Situation Update (30.11.2019)

In the days leading up to the global Silver Trigger Meditation, some Starseeds received images of the silver coins they were supposed to buy on that day. These images were transmitted during dreams by the Light Forces.

This Event was energetically something very special, as many participants could already feel during the purchase of the coins.

The Dark Ones, on the other hand, were completely furious. For them a red line was crossed on that day. For them it was an absolute no-go that the Light Forces dared to tackle the financial system.

Therefore they ritualized to the extreme the following night, everything only to counteract the energies built up on that day. Some Starseeds might have been able to feel this as well, because the sublime energies dropped towards evening.

Nevertheless, the meditation was definitely a positive light operation to trigger the beginning of the end of the slavery financial system and to sow the seed of abundance for mankind.

The Archons, in turn, have been running amok since then. Once again, they started a massive wave of attacks in cooperation with the Chimera.

This is what is happening right now:

One and a half months ago the Pleiadians announced that this was the End Time … and they were absolutely right.

Heavy attacks of Chimera, Archons and Black Magicians on Starseeds stationed on the surface are currently taking place.

Especially the Light Women are under heavy fire (because they are as important for Liberation of Earth as the Queen in a Game of Chess; if the Queen falls, winning becomes much more difficult).

This is how they attack:

Starseeds get energetically poisoned by the Chimera/Black Magicians, or are abducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level.

Objects, such as energetic daggers, are also rammed into the ethereal body, so that after a short time extremely severe physical pain can occur and the affected person must be taken to hospital. There they cannot help, because it’s an ethereal attack, the physical body translates it immediately and it is difficult/nearly impossible to heal something like this with just physical methods.

Friends/Partners get infiltrated by demons to trigger disputes.

Finances are extremely attacked, so that the money seems to flow off in all directions.

Plasma Spiders appear and project suicidal thoughts into the heads of Starseeds. Many of them are experiencing the Downfall of Atlantis again, but at the same time they get contacted by the Pleiadians, who tell them that "soon" the time has come.

Meanwhile, that's what you can do against the attacks:

If you know healers or clairvoyants near you (whom you can trust), contact them as soon as possible to stop the energetic attacks and close the wounds, otherwise no recovery can occur. If they remove the energetic weapons as well as toxins, the pain should ease after a short period of time.

So, for people who know that they are Starseeds, it is now extremely important that they have one or two good healers who can be contacted immediately. It would be advisable to find such people right now because the doctors in the hospital will not be able to help.

It does not necessarily have to be people who work as healers or seers, it can also be Starseeds in your community, of whom you know that they have such abilities, or they are currently developing them very fast, but in everyday life they maybe do something completely different in their profession.

Especially the hearts of incarnated Goddesses are attacked, and further tragic losses of “Queens” on the surface, as in the case of Isis Astara, would be devastating in this phase of Liberation.

If you don't have anyone at all, you can ask the Light Forces on the ethereal realms for help, for example Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, but also positive Light Magicians, who are now increasingly taking care of the situation on Earth.

It would be ideal if Starseeds could team up and protect, clean and heal each other. Joint meditations are also very welcome, both physically and energetically. Hold together, protect each other! This is especially a call to all positive healers, magicians and seers, only they can see and remove such energetic attacks.

With healings, the pain may initially get worse, but good healers are able to solve it and one can see that it works when the pain eases after some time.

Again, it is important to know that there is still a war raging between the Chimera and the Pleiadians. The Dark Ones are using Black Magicians, who know the Starseeds incarnated on the surface, for these attacks.

Therefore, it is important to protect yourself as a team, as it is very difficult to free yourself alone during an attack. It is even helpful to chant "Victory for the Light" inwardly in order to somehow stand up during these hard times.

The Pleiadians have announced that it is also important for the Starseeds to pass on their knowledge to the rest of mankind so that as many people as possible awaken until the Solar Flash arrives.

The Black Magicians are using chaos magic (on finances, on technology) and are sending negative beings into the homes of Starseeds to infiltrate (quarrel with partner, family) or injure the energy body.

That's exactly how they did it in Atlantis.

Therefore, it is important to be alert and aware, and if necessary, to notify someone who can help you erase black magic from your houses/apartments. If you don't have anyone, be sure to call the Light Forces.

Your current houses and apartments also serve as your energetic shelters. Many Starseeds may have noticed that the energies "outside" are currently very threatening and therefore they are increasingly withdrawing into their own 4 walls, which is currently also recommended by the Light Forces.

If finances get attacked, ethereal work has to be done too. It’s best to ask the Light Forces to purify the ethereal levels of prosperity and create new lush golden planes and protect them permanently. You can also ask the Goddess Abundancia to pour out her "Cornucopia" non-stop over you and your wealth plane. This process is important and should be done on a daily basis. The Black Magicians attack on the ethereal realms and so you have to undo the created chaos exactly there too.

If you are more interested in magic, I recommend the books of Franz Bardon, in whose avatar once a positive Grand Master/High Magician of the LFs was incarnated and who fought against the Black Magicians and negative occult lodges here on the surface:

When Plasma Spiders attack, one usually gets extreme anxiety and panic, but also strong suicidal thoughts, body aches, itching, sometimes allergies, which do not seem to go away anymore.

The Chimera look like red-eyed robotic spider creatures, like in the Matrix movie. In some not so serious low budget trash movies, they (as well as the Dark Fleet) are actually exposed too, to some degree more or less:

They have bases in orbit as well as in physically existing underground military bases with spider creatures incarnated in human avatars, where they permanently observe and irradiate mankind via countless screens.

They can trigger various body aches in individual Starseeds in order to keep them in constant agony. However, these facilities are gradually removed by the Light Forces.

The Chimera have also installed a kind of energetic barbed wire around most Atlantean Starseeds, some of which extends over several kilometres and has the purpose of keeping them down and in chaos. These installations must also be removed. It's the End Times and Starseeds must free themselves.

Protection, teamwork and knowledge are required; all this is the preparation for the pick-up. Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higher spiritual point of view and that is also the reason why the Dark Ones are going mad now.

We have to be strong; we're going through the Atlantis Time again. On top of that, we have the days around Black Friday, which the Dark Ones always use to suck energy and to ritualize. This is the reason why some Starseeds may feel even more tired these days too.

Another symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer and can't cope with life any more ... these are all signs for the departure, the ascent.

There is still no date for the Event given out by the Light Forces, and I'm also not sure if any will ever be released, but I have been confirmed that about 2 weeks ago an energetic Flash of Light seems to have struck Earth, and that this could have been the Solar Flash which has already taken place at the higher levels ... so, now it's all about the lower planes following … this is now inevitable, it will happen!

All the current chaos in the world that will continue to increase (politics, finance, riots, false flags, weather chaos) is a visible sign of imminent upheaval.

It'll be like opening a coffin, lifting a stone, while the vermin panics. For the first time after far too long the True Sun will shine again on the planet. Don't give up; we are extremely close to actually experiencing the final Breakthrough of the Light!


  1. "Symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer and can't cope with life any more " Thank you that you wrote this, then I know now that the problem is not with me that I not interested the most "hype earthly things" and don´t want be part of this society anymore. But the heaviest feeling is the getting stronger the desire to be with the soul family and go into the painful alone feeling which I can´t heal it bc no contact with them. How I suppose to overcome it?

    1. I can not help you in this. I do not have the required knowledge.
      Whats more important ? Telling what someone wants to hear and staying in comfort or something what need to be said, and be hated afterwards.i say nothing to hurt you or upset.

      DID you not understood it thr whole time?? I can handle my "demons" very well. I justified and did apologize before you.Bec you are the only person i truly care.but you can not see trough some spots and missed that. When i get far stronger than you my gravity may lift you up.only here or telepathically iam free of that trauma.

      When you wanted to kill me you have sickend me, even my soul begged me to not write again on mail.

      Dont give up!Be well.

      I hope and thrust that you will endure and handle your personal situation or " demons". You said; beeing strong or not is s question of determination. And i think you are strong.

    2. To connect with them during meditation and making contact with other Starseeds on the surface can be helpful.

    3. Greet, telepathy is great it bypasses our outer contaminated mind from this ( needed to have a elbow mentality to survive and protect ourself from evil people/ the needed mind shield).
      Telepathy is only for strong undividuals. But yes even in telepathy will get the contaminated mind(needed to protect ourself); but then from malevalent nonphysical( experience) and malev.reptilians.

  2. thank you for giving these specifics … that really helps & TRAINS Starseeds on what's going on, and what to do.


  3. Great article as usual. I love the GIF from Ghost in the Shell where the guy's hands open up to type on the keyboard. That's a great show. Mostly the first movie and the two seasons of Stand Alone Complex. There are a lot of things that call themselves Ghost in the Shell, but the earlier stuff is best. I was just talking to a friend who doesn't believe in positive ET's because she says they would have rescued us by now. That's how I feel a lot of the time. But I know they're coming for us. It's really disappointing though. It's hard to fathom how things could be so bad. The unbearable health problems I have that could be fixed in a second. That's pretty depressing there are beings hanging out in space and underground who could fix all our problems but can't. I really wish I'd never heard of this stuff. It would be a lot better if I thought the world was normal. I learned about ET's as a kid, it's difficult to ever be happy again when you realize what we are missing and the horrible way we are living that seems normal to so many. I've never been happy and I'm never going to be until they fix my body. Having a deformed spine, nerve damage, and multiple head injuries makes life not worth living. Frankly it doesn't matter if they land tomorrow, my whole life has been a waste. I try not to think about it because nobody can handle this level of disappointment. People used to be enthusiastic on Cobra's site, but after all these years most people are pissed off. I'm starting to think ET's are preparing us generations ahead of time and we are not going to see any of this. That seems to make more sense than they are actually going to show up any day now. It's too good to be true.

    1. Once awakened from the Matrix, there's no going back. Quarantine has lasted for thousands of years and is not easy to flip away in a moment. People need to be prepared. What has happened in recent years in terms of disclosure, distribution and connectivity within the Quarantine is unique so far. Of course the way there was unbearable for almost everyone, but the nightmare will end and complete healing will occur.

    2. How can you be so sure? I guess if you have actual contact you know. It's hard to be just a regular person abandoned.

  4. Thank you my friend once again for informing. I have to points that I appreciate if you could provide some extra information:
    First: do you have any recommendation from LF/Pleiadian in preparation to New Year's Day?
    Second: I have noticed Earth Schumann Ressonance has being very high, almost daily in November. As well as there were some "black" spots during last days. I have heard the "black" spots mean Earth is changing its timeline. In the sense of removing the programmed ones. Being more close to the original Earth reality. Could you add any comment about it please? Does it make sence? Thank you!

    1. YW!
      You can go into Meditation on NYD, put cities and places in Pillars of Light, set your own goals as Starseeds for the new year. As for the other, maybe at some point the LFs will give out extra information.

  5. I am definitely feeling all of the above. Headaches excruciating. Pain in my neck and shoulder. Fatigue. Will definitely call on the light forces for assistance. Thank you.

  6. Definitely feeling all of this. Severe migraines, pain in shoulder and neck, anxiety and fatgue. Will call on the light forces for help. Thank you.

  7. Can humans have massive telepathy? Will they come? How do celestial humans view surface humans?

    1. Yes.
      Some already have them, some are getting them, some need a little more time.
      There is a wide spectrum of views, ranging from positive to (from a human point of view probably rather), let's say, critical.

  8. for healing assistance:

  9. Around nov 26th I saw a grey stick its head through the wall and looked at me while I was awake lying in bed. I pointed at it and repeatedly told it no and it left. Of course we are being watched but I thought the hostile greys were all gone? Two to three days before that I had a bad dream where it was pitch black outside and trying to navigate was impossible because there were monster like hands that would come up from the ground and grab peoples ankles. There were traps everywhere. The only thing I could do was stay inside my house. There were people who seemed like they were possessed or werent really human trying to trick their way inside. I repeatedly stabbed them to keep them out but my mother kept trying to let them in. I told her to stay in and to grow up, but she was stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, just like in real life.

    1. Amazing story. The negative ET's are still on the surface. And they still have places in space and underground. The surface is going to be the last place they are.

    2. Thanks patrick. That part about staying inside has been true for me for years now.

    3. Many Starseeds are currently dreaming of similar things. Starseeds houses serve as protective bunkers in the truest sense of the word.

  10. Are there too many people on earth?

    1. No, but definitely far too many are unconscious and influenced by anomaly and negative entities.

  11. If I hardly believe in this miracle, then ordinary people do not want to hear anything about it.
    And you say more people will wake up before the flash!
    They do not believe in anything!
    And nothing will ever change while there is such an impact !!!

    1. The exact wording was that it is important to wake them up, not that they will wake up. Sure, the absolute majority will not wake up before, but there are always a few that one can reach. Without a critical mass of awakened people mankind would not make it to the Event.

    2. I generally can’t wake anyone around me.
      I understand everything on a subtle level, but I can’t convey it physically.
      Even my own daughter does not understand me, and does not believe me, but I know for sure that this very developed soul was embodied in her.
      And ostvyvye? They just try to live on "full" in a material sense.
      And you understand that you are very far from all this.
      And you're the only one, that's true.
      One in 10 million.
      Very lonely and hopeless.

  12. Thank you very much for this update, it makes again vey clear the problems that we as lightworkers and lightwariors encounter in daily life.
    I have a question: how can we pass on our knowledge to the rest of mankind, especially if you live in a country with such a strong programming as I live in (NL)? People are simply not open to hear the truth. Most times I am already happy to plant a seed, to make people think about things differently and do at least some research themselves. But most people are not even open to do that. Most people just repeat the narratives from the main stream media.

    1. Stay happy to seed... that's important. Every seed can start to bloom one day. I notice around me that some people as you described finally start to open up for another way of looking at things.

    2. YW!

      Start spreading links, information, videos. Create groups on social media. Organize meditations, physical meetings. People who have the potential to awaken or are already awakened will feel attracted. You can't force it on people, they have to have this awakening effect themselves, but after that you can be there to support them.

      NL is by the way a country with strong ties to the elf realms, so, there are a certain number of Starseeds, but maybe not yet fully conscious. Maybe they just need this one little initial trigger, and maybe you can be that trigger.

    3. Thank you for the reminder. I created a support page, as well as a group namedFM 144, for this blogspot. You may find it here:

    4. I am updating the names to FM 144 Updates and FM144 starseeds, to decrease confusion <3

  13. Can you tell me something about ghosts and paranormal activities?

  14. I had many weird experiences what proves I'm special and I know who I was in some of my previous existences. just nothing happening... I feel like stuck... My higher self told me I can create things out of energy, but I 'm not yet doing that...

  15. Thank you for this information, it sounds so much in me, that I feel that you came to my home and that you describe what you saw! lol

    I've been trying to wake up people for years, wrote more than 600 articles, made a hundred videos and wrote 2 books. The dark forces know where I live, there have been men in black (as in "matrix") in front of my house, and helicopters turning over my garden. Strange as I live in a very small village in the countryside, the first city is at 40km.

    Recently a man tried to infiltrate my life but I am suspicious and I started asking him test questions, and he left very quickly.

    I am a tenant, there are people who came to put things in the electrical outlets of my bedroom and did something on the electric meter, the real estate agency told me that it was obligatory, I could not refuse the work. But my neighbors, same houses, same agency, were not entitled to these modifications. I do not know if it comes from the forces dark or forces of light ...

    I am attacked at night. they speed up my heart and sometimes stop me from breathing. I see the monsters in the astral just before they attack me, this night I saw a big head with mandibles before she throws herself on my neck. I felt paralyzed and deep in sleep, but I'm used to it, I can resist and force myself to open my eyes and wake up and call the forces of light to help me. Now I have a bad neck and a migraine since waking up.

    Questions: 1) if we die, how to get out of the matrix and not get caught by the archonts?
    2) What is the percentage of women starseed?
    3) When you say "Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higher spiritual point of view", does that mean that they have left their physical body? were they killed by the archonts? or have they
    ascended? have they been recovered by galactic light force ships?

    I'm worried because I have a friend who told me that while driving she saw a big flash in front of her and then she heard a telepathic voice asking her if she wanted to go home, she said yes. I told her to be careful, But since I have no news. dark forces can they physically remove us by doing themselves to pass for galactic?

    What do you mean by "are they being abducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level"? if that happens how can we know it? and how to recover our soul?

    for those who do not understand why the galactic forces do not intervene this text (the second part):
    seems very fair to me. This is the difference between unity and duality. that is why the forces of light intervene only in a certain way, that the people who are in the duality have a hard time understanding.

    1. You don't have to worry about the light traps. When you're on the astral you can choose which direction to travel, or decide to appear in another place. The people who get caught in them intentionally fly directly into them thinking it's "the light."

      That channel sounds like classic archon stuff. Their thing about unity consciousness makes no sense. They're saying we should let murderers run around continuing to kill because putting them in jail would take away their freedom and we're all one so that's not good right? That makes no sense. They say they could end this torture at any time but they don't. What kind of positive being is that? The real truth is the light forces can't win yet. At best they are concealing information. They could turn off the horrible cell towers and clean up our poison environment, but they don't because we're all one? This sounds like pure archon that it's good for us to be tortured. We've already had our free will violated. The oneness has already been ruined because we are slaves. Some contactees like this blog and Cobra properly explain that we are in a war. But I think even they are not getting the full story that we are losing badly. We've been losing for tens of thousands of years, it's hard to believe that all the sudden we are winning, but only in the background of course. Us humans are still losing every day. It's obnoxious to hear them say we are winning year after year while things only get worse.

    2. You ask a lot of interesting questions here! I would like to hear Teilens answers too!!
      I can relate to pretty much all you go through, it all happens a lot to me too!
      Hang in there and thank you for your light and all the work you have done Nathalie!! :)

    3. Thx for sharing your experiences. I will try to go into this in more detail in the next entry.

    So much revealed in these Daft Punk videos.

  17. Very nice article. I do feel a lot of attacks in the last 3 days. Most of them want me to get angry with Mr. Keshe, because he tells a lot of lies and is suspect to create problems on the plasma plane... That seems to be my last weak point.
    I really do get a lot out of my daily mantra meditations to connect with the One Infinite Creator. That pillar never got destroyed :)

    If you like to participate in the SeedOfLife Meditation, have a look here:

    Huge thanx to all Starseeds and the supporters from above and below,

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have never heard of plasma spiders before but I found I had one and my mother for 30 years, until we cleared it yesterday...So deepest gratification to you for helping us release this. How did you come in the knowledge of plasma spiders?

    1. YW!
      First of all through the disclosure through 2012Portal-Blog, then through further sources and above all through personal experience.

  19. You ask a lot of interesting questions Nathalie, I would like to hear Teilens answers too!!
    I can relate to what you are sharing I go through much of it myself.
    Hang in there Nathalie and thank you for all the great work you have done to assist in the awakening process!!

    - sorry if this comment shows more then once, I have been trying to figure out how to write a comment here, sorry!

  20. Replies
    1. YW!
      1. Could also be simple body signals/exhaustion symptoms.
      2. Answer in the next entry.

    2. thank you :) i look forward to the next update

  21. Was ist besser als Weisheit? eine Frau
    Was ist besser als eine gute Frau? nichts
    Maria T.

  22. deine updates sind sehr heilend... danke
    your updates are very healing... thanks

  23. I'm sure I got that plasma archon thing, at least if not more.

    And I really really really hate the word soon. Just stop it light forces, soon is within 3 months, and we hear the soon for decaded. Just stop it I don't care about galactic cycles and 26.000 years, we live here only 80 years, soon for is is within 3 months in every day life. Don't use terms we not get used to.

    1. Just delivering the exact wording. Also, time structure seems to be something different outside the Quarantine. Would rather see the Ascension now than tomorrow too.

  24. thank you for sharing with us. Always find strong resonance with your update. I have connected with a healer in the ascension conference <3

  25. Fm144 Why you not reply animore at people that write here???

  26. I thought I would share

  27. Do you aproximately know when you will publish they next post? Im very curious about the question above, why the dark ones just dont terminate the light workers.
    Also I wanted to ask, how animals fit into all of this. Do they have a higher consciousness, that is aware of the whole situation too? Are they trapped in this system like we are?


  28. Latin Kings mafia leaders and members arrested in mass invasion under five-year operation - 12.05.2019

    The Latin Kings mafia belongs to the Bourbon Archon-top family, who is a descendant of Farnese, a Jesuit breeder.


    Ten suspected members and one Gambino criminal mafia boss arrested in NY on federal charges - 12.07.2019

    The Gambino mafia belongs to the Archon-Gaetani and Massimo lineage families.


    Can sound really change the world? Is sound a frequency amplifier? Sometimes you feel bad. You feel like you haven't accomplished anything. Why are rock and metal dying? Why did hippies get into drugs? Whether the culture of the society will become more positive and open as we approach the eve of ascension.

    1. Can't answer everything in detail. As far as society is concerned, the awakened people will certainly be open, the rest will not realize what is happening at first.

  30. greetings FM team :) Thank you as always for update :) :)
    please can you clarify...from your quote: "Without a critical mass of awakened people (does is this mean humans or the 144 000 starseeds?) mankind would not make it to the Event”

    this is scary because it means there is a chance in this lifetime of ours the event might not happen ?? Or only in many many years many starseeds i know are stuck in the "all is love and light programming" or "doing ceremonies with san pedro or ayahusaca still" these were meant to be stepping stones but they just stuck there now :(

    1. It means that the awakened incarnated Starseeds have an effect on the course by using their consciousness, so that some neg. plans and timelines of the Dark Ones, in which it would have come much worse for mankind, have already been thwarted.

  31. Dear FM Please only publish this if you feel its important info:
    I came across a so called light worker Anna Merkaba and i am sorry if this info will upset anyone but i feel this is very important info: as this person has enmassed a very large following. this person is infiltrated and anyone related to her.

    sadly it took me a very very painful 4 years to find out this info. she is an infiltrated person who was setup to make starseeds passive with all light and love and that there is nothing wrong in the world and all will fix itself without much effort on the starseeds part, in her healing sessions she put an implant into me (which i sent a revoking and removal email to her of any work she did on me and nullified her healing), the implant gave me irregular heart rhythms and would attack my heart with a huge surge of energy to the point it felt like it would explode at certain times. Since i have revoked this implant these "heart attacks" stopped!
    she is brainwashing people to believe that everyones twin flame is her and this set me up in a alien love bite situation, that almost caused me to take my own life. The tools they sell are reverse sacred geometry.....

    if you are still getting her newsletters and read them take note that they contain codes and activations for the dark, i highly advise you do not read addition if you have had healing and this message resonates with you i can suggest sending her an email revoking all the work she has done on you and to cut all cords to her and remove the implants from her and align back to the LF. I smashed all the tools with a hammer that i bought from her and Natayla ankh and since then it felt like my home became clear of some dark entity i had around for 4 years!

    i hope this info helps some of you, apologies if this upsets anyone and you do not see this the same its not my intention, i feel this is for those who are unsure of her...

    1. Typo ony my part to the above should say:
      "she is brainwashing people to believe that everyones twin flame is HERE and this set me up in a alien love bite situation...."

    2. Iris,
      I also had to do this kind of person at home in France.
      Instead of removing entities she added me even more! This is why we must be wary of healers and try as much as possible to manage our own energies. It is very difficult to trust now, there are a lot of scammers too.
      Regarding the twin flames, I have worked for the past 5 years to establish the truth because it was hijacked by the dark forces (as always).
      There have been a lot of twin flame scams, with so-called gurus or healers saying that they will allow fusion with the twin flame. for example a woman told me that she was at the 19th level of reiki before the fusion with her twin flame. This is anything!
      there have also been many men pretending to be twin flames, in an attempt to swindle money. they are often men from other countries asking for money to pay for the plane ticket to see their twin flame. Those who send money never see their fake, twin flame of course!

    3. Nathalie sorry to hear of your bad experiences, i feel you on those who have ill intentions. I am glad to have had these though they have made me find the truth.....AS THEY SAY: YOU CANT KNOW THE LIGHT WITHOUT THE DARK...i wish you grace, protection and healing for all bad circumstances. Your fellow fighter :)

  32. Thank you for posting this!

    I have few questions that i have thought:

    1. Is earth reincarnation system going to change, so if soul wants to incarnate to different star systems and planets instead of being recycled to earth again?

    2. Have it been possible or is it possible now to escape the earth reincarnation loop?

    3. Do animals fear people less when darkness is removed from earth?

    4. Can dark forces isolate certain persons so getting friends is much harder and can they make people against them without reason?

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Not for the most part, as long as the Grid exists
      3. Yes
      4. Yes

  33. FM 144, may I ask you for answers to the following questions?

    I think most of your readers are aware of the current tense situation in the Cobra community.

    Quote from Cobra's last post:

    As I have asked the official Cobra facebook group to be closed last week, one of the admins has kicked all other admins out of the group, hijacked the group, renamed it and is now using it for purposes that neither I or the Resistance Movement can support.

    This very admin deletes all posts that cite or support Cobra and above all she and another member who has just joined the group indicate sometimes more sometimes less clearly that Cobra has been compromised and his information is either not correct or only partially correct.

    I would like to see clarity on this, because one side is obviously lying.

    If Cobra is no trustworthy source for information any longer, people should know about it.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Is Cobra compromised and his shared intel not true and trustworthy?
    2. Is Cobra partly compromised and his shared intel partly not true and trustworthy?
    3. If the admin is lying, is she a true lightworker/lightwarrior that has simply been compromised or is she a conscious part of the infiltration by the dark?
    4. Is it a good decision of true lightworkers/lightwarriors to stay in the group?

    I consider this issue as very important, as it will not only help to learn more about discernment, but also bring more light to what is really going on. And maybe one cause of division in the community can be resolved.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi frank. Who is this person and where is their evidence? I would like to point out that this person has to prove what they are saying about CoBra. I have a lot of respect for him and he has clarified a lot of things and in doing so has shone how compartmentalized and compromised much of the alt media is. An example was around 2010 to 11 the alt media was fixated on the illuminati in the 1700s. CoBra clarified that it is these kurgan bloodlines from around the black sea area who became the black nobility and much of the cabal. This shows that the cabal goes back at least 7000 years and puts things into perspective. It ties the zionists and illuminati to the knight of malta roman families. He also points out how the reptillians and archons run the cabal. I have been very discouraged about the event. The event will happen.


    2. This is basically because COBRA does not say what some or many people want to hear. It is comical how nothing can be said about D. J. Trump, as if he were beyond good and evil. Many people cling to political leaders, not the Ascended Masters and ets. A very large portion of COBRA readers are materialistic people, who want the Event for material fulfillment only. And worse, they are so, unconsciously. He still has the deepest information. You deserve respect for everything you have ever done for us. It does not deserve frivolous comments from political obsessors, or people who want the Event just to pay off debt.

    3. On this blog an entry about infiltrations has already been published this year. I recommend to study the shared protection protocols from this entry over an over again, because they really help to recognize infiltrators immediately ... there are always the same patterns, and so you can quickly figure out for yourself, which is the most important thing.

      What I can say is that to my knowledge CoBra is definitely fighting for the Light. But maybe I'll make an extra entry on infiltrations and information warfare.

    4. Frank,
      Cobra had a samadhi experience at the age of 12. which concretely means that he is directly connected to the divine source of light and that he knows who he is.
      He was already working for light, in his country where he is known for his articles and books, long before he was "Cobra".
      He is a Pleiadian soul embodied since the time of Atlantis, he never stopped working for light. The dark forces almost killed him, he was almost dead when he was recovered by a member of the resistance movement
      Even when his wife, his soul mate, was killed by the cabal he continued his "job".
      what few people know is that he has come out of the veil, he has the opportunity to go home, but nevertheless, he came back to earth to help humanity awake.
      I don't know anyone in this world who has given so much for light and humanity, with so much consistency, it is the work of his whole life.
      It has been discredited many times, on groups on the internet, by unscrupulous "trolls" who work for the cabal, who went so far as to feed, to the follower sheep, the photos of his dead women, and his professional
      phone number, saying a whole bunch of junk about him.
      I know few people who could have endured everything they did! He has no other reason to continue his blog, he has his business in his country and he lives very well without being "cobra"
      There can be some falsehoods on his blog of which he is only the spokesperson. But the man has always been 100% faithful to the light!
      and if you doubt him, it is not from him that you doubt, but from you and from your own capacity for discernment. you should start by looking inside of yourself instead of asking others what they think of this or that person, the truth is in you, not in others.

  34. Heres something new

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.


  37. The Air Force has a “war room” of space experts that have been preparing for the go ahead from lawmakers, which could come as early as Dec. 11, to create the new Space Force.

    Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said these experts have been “putting together designs and plans” to establish the service with the resources the Pentagon will receive, adding “this is a serious business. We’ve got to get this done.”

    Multiple key lawmakers said they expect the floor vote on the fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act soon, and the conference language that has been agreed upon will include direction to create the Space Force.

    Barrett, speaking alongside Space Force proponent Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) at the Reagan National Defense Forum here said the service has learned some things from how the Marine Corps operates inside the Navy, but the new Space Force will be much different. For example, the Marine Corps is people-focused, while the Space Force will be a “talent-driven, tech-based entity.”

    Barrett, along with other lawmakers, said the new service needs focus on being the driving force behind increased space capability.

    “We need capability. We need assets in space, not a vast bureaucracy,” Barrett said. “We don’t need duplicate acquisition programs.”

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, also speaking at the forum, said the push to create the separate service is coming at the right time when the US military needs better awareness in space to counter China’s increasing presence. While Russia remains a major threat, its economy is in decline. China, however, is a “pacing threat,” capable of using its stronger economy to bolster its military presence and influence in the region and in space, he said.

    The US military has three simultaneous lines of effort to change how it operates in space, Goldfein said.

    It must defend existing space assets because the US will “rely on [them] for a long time,” he said.
    It must create a more defendable architecture of systems. “It’s not good enough to just take punches, we have to punch back. The adversary has to know you can punch back,” Goldfein added.
    It must transition its space operators to a “war fighting force,” this includes the creation of the new service, he said.
    “The US is the best in space,” Barrett said, “but the trajectory is changing.”

    To be able to successfully accomplish its goals in space, the Pentagon needs to improve how it can inform the public about its operations and plans. A part of this could be reducing the amount of information about space operations that is classified, Barrett said.

    While the Pentagon needs to be careful about what it opens to the public, there is much more data that is classified than there needs to be, she said. For example, most of the public uses data from space assets immediately after waking up every day, but not many understand that. “There isn’t a constituency for space,” she said.

    “Our way of life is more dependent upon space than any other nation,” Barrett said. “It is important for America to get on the case of space. And we have got to be able to deter derogatory action in space, and if deterrence doesn’t work, we need to be prepared to be something other than a victim with our space assets.”

    Chimera will increase the USAF negative military coefficient in space.
    To the final battle ?!

  38. I am sure many of you are already aware of this meditation


  39. Hi brother FM. Can you answer if the Chimera are embodied in human bodies, Grays, or both?

    1. Some chimaira are in human bodies, and some are not.

    2. Exactly. Regarding Greys, I don't have any information at the moment.

    3. Hi Assulus Sentinel! I just saw earlier today, a video about Greys, related in some way to your question. It might interested you.
      Here is:

      Much Love everyone!


    4. Because in most negative military bases they talk about the massive presence of Grays of Zeta-Reticulli, and some reptilians.

      But we are not sure what kind of arachnids to incorporate.

      I don't see any problem with Grays body incarnation

  40. Nerd Stuff, protect yourself

    rotating balls around yourself

    13x rotation left (counter clockwise)
    13x rotation right (in a clockwise direction)

    build the sphere with your breath

    and activeded your merkaba

    for the body _ zeolith (to detox)

    1. Return to sender _

      Weihrauch / frankincense
      Zedernholz / cedar
      Lavendel / lavender
      Patchouli / patchouli
      Sandelholz/ sandalwood

      Hilft bei ätherischen Angriffen sehr gut.

      helps when you in trouble with black magic attacks

  41. Replies
    1. This blog was created as a support for the Starseeds incarnated here. Whether it is fake or not, everyone has to decide for himself. Those who get confirmed certain things, which they themselves see or feel energetically, know that this blog is trying to share trustworthy information.

  42. Currently, the financial system is VERY unstable and is close to a crash. Even though many of us are expecting the system to burst in the near future, any abrupt crash of the system may lead to unexpected consequences.

    Therefore, the Light Forces are making a suggestion via Cobra that an urgent meditation every 4 hours is needed to stabilise the current financial system, especially Deutsche bank, JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve and the repo market, as well as all people and other financial institutions involved.

    We will be doing the meditation from December 12th at 1 PM UTC, and then every 4 hours at the following times: at 1 AM UTC, at 5 AM UTC, at 9 AM UTC, at 1 PM UTC, at 5 PM UTC and at 9 PM UTC.

    Instructions (suggested time of the meditation is 15 minutes):
    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the global financial system and to stabilise it.

    3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

    4. Visualize the St Germain's violet flame purifying all people and institutions involved in the current financial system, especially Deutsche bank, JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve and the repo market.

    5. Visualize a brilliant white Light shining on everyone, on every financial institution and all situations in the current financial system.

    Victory of the Light!

    More info can be found here:

  43. What do you think about this kind of information? Are there walking some real ascended masters among us on earth or are they part of disinformation?

    1. Ascended masters and light ships go hand in hand. They come from there.

    2. Thank you. I know people who follows this man and his teachings. Sounds good at first sight but lots of questions rise at the same time. Is these kinds of cults really about love or should one be wary of? Is there much archon infiltration in spiritual cults overall?

  44. If it is not too much to ask, what news of Atlas?

  45. Everyone steps into the opposite.Think Europe is right, think America is right, think China is right, think Brazil is right, think Africa is right.By fighting democracy and regulation against each other, humanity has learned not to unite.Ideology has affected the closeness of the two hearts.I don't want to experience any more, male or female or some kind of neutral human.People on the Internet are constantly Shouting abuse and endless ideological confrontation, false self-esteem, arbitrary deprecation of others, all these systems are constantly dividing the human race.Now I just want to go home and let gaia regain full control of the earth

  46. I would like to bring to up something that's been bothering me lately and a lot maybe its just me, i don't mean to offend, for those who are open to discussions i say seems that much of the spiritual awakening and new age is feminism guised. In all honesty I feel that the god and goddess energy if of equal importance and should both be acknowledged. So much of all the spiritual groups these days are forgetting the masculine, this is no different than the age of 25 000 years of masculine energy only. You cant have one without the other, I am starting to get rather weary of feminism being a hidden agenda here. We are in the exact problems of earth because of the imbalance of the male and female aspects. I feel we are putting our gods on the sideline....This for me is scary a world dominated only by female, we just had that with male energy and god worship only and look what it got us....The god is as important as the goddess and in fact the god aspect requires a lot of healing also. Men and the male aspect as a whole have also been severely damaged and used for dark purposes....anything polarized one should question! You cant have the male without the female. They are the lock and key to the source of all life.....The source is after all both.....males without female energy make war and competition and too much aggression, power hungry....females without male energy to balance become passive, materialistic, non action, nothing will get done and far too emotional without male to balance out....please everyone wake up to the fact you need both....i love my masculine side and my twin soul as much as my feminine aspects! Worshipping one aspect without the other is ANTILIFE!

  47. First of all, very good comment Iris EL-Luminaire, thank you very much for that on behalf of all men and the masculine aspects of all women.

  48. Dear FM144, there has been a lot of controversy in our lightworkers group as a result of your latest article. Female members of our group got an unpleasant feeling from it and I can understand that as some ways the dark forces use to attack lightworkers were described by you quite graphically. They even concluded that it is fear mongering and you are not working for the light but for the Cabal instead. I don't agree with their conclusions, I think they are listening too much to their underbelly and emotions without thinking logically. But I want to make you aware that some very up in your face unsparing ways of describing the nastier activities of the dark forces can alienate potential readers from you and your blog.
    What doesn't necessarily help is that your background is totally unclear. You don't need to go into details, but it might help if you could clarify which organisation you represent, are you part of the Resistance Movement, the Earth Alliance or a lightworkers collective?

    I look forward to your answers and any clarification you can give.

    1. To you and your triggered friends.

      This information and it's "graphic" nature is helpful to people who it concerns. The details are accurate and essential.

      Just know that there is some heavy shit going on and be glad it isn't happening to you.

      Thankyou Teilen

    2. I think we don't need to know who the messenger is. this concept is a very 3d concept, of judgment according to the messenger and not the message.
      relying solely on the message by relying on our intuitions, elevates our mind. why were we guided to this blog? what lessons can i learn from it? what applies to my own journey?
      these are the only questions we should ask ourselves.
      each person has a different evolution, each person has been guided to draw different benefits, it is a question of taking what is good for us and leaving the rest.
      there is no writing that holds the absolute truth, because the truth is within us!

    3. Chimead very good questions and i have also seen this huge divide.

      I feel personally in my most humble opinion that many starseeds have done whats called a spiritual bypass. This is where they do not heal themselves and instead live in world that all is light and love they do spiritual practices, they even heal others because they self project all wounding. They try heal in others what they need to heal in self...

      I feel the most important thing anyone in this position we are in can do is heal themselves mot talking using white fire of AN, or using crystals.... i am taking facing childhood wounds, wounds from adult, healing all wounds before going near healing anyone else to heal them.... so many light workers don't look at themselves, its disturbing because they put their own poison into another person if not healed.

      we living in times of deceit, dark entities are everywhere i have literally seen them talk out of people on many occasions, they seem to very much hate and fear me for some reason lol, they are true deceivers you can see when one is talking to a person the eyes change, the pupils in the person dilate ....

      These dark entities want you to live passive with wounds so you are open for entry and some pretend to be light they are very very good at this! i know for a fact how they get in is through wounds....

      The most amazing healing that can take place and without money is by allowing yourself to accept you have been hurt in life (I am not talking victim - two different things) and most important admit to yourself how much you have hurt others, cry and cry and cry this all out until you feel empty, or scream in an empty part of nature until you cry, but the stuck hurt energy must come out. only then can the light enter fully.....

      A personal note on my own healing which took months and months, for one part of those for nearly 3 weeks i lay on the floor daily carrying for hours and hours to the point i thought i would die, till no tears came, only my soul gasping for air. I cried all the pain out of me, it was cathartic, difficult, but i gave birth to myself as jesus said: TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN YOU MUST BE BORN literally need to die a soul death in your healing and be reborn....

      im not saying attacks don't happen to me but they are different now, now when i am attacked by a person I'm not triggered because my drama is not involved in the situation anymore, i am able to move my way around that person causing the attack and the situation not get worse....i still get other attacks but no longer with people in the general public like they did so often before my healing, attacks happen less often and they are normally through loved ones which is the hardest, but i distance myself mostly.

      The best way to know if you are healed from past wounds is if you like all people I'm talking all kinds, any kind of person you have a feeling of anger towards or hate or say a jealous person, you still have work to do. One should feel love for all, when you have compassion for a murderer or even someone who has done terrible things you are healed, because inside everyone of us is a murderer, a thief, a rapist etc....think about it we steal and murder and rape the earth daily, this is no different the earth is as living as you or me,

      So when you love everyone and have compassion this is when you are healed because you see yourself in everyone out there, you see in everyone who you once were and love them and have compassion.......
      so many light workers HATE regular non spiritual people, this is sad because if only they realized that the things they hate in others is what they bear in themselves....sorry i have lots to say i have been silent in this community for a long time and just watched things.....i feel i must speak now :) with love to and grace to you all my wonderful family :)

      Thank you FM team for the platform that's safe to say these things, if anything i would say it feels supported here without judgement....

    4. There are still many people - also within the lightworker community - who look for answers outside themselves. They want answers from "trustworthy" people, masters, teachers, who have certain records. And they blame others, even their teachers or masters if things don't go as they wish. Real truth can only be found within yourself, within your heart, within the alignement with your soul, your I AM Presence. And if then certain information resonates within you (or not), then you simply know, whether it is true (or not). Then you don't need any proof, any record, etc.

    5. This blog is used by the Light Forces/Galactic Confederation to support the Starseeds incarnated on the Surface; see first paragraph of the first entry:

      The information is published neutrally and is intended to explain what is currently going on. Some readers will not be able to deal with this information, but that is to be expected here in the Grid. However, a large part will be able to do something with it, since they experience exactly what is described here on a daily basis.

      For security reasons the identity of the author (or authors?) remains hidden for the time being, only the information matters.


  49. WASHINGTON 12.17 — Steven Walker, the 21st director of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), announced his resignation on Tuesday, which will be effective Jan.10, 2020, Defense News has learned.

  50. FM a question: We all know we are in prison, what is it exactly these entities get from keeping us hostage? I understand a farmer keeps a cow for milk, so what benefit are we to those who have taken the earth as their own? The entire reason for keeping humans/starseeds alike what benefit is this, what do they get from us?

    1. The Loosh might be the answer to your question. Several sources have reported that the Dark feeds on the energy called Loosh, which results from our negative emotional states - suffering, anger, hatred, fear, frustration, envy, and so on. It is like food for the fallen, Dark Beings, because they are so detached from the Source that they can no longer sustain themselves except by parasitizing at the expense of other beings. Therefore, they have set up a trap system here on Earth and continue to cultivate these low negative emotions in humans.

    2. They need the negative emotions (hate, pain, fear, suffering) because they draw their life energy from them. In principle, Souls are getting milked here, to stick to the analogy of the farmer and the cow.

    3. @ Jānis Mežeckis ... Exactly. Thank you.

    4. - Iris,
      Regarding your prison planet question: Cobra, among others like David Wilcock, details this subject in his Cornerstone articles.

      The upshot is that the two primary things that the parasites feed on are money, (fiat money or debt - which chains everyone to perpetual payments. This funds the lower echalon of the dark forces , and the other is loosh. Loosh is the negative energy people produce as a result of fear, anger, hate, jealousy, torture, etc. This neg energy is a food source for the higher up dark ones on the nonphysical plains. They need this as they are basically fallen angels who are cut off from and cannot be sustained by the LIGHT. Instead they "farm" others and cultivate negativity by creating perpetual conflicts ie. war, starvation, disease, torture, pollution, and the endless divisions of humanity.

      Every time we fall into negative expression we generate food for the dark forces. Which is why it is so important for each light worker to complete their work and heal themselves... so we starve the parasites. Lightworkers are particularly good food sources because the greater access to LIGHT one has, the greater the magnitude of a neg expression will be if they can be turned. In other words, the more evolved a being is the greater the power they can wield. With free will, we are permitted to express this power negatively or positively. The dark ones use all sorts of manipulations to trick light beings to be negative. Light workers are also a threat to them if they are awakened, so they devote a great amount of resources to ensure that this does not happen.

      In my personal experience, much of this negative manipulation comes in the form of entropy, the tendency for systems to degrade to its lowest possible energy state. Also known as primary anomaly, more commonly understood as "Murphy's Law": "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". For decades I have been besieged by "things going wrong" to such a great degree that mere chance cannot account for it. When asleep I might respond with extreme frustration -generating a nice snack for the dark ones-

      Conversely, I have learned over time how to respond to this constant "bad luck", with humor and holding challenging circumstances with laughter...a form of love. Doing so, one generates a huge lightwave that gets delivered to the dark ones instead of loosh. They don't like it very much to say the least. This is "turning the other cheek" as Jesus taught. We learn to return light for darkness and this is a key part of awakening, maturing, and finding mission. -william


  51. ROME - Italian authorities carried out a major operation against organized crime on Thursday, with 334 people detained in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria for alleged ties to 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia.


    Following the rabbit:

    The Gaetani families are the top management and command of Ndrangheta's international clans, and they manage the porters who protect the black nobility and high-level mafias. Ndran-gheta as Gaeta. The Gaetani family manages the mid-level Black Nobility, which operates as gatekeepers to higher-level families such as the Savoy, Massimo, Colonna, and Torlonia families. They also manage the porters of Switzerland and the International Payments Bank, which finances their criminal agenda and their attempt to take control. Gaetani refers to a gate.

    Mafias like Ndrangheta have built entire cities with hidden passages, underground bunkers and tunnels for child abuse, human trafficking, hiding, escaping and storing drugs, weapons and smuggling.

    The Gaetani or Caetani family is a lineage of the black nobility and part of the owners of the Italian mafia and specifically the Gambino crime family. They are princes of Rome, counts and dukes in Italy and great in Spain. His ancestry dates back to the Getae Tribe in the Black Sea region, which moved to Rome, establishing the Duchy of Gaeta. The Getae were originally from the Scythia clan Massagetae. Some Scythian tribes were mercenaries, bandits, and human traffickers, and sometimes had influence over empires and worked with imperial families. The Massimo and Gaetani families originated from the Massagetae clan. They migrated to Italy and mingled with Gentile Roman families, such as the Maximii, Catii, and Anicii families, with whom they were previously and partially related.


  52. UFOs in Las Vegas

    In case it is any human work, it must already be under investigation by the negative Secret Space Program, as these objects have anti-gravity technology, which is highly forbidden by the dark ones that dominate the negative military until the Event happens. Another seemingly unique technology would be to reflect as much light as such. Certainly there is some mystery involved in this event.

    Be it for evil (BlueBeam) or for good (Confederates), which is something a little more likely:

  53. Some questions arise again, answer them if you can but no worries :)

    1.Are Feline beings involved in liberation of planet Earth?

    2.What is the best way one can help in planetary liberation?

    3.Who are Yahyel beings?

    4.Is it possible that Age of Aquarius meditation could trigger The Event?

    5.Was the invasion of Dark forces in 1996 last one on this planet, i mean is it now impossible to happen ever again something similar?

    6. Is grid controlling people less who live in tribes separately from bigger societies?

    1. 1. Yes.
      2. Raise your own consciousness and energy, spread information, do meditations and energy work, connect with other Starseeds and the Lightforces.
      3. According to reports another positive, human-like alien race, although there are already many sources on the Internet regarding them.
      4. No estimate can be made as the date of the Event is still kept secret.
      5. Something of this dimension should never happen again.
      6. If these tribes lead a positive lifestyle and are also close to nature, away from large urban areas, then definitely yes.

    2. Notes on self Protection, and ways to recognize light beings in your life:

      Please feel free to add to this as it is only a partial description of that which is indescribable....

      The best protection one can have is to manifest LOVE continuously. When a being embodies LOVE, this energy field is beyond the reach of darkness.

      Hallmarks of LOVE:
      absence of need or wanting, sense of fullness or being totally complete unto oneself, ability to give with no thought of self, seeing all as equal regardless of station, caste, wealth, status.

      no inner conflict/ total acceptance of all apparent limitations. In the face of adversity, the inner emotional field has minimal or no disturbance.

      if anger or other strong emotions arise, they dissipate just as quickly and leave no residue.

      clear seeing of limitations, strengths, qualities with no trace of judgment

      total ease with paradox and with not knowing.

      quickness to laugh

      the state of knowledge and emptiness are seen to be the same. This manifests thus: when knowledge is needed it arises, otherwise a state of emptiness resides. Paradoxically the state of emptiness feels like fullness without content, a state of unmanifested potential.

      a sense of free fall like you're falling but there is no bottom (terrifying at first)

      recognition of other as self/ understanding that there is no "other" only God exists.

      absence of fear, regret, or guilt, yet fully responsible and accountable for ones limitations, faults etc

      deep gratitude, like a effervescent overflowing, bottomless well of gratitude

      truthfulness shared appropriately and guided by compassion, not filtered by self interest

      When LOVE is what you are, you are awake.
      To be awake is to be LOVE.

      Awake does not mean having all the correct information. It is closer to transcending the need to know. Having correct information is not a requirement of being Awake but, one can be both awake and have correct information.

      Here I recognize Teilen, the light forces, all the sages and wise from all corners of the Universe who have given all to help us.

      with gratitude and thanks,

    3. Thank you for the answers!

      that clarified a lot

      How to connect with other starseeds and the lightforces? In these kinds of blogs and forums perhaps? or is there many other ways too?

    4. Connect to the people around you! Everyone is worthy! Eye contact is worth so much more than someone's heritage.

    5. Have been dealing with social anxiety for a long time, but it has gotten better one day at a time. Have the introverted side of myself but i would like to connect others around. Definately everyone is worthy. Eye contact is important indeed but sometimes have habit of not looking others straight to eyes.

  54. Hello to all! I wanted to share my thoughts with you this morning. I consider myself awakened for over ten years and the more I participate in the so-called Lightwork, the more I come to this conclusion - I have enough of this LIBERATION and DISCLOSURE FOR MONEY shit (sorry for my French). Shame on those so-called Lightworkers who take the lead, emphasize the importance of liberation and offer information IF YOU ARE READY TO PAY FOR IT! What makes you different from Cabal, from Big Pharma, which offers "healing" only if you can pay? The Ligtforces from above provide information for free, but some people who receive it make this information and knowledge their own and demand money for it. And these same people frighten us with the karma and the consequences of not fulfilling our soul mission, makes it clear that we are facing hard times if we do not receive this information. They love to stress the importance of their radio channel or website and the inability to maintain it without our money. Sorry, but there are plenty of opportunities to share information on the internet for free, like the one Brother COBRA does on his blog. I have no objection to being charged for the products or things a Lightworker produces and distributes, the conferences that are being organized and which require some spending, but the information ... Information that is coming from the higher spheres to speed up the liberation of Earth must be FOR FREE, as it is possible to share it for free. So if you consider yourself a Starseed or a true Lightworker, do it for free or don't do it at all and face your karma. Is it the next level that all of us who are participating in meditations and mass meditations, as well as in other works of Light, should charge all other people on Earth? My dear Lightworkers, do not be intimidated by doing something wrong if you do not pay for information or for miraculous methods of purification and healing. Let's not be the next level sheep that can be sheared. Calling the powers of the Light, Archangel Michael and other Archangels, Sananda and other Ascended Masters and other Light beings at any time is FOR FREE and they will always respond to your call. The effect will be as great as your faith in it.
    Please read the electronic version of the book “Crystal Stair” generously shared by Brother COBRA -
    Dear COBRA, Thank you very much for this gift - an opportunity to read this book and thank you for your work!
    Of course, I will continue my journey to the Ascension, continue the Lightwork, meditations, and participate in mass meditations, but without all the money charged shit imposed by this corrupt part of the Light community, and even if the dark ones manage to kick me in the butt , "I'll Gladly Take Those Arrows for You, "as Mr. Trump said. Everything you need is within yourself and with your intention you will do everything right. Good luck and success to all! Light victory!

  55. Imagine this - oh God, sorry, we could not achieve liberation, it was too expensive or this - damn, I couldn't ascend because I couldn't afford it :)). The ultimate goal of spiritual growth is Ascension, and no money is needed for it. Those who charge you money for the information you need for Ascension are fraudsters. Their main argument is that we are still living in 3D and we have our 3D needs. So they do not use their own medicine and can't manifest their well-being other than at the expense of the naive Lightworkers. Like various religions, so-called Light Communities believe that they, and only they, are on the right path to the Source and have not been able to unite for work. In addition, like the church, they charge money for what they do. Even The Galactic Codex says that "Each is being unalienable and unconditional right to all information." So don't let yourself be fooled by these wisdom for money.

    1. Hello,

      im a big fan of DIY

      (i have the full program ;) _ see with the third eye, clairvoyant abilities _

      its the hell here on earth. but, it helps for the works here _

      so DIY

      Salt Coffee Bath:

      250 gr - 500 gr Coffee (instant coffee/ soluble coffee _ it calls in german: löslicher Kaffee)


      2000 gr - 3000 gr sea salt

      for 20 - 30 minutes in the bathtub

      Coffee has orange chi and this throws out sick prana. And the sea salt neutralized

      It works well, you need nobody... okay you need a super market :)

  56. You said that the British Isles (and Netherlands to a degree) are the physical manifestation of Elf realm. What do you mean by this?

    Also can you say anything about Finland? There's something strange about this country or its people.

    1. On the higher planes of planet Earth there are separate realms where elves live, England (also Ireland) for example has extremely strong connections to these realms and physical manifestation of them can be found in large parts of nature and history.

      Finland I cannot say anything specific right now. But it is a fact that the peoples of Scandinavia are related to the Pleiadians to some extend and that the Russians also have extremely strong connections to Star Peoples (that means that many strong Starseeds are incarnated there) and since Finland is also located in these regions, it shouldn't be much different.

  57. and destroy the myth _

    a day has 24 hour and 1 hour = 60 minutes

    24 x 60 = 1440


  58. heilige Geometrie

    Neue Entdeckungen in Ägypten - Vortrag von Axel Klitzke

  59. I missed a lot of things, most of the time is lost, do not know the difficulties of life.By the time I fully understood, it seemed too late.What is the outside world like, free speech and free press, human rights and basic racial equality?Is it like a paradise, or is it like any other planetary world.What do they think of us?I feel like I want to see that world. Can I be allowed to?Will surface humans be able to escape government control, and what will the politics of the future look like?Does the outside world need money?If not, how to judge the value of one?

  60. Hello,

    i hope this video can help for the first

  61. and for the _ i dont like to buy anythings ;) _

    there is also a way to make coffee from the organics:

    look for: chestnut coffee

  62. Hello!
    I was targeted for year and a half, I was stalked, and eaten, and dark magic was used on me. You got my attention as they used exactly the same thing for me - a dagger in the heart, it wasn't physical, but I felt it. They attacked me from behind my back. I wasn't awakened until this thing happened to me, and come to realize that maybe I was starseed. Now they finished my stalking, and I wonder if they killed my ethereal body, because one of my stalkers told me "Are you up there high in the sky?". They also took my gifts and abilities. Can you explain more about the process of losing the queens of the surface of the Earth?
    If anybody would like to answer I would be grateful. I need to know if I lost the battle on personal level, is there any chance to help the light, thanks.

    1. "if I lost" you did not lose.

      Truely this is no more than a dream. Choose a different narrative for yourself, one of empowerment!

      Always protect yourself! Self defeating narratives must be exposed for what they are!

      Imagine gifts and abilities being observed by entities light and dark. It is a beacon. Perhaps their absence is self imposed for your safety?

      Psychic abilities are as close to a curse as a gift if you don't have mentors capable of initiating your safe exploration of such. It is very easy to attract the wrong attention.

      Seek to deepen your self, find love within yourself, for yourself so that you may bless others with your presence!

      And also, those daggers are very removable. If you are aware of it, you can most definitely remove it. These entities are only dangerous when they are not noticed. You are much more powerful.

    2. @Syrio Can I reclaim my gifts back, and how can I have mentor? Thank you for your answer. I really want them back. Do you know how to reclaim them?

    3. Well let's dissect the cause of their absence. You may answer your own question!

      1. Did you lose ability after the dagger attack?
      If so could that mean that your heart chakra was damaged and requires healing and activation?

      I've left damage for months without it healing. Only with my concious efforts did it resolve.

      2. Are you being suppressed for your own safety?

      3. Has your mental field been compromised after this attack? If you tell yourself you can't, you can't. Your beliefs mould your reality.

      If you're telling yourself you cant, why? Are those thoughts yours or are you still being targeted?

      4. The basics. Chakras. Meditation. Clean body and mind.

      If you care I could write about my experiences for you to better understand where I'm coming from.

      What would I do with telekinesis? It would probably be fun, but would it make me more loving? Would it help those around me?

      I place little value in supernatural ability.

      Whoever is confirming these comments, surely you have some input?

      I am not as intune as many others here, and am probably a questionable character at best lol.

    4. How can I connect to talk with you? It will be stupid to use this blog. Thanks.

    5. I've created a blog with unrestricted comments and my email is available too. Both accessible by clicking on my name


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