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In addition to the forest fires mentioned in the previous blog entry (including those in Hawaii), there are now also fires in Canada. The government is trying to suppress this by blocking reports about it on social media.

Apart from the physical benefit to the Cabal, these fires also serve as an attack on major energy centers in North America. 

This could be an ethereal preparation for the Dark Ones' attempt to launch another pandemic outbreak this autumn ... this time in North America.

Recently, several pieces of information have emerged that executives of various US agencies have received a briefing announcing that masks will be mandatory again from mid-September ... due to a new dangerous C-variant. This is then to be increased further during autumn, from the reintroduction of testing to lockdowns in winter.

They apparently want to use the vaccine damage or the weakened immune system of vaccinated people in order to blame any diseases on the new variant and thus justify new measures. Besides, the US elections are coming up next year, and apparently the Cabal wants to use a pandemic again, as they did in the previous elections, to steer things in certain directions.

It is important that people become aware of this, not to panic, but if enough people know about something beforehand, it is more difficult for the Dark Ones to implement their plans.

I also recommend to all Light Warriors and Staarseeds who feel guided to extinguish these forest fires energetically in a meditation, and to energetically cleanse and send healing energy to the affected regions.

You can also join the worldwide meditations on WLMM, they have done one for Hawaii, and eventually one will be added for Canada.

(Here is an updated list of places where there have been fires in the last weeks or where they are still burning: Tenerife, Sardinia, Maui, Dominican Republic, Canada, Greece.)

Furthermore, during a meditation, I also recommend energetically visualizing this lockdown timeline that the Dark Ones want to build for Autumn ... and then deleting it. You can visualize in your inner eye how this negative timeline gets erased and then replaced by a positive timeline ... a timeline without viruses or lockdowns. A timeline where people are conscious, free and healthy.

This way, it would be possible to take the wind out of the sails of this agenda now, before it is supposed to start in autumn.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Use the Force to your advantage. Reserve what is necessary for healing and transmutation, but be sure to use as much of your fury as necessary to fight and dissuade the enemy.

    Remember that "turning the other cheek" is not from an energetically balanced point of view but the opposite, that of a being that is systematically abused and without the opportunity to exercise its self-defense, because "turning the other cheek", you not only accept the abuse but legitimize it and marginalize the opportunity to defend yourself and get rid of an abuser.

    Use the Force wisely. Use it in an empowered way for the Greater Good.

    - - -

    Use a Força a seu favor. Reserve o necessário para cura e transmutação, mas não deixe de usar o quão necessário da sua fúria para combater e dissuamir o inimigo.

    Lembre-se que "dar a outra face" não é desde um ponto de vista energeticamente equilibrado mas o inverso, a de um ser que é sistematicamente abusado e sem oportunidade de exercer a sua auto-defesa, porque "dar a outra face", você não só aceita o abuso como o legitimiza e marginaliza a oportunidade de se defender e de se livrar de um abusador.

    Use a Força sabiamente. Use-a de forma empoderada para o Bem Maior.

  2. Meditation to heal the damage caused by wildfires in Hawai

    Please also add Tenerife, Sardinia, Dominican Republic, Canada, Greece too this Meditation

    Meditation zur Heilung der durch die Waldbrände auf Hawaii verursachten Schäden

    Bitte füge auch Teneriffa, Sardinien, Dominikanische Republik, Kanada, Griechenland


  4. Just follow the big gaudy goofy looking signature, because it happens to be attached, in one way or another, to every part of what you are mentioning here.

  5. Vamos fazer isto juntos de novo... Votl


    1. Hi there! I got a chance to help generate this video specifically about fires but not specific about WHERE. It's for the entire planet!
      + it helps anchor The Event and heal the places affected by the fires.
      20 min
      Steps/Instructions are in the details of the video

  7. Is it possible to answer the questions cobra MISSED on his blog of 20 questions? i see some amazing questions unanswered that can help with seeing he bigger picture

  8. Dear Starseeds

    How would it be after the event?

    How would we all live?

    How will it feel to have a body and mind with the restored full capacity?

    What would we do the whole day?

    How will First Contact or Re-Contact be?

    I am wondering about that a lot.


    One day... in the future .... all this endtime madness will be over....

    I will be so happy..... we all will be so happy.. and we will be dancing and singing .... and praising !

    That will be such a party !

    Lets imagine this feeling right now....

    Imagine it ... how it already was happening....

    enjoy the feeling of joy, relief, peace and mercy.

    Thank you universe... thank you.

    You want to read more?

    I do write in my Channel about my energy work in switzerland.
    Feel free to follow my Channel on Telegram:

  9. Urgent meditation for peace in Israel every 4 hours
    10/07/2023 08:03:00 pm

    Alle 4 Stunden dringende Meditation für Frieden in Israel


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