New Year's Eve Update (31.12.2019)

At the beginning of this last entry of 2019, the call to all healers from the previous entry must be discussed again.

Many people have made lists of healers, and many people who work professionally as healers have come forward and offered their services, which, of course, is greatly appreciated.

Nevertheless, it must be also said that money does not necessarily have to be spent for this kind of healing. One should only turn to professional healers if you trust them and if these healers are familiar with the current situation on the planet, are energetically pure and definitely working for the Light. They should know about the Grid, Archons, Plasma Spider Beings, and they should be able to recognize and counteract Black Magic.

Unfortunately in case of professional healers it is also a fact that a large number of them do not understand what is really happening here on Earth, some of them do not have the necessary abilities to heal, some of them are energetically impure and occupied and only want the money of gullible clients, and some of them even work for the other side.

Therefore, only contact a professional healer if you really trust him or her. Actually, in many cases the Light Forces have made sure that Starseeds have been stationed on the surface in such a way that they are in contact with other Starseeds who have clairvoyant or healing abilities without using them professionally.

So it may be the case that many Starseeds have powerful Starseeds in their circle of friends, with whom it is possible to perform healings in joint meditations and help each other. They don't even have to live near you. Most of the time, it is currently the case that many Starseeds are in contact with other Starseeds without seeing them physically, as they often live far apart, sometimes even in other countries. This distance is due to the stationing by the Light Forces, as they have usually distributed the Starseeds individually and at a distance from each other, in order to ensure a certain “Net Coverage” of Light on the entire surface.

As a third variant one can still energetically call the Light Forces for help.

And of course, when it comes to Energetic Protection and Healing, one should come to self-reliance from the beginning in order to be able to heal and protect independently.

But the reality is that some Starseeds can handle attacks from the Dark Ones better than others. Some attacks can be so severe that even the strongest Starseeds will sometimes need help.

You can be the toughest warrior on the battlefield, but if you get shot in the back you'll need your comrades to pull you out, take you to the field hospital where you'll need to be patched up before rushing into the next battle.

That's why the Light Forces have called on to protect and heal each other, because Starseeds are much stronger as a team and other Starseeds can get you back on your feet more easily if you’re attacked through infiltrations or scalar weapons.

For some people the information on this blog is not easy to process, mostly for those who, thank God, have never experienced such attacks themselves.

This category usually includes those people who would often describe such information as “fear-mongering”.

First of all, the written words on this blog are completely neutral. What they trigger in someone depends on the reader itself. Many people have been experiencing such attacks long before this blog was launched, and are thankful to receive any helpful information they can get. So for those people, is it also "fear-mongering" to read these detailed reports? Probably not! It always depends on the reader itself and what situation he or she's in right now.

This blog is used by the Light Forces to report on things as they actually happen. It is not about entertaining, money or fame (although it is of course important to reach as many people as possible) ... it's about giving out trustworthy information to help Starseeds instantly.

The suspicion of "fear-mongering“ also concerns many other topics too, such as paedophilia, satanic rituals or the extraction of adrenochrome from children … the list could go on forever.

Some people cannot cope with this facts at all at first, some may have experienced such cruelties themselves in many past lives, have been traumatized by it and, for reasons of subconsciously self-protection, don’t want to be confronted with it.

Sometimes it is also a program of the Archons to drive people's attention away from it, for example by spreading the idea within the spiritual scene not to deal with these things at all, as this would give such things energy.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because for thousands of years almost all humankind hasn’t noticed any of these negative activities at all, so "theoretically" no energy was put in during all these years ... but exactly these years were the darkest on the planet, during which countless crimes were effortlessly committed both in secret and in public because simply nobody knew about them.

Only now, since these activities are really coming into people's daily consciousness, things suddenly come to light, such as the case of Epstein or the functionality of the slavery banking system, where again it is also said mistakenly (or deliberately), to not put energy into it through mass meditations, etc.

A large part of the spiritual scene lives in the so called "Light and Love" bubble, in which the basic idea dominates to just not deal with the cruelties that the Dark Ones carry out here on the planet.  Of course, it is completely understandable that these things are not easy to process when you first come into contact with them, but without looking at it, nothing will ever change, and because of this habit of looking away, many Starseeds drop out of the Liberation Process.

There were also some questions about escaping from the Matrix without being captured by the Archons.

This is a very complex issue. Just this much: unawakened Souls usually have no possibility at all and those awakened Souls that are trapped here since the Fall of Atlantis, it's just difficult for them, because parts of their Soul were separated and stolen by the Dark Ones, without which they can't leave. Some of the Key Lightworkers are also held hostage, meaning that if they would leave, exotic weapons could be detonated.

Some Souls have also decided to hold out until the job is done, even if the human self wants to leave under all circumstances.

Nevertheless it is true, that some Starseeds have left the surface from a higher spiritual point of view, which does not mean that they died.

The Soul is gigantic in its entirety and consists of different layers and personalities, also multidimensional and on different time lines. For example, a single Starseed could have a Warrior Self, but also an Angelic, Magician, Healer or Pleiadian Self as well.

Women can have a Venus Goddess Self, but also an Amazon or Fairy or Magician Self, etc.

The whole Soul can never completely incarnate in such a small physical body, instead it always has only small parts of itself active. These parts are now being pulled out from many Starseeds bit by bit in preparation for the Shift, so that currently only a tiny percentage of the current Soul is still active, which can only finally leave when the Great Liberation takes place, but these procedures are the preparations for it.

The Light Forces are also further preparing the surface for the first physical contact via dreams and visions:

Coverage in the mainstream media regarding the topic of UFOs also continues to increase:

While a part of the Cabal/Dark Ones has absolutely no clue what is going on, a certain part believes they can still escape the whole situation, while another part has already realized that the Solar Flash will arrive on the surface and wipe out all darkness once and for all.

The universe works like a clockwork, the Event will be perfectly timed.

It is important to hold the Light until the wave hits the surface, so that certain forces can't plunge the planet into chaos before the Event.

Therefore it is also recommended to participate in the big Mass Meditation on 11/12th January:

It would also be fantastic if the various Lightworker Communities could unite once again and work together as a huge team for the Liberation of the Planet in form of this mass meditation, this would give things a huge boost to stabilize situations.

Since the Dark Ones will know too when a mass meditation takes place, they will bombard it again with everything they have. Therefore it is again important to protect yourself during the meditation and also all of the participants as good as possible:

That's all for this year.

Thanks for the many requests and messages, even though I cannot answer all of them properly due to lack of time.

I wish all Starseeds a Happy New Year! Gather strength for the coming one; it will be very turbulent, certainly not easy, but still exciting. We are facing enormous upheavals ... and what awaits us at the end of the tunnel is priceless!

So, hang in there, all I can say at the moment is that the final countdown is definitely running:


  1. Happy new year as well <3
    Every Full Moon the International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan offer two sessions of remote healing that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.
    For those people who need healing, you may participate this remote healing sessions. More info can be found here:

  2. Good luck everyone! I had to quit, Everytime I do a mass meditation I end up in the hospital. Same exact Everytime, I start to sweat and shake and get freezing cold and it feels like my intestines block off and I am in agonizing pain and all I can do is vomit clear liquid for hours until I'm completely dehydrated and near death. Unfortunately for me there is no "protection" even with all the exotic tech in the universe they always get me. I tried to go rogue, even tried a surprise attack but no matter what they always get me. The proud came when I took several months off and was in perfect health and as soon as I desired to partake in the Halloween meditation I wound up almost dying. That was the last time I will ever try it. If I had some protection I could really make a huge impact but I cannot survive the blowback any longer. I lost everything trying to liberate the people who would just as soon step on my face to get themselves ahead.

    1. TruthTalkRadio, I am sorry to hear that. I dont blame you. Have you spread the word online about the meditation?

    2. Wow that's crazy, thanks for sharing. I don't do the meditations either but it's because they're degrading.

    3. I now believe both "sides" are controlled by the same dark masters. This will literally be my last communication as I almost died about 20 times since I made that post on dec 31. 5 days later i'm finally able to think and speak and I lost 20 pounds from vomiting. Almost enough to make me want turn full dark like Vader!

    4. Could anyone on here tell me if truthtalkradio had a website and or show? They might not answer for obvious reasons.

  3. Thanks for your service. Truth on earth is always get sequencing orchestrated attacks. People are all implanted and easily triggered through frequency controls. No worries, there are lightworkers who are awakened enough to understand this post. Just that we don't like to get exposure. The attack wave defence for our Malaysia, Singapore Community already got us busy enough.

    Now we have enough people to stand up publicly against the black nobility. Come what may. There are more of us around the globe. The information is shared to train the young Padawans...

    We also recommend PFCJ and IGAG remote healing (post above). I'm one of the healers serving there. It's free and effective. It happen every full moon! Just need to leave your name on Youtube Live Channel.

    Our contribution to result base healing:

  4. dec 31st, 2019

    I fell asleep around 2 am. I awoke shortly after fixated on the corner across the room. I saw an entity glaring at me. I have seen it before. It looks like if you took the classic ghost halloween costume but it was real and was from hell. A white mass with black shark eyes and a large wide mouth, sometimes with shark teeth, floating in the air. It is usually completely solid looking when I wake up. The arms have hands with the fingers fused together except for the thumbs. I have had attacks before and awoke to this thing across the room moving its hands around in front of its body as if it was casting spells.

    This time it was feint and the upper body was only visible. It began moving along the wall towards the closet. I put up a sort of mental defense and thought the word "NO" almost aloud and kept repeating it. I dont know where it came from but an idea came to me. It was something like "they feed off of hate" and "they hate love". I do have negative thoughts about a lot of things. I thought almost aloud "I love the earth, I love people, I want to help them, I want only good things for them". It seemed to of worked and I think it backed off. I then abruptly fell back asleep.

    I had a dream where I was in a large house which I have never seen with lots of other people. There was a group of young women sitting on what appeared to be bleachers inside and near the front doors for some reason. One of them was the french german girl I knew in high school. I really like her and approached her. I said hello, unsure if she would remember me and she did. She almost jumped down from the bleachers and hugged me. We went outside and there were a lot of people rapping or something and she did always like rap. I went back inside.

    There were other people in the house that were alone like me but they did not seem to realize it and we seemed trapped. I left somehow and ended up outside at night all alone. There was an old house and I got that it was owned by an older woman at some point and I think I went inside. Then I woke up.

    1. I love how you experience a horror movie and casually go back to sleep!

      I wonder how you would respond after someone breaks in to your home, holds you at knife point and leaves with your cash money? "I'll call the cops tomorrow"
      *snoring intensifies*

  5. I dont know what the event will be like but this is what I saw


  6. Can you speak about following rumour?

    17 DEC. on spiritual level ended old 26000 natural cycle.
    The Great Transformation: A Mass Meditation Event is to calm down the masses after the breakthrough has already occurred.
    January - Great Spirit Full Moon. Ready to manifest our higher selves once our energetic implants ARE removed with the Blue Pulse coming from the third brightest star Alcyone its home constellation and also the brightest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. In fact, it’s name means “the Central One.”
    A giant star is acting strange, and astronomers are buzzing. The well-known bright star Betelgeuse – a red giant star "the hand of central one".
    Betelgeuse hunter hand of the Alcyone - will send blue pulse true our Sun and hit the Earth during the coming full moon in Cancer.


  7. Dubai had a special new year.

    Hold the skeptics' chin. Nothing will stop the Galactic Forces! Just a sample of 2020.

    The Victory of Light is really near!

  8. 1/2... I want to thank you for all the work you do. And I wish for all of us a victory of light for 2020.
    I confirm that your blog greatly helps starseeds who have suffered all kinds of attacks. Often without understanding: why? How? or What? by who? and often guilty, thinking that they are crazy or that
    this is their fault.
    I think a lot of starseeds here will recognize themselves in my words.
    I always knew that I was not of this world. when I was a child I cried alone in my bed at night begging to go home. I didn't know where my home was but I never considered this world
    as my world.

    30 years ago I physically met a Pleiadian. He told me that he came from the Pleiades. he showed me technology that didn't exist at the time. He showed me by telepathy, pictures of the galactic wars, he talked to me
    of the situation of humanity (in the form of hypothesis so as not to frighten me). But I was not awake and I did not understand. He was disappointed and told me that he thought I had called him, but that he was mistaken. he told me that we will see each other in 20 years (around 2012) that makes 30 now. He seemed worried about me and told me to be very careful.

    Later I had a benign operation but when I woke up a "nurse" told me "we had to give you a vaccine". I asked why, she replied "because it was necessary" and she disappeared. She was very tall
    blonde with pale face, very cold (now I think she was a Nordic). what shocked me was that she was wearing high heel shoes. My friend and family looked for her in the clinic but no one could say anything about her or this "vaccine".
    I started to tremble with my whole body for hours and I had a fever. I saw no doctor, no nurse ... I thought I was going to die. the next day I called my friend and I got out of the clinic after signing a release.
    I went to see a doctor who gave me antibiotics, I was sick for more than a month.
    Since this "vaccine" I have never been the same, like disconnected and always tired.

    A few years later, as i was still tired, i did sleep tests and They diagnosed me with atypical narcolepsy and hypersomnia. They was given very important drug treatment but I quickly stopped. I felt there was "something else". I started to watch my sleep. I realized that I had limb twitches or sounds in my ears just when I fell asleep. According to the sleep tests, I have practically no deep sleep. But also I manage to speak and move consciously while in stage 1 or 2 of sleep.
    This is how I started to realize the attacks.

    Following this "vaccine" I also had the uterus which started to swell, it became like a soccer ball. I have never been able to have children. And the doctors had to remove it from me.

    I woke up. I didn't really learn what was going on, it was like everything I read I already knew, but it just became obvious.
    I understood that I was not sick, but that I was under attack and also probably that I was undergoing experiences relating to sleep. When I started to realize the sounds in my ears that caused micro-clocks. They
    became stronger and more visible. As if they said to themselves now "she knows" there is no longer any need to hide. it had become so embarrassing that I wrote to resistance movement on the prepare for change website. Strangely the sounds stopped dead after my email!

    But then I had attacks of entities always at night around 3 am. They also attacked my dog, to make him bark. And for a few years now, there has been an entity / parasite that manages to make sound with my
    vocal cords while I sleep.
    I know this also happens to other starseeds. The entity / parasite can make words or some sort of snoring. Always with the same goal: to create micro-alarm clocks.
    The sleep tests also showed that I have the phases sleep totally reversed.

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  9. 2/2...May what you talked about healers. I had met a starseed who said to have donations and to see the entities etc ... she supposedly removed the entity from me but in the end the entity is still there and especially
    I received a lot of attacks before I realized it was from this girl. I don't know if it was intentional or not. but I cut all ties with her.

    Then I wanted to speak to someone known (whom someone mentioned in the comments in the previous entry). I spoke to this person because in an article he spoke of a patient who had a entity that used its vocal
    cords. But these treatments are very expensive. As my income is below the poverty line. I waited until I had a significant income (the sales of my book). But just when I contacted him to do this treatment. the
    money transfer from my publisher went through an intermediary bank, the "satabank" (it can't be invented!) which went bankrupt !!!
    my money has been frozen for one year !. When I finally received the money in my account, my vehicle broke down, the repair amount was almost the exact amount of the money I received. So, I do not have
    never could do this paid treatment.
    ever since I never made any money from my book or anything.
    But this experience confirms the blockages of the archons at the level of money.

    As you speak of making groups of starseeds. I wanted to participate in the "triangles", which consists of doing daily meditations at 3, in order to maintain the grid of light. With the other 2 girls we exchanged our
    photos. then one of the girls asked me my date of birth to do my birth chart. But she never did it. She says she had samadhi experience and remember all of her lives, including one where she had been a priestess, but had been killed with other young priestesses as well. it gave me confidence that she is a real starseed but...she also says she has healing gifts. So I told her about my concern.
    during a joint meditation she told me I saw something on my throat. But for more than 3 months she did nothing for that. Then she told me that she would take care of me, she said tomorrow and disappeared again,
    it's been 3 weeks now.

    And then in the penultimate article by Benjamin Fulford he said: "The ONU is a private company incorporated in California and belonging to the Rothschild family via the Lucis Trust".
    Lucis trust is precisely the site through which I met these 2 girls for the triangles (the second girl gave up pretty quickly and did not give any news).
    I have noticed that since I started participating in triangles, I have received many more attacks. But it also matches your blog entries saying that the attacks are increasing.

    But honestly I don't know what to think about this girl anymore. I don't know who to trust anymore. I understand that the forces of light guide us towards good people, but I also understand let the dark forces guide
    us to the wrong people. I have the impression of being a ball between two opponents who throw it back!

    I understand everything you say and it helps me a lot. I called the light forces and asked them to help me several times already. But the entity clings, yesterday I asked her to leave, it told me answered "no" using my
    vocal cords. I don't know how to make this thing go away and more obviously it hears what I think since it answered me!
    it is useless to clean and protect me externally if it is inside!
    How to find healers, magicians ... really reliable?

    Sorry if this comment is a bit long but I would like people to understand that this is all very real and how useful this blog can be for us.
    This is a corrected google translation I hope this is understandable.

    1. Never give up! You haven't met a healer strong enough yet. But please also find your inner strength, from the very center of your being, from the connection with the Source. Start distributing light from there. While reading your comment, I do not know why, my first thought came to mind - Felines. And then the Cosmic Central Race. Connect with them and ask for their protection and cleansing every day. The power of darkness is diminishing with every passing moment. The dark forces that are left at the moment are desperate, trying to cause maximum damage and chaos. They try to create the illusion in your mind that it will never end. But it will end. For a long time they will no longer be able to withstand the amount of light that is now entering. I wish you a wonderful healing! Victory of the Light!

    2. thank you Jãnis, I already called the felines. what is strange is that each time I called them, in the morning there was a big tabby cat on the wall of my garden, which I had never seen.
      but it bothers me to ask everyday, like i need a babysitter and i think they have more important things to do.
      In my case, things are complicated because I think there is the effect of the vaccine which gave me hypersomnia and also a form of autism, more probably implants physical or not and then there is an entity which is not always there because I feel it entering or
      leaving. I think the galactics do what they can from a distance.
      The light inside me is the concern. this vaccine has totally changed my life and my way of being. I don't feel like that anymore, it's as if part of my feelings are gone. I act mainly by memory or mimicry, for example I know that in a funeral people are sad, or that
      on a birthday people are happy so I act in this way too but in reality I feel nothing. I was a very cheerful person, I laughed a lot and I sang all the time. I was someone who united the people who energized them. Now I laugh and sing again but something is
      missing. This is why I asked the question "how do we know if they took a part of our soul?" because I really feel like I'm missing part of myself. I can't seem to feel empathy or compassion for people. however before I was an intuitive empath. when people
      talk to me about love and light, I admit that this is a fairly abstract concept for me. yet I have my active kundalini, my 3rd eye open and my heart chakra also I feel the light enter it but there is never enough for me.
      but this is just an experience. Contrary to what some people think, each negative experience always has a positive counterpart. the fact that my feelings are diminished, I have much less ego, I do not feel hatred, jealousy, envy ... also I have an analysis of things
      which, I think, is much more fair, because stripped of all feelings. I just analyze things as they are.
      it also allowed me to escape the "trolls" who came to my site, to attack me personally (ego). it was doomed to fail because I did not get the reaction they hoped for. just like the archons can not really feed on my emotions because I have very few.
      and I became very resistant to sleep.
      But I still have strong feelings for a few people in this world, but especially my galactic soul family. I manage to be in contact with the pleiadian whom I met because I know his energy signature and I know that they do the maximum for us.

      thank you to those who provide care, but i can't call you because i don't know who you are.

    3. @ Natalie

      For a better rhytmn of sleep

      Please inform you about Melatonin

      Happy new year and all the best :)

    4. Dear Natalie. Vaccines can cause autism and many other cruel symptoms. It seems to be due to the Mercury and aluminium used in some of them.

      So please check out the work of Dr Butthar from USA. He cured his son of similar vaccine damage by detoxing the body of the heavy metals with his methods, as well as many other kids.

      And keep asking support from Pleiadians such as Command 12, 21 team, Command 771 , your Felines and all the benevolent star nations who are here to help. You deserve it.


  10. More UFOs in Belgium's New Year:

    Other in Bologna:





  11. New Year's UFOs in Cork, Ireland:

    San Fernando Valley, California:


    Quexon City, Philippines:



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  13. Thank you for your post and for continuously posting intel. I wish you a safe and lovely life!

  14. To FM144 thank you for the support, the info and advice....

  15. We don't need energy healing we need physical healing. 99% of people's problems are because of these garbage bodies. This reminds me of how social media is filled with worthless pop psychology. Like we're all insanely miserable because we need to shift our perspective. What an insult. And ET's are no better than lame Facebook advice. Right I'll get a lightworker to cure my nerve disorder, deformed spine, and brain damage. Or I'll ask the light forces, yeah they're actually going to do that. The number of people who need energy healing more than physical is just nobody, nobody is like that. It's infuriating to be lectured for decades by perfect beings in perfect bodies with infinite technology telling us to envision some white light to help ourselves. Nobody here is healthy and just needs help with self-actualization, we are dying! People aren't going to be surprised to hear of the dark forces, but when they hear there are positive beings with infinite technology just hanging around, they are going to be SO angry. I really don't think they're going to be angry at the cabal or dark ET's, but they are going to want to murder the positive ones. I know exactly how people think and feel, they are going to breeze right over the cabal and land on murderous rage at the light forces. It's a universal trait for people with a positive and negative parent, everyone hates the positive parent for not doing more. The fact that Draco would subvert the financial system, who cares, but the fact that Pleiadians are sitting on their ships watching us suffer and die right now, oh my god I can't even put into words. People are going to be SOOOO angry. Be ready for it, because I feel like I'm being pretty chill about this, I've known about them my whole life and been prepared. When the average person finds out about positive ET's... I don't know, just wait.

    1. I can understand your pain, your anger and your frustration. But I find your comments very negative.
      What you say is wrong!
      the galactics have given healing technologies to our governments and it is our governments that keep them to themselves!
      We must not forget that we are hostages, the galactics wish they could do more and are already doing everything they can to help us.
      They have no obligation to help us or give us their technology.
      They could very well go home and let us manage! what would you do then? well do it!
      it is not for the galactics to liberate us, we must liberate ourselves, we must demand that our governments give back to us what they took from us: our gold and the technologies that were for humanity and not a so-called " elite".
      the yellow vests understood this well, some lost an eye through tear gas canisters during the manifestations. They said they are claiming hidden medical technology and it will go all the way.

      I too have a deviated spine, the hip bone has worn out abnormally and I can barely walk. Sometimes it hurts a lot and I can't sleep. it is true that energy care is not enough. But I also take a mixture of turmeric / ginger / pepper (proportion 9/5/1). and that takes away the pain.

      and when you are in too much pain, think of children who are raped, cut their tongues, remove the kidneys and other organs while they are awake. This helps put things into perspective!
      we chose to come here, we knew the risks, and we are much luckier than these children or other people in the world.
      We also have an incredible chance to experience these historic moments.
      and we have a choice to learn from all of our negative experiences, and make the best of it.
      Or to complain and be negative, this is your choice, not the choice of others.

    2. Your problem isn't pain or negative thoughts.

      Your problem is you think you see big picture. We are tiny. We don't have the wisdom to understand.

      Let go. I promise it will hurt less.

    3. I can understand the frustration of many, yet many statements made in this state are not true. The Liberation is not a walk in the park but highly complex, a wrong step could end in a global disaster. And if the LFs had not intervened, things would look much worse here than many could imagine. Many things will clear up after liberation!

  16. I just saw this and thought hey I was just talking about this. "What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor but the silence of the bystander. -Elie Wiesel People are absolutely going to lose their minds not because Reptilians exist, but because Pleiadians do.

  17. If anyone is interested in some healing feel free to contact using this email address


  18. PART 1 - This is a very strong message I warn, but as a light warrior healing and protection is something I am very learned on and I feel this is very important info to help some, its tried and tested by me 😊
    I am not privy to healing others, but I have spent a lot of time working on myself to the best version I can be. Although not perfect as best a version as I can be, and I have tried so many modalities. The ones below I am willing to steak my life on and they make you as the wounded the person responsible squarely for your own healing. I have been in the past attacked more times than many will ever know, these attacks stopped when I rose into my own power and took responsibly for myself!

    The first part of healing is to realise you have the power within you, anytime you ask another for healing you are removing your own power and giving them yours instead!! Its important to realise how powerful you really are, you are so powerful that the dark don’t want you to know who you are really!!!…….When you look to another you turn them into a false god and believe me any being stuck in the grid you are going to find very disappointing when you find out how many faults they also have! Be your own God/Goddess…..don’t rely on anyone or you become weak and in need of them!

    You can ask for assistance and guidance but no one else can save you but yourself….in fact I find it disturbing when people return to healers over and over for help! The most important part of this all, is the honesty with yourself that you are not the pure person you think you are, so many of us lean on our starseed part to cling to the fact we are pure and infallible, we are not we also have hurt people, you can’t heal if you can’t be honest with yourself. A very good way to see how you are in fact also responsible for things in your life is to become aware of your control dramas! This is without a doubt the single most freeing thing you can do for yourself, understand first of all your own control dramas then when free of them you can navigate around others games they create, but my advice is don’t read this so you can avoid your own control dramas and see others as a means of being powerful (remember power is an illusion) start with you because maybe you like I was an unlucky enough to have had all 4 control drams. When you learn how badly you are messing up your own life with your control drama and stop playing the game, then after you can use this tool to navigate attacks from others:

    PART 2 to follow....

    1. "The most important part of this all, is the honesty with yourself that you are not the pure person you think you are, so many of us lean on our starseed part to cling to the fact we are pure and infallible,"
      The Cabal attack my child with voices since when my child was 2 year old. 2 yo have no sins, your theory fail. Let's say it , it is just a war between the good and the bad, and in this war there are no rules....

  19. PART 2 - These are some tips that might help some of you
    1. Many light workers seem to be stuck in a spiritual bypassing…. they experience anxiety often, this is very sad because healers are natural channels of the light for healing and this causes the healer to channel dark entities as they are blocked and cant connect directly to the source (and believe me some dark entities are so good at this game you think they are light, the best way to know is if you have to return to the entity for knowledge or a connection to the source for info, everyone can connect with the source yourself, why go to the middle man??), they even project there healing for self onto others. Spiritual bypassing is very very dangerous to yourself, as you can’t see your dark side everyone has one. You cant be a whole person until you incorporate your light self into your dark self! This then allows you to have compassion for even the most “evil” being…..very very important in the light workers tool cabinet is compassion….and also to stop projecting onto others and for them to heal as its important we need clean healers:
    2. Many light warriors are going through or stuck in the dark night of the soul….they experience depression often, this is very sad because the warriors are the ones who hold the light the most and also protect the light (truth) they are very important also to light workers to help guide them as to what is a truth and lie in this terrible game. Listen to light warriors you trust for sources of info they are designed to find what is truth and what is lie. Its good to know one or two in your community for protection techniques, just like its good for light warriors to know a light worker for emergency care when they cant do the healing themselves and know a clean light warrior. Light warriors sadly can be in denial sometimes about truth or get stuck in conspiracies that are often disinfo campaigns, they then loose track of what they here for. Its important for the warrior to be reborn and heal all wounds we need warriors now to hold light:
    *The above and below info can sometimes be for both light warrior and worker there is no rules here sometimes a person can be both!

    Lastly a video about depression and anxiety and addictions.

    I feel this year is going to be very healing for many starseeds, I hope this info helps you like it helped me.
    “To enter the kingdom of heaven, one must be reborn”
    With love your sister from the stars


    another thing i have seen is how many starseeds cant forgive, anger will unforgiveness will kill you and destroy your life.....i am going to challenge those of you who cant forgive now....if a HUMAN can forgive this then why cant you?
    light and grace to you all :)

  21. Part 1:
    Thank you for this article, it is very important to finally address this issue. Already on September 7th I wrote a long comment on a blog entry by Cobra to which there was absolutely no reaction, since then I have not written there!

    Here is a copy of the text:
    Hello Cobra, Starseeds & Lightworkers,

    before I start with my statement:
    I would like to ask you to moderate the comment section of this blog, but in no case completely close!

    The blog should be much more used to make information and their sources visible. However, this does not mean that here complete articles, texts in several comments, individual music videos and their texts are set in the dozen. A suggestion would be to stop only one comment per user per article by Cobra, so the course remains clear and is not taken by individual persons.

    Now to me, I am a starseed of the Pleiades, a system buster and awakened in 2011/2012. For the last 7 years, I have been attacked at all imaginable levels by the destructive forces and their vassals. Since 2015, I am completely isolated from AI, algorithms, shadow prohibition, trolls, hacker attacks and the destruction of my hardware. Basically, I no longer exist in digital space (Internet).

    For years I have been trying to bring together the various sources of information to give a general overview of what the research has just begun. I participated in all the relevant meditations, especially those where the target of 144,000 was not or only barely reached.

    I tried to make contacts with other lightworkers, to form groups, information and more. Altruistic (selfless) shared sources, but instead of communicating with me, you've used the sources of information to collect subscribers, followers, likes, and donations while leaving me in the corner like collateral damage! I would really like to know what's going on in many of these people, because of teamwork, altruism, communication, respect, empathy and sincerity among the starseeds and lightworkers, I did not recognize much.

    We can continue to pursue our selfish business interests ... or we are finally beginning to work together to support the commitment, the work of others, to see the lesser known starseeds by sharing their contributions, honoring articles, through minor inconsistencies based on ignorance, looking outward and thus fulfilling the mission of our incarnation on this planet. However, this is not possible without the pooling of our powers, as each of us has very special abilities!

    My blog has been in existence since 17.07.2017, I have just over 5,000 views, no more than 2,500 visitors and only 8 subscribers, that's like writing letters to throw them into the fire, futile efforts. With appropriate resonance, I would have published 10 times more contributions ... but when I realize that no one is reading or watching, I just save me the time & energy.

    I do not know if I'll write anything again because I'm very sad at the moment. Ignorance of many issues is a fundamental problem, so I have apologized many lapses in recent years, but it is also a healthy amount of ignorance in the game.

    We do not always have the same view, but you have to realize that each one of us has special abilities.
    We can and must act as a team, because each of you knows what it's all about!

    "You are needed. You have been in training for this assignment for lifetimes, and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know now is inside of you."

    Semjase, Starfleet Commander of the Pleiades (Contact person of Billy Meier)

    Finally, I would like to thank Cobra, who plays a key role in this process. Thank you!

    "Okay, for those I would give some advice.
    Form comprehensively. Educate yourself, work on your personality to be reliable, so the light forces can count on you. Never let yourself be provoked.


  22. Part2:
    (...) For example, they would not start attacking each other if there is some negative impact.
    And one of the main lessons for the surface population, for those who would like to participate, is being able to cooperate with each other without attacking each other without fighting each other. And that's the main task!
    And people who pass this test can expect to be involved in something more serious in the future - maybe even before the event." (Cobra)!!!


    Only one starseed has registered privately on my blog, which is in the same situation. I know of other starseeds in Canada, the United States, England, France and Belgium to which the destructive entities of the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex have caused damage at every conceivable level adopted. I myself have been an individual target since summer 2012 and have also been completely isolated.

    In the last 7 years 97% of my work in the digital space (internet) has been irretrievably destroyed by the dark and their lackeys and my blog opened on July 17th, 2017 is censored and is completely under ShadowBan.

    I am from Germany and have tried unsuccessfully with other blog & channel operators for the past 6 years, but the arrogance and ignorance is almost limitless. Due to my high level of mental efficiency, I often come across new, authentic information sources in a relatively short time and have so far shared them in an altruistic manner, not infrequently, these information sources were then taken up by established blog & channel operators and in my own name (ego / egomiasms / narcissism) published, many of them like to pat themselves on the shoulders, collect followers, likes, subscribers and donations (the sum of which is not disclosed! Hypocrisy!). They do NOT realize that they are doing other Starseeds and Lightworkers enormous damage with these actions. In doing so, they deprive the affected Starseeds of energy, which they have used through their altruistic way of working, their commitment, their individual abilities and talents and do not get it back (response)!

    If you want to view my blog, you can only find me via the profile name on Google, because these deep state companies pay particular attention to my activities!

    Victory of the light!


    1. One thing that I don't understand is this, if you are important and under constant attack, why don't they just kill you?

      Why muck around making your life uncomfortable when they could just erase you with ease?

      Sorry if this question is insensitive.

    2. @M(पञ्चचत्वारिंशत्)ystical0802, "I know of other starseeds in Canada, the United States, England, France and Belgium to which the destructive entities of the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex have caused damage at every conceivable level adopted." As long as I can remember the supernatural have caused trouble. I have a blog but all I really have are my experiences. I have listened to others to try to understand the experiences better but it only helps so much.

    3. @Syrio
      Do you want to swap? Would you like to see how the star seeds are wiped out? The Dark Forces / Chimera / Cabal does not have to kill us, the decomposition of the individual goals takes place on all levels, you can only understand that if you are affected.

      I do not know what you want to achieve with this 'question', the comment is 6,112 sign long and you want to know why I am not killed, seriously? Are you all right?

      Why is such an (answer) comment activated?

      @David Chicago
      I know your comments from Cobra's blog David, I have been reading all the comments there since the beginning of 2013, they are too often too negative, which I can understand in a way based on their experience. It does not help them to talk and write about it all the time, because they lower their own 'consciousness frequency signal', their 'energy signature' or aura.

      I have not written any comments on Cobra's blog lately, even if it is difficult for me to hold back. For about 2 years I have been watching how the comment function is used by about a dozen users. I would not be surprised if an infiltration has taken place there as well. The blog was created as a communication platform for the 144,000 starseeds, but I see narcissistic tendencies and marketing tools for their business models among many users.

      As for you, I would like to recommend the Alcyon Pleiades blog & channel, in particular the documentation on nutrition, psychology, emotions, neurology, the endocrine gland system, meditation, our DNA and many others.

      In my opinion, this is by far the best educational channel worldwide! The videos are viewed in 227 countries on earth and the planet and translated into 13 languages.

      Music is also an option to restore your well-being. From the outside, they can expect absolutely no help / support from my knowledge of the past 7 years (I took part in the meditations for Corey Goode and Emery Smith, but when I found myself in situations like this I had to deal with this on my own), of course apart from that Support of the light forces, I am aware that they were there.

      Your new desktop background:

      And the right music:

      Victory of the light!

    4. It appears I have done it again, I've unintentionally crossed a line!

      To address your questions to me (rhetorical or not)

      Would I like to live your life? From your response, probably not!

      What's wrong with me? I no longer have boundaries, this can make me seem like a troll even though it's just casual curiosity that leads me to write. No ill intent, you just don't know anyone like me!

      Im just having fun trying to understand why my life and the way I experience it gets better and better while people claiming some level of superiority seem distressed.

      You are very interesting to me! Not for what you have to say, but why you say what you say!

      My urge to probe dramatic people is just too strong!... Can't... Resist...

    5. M(पञ्चचत्वारिंशत्)ystical0802, thank you

    6. David Chicago@

      Relaunch your dream with the grocery, as a lucid dream incubation. It might continue with some or many unexpected data. Do not put it aside! The Event might come another time in similar but unexpected condition. Try to incubate a lucid dream with the grocery. Let see what will come...

    7. If I can experience anything I want when I close my eyes, how can I believe anything?

      How do you know that you haven't fabricated your entire story for the sake of your satisfaction?

      I witness people using identification with stories as an excuse to suffer. Refusing their own hands work in their life. Shifting the cause of their discontent outside themselves.

      When you begin with "I am a starseed" you summon my curiosity so intensely.

      Did this begin as information you read and then looked for within yourself, and using your infinite imagination found it to be true?

      Have you physically been abducted?

      A hunch?

      What reinforces your story strong enough to make a distinction between you and your neighbours as et or native?

      Have at it friend! Elaborate!

  23. It seems you are in touch with Cobra, or at least with his sources.
    Do you know more about the "Three Phases of Islands of Light", in discussion at Taipei, Taiwan, - ASCENSION CONFERENCE, November 30th-Decmber 1st, 2019?
    Can you give some details?

    1. This blog not in physical contact with CoBra, nor is this blog a specifically official channel of the RM (although I can confirm that the RM exists and we are on the same side), but for the Galactic Confederation in general. Let's just say this blog uses more sources on and above the Grid.

  24. @Patrick

    For the first, happy happy new year.

    And the lession to speak with the cosmis family (its only telepathy) _ you need a rotation heart chakra.

    thats all.

    a broken material body is a handicap. of course!

    but you need only the energy from your heartchakra _ i swear. its only a question whats energy signature moved out from your heart.

    remember, where can you find your joy as a child, it can be the smallest thinks.

    growding to earth, and then with the time your heartchakra begin the rotation automatical.

    happy new year and a lot of joy for you

  25. Please help me to flood the comment sections of known and not-so known leaders and informants of the awakened community youtube channels inviting all to participate in Age of Aquarius Activation meditation.
    You can briefly explain what it is and paste the links from 2012portal.
    Put this information in the comments sections below the latest videos of these channels.
    I've already done one round, but it quickly disappears between other comments. But if we do it massively, it will have a completely different effect and people will start paying attention to it.
    My suggestion is to post on the following youtube channels:
    SphereBeing Alliance,
    The GoldFish Report,
    ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel,
    Divine Frequency,
    Stillness in the Storm,
    Allison Coe,
    Simon Parkes ,
    Destroying the Illusion ,
    Cosmic Agency ,
    Edge of Wonder ,
    thirdphaseofmoon ,
    Age Of Truth TV ,
    Ninety Degree Turns ,
    David Icke ,
    FADE TO BLACK Radio ,
    COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL and others as you see fit.
    You can also post your suggestions here in the comment.
    I advise you to do so each time before our great mass meditations to gather critical mass.
    I also recommend that you regularly do special meditation to wake up and reconnect Stareeds faster.
    I have developed my own version of Meditation for Starseed Awakening and Reunification, which I will post in a separate comment.
    Victory of The Light!

  26. I advise you all to start meditating regularly to wake up and re-unite the Starseeds faster.
    Here is a meditation I have developed that you can freely use and distribute.

    1) Relax your body and mind with the method that works best for you.
    2) State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to wake up and reunite all Starseeds and Lightworkers faster.
    3) Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters of Light, and other Beings of Light.
    4) Visualize a pillar of pure white light emerging in the Galactic Central Sun, then coming through our Sun, through all the Beings of Light in our Solar System, through your body and then going to the center of the Earth.
    5) Visualize the sphere of golden white light in your heart chakra, which pulsates in the heart rate and emits golden-white light waves around you.
    6) See how these light waves activate the heart chakras of other Starseeds and Lightworkers next to you and they begin to emit golden-white light waves further until the entire globe is surrounded by hearts pulsing in golden-white light.
    7) Then visualize that these bright centers of the heart begin to connect with the circles and create a network around the Earth in the form of the Flower of Life.
    8) Visualize that the light of this network of the Flower of Life purifies the entire surface of the Earth from all the negativity and darkness that is left.

    Victory of The Light!

    You can enhance and supplement this meditation according to your feelings. Many blessings to you all!

    1. Many thanks for your commitment!

    2. Jãnis Mežeckis: done, I've posted info about the Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation in the comments below all of the most recent and most viewed videos of these and other YT channels!

  27. Thanks for the update again, it totally resonates with me.
    I have the following question: I regularly go to trainings/workshops/conferences (f.i. with Cobra), etc. where my vibration increases drastically. When I come back I feel full of Love, Light, Compassion and Inner Strength. And then during one or two days after, helicopters are circulating above and around my house. This happened not just once (that could be a coincidence), but it happened several times, in fact everytime when I am in such a higher, blissful state. According to a friend of mine, this blissful state causes an aberration in the control/quarantaine field of the dark ones and can be detected by their sensitive radars. Is that true? Can you comment on that? Thanks.

    1. "The Starseeds that have incarnated on this planet have been targeted by these dark entities artificial intelligence and technologies by the way of negative harassment. The energy of a highly conscious human being creates a higher awareness frequency signal that activates a threat hence these dark psychic attacks. Many of us have experienced them."

      The black helicopters are almost harmless. I always take pictures and wave.

      "You are made out of parts of infinity and the stars, but you do not know it because you are asleep."

      Krunula, Commander from the Pleiades.

      „If you work with love, opponents are doomed to failure. If you follow the correct rules of conduct that you have learned you will be protected. If you abide in the truth , then for you is the prize and the reward of living in a better world.“

      Khrisnamerck, Commandant of the Pleiades

      "You are needed. You have been in training for this assignment for lifetimes, and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know now is inside of you."

      Semjase, Commandant of the Pleiades

      Victory of ''The Light'' (by Akiane)

    2. YW! What I can confirm is, for example, that the Cabal uses psychics to scan the surface of the planet for points of light, which means that there are many Lightworkers in a given location - and they will use scalar weapons on that area.

  28. Plan B stable : 100% no LIMIT : PU Saila

  29. Hello! As you probable know, people rely on your balanced thinking and interpretation... People have to know. What determined a difference of few hours between your mass meditation, and Cobra's one, as long, presumable the same astrological event was taken into consideration. People need to know. Please have the courage to come with an answer.
    On the other hand, try to handle this situation and give an advice for all those who intend to have the greatest involvement into participation. For sure, it will be both of them, but try an 'educated guess' of what might be the effect of these two,if reaching a certain mass of participants.
    Thank you!

    P.S. The other mass meditation, is scheduled as here: and is expected to have eve more participants as Cobra's.

    1. Why do you consider that 2 different times were chosen for this meditation, as soon as the same galactic alignment was taken into consideration?

      What happens if the second one (the later scheduled) reaches the critical mass of more than 144000 participants?

    2. Any meditation aimed at Planetary Liberation is helpful and worth participating in. Just take part in whatever you are attracted to, ideally both.

  30. Which might be, in your opinion, the degree by which a soul of a lightworker can supposedly be damaged? What does this might consist in?
    Do the LFs expect some lightworkers/starseeds to be damaged on earth at the degree at which they would be considered as unredeemable?
    What will happen n this case?
    People need, and have the right, to know.
    Can you give an answer, please?

    1. The Soul could become so traumatized or fragmented (for example, when the exotic weapons would detonate, or one has been exposed to the Anomaly for too long) that only a return to the Source would help.

    2. This means that star seeds and lightworkers will be send to the CS in the way that the dark ones would be?? It's right scandalous!!
      The light community must turnaround! Not this is what we came here for, to be treated as unredeemable! We have to stand up! Light community must stand up! We are already in a metaawakening! We fight for our liberation, no matter against whom!
      Liberation is liberation! Anyone who considers us unredeemable must be fight over!

    3. Such a drastic damage to the Soul would only occur, for example, through a detonation of the exotic bombs, which is also the reason why the LF are so careful about defusing them.

      Planetary Liberation means, the Souls will survive and be healed!


  31. A FAST NOTE ON THE SITUATION (1189) posted by Gabriel RL (Neva)


    P1 calling Terrans for source recognition! Attention to calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Neva: Alert Odd code alert. MiD (Cabal) sabotage attempt and island transition. Ashtar (s) redirected.

    Interdimensional dungeons are discontinued.

    North Environment MiD Agent notified. Behavioral reductions or cancellations of Galactic Special Contracts. Order reception in progress.

    Critical alert on main MiD zone. Stampede continues. Internal arrests occur.

    Strengthening in Kangaroo occurs. Transitions continue 3% final.

    War responsibilities announced in conflicting environment. Trigger removals in progress.

    Draco leaks - failures. Sentinels intercept.

    Plasmic field harmonized by leading Pleiadians.

    Attention PVSE! Green Angel beats scepter of discipline and healing. Attention to harmonic responsibilities. Central meetings in solar environment in Quantum Hours.

    Guardians of Harmony called for balances. Anti-peace blocks are broken.

    Galactic history retold and being finalized.

    Lovings shine.

    Departures of real lovingness cause quantum discomfort. ++ - - Real QLIB +++.

    MiD attempts for Bird(airplane) 2 hits are blocked. Quantum balance - final ok.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.

    Pleiades 1 (Empowering New Degree PVSE)


  32. Hello,
    I know this post is old, but I wanted to ask if you aware are there starseed people who have self who is like a tree, who can walk and talk. Kind of Groot from the Avengers . What is their origin. Thanks.

  33. Hello,
    I hope you read comments from old posts. I was reading old posts and the topic about fairies, venus, amazon self was very interesting. And here is my question:
    Are you aware are there starseed with self who is a TREE, who walk and talk, like Groot from the movie the Avengers. What is their origin, thanks.


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