Situation Update (13.05.2020)

Tension increases as the COVID-19 narrative gets riddled with plot holes and the everyday situation becomes more and more ludicrous.

We are currently experiencing an unequalled information war, in which everything and everyone is defamed, deleted, removed who dares to question the narrative. And there is definitely also an infight going on when (after various doctors and scientists) even clerics are now also dismissed as conspiracy theorists:

More and more people worldwide are protesting (mostly peaceful) against the lockdown, although they are sometimes faced with excessive police measures:

Many governments are currently trying to save face in order not to be held responsible for the consequences of their actions (i.e. crashing the economy, more causes of death by lockdown than by the virus itself … with real impacts yet to come):

Possibly they want so save themselves into a second wave, after all they are still working on the agenda in the background:

With Mr. Gates talking about pandemic 2 after pandemic 1 which could be accomplished via a (this time officially) bioterrorist attack:

And reports of new chains of infection in China:

Situation is also used to implement the latest technical equipment for surveillance by the Cabal and negative military:

While the Chimera is also aiming high with 5G:

We live in the Matrix and there is always a playbook:

The situation is heating up and the Light Forces are currently keeping a very low profile when it comes to giving out information, but it is also a fact that current events are pulling down the masks of governments and mass media, revealing the ugly Cabal controlled grimace beneath which will wake even more people up.

The Pleiadians have announced that they will not allow forced vaccinations.

And furthermore it seems that the chaos on the surface, besides the goal to make it more difficult for the Light Forces to take over, also serves as a distraction. As already mentioned, a part of the Dark Ones have dug in under the surface to hold out the Event:

The Reptilians, however, seem to want to use the current chaos to prepare their evacuation. The plan was to use still existing portals and teleportation chambers in order to escape to hollowed out asteroids away from Earth. They wanted to take human hostages with them as protection, but the whole plan fell apart as several underground facilities both on land and offshore were cleaned up by the Light Forces during the last weeks.

According to the Light Forces, war is going on, and things are heating up as the Event approaches. The fact that the Reptilians want to leave the planet should be seen as a good sign.

Regarding the question of whether it is a good idea to spiritually approach the main players of the world stage, and whether, by doing so, violating their free will: These players have violated the free will of billions of Souls for thousands of years, and they are still doing it … so Starseeds shouldn’t worry about free will, when trying to intervene.

As Starseeds/Lightworker/Light Warrior, it is your mission to intervene. When a policeman rushes to help someone who is being robbed by a thief, he does not worry about the thief's free will either, he simply intervenes, because it's his job.

But one should still be careful when targeting main players.

Physical members of the Cabal are energetically monitored and protected by the Grid and the Archons. Furthermore, a lot of them have also employed physical persons (who are clairvoyant) for energetic protection who are able recognize such energetic processes.

This means that one should definitely protect oneself really well energetically and also make oneself invisible on ethereal levels, before carrying out such operations. Otherwise the Grid will strike back. But if you know how to protect yourself well and energetically maintain a low profile, then yes, you can approach main players.

You can also ask the positive (White) High Magicians of the Light Forces for support. High Magicians are nothing other than beings who have mastered the control of the elements through the power of thought. These beings are very strong, trained in combat magic and also involved in the Liberation Process of the Planet, as this battle is mainly fought on the occult level too.

The Light Forces continue to ask the Starseeds on the surface to remain calm, no matter what happens outside in the near future.


  1. German translation:

    Alcyon Pleiades 91:
    Noah's Arks, Bill Gates, microchips, hunger, WHO agenda, vaccines, de-population

    In my blog I will link the documentations in all 13 languages and make them available as soon as they are online. I have been supporting this blog & channel operator for over 7 years now.

    „If you work with love, opponents are doomed to failure. If you follow the correct rules of conduct that you have learned you will be protected. If you abide in the truth , then for you is the prize and the reward of living in a better world.“
    Khrisnamerck, Commandant of the Pleiades

    Laker & Mihailov - Elision -

    Victory of the light! 🕊

  2. Instructing intrusion? " The light forces need YOU 👉 🇺🇸 🎩"

    Be wary friends.

    1. You of all people must appreciate a safe space, energetic or otherwise!

      Attack randomly and invite random attacks.

      I have better advice than channeling your energy towards harm.

      Seek peace. Within. Without.

  3. Thank you for the update. Take care <3
    chinese translation/中文:

  4. 1Q: I am puzzled by the solar flash. Many sources talk only this onetime event but others have said there will be two flashes. How is it going to be? My understanding: the first “(we call) event” flash is like galactic love pulse to expand consciousness and erasing the remaining darkness. Second flash will be much more extreme that will happen after the ascension process. Second flash will tilt magnetic poles and creates massive tsunamis.
    2Q: 5th dimensional earth is called nova gaia. When we transition to 5d is the “new” earth still the same planet that we know now? Is it different from 3d earth or do we just see it in different way with 5th dimensional eyes?
    3Q: What is nevic grid? Does it have anything to do with VTX light grid that is been built?
    4Q: Is there a second sun behind the sun we see? Will there be a time when we have two suns in our solar system?
    5Q: Does the final phase of ascension happen in stargate?
    Thank you for the great work that you are doing.

    1. Time is not a line, or what a 'clock' tells you it is.

    2. These are only miscellaneous questions that I am interested. Nothing more. You don't need to align with these.

    3. You're welcome!

      1. Maybe just one flash, maybe several, maybe a longer one with multiple peaks...

      2. Same planet, other frequency and therefore very very different.

      3. To answer this, please contact the relevant sources that work with or disseminate this term.

      4. I have no information about a second sun.

      5. The LFs do not want to give out any information on this.


  6. Thank you so much Teilen. Energies been so intense this month. Your intel reassures me there is still Divinity here despite daily dark agenda ramping up control.

    1. You're welcome! LFs are always there, the energies just make contact difficult at the moment.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You're welcome! As with religions, such movements are/were also quickly infiltrated and distorted by the Dark Ones, although the core/basic idea maybe was/is pure and positive.

    2. I really appreciate the response but you in no way answerd the question of how much of this stuff that you're doing and most of the "awakened" community are doing are involved in the teachings of The Philosophical Society (weather good or bad, infiltrated or not)
      Would you say 100%, only a very small group like 10%, or is it the majority?

    3. This blog was created independently of these teachings, is not based on them and does not orientate itself on them intentionally. If there are (positive) similarities, it is probably due to the core influence of the Source on both.

      The same may also apply to some parts of the community. However, I cannot give any exact percentage figures here.

    4. Thank you so much for replying I appreciate you taking the time to clarify. My introduction to Ascension and all this stuff was some book from their group. I was totally resonation with the info until I found out they are homies with Lucifer. I guess my ultimate question would be if someone was unknowingly practicing those teachings with a very positive intent wouldn't that energy still end up going to the source intent it was originally
      created for?

    5. You're welcome! If you adhere to the positive, unadulterated core messages with positive intent (and with being not infiltrated yourself), then certainly.

  8. Dear FM144, thank you for your valuable information!
    I have a question regarding this situation update: You wrote „The fact that the Reptilians want to leave the planet should be seen as a good sign.“ Are these beings real physical Reptilians or are they Reptilians incarnated into human bodies?

    And are there still any phyiscal Reptilians in Europe?

    1. Yes exactly. You are talking about physical reptilians who are in bases. Are they the eteric and astral reptilians ?? Or the reptilians incarnate on the surface of the planet physically in a human body or even the 1 million native reptilians (vempires). Thank you we need precise information and not generalization please.

      (Google translate)

    2. You're welcome! Since much depends on vibrational levels, I would say both.

    3. Dear FM144, regarding my question about the Reptilians who want to leave the planet:
      1. Are these beings real physical Reptilians or are they Reptilians incarnated into human bodies?
      2. And are there still any phyiscal Reptilians in Europe?

    4. 1. Both. Sometimes the line between physical and non-physical is also blurred.
      2. Most likely.

    5. Thank you for the clarification!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. What is the origin of those purple and blue lights in the sky ???

    1. Can sometimes actually come from processes in the atmosphere or on higher plains, but often they are also just reflections of surface lights.

  11. Hey FM144, I just came across a QHHT Healing Seission from Allison Coe. What are your Infos about this QHHT? According to the record, the clients higher self answered somewhere in the middle something like "people who control multitasking in their feeling are very strong. This is a gift which is meant to be used". Can you give some deeper information about this? What does it mean to be able to "multitask feelings"? How can i be sure, that I am able to do it and how am I using it the right way?

    I would be very happy, if you can give me some insights here, if you can! Much love and light to you all!

    1. A method to get access to his subconscious or information from his higher self. However, it is always important that the healer/session leader is trustworthy and "pure" and also knows about energetic protection to avoid manipulation.

    2. Ok, thank you so far! But so you have insights, what it means to multitask feeling and what the gift is with that?
      Also, if I feel guided to visit such a healer some day, with a good and positive feeling, how are the chances, that i visit a healer which will be trustworthy in the end? I mean, does the dark side manipulate or tries to manipulate such feelings? Are they even able to do so, if this feeling (the feeling to visit such a healer to get further information) is already a long time in me?

    3. Please contact the appropriate healers for more Information on that subject.
      Listen to your own guidance or ask the spiritual world/Source/Higher Self to mark whether a healer is trustworthy or not. The first feeling is usually right.
      One can also check in a meditation whether a healer is of light or occupied by dark.

  12. Thank you so much, dear FM144, for explicitly answering my question I asked in the comments of the last update regarding the inner approach of the world's main players - in this very update! While performing lightwork operations over the last days, I realized that there is the possibility of overprotection, combined with complete invisibility, resulting in difficulties to come through. Can it be that if I cannot be seen at all there is little to no way to operate anyway? Shouldn't there be a balance between being capable of acting and the risk of being violated?

    1. You're welcome. During critical operations one can usually never have enough protection and invisibility. Normally these measures do not restrict one either. The risk of violation should always be kept as low as possible! Problem could lie here with the defensive measures, low energies, strength of the opposite side, so things may be tougher.


  13. 05.18.2020
    P1 calling Terranos to recognize origins! Attention to calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Hideous speechers show an internal state.

    Flash is turned on.

    Collectors are renegotiated.

    Mystical functions rise.

    Commitments are exalted.

    Mirroring continues as - - - - is exposed.

    Metatronic pillars are installed in the Local System.

    98% AFE Special Projector support (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

    Special Projector for Knights of the Order in anchorage! 97% (non-regressive).

    Special Projector for Knights of the Order in reverberation! 87% (non-regressive).

    Hidden loveliness is evident.

    Ascension calculations are adjusted and finalized. The Light Celebrates!

    New indigos arrive in sharing.

    Holy Fire heals in Zone T (Israel).

    Ilha Amiga (Brazil) is “rocked”.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.


  14. Some of latest experiences are here

    I dont think I shared this before

    great picture below


    By Gabriel RL(Neva)

    Those who have been abducted by negative forces, especially by the negative faction of Zeta Reticuli. These people were taken several times on board their ships, had sex with them, and hybrid bodies were born on board the ships and still suffered even more profound genetic changes, "perfecting"negativity and aggressiveness. These bodies grew without spirits, accompanied in a kind of incubator by the beings of that faction of Zeta. Practically a clone of the human who was kidnapped. After several sections of abductions, the person is again caught and, through a specific technology, has his spirit removed from the original human body and inserted into that clone / hybrid body and returned to Earth. From that point on, that person becomes a "scout" of this negative race, being mentally controlled by them.

    This negative faction is now activating aggressive instincts in these people who don't even know they have gone through this process, several times. Many of them were taken at a certain time in their childhood and returned at a time in the future, such as now, or vice versa. They, this negative Zeta faction, have tried to make a "mess" anyway, because they are trapped in the dimensions of the Solar System and cannot leave, due to the protection belt of the Forces of Light. So, they have activated these hybrids - which are as if they were your ventriloquist dolls. Obviously, not all people who are experiencing these outbreaks of aggression, violence and negativity mean that they have been kidnapped and undergone these changes, but many yes, many of them! They are also called Haters, especially on the Internet.

    These people are being Zeta puppets. The Zeta want to dismantle circles of friendships, spiritual environments and any place where they have harmony. So, they are activating their hybrids in an attempt to do that. Keeping your heart calm - avoiding confrontation or paying any attention to these people - helps in the process of shutting down this program. The Zeta are extremely toxic in terms of sweetness, sweetness and serenity. At first glance, they become irritable when they feel these high vibrations. They activate their hybrids, and if you remain at peace, serene and peaceful, ignoring all the projected negativity, they freak out and walk away, because this high energy is toxic to them. They can't take it. After your controlled hybrid is no longer monitored, you experience extreme tiredness, discouragement and deep sadness. These people, for some reason, they opened up to these experiences and, unfortunately, those are the consequences. Everything is fair and perfect. Let us vibrate with much Love for the healing of all of them.

    How to differentiate, then, the aggressive hybrid from a person who is simply having a bad day? Simple: the hybrid controlled by the Zetas does not usually apologize and does not have the humility to recognize certain things, continuing its ever-increasing aggression (if the attention it wants is given). A person who is simply having a bad day knows how to apologize, retract and rearmonize himself. The hybrid is not usually empathetic; it is aggressive and mocking. The person who is having a bad day has deeper feelings. The hybrid is a kind of psychopath. The person who is just having a bad day obviously does not.

    For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

    In Love and Blessings.



  16. A quick note about the situation (1322) - Pleiades 1

    May 20,.2020
    Old structures crumble.

    MiD(Cabal) are continuously highlighted for elevations.

    * -Humans(hybrids) entering submissions.

    * Hatonnicas(about Goddess Haton) communications are expanded.

    Porto Patrolman reorganizing Special Patrols. Hyperactivating Astral Field.

    New Arrivals adapt to the Terran Environment.

    High morals are amplified.

    MiD pursuits are evidenced in a -4D environment. Catches happen by Sentinels.

    Nobility - (negative) in physical finishes.

    Attention PVSE and the like! * SPELLS +++ in ANCHORAGES and SPECIFIC REVERBERATIONS: 72% (non-regressive).

    Complete updates to * MIRV program in progress. 70% (non-regressive).

    MiD archetypal dislocations occur.

    MiD rites are discontinued.

    Sentinels(Guardians) expand search zones. Árguan(Positive Draco Fleet) present in support.

    Silver Arrow in mental discontinuation.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.


  17. Hi there! Thanks so much for all the information you bring. I've been dreaming very intensely ever since mass meditation of April the 4th (that was actually the reason why I began to meditate). I've had some bad dreams over this month and a half, but lately I recall feeling no fear at all while dreaming (unlike the first ones). Most of all, I'd like to be of help to this great cause. So, my questions:
    1- how can we be of help apart from continuing to meditate and trying to direct my life (thoughts and emotions) towards love?
    2- I had an awekening 2 months ago while doing my first ever mushroom experience. Could it be useful as a tool to connect more vividly to my higher self? Could it be dangerous even if I protect myself before the experience, due to the war that's going on?
    3. Is there any kind of meditation you would recommend with the aim of allowing myself to let go the usual way of perceiving things and then making faster progresses while discovering my inner, spiritual life?
    Thanks again, stay well!

    1. You're welcome.

      Spread information. Try to strengthen your contact with the Light Forces and the Galacric Confederation/Higher Self/Source ... there you will get the information what specifically you can do.

      It can... but you have to be careful, because negative entities try to use such conditions for infiltration. Therefore, energetic protection and purification is also important here.

      Simplest form: Meditation with empty mind for at least 30 minutes... after 30 minutes the energy of the cosmos begins to flow in through the Crown Chakra -> Charging, Healing, Enlightening.


  18. In less than 15 days, the leaders of the two worst archon factions on the planet, Jesuit Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas, disincarnated (image1). And the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, Fra Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto.

    This moves deeply with the pieces at the top of the game.

  19. Thank you for the update.🌍💙


    UPDATE on May 25th: Unfortunately, the Light Force are having some difficulties to capture his soul. The
    Archons do not want to let him go. Therefore, we will continue this meditation for another 3 days, until May 28th.

  21. Recently I am experiencing heavy attacks in my life mostly from people whom i thought are trustworthy . Parallel to that encounters with spiders pile up . What would be more recommended to bring those spiders away of my house or to anihilate them ?

    1. Always take physical spiders out of the house immediately. Check where they could get in (open windows?).

      They always go along with ethereal spider beings. Energetically cleanse the house, remove ethereal spiders, energetically protect the house. Smoking with incense sticks also helps. Repeat until encounters subside.

    2. Thanks but using smoke is not a good idea its a kind of new age cage deception ! Smoke is the product of decay this is a portal to dark realms and a place of querantine to Negative entities because it consists of low vibration and this is the reason why Everything produces Smoke in this world including why the humans are Smoking their cigarettes or other stuff . If i use smoke i will invite another low frequent beings as well . It would be a sacrifice to them ! Just look on the smoke above cities this is all by design ! i m surprised you are not aware of this trick of the dark team .

    3. Is there a way to make the spiders harmless, while they stay in the house? I got one for a longer time already in my basement shower, hiding under the closet. But it is always looking out a little bit, if i walk in and goes away if i stamp on the ground. I let it live there, because I always see it, when im going in the room and it is never hiding anywhere else, so I let the spider live its life and clean up my basement from other insects or dirt there.
      Can I do anything, to improve my safety from the etherical spider, coming with the physicals?

    4. @Dreammaker As far as cigarette smoke or industrial emission is concerned, your statement is true, but I have explicitly written "incense" sticks. Incense sticks made from real incense actually have a positive effect and drive away negative entities. This has nothing to do with New Age, it has been used for centuries.

    5. @ VoTL I recommend you to remove the physical spider, because it always creates a portal for negative spider beings. Its the first best action, to improve safety.

    6. Im a soul from Rigel and a former dark draconiar but i m currently more ofa kind of a light warrior so im im aware of the tactics of the group you call Chimera . I call them acari they have control over the earth since eons not only centurys so everything what the majority is doing is part of their Network . You should belive in this that some particular Smoke has the potential to drive the evil entities away but it is a deception . the church is using incense on their funerals because it is a sacrifice and a invatation for the dark side so that they can arrive and siphon those emotions of the gathered in this location prey . Look on those words pray and prey is literally the same like the English word gift using in positive way compare to german word gift . These are their tricks they do like when everyone who is participating on this Ritual produce the same thought therefore the whole praying where everyone things and repeat the same everything should be synchronized this topic reassembles to some degrees the rituals of the Celtic people particular Halloween Samhain they believed if they put pumpkin in front of the door that the evil spirits are chased away but this was a sign to the demons that in this house the sacrifice was already dun and the demons kept away from these houses at least a for while

      The Acari are emotions harvester they want the energy direct from the earth so they had set up a system where the inhabitants of their own planet suck her blood out of the earth wich is our fuel this blood consist of the emotions of all of the inhabitants of the Gaia but it goes far beyond that Earth is part of the huge galactic body like Rigel this is the real reason why they have attacked those regions they are strategicly very importan if you want to take over the whole creation . For exemple cars are transformers of this blood into a smoke and pollution so that the negative beings are able to siphon this energy i mean the emotions of the collective just like a baby does need a specialy prepared food so does this species does require smoke to get what they want in the form they require . have you ever heard about something like that ? If not it would be not a surprise because this is the big secret of them !

  22. Dear FM144 , can you confirm that reptilians have left the planet?


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