want to keep living, but this level of torture is too much. I look healthy but I'm nothing more than a reanimated corpse. Please hurry, I can't do this even one more day.

  4. Thanks FM144 👽 MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤

  5. @Patrick Kehoe don't wast your energy on comment fights . The energy of the humans who doesn't like you for some reasons can causing multiple problems in your life including pain or illness because it works like the spell ( emotions have the potential for creating reality) . As a martial artist I can tell you ... never expose your weak points because your opponent will sooner or later use this information against you . Also ...
    You can not fight and recover at the same time .
    You nead to Understand how it works . The dark side is attacking us that's the true but Everytime you complain you programming your own body for more reasons to complain . Everytime you telling to your self I will overcome everything , I will be stronger as before you will programming your body for recover and you create a protective shield around younas well .high frequencys are also a good tool for healing but when you can manage to establish a resonance with this kind of frequencys it will working better and more efficiently . it means when you are open (not closed ) to the therapy you will receive some good results faster .The other recommendation is ... maybe it is time to work not so heavy . What I mean is your body is telling you right now that You are giving yourself to many weights to carry . If you are currently not fit then it would be better to slow down . Just shut everything what might be unnecessary off walking but nut running otherwise you will soon not move anymore . When the storm is there you nead to take some actions yess but it is not wise to running after the storm because it will giving you only more of the same .... more problems . Energy flows where attention goes 🌊⛈️🌪️🙄🌞

  6. Интересный поворот: чем дальше в лес, тем больше дров.

  7. There is a new kind of tyranny emerging against the Light workers and starseeds. It's the "spiritual tyranny".
    We are now being obliged to join our alleged soul family and forced, pushed, in a galactic monogamy. We are firrcefully pushed to join our supposed soul group, no matter what is our status about.

  8. Open letter to the 'Confederation of the Feline Aliens'. To be forwarded by somebody-

    The Confederation of Feline Aliens.


    The website on planet Earth with the web address is the 'Primary' channel of information of the Light Forces and also the Galactic Confederation.

    It is to inform you that the Lightworkers of this website addressed are not allowing Human Beings to share Petitions calling for help from the Feline Collective. This is resulting in the Feline Confederation to not know the status of Human Opinions on the Earth.

    The website link of my petition is given below-

    Your Collective should know the truth as to how the Lightworkers of other Alien Races are monopolising and manipulating the Earth's Planetary Liberation by becoming puppets of the Galactic Councils and their Orion Masters, thereby killing humans through poverty and wars.

    Thank you.

    Yours Truly,

    An Earth Human.

  9. Meditation zum Eintritt von Pluto in den Wassermann am 21. Januar um 1:50 Uhr MEZ

  10. What is possible when one requires their twin flame magnet? Are you saying the twin flames will no longer be attacked if they find each other? Is that what the light forces corrected or did they just take the magnets away from the dark ones? If your twin flame is bound to a member of the dark forces, will they automatically be freed when the magnet is restored to the proper owner? If hardly any twin flames incarnate at the same time what is the purpose of reaquiring the subtle magnet? For future use in another life?

  11. The so called earthling experience of soul growing might be an heritage of the earth liberation and evolution.
    So, even in an liberated earth, earthling humans have to "learn" the Galactics (who so by so claim that are curious to learn from us) that men are free to go on their own way, and women might also be free to choose and to go on their own ways.
    No matter is it result from archons' manipulation, but as long as it is an earthling learning experience, it has to be also respected at a galactic level, and even borrowed, as the case might be.

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  13. my dear brother, are you okay? I hope so, could you do a "Q and A" again? Since there is no news on the liberation situation... all the best to you 💖

  14. Both fm144 and Unveiled33 has been quiet for a long time now.

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  17. I'm not trying to be pushy, but how about another update? Would be welcome a lot!

  18. are you alright, dude? you haven't posted in many months!


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