Situation Update (30.11.2019)

In the days leading up to the global Silver Trigger Meditation, some Starseeds received images of the silver coins they were supposed to buy on that day. These images were transmitted during dreams by the Light Forces.

This Event was energetically something very special, as many participants could already feel during the purchase of the coins.

The Dark Ones, on the other hand, were completely furious. For them a red line was crossed on that day. For them it was an absolute no-go that the Light Forces dared to tackle the financial system.

Therefore they ritualized to the extreme the following night, everything only to counteract the energies built up on that day. Some Starseeds might have been able to feel this as well, because the sublime energies dropped towards evening.

Nevertheless, the meditation was definitely a positive light operation to trigger the beginning of the end of the slavery financial system and to sow the seed of abundance for mankind.

The Archons, in turn, have been running amok since then. Once again, they started a massive wave of attacks in cooperation with the Chimera.

This is what is happening right now:

One and a half months ago the Pleiadians announced that this was the End Time … and they were absolutely right.

Heavy attacks of Chimera, Archons and Black Magicians on Starseeds stationed on the surface are currently taking place.

Especially the Light Women are under heavy fire (because they are as important for Liberation of Earth as the Queen in a Game of Chess; if the Queen falls, winning becomes much more difficult).

This is how they attack:

Starseeds get energetically poisoned by the Chimera/Black Magicians, or are abducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level.

Objects, such as energetic daggers, are also rammed into the ethereal body, so that after a short time extremely severe physical pain can occur and the affected person must be taken to hospital. There they cannot help, because it’s an ethereal attack, the physical body translates it immediately and it is difficult/nearly impossible to heal something like this with just physical methods.

Friends/Partners get infiltrated by demons to trigger disputes.

Finances are extremely attacked, so that the money seems to flow off in all directions.

Plasma Spiders appear and project suicidal thoughts into the heads of Starseeds. Many of them are experiencing the Downfall of Atlantis again, but at the same time they get contacted by the Pleiadians, who tell them that "soon" the time has come.

Meanwhile, that's what you can do against the attacks:

If you know healers or clairvoyants near you (whom you can trust), contact them as soon as possible to stop the energetic attacks and close the wounds, otherwise no recovery can occur. If they remove the energetic weapons as well as toxins, the pain should ease after a short period of time.

So, for people who know that they are Starseeds, it is now extremely important that they have one or two good healers who can be contacted immediately. It would be advisable to find such people right now because the doctors in the hospital will not be able to help.

It does not necessarily have to be people who work as healers or seers, it can also be Starseeds in your community, of whom you know that they have such abilities, or they are currently developing them very fast, but in everyday life they maybe do something completely different in their profession.

Especially the hearts of incarnated Goddesses are attacked, and further tragic losses of “Queens” on the surface, as in the case of Isis Astara, would be devastating in this phase of Liberation.

If you don't have anyone at all, you can ask the Light Forces on the ethereal realms for help, for example Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, but also positive Light Magicians, who are now increasingly taking care of the situation on Earth.

It would be ideal if Starseeds could team up and protect, clean and heal each other. Joint meditations are also very welcome, both physically and energetically. Hold together, protect each other! This is especially a call to all positive healers, magicians and seers, only they can see and remove such energetic attacks.

With healings, the pain may initially get worse, but good healers are able to solve it and one can see that it works when the pain eases after some time.

Again, it is important to know that there is still a war raging between the Chimera and the Pleiadians. The Dark Ones are using Black Magicians, who know the Starseeds incarnated on the surface, for these attacks.

Therefore, it is important to protect yourself as a team, as it is very difficult to free yourself alone during an attack. It is even helpful to chant "Victory for the Light" inwardly in order to somehow stand up during these hard times.

The Pleiadians have announced that it is also important for the Starseeds to pass on their knowledge to the rest of mankind so that as many people as possible awaken until the Solar Flash arrives.

The Black Magicians are using chaos magic (on finances, on technology) and are sending negative beings into the homes of Starseeds to infiltrate (quarrel with partner, family) or injure the energy body.

That's exactly how they did it in Atlantis.

Therefore, it is important to be alert and aware, and if necessary, to notify someone who can help you erase black magic from your houses/apartments. If you don't have anyone, be sure to call the Light Forces.

Your current houses and apartments also serve as your energetic shelters. Many Starseeds may have noticed that the energies "outside" are currently very threatening and therefore they are increasingly withdrawing into their own 4 walls, which is currently also recommended by the Light Forces.

If finances get attacked, ethereal work has to be done too. It’s best to ask the Light Forces to purify the ethereal levels of prosperity and create new lush golden planes and protect them permanently. You can also ask the Goddess Abundancia to pour out her "Cornucopia" non-stop over you and your wealth plane. This process is important and should be done on a daily basis. The Black Magicians attack on the ethereal realms and so you have to undo the created chaos exactly there too.

If you are more interested in magic, I recommend the books of Franz Bardon, in whose avatar once a positive Grand Master/High Magician of the LFs was incarnated and who fought against the Black Magicians and negative occult lodges here on the surface:

When Plasma Spiders attack, one usually gets extreme anxiety and panic, but also strong suicidal thoughts, body aches, itching, sometimes allergies, which do not seem to go away anymore.

The Chimera look like red-eyed robotic spider creatures, like in the Matrix movie. In some not so serious low budget trash movies, they (as well as the Dark Fleet) are actually exposed too, to some degree more or less:

They have bases in orbit as well as in physically existing underground military bases with spider creatures incarnated in human avatars, where they permanently observe and irradiate mankind via countless screens.

They can trigger various body aches in individual Starseeds in order to keep them in constant agony. However, these facilities are gradually removed by the Light Forces.

The Chimera have also installed a kind of energetic barbed wire around most Atlantean Starseeds, some of which extends over several kilometres and has the purpose of keeping them down and in chaos. These installations must also be removed. It's the End Times and Starseeds must free themselves.

Protection, teamwork and knowledge are required; all this is the preparation for the pick-up. Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higher spiritual point of view and that is also the reason why the Dark Ones are going mad now.

We have to be strong; we're going through the Atlantis Time again. On top of that, we have the days around Black Friday, which the Dark Ones always use to suck energy and to ritualize. This is the reason why some Starseeds may feel even more tired these days too.

Another symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer and can't cope with life any more ... these are all signs for the departure, the ascent.

There is still no date for the Event given out by the Light Forces, and I'm also not sure if any will ever be released, but I have been confirmed that about 2 weeks ago an energetic Flash of Light seems to have struck Earth, and that this could have been the Solar Flash which has already taken place at the higher levels ... so, now it's all about the lower planes following … this is now inevitable, it will happen!

All the current chaos in the world that will continue to increase (politics, finance, riots, false flags, weather chaos) is a visible sign of imminent upheaval.

It'll be like opening a coffin, lifting a stone, while the vermin panics. For the first time after far too long the True Sun will shine again on the planet. Don't give up; we are extremely close to actually experiencing the final Breakthrough of the Light!


  1. "Symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer and can't cope with life any more " Thank you that you wrote this, then I know now that the problem is not with me that I not interested the most "hype earthly things" and don´t want be part of this society anymore. But the heaviest feeling is the getting stronger the desire to be with the soul family and go into the painful alone feeling which I can´t heal it bc no contact with them. How I suppose to overcome it?

    1. I can not help you in this. I do not have the required knowledge.
      Whats more important ? Telling what someone wants to hear and staying in comfort or something what need to be said, and be hated afterwards.i say nothing to hurt you or upset.

      DID you not understood it thr whole time?? I can handle my "demons" very well. I justified and did apologize before you.Bec you are the only person i truly care.but you can not see trough some spots and missed that. When i get far stronger than you my gravity may lift you up.only here or telepathically iam free of that trauma.

      When you wanted to kill me you have sickend me, even my soul begged me to not write again on mail.

      Dont give up!Be well.

      I hope and thrust that you will endure and handle your personal situation or " demons". You said; beeing strong or not is s question of determination. And i think you are strong.

    2. To connect with them during meditation and making contact with other Starseeds on the surface can be helpful.

  2. thank you for giving these specifics … that really helps & TRAINS Starseeds on what's going on, and what to do.


  3. Great article as usual. I love the GIF from Ghost in the Shell where the guy's hands open up to type on the keyboard. That's a great show. Mostly the first movie and the two seasons of Stand Alone Complex. There are a lot of things that call themselves Ghost in the Shell, but the earlier stuff is best. I was just talking to a friend who doesn't believe in positive ET's because she says they would have rescued us by now. That's how I feel a lot of the time. But I know they're coming for us. It's really disappointing though. It's hard to fathom how things could be so bad. The unbearable health problems I have that could be fixed in a second. That's pretty depressing there are beings hanging out in space and underground who could fix all our problems but can't. I really wish I'd never heard of this stuff. It would be a lot better if I thought the world was normal. I learned about ET's as a kid, it's difficult to ever be happy again when you realize what we are missing and the horrible way we are living that seems normal to so many. I've never been happy and I'm never going to be until they fix my body. Having a deformed spine, nerve damage, and multiple head injuries makes life not worth living. Frankly it doesn't matter if they land tomorrow, my whole life has been a waste. I try not to think about it because nobody can handle this level of disappointment. People used to be enthusiastic on Cobra's site, but after all these years most people are pissed off. I'm starting to think ET's are preparing us generations ahead of time and we are not going to see any of this. That seems to make more sense than they are actually going to show up any day now. It's too good to be true.

    1. Once awakened from the Matrix, there's no going back. Quarantine has lasted for thousands of years and is not easy to flip away in a moment. People need to be prepared. What has happened in recent years in terms of disclosure, distribution and connectivity within the Quarantine is unique so far. Of course the way there was unbearable for almost everyone, but the nightmare will end and complete healing will occur.

  4. Thank you my friend once again for informing. I have to points that I appreciate if you could provide some extra information:
    First: do you have any recommendation from LF/Pleiadian in preparation to New Year's Day?
    Second: I have noticed Earth Schumann Ressonance has being very high, almost daily in November. As well as there were some "black" spots during last days. I have heard the "black" spots mean Earth is changing its timeline. In the sense of removing the programmed ones. Being more close to the original Earth reality. Could you add any comment about it please? Does it make sence? Thank you!

    1. YW!
      You can go into Meditation on NYD, put cities and places in Pillars of Light, set your own goals as Starseeds for the new year. As for the other, maybe at some point the LFs will give out extra information.

  5. I am definitely feeling all of the above. Headaches excruciating. Pain in my neck and shoulder. Fatigue. Will definitely call on the light forces for assistance. Thank you.

  6. Definitely feeling all of this. Severe migraines, pain in shoulder and neck, anxiety and fatgue. Will call on the light forces for help. Thank you.

  7. Can humans have massive telepathy? Will they come? How do celestial humans view surface humans?

    1. Yes.
      Some already have them, some are getting them, some need a little more time.
      There is a wide spectrum of views, ranging from positive to (from a human point of view probably rather), let's say, critical.

  8. for healing assistance:

  9. Around nov 26th I saw a grey stick its head through the wall and looked at me while I was awake lying in bed. I pointed at it and repeatedly told it no and it left. Of course we are being watched but I thought the hostile greys were all gone? Two to three days before that I had a bad dream where it was pitch black outside and trying to navigate was impossible because there were monster like hands that would come up from the ground and grab peoples ankles. There were traps everywhere. The only thing I could do was stay inside my house. There were people who seemed like they were possessed or werent really human trying to trick their way inside. I repeatedly stabbed them to keep them out but my mother kept trying to let them in. I told her to stay in and to grow up, but she was stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, just like in real life.

    1. Amazing story. The negative ET's are still on the surface. And they still have places in space and underground. The surface is going to be the last place they are.

    2. Thanks patrick. That part about staying inside has been true for me for years now.

    3. Many Starseeds are currently dreaming of similar things. Starseeds houses serve as protective bunkers in the truest sense of the word.

  10. Are there too many people on earth?

    1. No, but definitely far too many are unconscious and influenced by anomaly and negative entities.

  11. If I hardly believe in this miracle, then ordinary people do not want to hear anything about it.
    And you say more people will wake up before the flash!
    They do not believe in anything!
    And nothing will ever change while there is such an impact !!!

    1. The exact wording was that it is important to wake them up, not that they will wake up. Sure, the absolute majority will not wake up before, but there are always a few that one can reach. Without a critical mass of awakened people mankind would not make it to the Event.

  12. Thank you very much for this update, it makes again vey clear the problems that we as lightworkers and lightwariors encounter in daily life.
    I have a question: how can we pass on our knowledge to the rest of mankind, especially if you live in a country with such a strong programming as I live in (NL)? People are simply not open to hear the truth. Most times I am already happy to plant a seed, to make people think about things differently and do at least some research themselves. But most people are not even open to do that. Most people just repeat the narratives from the main stream media.

    1. Stay happy to seed... that's important. Every seed can start to bloom one day. I notice around me that some people as you described finally start to open up for another way of looking at things.

    2. YW!

      Start spreading links, information, videos. Create groups on social media. Organize meditations, physical meetings. People who have the potential to awaken or are already awakened will feel attracted. You can't force it on people, they have to have this awakening effect themselves, but after that you can be there to support them.

      NL is by the way a country with strong ties to the elf realms, so, there are a certain number of Starseeds, but maybe not yet fully conscious. Maybe they just need this one little initial trigger, and maybe you can be that trigger.

  13. Can you tell me something about ghosts and paranormal activities?

  14. I had many weird experiences what proves I'm special and I know who I was in some of my previous existences. just nothing happening... I feel like stuck... My higher self told me I can create things out of energy, but I 'm not yet doing that...

  15. Thank you for this information, it sounds so much in me, that I feel that you came to my home and that you describe what you saw! lol

    I've been trying to wake up people for years, wrote more than 600 articles, made a hundred videos and wrote 2 books. The dark forces know where I live, there have been men in black (as in "matrix") in front of my house, and helicopters turning over my garden. Strange as I live in a very small village in the countryside, the first city is at 40km.

    Recently a man tried to infiltrate my life but I am suspicious and I started asking him test questions, and he left very quickly.

    I am a tenant, there are people who came to put things in the electrical outlets of my bedroom and did something on the electric meter, the real estate agency told me that it was obligatory, I could not refuse the work. But my neighbors, same houses, same agency, were not entitled to these modifications. I do not know if it comes from the forces dark or forces of light ...

    I am attacked at night. they speed up my heart and sometimes stop me from breathing. I see the monsters in the astral just before they attack me, this night I saw a big head with mandibles before she throws herself on my neck. I felt paralyzed and deep in sleep, but I'm used to it, I can resist and force myself to open my eyes and wake up and call the forces of light to help me. Now I have a bad neck and a migraine since waking up.

    Questions: 1) if we die, how to get out of the matrix and not get caught by the archonts?
    2) What is the percentage of women starseed?
    3) When you say "Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higher spiritual point of view", does that mean that they have left their physical body? were they killed by the archonts? or have they
    ascended? have they been recovered by galactic light force ships?

    I'm worried because I have a friend who told me that while driving she saw a big flash in front of her and then she heard a telepathic voice asking her if she wanted to go home, she said yes. I told her to be careful, But since I have no news. dark forces can they physically remove us by doing themselves to pass for galactic?

    What do you mean by "are they being abducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level"? if that happens how can we know it? and how to recover our soul?

    for those who do not understand why the galactic forces do not intervene this text (the second part):
    seems very fair to me. This is the difference between unity and duality. that is why the forces of light intervene only in a certain way, that the people who are in the duality have a hard time understanding.

    1. You don't have to worry about the light traps. When you're on the astral you can choose which direction to travel, or decide to appear in another place. The people who get caught in them intentionally fly directly into them thinking it's "the light."

      That channel sounds like classic archon stuff. Their thing about unity consciousness makes no sense. They're saying we should let murderers run around continuing to kill because putting them in jail would take away their freedom and we're all one so that's not good right? That makes no sense. They say they could end this torture at any time but they don't. What kind of positive being is that? The real truth is the light forces can't win yet. At best they are concealing information. They could turn off the horrible cell towers and clean up our poison environment, but they don't because we're all one? This sounds like pure archon that it's good for us to be tortured. We've already had our free will violated. The oneness has already been ruined because we are slaves. Some contactees like this blog and Cobra properly explain that we are in a war. But I think even they are not getting the full story that we are losing badly. We've been losing for tens of thousands of years, it's hard to believe that all the sudden we are winning, but only in the background of course. Us humans are still losing every day. It's obnoxious to hear them say we are winning year after year while things only get worse.

    2. You ask a lot of interesting questions here! I would like to hear Teilens answers too!!
      I can relate to pretty much all you go through, it all happens a lot to me too!
      Hang in there and thank you for your light and all the work you have done Nathalie!! :)

    3. Thx for sharing your experiences. I will try to go into this in more detail in the next entry.

    So much revealed in these Daft Punk videos.

  17. Very nice article. I do feel a lot of attacks in the last 3 days. Most of them want me to get angry with Mr. Keshe, because he tells a lot of lies and is suspect to create problems on the plasma plane... That seems to be my last weak point.
    I really do get a lot out of my daily mantra meditations to connect with the One Infinite Creator. That pillar never got destroyed :)

    If you like to participate in the SeedOfLife Meditation, have a look here:

    Huge thanx to all Starseeds and the supporters from above and below,

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have never heard of plasma spiders before but I found I had one and my mother for 30 years, until we cleared it yesterday...So deepest gratification to you for helping us release this. How did you come in the knowledge of plasma spiders?

    1. YW!
      First of all through the disclosure through 2012Portal-Blog, then through further sources and above all through personal experience.

  19. You ask a lot of interesting questions Nathalie, I would like to hear Teilens answers too!!
    I can relate to what you are sharing I go through much of it myself.
    Hang in there Nathalie and thank you for all the great work you have done to assist in the awakening process!!

    - sorry if this comment shows more then once, I have been trying to figure out how to write a comment here, sorry!

  20. dear FM journalist :) Thank you for the updates, it is not always come across in my questions. By the way I am unable to comment on any comments, there seems to be a block. I am only able to ask a question and cant reply to idea why?

    The last month was very very difficult however calling on Sanada and Arch Michael certainly helped. I turned my back on all the LF recently in my loss of hope and this was made me open for attacks. I would certainly tell anyone struggling to reinstate your intention with the LF and you this will reestablish contact and protect you. I feel many of us in the last month might have given up and lost faith. Things are much better since I have reestablished contact. Thank you LF for efforts...

    I wanted to ask two questions please? :)
    1. I get tinnitus in my ears (sounds like very loud crickets/ringing) is this the matrix grid I can hear?
    2. Why don't the dark forces just kill the queens and starseeds if they know who we are and what we are here for?

    I wish you all grace and light in these difficult times.

    1. YW!
      1. Could also be simple body signals/exhaustion symptoms.
      2. Answer in the next entry.

  21. Was ist besser als Weisheit? eine Frau
    Was ist besser als eine gute Frau? nichts
    Maria T.

  22. deine updates sind sehr heilend... danke
    your updates are very healing... thanks

  23. I'm sure I got that plasma archon thing, at least if not more.

    And I really really really hate the word soon. Just stop it light forces, soon is within 3 months, and we hear the soon for decaded. Just stop it I don't care about galactic cycles and 26.000 years, we live here only 80 years, soon for is is within 3 months in every day life. Don't use terms we not get used to.

    1. Just delivering the exact wording. Also, time structure seems to be something different outside the Quarantine. Would rather see the Ascension now than tomorrow too.

  24. thank you for sharing with us. Always find strong resonance with your update. I have connected with a healer in the ascension conference <3

  25. Fm144 Why you not reply animore at people that write here???


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