08.04.2024 (Solar Eclipse Update)

Today is the day of the Solar Eclipse over North America, and plenty of things are going on.

We have the MSM, who also realize that this specific event is more important than other eclipses.

From the occult side we have a gigantic cross that stands in the intersections of this and past eclipses.

In Jerusalem, a sacrifice ritual is prepared, including a special bred cow from Texas to be slaughtered on an altar to herald the arrival of the Messiah.

While CERN does CERN things and NASA shoots rockets into space and names the mission after Apepthe Egyptian God of Darkness and enemy of the Sun God, Ra.

And all this while a rare devil comet is set to pass by Earth for the first time in 71 years and may be visible during the total Solar Eclipse.

Of course, there is also a Mass Meditation to go with it and whether you take part in it or not, I recommend everyone to protect themselves energetically as much as possible on this day, as the attacks will be harsh, also in the aftermath of the Solar Eclipse due to negative rituals of the Dark Ones.


After this eclipse, we enter a critical phase for the planet. The Pleiadian ships have currently moved a little further back from Earth orbit and there is also quite a bit of radio silence, which is why there are hardly any updates at the moment.

What I can say is that in one of the last updates, the LFs have announced that they will now take more forceful action against the bloodline families of the Dark Ones. And a few years ago I also mentioned a battle for the Ley-Lines, on the British Isles in particular. Well, the effects of these operations are now becoming physically visible as the fake British Crown slowly disintegrates as certain members of Cabal Families disappear from the physical plane.

Nervousness is rising inside the Cabal, which is why they have now agreed on a course of war, as can be seen from the rhetoric and events since the beginning of the year. The LFs reaffirm that there will not be a full-blown World War, but there is a high chance of further escalations and military conflicts may spread.

The war option is also an exit strategy for the Cabal, as the pandemic crimes are slowly coming to light, as well as more truths on the child trafficking front gets uncovered. This is also a result of the increasing energies on the planet, which are boosted by this portal today, and the increasing solar activity.

The Light is dimmed higher and higher, darkness becomes increasingly difficult to hide. So protect your energy well today and be on guard.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Merci FM144.
    Prends bien soin de toi.
    Goddess Bless You All. 💖😍🙏

  2. This portal has become a quiet place for a long time, and now there is officially announced radio silence .Hm hopefully is this the silence before the storm 🌋🤔🌪️

  3. Question:

    Is there any progress regarding soul family union? Could it be that our soul family members are currently more intensively attacked?

  4. FM 144 can you confirm these great news ??? Do they really have captured this fat worm ???

  5. @Libra For someone who doesn't want to communicate anymore you still have an unusual amount to communicate 🤫

  6. Hello Dear Fm144
    I would like to know if Maries incarnation operation is complete today.
    Bright evening to you 😊✨


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