Blue Full Moon Update: Twins, Arrows and Supplies

At the beginning of this update some additional information about Twin Flames:

Many relationships between Starseeds don't work because since the Fall of Atlantis a huge energetic black magic apparatus is going against it. The Archons are attacking relationships by sending demons into the couples to trigger all sorts of quarrels.

It would be even worse if Twin Flames met. That's why no one's with their Twin Flame. To be honest, most Twin Flames are not even incarnated on Earth at the same time because it would be too dangerous (except in a few cases, where a Twin Flame has been in an avatar for a very short period of time or has given parts of itself into it).

Because of these attacks Soulmates usually live apart from each other too. However, the Light Forces have achieved tremendous victories in recent years. The Twin Flames are coming from the ships now and the first waves are just arriving via Walk-ins, as previously agreed with the Souls. This is not about hostile takeovers or occupations (as the Archons would do); it’s about a loving agreement between Souls, like people sharing a car together. One drives it a certain distance and duration, gets out, the other one gets in and drives on.

Of course, the newly arrived Walk-ins must first “acclimatize” to the surface of the Earth. Many important Twin Flames
of the first wave are important Light Souls, Atlantis Souls, Goddesses, Star Souls … and they have to find their way around here first. So, a certain wave has already landed and more will follow in the coming months. It is of the utmost importance, that the Twin Flames became reunited again and recognize each other tenderly. It is also important, that they already feel their energy and presence on the surface, so their energy bodies can already begin to merge and ascend.

However, some Twin Flames will only recognize themselves in the course of a conversation, because memories will suddenly get triggered and unlocked … then the healing process can begin. Twins Flames are very intimate, calm, sober, very familiar … there will be no more games in relationships.


Of course, the Walk-ins have been massively attacked since their arrival within the Earth Quarantine.
The Archons have created so-called Anti-Goddesses. So, for every Goddess incarnated on the planet, there exists an ethereal Anti-Goddess with the mission to attack the real Goddesses. These entities also steal soul parts from incarnated Goddesses and bury them in their dark realms (within actually existing energetic snake pits).

They are also old enemies of the Goddess Aphrodite, known from the Greek Mythology and actually existing on the energetic plains.


Back in antiquity, High Priestesses who channelled Baal or Baphomet were rewarded with material wealth, while those who channelled Aphrodite or other positive beings received nothing. In fact, they were cursed for it. This was also one of the many programs which the Archons installed inside the Earth's Quarantine to suppress Goddess Energy which are still valid today. Many currently incarnated Goddesses still suffer under the burden of these curses. They were also tagged with energetic marks so that the Anti-Goddesses are able to recognize them again and inject them with self-destructive programs which could lead to depression and suicidal intentions.

However, these curses and programs can be cured and removed in the Healing Centres of the Maries too:

It is also still recommended to travel to these Healing Centres or the Pleiadian Healing Ships at night in order to get relief, at least during sleep.

Now to a few things which are going on behind the scenes, starting with the UK:

Great Britain and Ireland represent the physical manifestation of the Elf Realms which actually exist on the energetic planes of the planet and therefore left their marks in the culture of those countries.


These realms were also infiltrated by the Archons and are currently war zone too. Along the Ley-Lines across the UK, several dark portals have been installed, which are being removed by the Light Forces right now.

A few days after the report about the St. Michael's Ley-Line in the last update, these energetic processes were visible by the rainstorms that clustered almost exactly along this line.

There are further negative spots inside Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland which act like negative acupuncture points on the surface (they will be removed too).

The centre of England is also important. Under Nottingham Castle, for example, there is an important energy cluster that can be seen as the Green Heart of the Isles. Here the connection to the Elf Realms is reflected especially in the Legend of Robin Hood, who in his appearance represents a fighting elf with bow and arrow.

Currently, Nottingham Castle is occupied and the Dark Ones have installed one of their portals below it, through which they transfer their negative beings from their dark universes into the Earth Quarantine. The Light Forces will take care of this issue.

As one can see, the purges are still in full swing. Meanwhile, of course, many Starseeds suffer from heavy attacks and are going through an extremely difficult time. 

It is important, as already mentioned, to continue to travel to the Healing Centres of the Light Forces in order to receive energetic first aid. It is also possible to have a Mini Marian Temple installed in your bedroom for those who have no strength left to travel up. Just ask for it mentally.

The Galactic Confederation is eagerly working behind the scenes right now, preparing so-called energetic “Care Packages” to supply the Starseeds on the surface.

The mission on Earth is comparable to the use of paratroopers who are deployed far behind enemy lines to capture important strategic points and form pockets until the main force penetrates to them. The difference here is that Starseeds are jumping into a three-dimensional grid along a planetary surface to hold the light until the Galactic Confederation breaks through.

And just as there are so-called supply drops for encircled ground troops during a war, the Light Forces have prepared energetic "Care Packages" which are to be set off over the Starseeds deployed on the surface. These packages work above the physical levels and are intended to bring about a massive improvement in the living conditions of the individual Starseed, for example sudden material prosperity, health, encounter with the Twin Flame, et cetera. This should also make it easier for Starseeds to establish their Light Centres/Light Islands on the surface, where the first contact will take place.

These packages have been around for quite some time, but the problem was that the Chimera Group had installed spider-like implants on the plasma planes (and probably even above) in the areas where Starseeds are located. These implants act as protective shields which are blocking these drops. Sometimes the packages even fall into the hands of the enemy, like on physical battlefields. This is also one of the many reasons why Starseeds often have such a hard time during life, while the elites lack nothing.


For the missions of the various Starseeds it is important that these packages can arrive. Therefore, the Galactic Confederation suggests the following to overcome the arachnoid interference fields of the Chimera:

During a meditation or mentally, Starseeds should create so-called “Golden Pillars of Peace” at their respective location on the surface and “download” the Care Packages through them. This should finally bring the supplies to their intended destination.

The Starseeds stationed here had to struggle themselves through this incarnation desert for too long. The first oases will now emerge in the sand, but there will be no time to plant them with fresh seeds. Instead, the fully-grown palm tree will be brought down and re-potted, so to speak.

The sand of this desert now flows off inside an hourglass, and we approach more and more the moment when the last grain will fall.


Now to the last part, which contains information about the Pleiadian Fleet, waiting in the skies:

Even though the situation on the surface may seem chaotic, the Galactic Confederation is letting the Starseeds know that the planet has been in their hands for several months now.

They have also announced that their cloaked Supply Ships are in stand-by mode.

The Ashtar Command, for example, has prepared maps of the Earth's surface with markings where these Supply Ships will land when green light is given.

The number of those ships will be gigantic. When the system finally collapses, these ships will land and provide people with food, water (tanks with cosmic water will be provided), clothing, medicine, healing and energy. They will land near big cities as well as the smallest towns, so no matter how remote you live, you can always reach a ship somewhere.

People will go up gangways to get into the ships. There will be cosmic screens showing the history of Earth and universe to explain the events to them. There will be restaurants and canteens with free food. People will build communities there and will exchange information with extra-terrestrial beings. One can stay on board all day and there will be no language barrier thanks to translation devices. 

It’s also possible to sleep on board and there will be schoolings for children, where they can learn important things like meditation, telepathy, manifestation, healing techniques, everything about healthy nutrition etc. , in a playful way of course.

People will hardly watch television anymore; the Internet will be taken over by Light Forces.

“Going to work” and “paying taxes” will be a thing of the past. The old structure will no longer be needed. Should anyone still have to pay rent, he can leave the apartment, because the ships will keep small round houses in their inventory, which look like little domes and can be obtained for free.

The Light Forces have absolutely no relation to the slave system in which mankind lives, because it does not exist in their world. It is natural for them to be provided with everything they need for life. They do everything voluntarily and what they feel like doing. At the moment it is their greatest wish to help humanity getting out of this mess.

The Galactic Confederation knows exactly what the surface population requires; they know exactly the health problems and needs of the people. All ships are adapted to the areas in which they will land.

There will be special Application Ships, were people may also apply to travel to other planets. There will be also the opportunity to enter the service of the Galactic Confederation, in case anyone would like to.

This Dark World, in which the many Starseeds have descended here to hold the light, will finally crack and peace will come:


  1. Thank you again for bringing us so many intel full of light/love. I burst into tears the first time I read this update.

    You mentioned several times that the newly arrived walk-in brothers/sisters are being attacked and settling down. I wonder if there is anything we could do to help them soothe this process. If there is anything we can do, please also share with us.

    Finally we are going home/bringing the heaven here. When love overflows, all we want to do is to surrender and share. I assume this is the reason why we incarnate here.

    Please take care too.

    For those of you who want to read the Chinese translation of this update, you may want to click it here:

    1. You're welcome. One can visualize during meditation how the all Walk-ins and Starseeds/Key Lightworkers on the surface are energetically protected (by spheres, light columns, rings of White Fire of AN ... etc).

    2. Gratidão pelas informações que cairam como um bálsamo em meu coração e luz para iluminar situações exatamente como as descritas.
      Ficou uma dúvida, o que é o "Fogo AN"? desconhecia esta expressão
      Estamos junt@s!!

    3. You're welcome. Similar to the Silver Violet Flame, the White Fire of AN is a powerful tool to remove and transform anomaly. it is also connected to the Central Sun as well as old Atlantis.

  2. Hey, I'd like to get my dead cat back, can his replication be replicated in star ship?

    1. Depends on the soul of the cat, too. Maybe this is not even necessary to see the cat again.

  3. Thank you once again for so important information. I am dreaming with the day the peace will come to all of us. These word are very warm and encouraging ones. Be in peace and in light.

    1. You're welcome. Peace and light for you too!

  4. Господи, сколько времени мы ждали эти слова, сколько пришлось пройти сквозь тени и мрак и печаль и ещё неизвестно чего... Слезы на глазах.. Слезы на глазах.. Неужели когда - нибудь это произойдёт?) То, что я делаю сейчас бытовая работа не интересна, это не моя жизнь ..МИР ЛЮБОВЬ СЧАСТЬЕ ПОКОЙ ИЗОБИЛИЕ.. БЛАГОДАРЮ ВАС ЗА ЕЩЁ ОДНУ ДОБРУЮ ВЕСТОЧКУ... Наилучшие пожелания мои ВСЕМ ВСЕМ ВСЕМ!!! Ирина❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗👏👏👏

  5. Hello, First of all thank you the situation updates . A lot of times I meditate about the bubbles of heaven or island of lights but I feel this not the only option what the peoples can choose if they don´t want stay in the sank society. A lot of information missing, even Cobra information is not complete. Sure have the reason why. But my point is your source know what will happen with the secret space program, the stations in the moon, mars? Sure thing I think that the lightforces take them over by time, if they not already did and possible that it will be open for the lightworkers/warriors bc their path not in the island of light? Thanks the answer. Have a nice day :)

    1. You're welcome. Everything runs according to certain plans. Nothing is left out or left to chance. Islands of Light are important to achieve the breakthrough. And at a certain point, all the technologies will be made available, for everyone.

  6. Hello,
    I'm a starseed, and I get very attacked right now. I would like to know how to create "Golden Pillars of Peace"?
    and how to protect me effectively? I think I use all the possible protections, but that's not enough. I am so tired that I have trouble visualizing the protections of the aura.
    the pentacles like the pentacle of saturn or salomon are they efficient?
    thank you for your messages

    1. Simply visualize these Golden Pillars as it feels right for you, and then just pull down the packages. A few protection methods are described here on this blog. In green nature areas you are far better protected from attacks and interference fields than in urban areas, for those who live in cities.

  7. I read all your articles, thank you very much, it brings me a lot of comfort.
    I will apply all the advice to protect myself.
    could you tell me if the walk-ins remember who they are and their mission immediately? are they aware of their transfer?

    1. You're welcome. More about Walk-ins maybe later.

  8. Hello ! Please explain. When you visualize a golden pillar - should it just be a ray from my body? Or is it a wide tube that covers the whole contour of my body? And how long do you need to keep this pillar? And explain what you need to speak mentally or out loud? Explain what packages of abundance are
    Is it a drop or a ball or something else and what color is it? How many times do I have to ask for packages of abundance to be delivered - to pronounce once or to practice several times? How to understand that the package delivered to me? Thank .

    1. Go into a meditation, protect yourself, mentally announce to the Light Forces/Confederation that you want to download the packages now through the Golden Pillars. Visualize the rest as it suits you or you feel guided.


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