Pleiadian Situation Update (18.07.2020)

This situation report comes directly from the Pleiadians.

The Reptilians have retreated into the underground and are currently preparing their escape. That's why a lot of people are disappearing. All exits are sealed, everything is shut down; this is the reason for the lockdown and the narrative of a second or third virus wave.

Their plan is to leave Earth with their ships just before the Solar Flash arrives. As soon as they leave orbit, they would get caught in the Galactic Confederation's crossfire, because it's still a intergalactic war, and the evidence is now beginning to stretch all the way down to the surface:

That's why they want to take as many human hostages as possible, to use them as human shields to maintain a safe path through the Confederation Fleet.

Although the Confederation could theoretically accept a partial loss of population by extracting the Souls of those captured humans before they would be harmed on the Reptilian ships (Ashtar Command has such technology), it becomes critical at a certain mass to actually save everyone.

But the main problem is that the Souls of these humans can get trapped on the Dark Ones' ships (using energy fields), and the Chimera with its exotic technology are even capable to harm them on non-physical level.

The first priority of the Galactic Confederation has always been to prevent unnecessary suffering and harm to humanity as much as possible, and the Reptilians know that.

Therefore, shortly before the Event, they want to capture as many people as possible – in masses, with huge ships, according to the Pleiadians at least one third of the population. They will not reveal themselves during these operations, they will simply place another controlled power in front (they would never reveal themselves to humanity).

They don't seem to care about the Solar Flash either, their plan is simply to change planet again by taking a part of the population, who are kept like farm animals, and just install a new Grid somewhere else. They already have a new planet for their new planetary concentration camp (somewhere in the Alpha Centauri system, according to the Pleiadian sources):

The Cabal are preparing for this at the moment, hence the lockdown. They don't want people travelling around anymore, they want people at home and they want them tracked, so they can be rounded up much easier.

However, one problem is that Reptilians cannot stand high vibrational/positive energies. They cannot stand it in the presence of people with a high vibration, therefore they can only use people with low vibrational field as hostages on their ships.

This is also the reason for the ongoing lockdown, the burgeoning race war and the civil war-like conditions that the Cabal is trying to trigger. They need the people in fear and in hatred to ensure the lowest vibration possible, the Pleiadians would say they need the people "contaminated".

That's the Dark Ones' plan right now (which doesn't mean it has to happen this way). Needless to say, the Light Forces are aware it and, of course, have a counter plan.

Nevertheless, the Galactic Confederation is calling on humanity to stop the fighting, the racial hatred, the commentary battles on the internet, the quarrels, the negative thoughts, etc.

It is now more important than ever to keep his own vibration high in order to avoid being taken hostage by Reptilians.

Because the target group would be people who are still completely trapped in the matrix, who do not know anything about such things, who are involved in current conflicts and hatred, who eat meat (like the Reptilians themselves), who generally tend to live an unhealthy lifestyle, who are open to occupations by neg. beings,  etc.

The Pleiadians state that this would also affect many people from poor or remote areas of the world, who are completely unaware of the situation, including the Amazon Rainforest (many Goddesses incarnated there + Reptilian stronghold), Africa (also Reptilian stronghold) and Asia (especially India).

The readers of blogs like this one (or generally awake and spiritually active people) would most likely not be affected by this, because their vibration is already high.

But it is still important maintain neutrality, peace, purity... to go into nature, to meditate, to retreat, to purify yourself, to chant, to purify chakras, to eat healthy, to practice yoga, to connect with the source and to pray for humanity.

It is also no longer about accumulating materialism, the times are over now. It is now about acting shamanistic, to get the spiritual daily routine going and sending Peace, Calmness and Love into the Quantum Field, flooding the Crystalline Grid of the Earth with it.

Everybody is allowed to clean the Earth with Light. If 100.000 people would do this every day, the Reptilians would not stand it any more. That is why they are disturbing everything at the moment, they need as many people as possible in these negative energies to manifest their ideal escape scenario, but humanity has to get out of it.

It is also important to protect yourself during sleep, because Reptilians and other neg. beings are now increasingly attacking on non-physical level. So, it is also important to be a Light Warrior now, to stand against it, to keep the Light up.

Now it's about completing the mission, saving humanity and Souls and not being brainwashed by politics, left-right thinking, patriotism, racial conflicts or religions, that's all just Cabal controlled occupational therapy.

As for the rest of the year, in autumn the economic consequences of the corona lockdown will really start to take effect, all previous impacts will not even be worth mentioning in comparison, there will be no going back to the old normality indeed.

Also, clairvoyant surface sources indicate, that this autumn there might be an incident, which practically could or will bring the world to a halt (it is therefore further recommended to store supplies at home).

Not much information is given on this, but it is assumed that the Cabal will roll out a staged 9/11-style event. Although they are pushing a second wave of the pandemic at the moment, it will probably be something else then, something significant bigger, maybe also an external threat, since these plans exist and the Cabal is also slowly running out of options:

It might actually be a staged Alien False Flag, especially considering the information that the Pleiadians have released for this update (this does not necessarily have to be the mentioned mass capture, it could just be a first strike by the negative Secret Space Program/Dark Fleet … as a prequel).

Remote Viewing Sources see for autumn chaos and that simply nothing would work anymore.

Several time periods are mentioned, however, September and November seem to be in focus here. If I get more information on this, I will post it.

Please also remember that these are the current “plans”, whether it will be carried out this way or in this time frame is not a 100% predictable, because the Light Forces will take appropriate countermeasures. But there is a high probability that something big will happen in autumn.

It is important to remain calm, we are already quite close, but it's gonna be turbulent.

However, the Light Forces are announcing that they have their protecting hand over mankind.


  1. Both China and the United States are becoming increasingly authoritarian and authoritarian. What can we do to bring them back to the bright side? The struggle between China and the United States is a tightly manipulated frequency war. How to stop this war and bring humanity closer to the Galactic Federation?

    1. By keeping own vibration high and doing relevant energy work/meditations, which includes relevant countries or whole planet, to mitigate critical situations.

    2. honestly the way I am seeing the merge will happen. the collapse will happen then peace will be gained after the shock and awe

  2. Thank you for the intel. Being processed.


  3. I've been waiting for this for weeks. Thanks for being a pillar of light in these times.

  4. thank you for your update.

    How can I protect myself during sleep from attacks?

    What can I visualize to protect also other people/ family/ friends/ humanity / countries / continents?

    this new update sounds scary and I meant after the Cobra-Update that the transition would be smoother. So we keep fighting/meditating.

    Can you tell us something about Cintamani-Stones?

    For how long time we should stock up food and water?

    1. 1. See older entries in this blog (search function).
      2. See 1.
      3. It's the plan, which doesn't mean it's gonna happen. But it's important to be aware.
      4. There is already enough on the Internet about that topic.
      5. Minimum 2 weeks

  5. Come on! 100.000 people upholding the light - this must be possible!

    1. I think we will end up doing just that. We need self discipline, more of us keeping doing this as routine. I mean there are possibly 1000s of people already in it, but nothing close to 100K. Violet flames, rainbow plasma all over the planet, any particular places, people, situations. As much as we can. We will finally succeed, soon. Think how powerful each of us already is, it is about continuous focus now.

    2. @Iriri7 Agreed. The important thing now is that everyone sticks to their routine.

  6. honestly if they just want to harvest the weeds then I would even help with collecting!! !the vibration of the earth will be then much higher !

    1. Lidstvo je celek. V jádru nejsme odpad nikdo. Manipulace je pro mnohé velká a nevidí dál. Každý člověk si zaslouží zachránit.

    2. Thank you fm144. They are desperate and they will not succeed. Not even one of their false flags. We are going to return to the planet so positive that it cannot even act. It is therefore important to do daily meditations. I think that meditations like to stabilize the flower of life grid and bring peace to the USA and to the world are the priorities. We will succeed and the forces of light too. We will see each other safe and sound and we will be with them in the best possible timeline.

      Thank you again for the update I see that it starts to move very quickly towards the event.

      If we follow cobra news two years ago about Mjolnir's first attempt to pierce the draco fleet. It seems that the forces of light can destroy the entire fleet in less than a month and with the toplet bombs. Since there are no more bombs I think it is even easier now without any real danger for us.

      Fm144 I would like to know if my reasoning is correct.

      There are therefore several negative fleets.

      The most powerful which is that of the dracos in collaboration with reptilians and some negative human, which is the IBC that cobra describes.

      Then there is a second fleet, only reptilians. The one you just described.

      Then the black fleet which is the Illuminati, secret space program.

      Is my reasoning correct?

      Or the fleet you describe is the same as cobra we have informed.

      I know he works together, but it's still interesting to know the different enemy fleets.

      Is it possible that you can answer that? 😁 It will clear my mind.

      Sorry if the message is not perfect I try my best to translate it into English. 🙂

    3. Many of these people are willing followers of the lizzies, don't know if it is even possible to save them. They seem to belong together. Bad shepherds and black sheep, LOL.

    4. I cannot agree with that.

    5. Since it could theoretically be possible that soul families are separated in the process, which could prevent their ascension as a whole. Moreover, the suffering would continue to affect the universe, so preventing this escape scenario is certainly the top priority.

    6. @Galactiquewarrior17

      From top to bottom

      Chimera/Archon/ + some other neg. extraterrestrials
      Draco/Reptilian Fleet
      Breakaway Nazi/Kabal Fleet/neg. SSP

    7. Thank you for the clarification 👍🏽.

  7. Thank you for news!
    You claim that ' we are already quite close'...
    To what are we close?

  8. In November 2020 It All Comes Together: Riots, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Trump Biden, Social Unrest

  9. Oi tudo bem
    Será que pode falar sobre os Empatas que são sensível as energias físicase e espiritual?
    Como poder ter um alto controle?

    1. Maybe if there's time. Right now, other things have priority.

  10. Oi tudo
    Como está pessoas EMPATAS como eu podemos diminuir as energias de outràs pessoas recebemos muitas dores físicas e espirituais..

  11. Hello Tellen. You forgot to mention the DNA and the situation of the life forms on the gaseous planets of the Solar System - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. So give Your answer here in the comment section. Thank You.

    1. Wasn't forgotten. This entry had priority and should not be overloaded. I'll get back to the question.

    2. If You will be answering the question of the gas planets and their inhabitants' DNA, their situation in the context of the war in the Solar System, please also answer if Your intel contains data on entities named Zeus. Odin and Chronos.

  12. I send many greetings to the humanfriendly galactical starsisters and starbrothers out there!

    Many greetings to all this many benevolent beings from so many star races! :-)

    I believe and visualize already our reunion and first contact. It will be so amazing to connect (again)!

    Thank you all for all your efforts and support! Will be so amazing to experience the First Contact and start to remember, watch each other into the eyes, see the emotions and joy, hear the familar voice or feel the telepathical re-connection. Feel again the unity and love like I already experienced in a luicid first contact dream. Feeling the excitement of "it is really happening now!"

    I'm looking so forward to this moment! :-))

    I invite humanfriendly benevolent beings for contacting me already over dreams. :-)

    Much love!

  13. 07.18 - Note by Pleyades 1:
    Astral traps MiD(Cabal) are dissolved.

    Final plasma removals happen now.

    Time-honored people are expanding at this time.

    Allies X(Resistance Movement) initiate intense Projections of Approaches.

    Tectonic adjustments occur.

    Projector relocation takes place for specific Annual Momentum. Order remains established.

    New MiD maneuvers are interrupted.

    Attention ASS, BD is going to be updated soon linear.


  14. Barnard's Star?? No! They are another young civilization and we will be watching over them.

    🔥 What about the solar system barriers?? How can they get past, in that "plan"

    1. Name was not mentioned.
      The plan is to use the hostages in order to get a safe corridor.

  15. Wow. What an update this is. I slowly read it 3 times, and then gave it some more time to sink in. FM144, thank you very much for this very important and in a way also very empowering message!

  16. Thanks FM 144

    Once the Draco fleet is cleared by the Galactic Confederation, the Galactic Confederation will have much more sonic capacity to clear the remaining undergound reptilian bases.

    How will the Negative Reptiloids abduct over 2 billion people from the surface of the Earth?

    One idea would be if we could do synchronized daily meditation.
    We can imagine the white fire of AN in a pillar of light from this white fire as it goes from the cosmic central sun to the galactic central sun and then directly to the reptiloid bases in South America and also in Africa and cleans these bases.

    You can also visualize the violett fire around these reptiloid bases in South America and Africa as it cleanses them.

    So we make a connection for the light forces outside the earth where they can be located and removed very quickly.

    Dear starseeds, please remember that we are ground personnel of the Galactic Confederation. All active starseeds where they are doing their mission (synchronous meditations+Cintamani stones buried) are the forces of light on the surface of the earth. It is time now to become more active than ever.

  17. Buried Cintamani Stones cleanse the dark energy grid where Galactic Confederation ships can enter the Cintamani Vortex and use AN Conversion to cleanse and remove the dark energy and entities.

  18. Buried Cintamani Stones cleanse the dark energy grid where Galactic Confederation ships can enter the Cintamani Vortex and use AN Conversion to cleanse and remove the dark energy and entities.

  19. Thank you and the P's for such a good and useful update. Time to stock up and meditate then.

    I hear so much differing intel, the flash is 2030 according to military intel that Corey Goode gets and main disclosure will be future humans only, which made him sad.

    If main flash is much sooner as you seem to receive, then partial disclosure will also fail soon, for we will see the ETs showing up to help us after solar flash.

    Super Soldier Talk on YT received that 2023 is when star nations are trying to make full contact.

    The pleiadians said near winter solstice 2020 for Event in a recent channelling by Michael Love

    Do you have rough dates for event and main flash you could please share?

    1. You're welcome.
      Different sources usually mean different information.
      Always check with your own intuition (also applies to this blog)
      According to my information the Light Forces do not provide any date, at least not the real one.
      However, the actions of the Dark Ones show that we are getting closer and closer.

  20. I started using semi-precious stones, to clear my Chakras, and it works wonders. I never did this before. Also, I used to have a serious problem in my left ear for many years, which wasn't a physical problem. It was a bit like a distorted field in the ear.
    This week I discovered that if I put a Black Tourmaline in my ear for a short period of time (the size is approx. 1 c"m cube), all the above symptoms goes away. this is sooooo relieving !!!!! Maybe this is also good for implants anomalies in the brain.
    And one final tip. I have a small table in the corner of the room, where I meditate, that has a 3d ball of Planet Earth, as well as a small plant and a candle, which i light during meditation. Yesterday, before meditating I arranged a symmetric pattern of semi-precious stones on that table, and my meditation went on a lot better than usual!!!
    Hope this will help someone.
    Love & Light

    1. Thanks for the input.
      Black Tourmaline ideal for drawing toxic energies from the body.

  21. Last night in my dream, for over three hours, I was struggling to set myself free from an alien spaceship in a dark planet. I eventually managed to find a colorful vessel that took me back to the earth plane. It took two rounds of dreaming before I reach to earth! It was such a scary dream, which I knew was not a dream. I am just wondering why they keep attacking me despite the fact that I have a pretty high vibration. For the past couple of years, I've committed myself to meditate two-three hours a day. In many dreams I also found myself in the Galactic Federation gatherings. In my dreams I was told I'm among the 144, and at the time I didn't know what the 144 is! Why am I being targeted? It's not new though. I've been experiencing all sorts of psychic attacks which I somehow managed to scape or had to do hours of meditation for weeks after the attack to remove the negativity. Can anybody please help me understand why I am being targeted and if there's anything that I can do to avoid the attacks?

    1. What I often do before going to sleep I invoke the Archangel Michael, Jesus Christ or God to protect me at night while I sleep.

      But what really made the difference is that I got a stone of cintamani (large gem grade) and I leave it on my body before sleeping. It ends up falling but it stays close to me (I take care not to lose it). Since I sleep with the cintamani stone, during my dreams, when there are negative entities lurking near me, they keep their distance and end up leaving. When there is one that holds on to me, it lets go quickly, it looks like it burns and hurts itself. Buying this stone was the best investment I ever made, now I can finally sleep easy.

    2. Thank you Lightworrior01. I will order Cintamani immediately.

      The fact is I always sleep with Archangel Michael, Metateron, and Raphael shielding. But lately these attacks are different in nature. In one occasion I was in lucid state flying on the sky and a gang of dark side leaders were following me. I kept calling Archangels and God but no one came to save me. So I decided to dive down and that's how I could wake up.

      There is also all sort of nightmares that I just started see when the COVID lock down started. I never had any bad dreams in my entire life before. My night time used to be the leisure time because I was having so much fun.

      But now things has changed and I don't understand why. I practice my daily meditations and I have no contact with almost any one except on the phone. But the nightmares are increasing disturbing. They are very similar in nature: there is a friend or family member with malicious intention who drains my energy on one of my chakras and I wake up in huge pain on my chakra area.

    3. Wow, im always fascinated about the whole dream/sleep topic. This sounds very interesting, but also very uncomfortable. Im trying to send you some light for your sleep, hoping it gets better with that.

    4. To AnonymousLightwarrior01
      Where did you buy the cintamani? Can you share a link, thanks. I was looking to buy one but in Europe there isn't many cintamani, so I ended looking at etsy website, but most of them there are from American sellers which instantly gives additional taxes.

    5. Hi @Lalena

      I bought my Cintamani stone from Cobra2012. Maybe you also know this galactical whistleblower.

      I bought it there because I trust the whistleblower Cobra2012.

      What I also do recommend to buy some protection stones like Shungit and Obsidian. You surely find such stones in your local spiritual store.

      And I do recommend the cylidrical Pharao Sticks (black Shungit, grey/white Talkchlorit).

      And of course the violet crystal Amethyst is good for cleaning energy.

      I now named a view stones.

      And it is also important. My opinion is, all this stones could be useful for yourself and the world but you also could do for my opinion all this meditations and cleaning without any stones.

      We have all this power, love, wisdom and peace, deep inside of us.

      Sometimes I just do my meditation just with no stones, and I feel connected as well.

      I think very important is also to got into the nature. Into the forest, swimming in a lake and to connect with other lightworkers over internet and if possible over physical meeting.

    6. Thanks. I have some of the mentioned stones.

    7. @Unknown

      The Dark Ones are taking extremely strong action against Lightworkers inside the Grid, they irradiate them, they try to implement nightmares during night, they will do everything to weaken them and holding them down. The level of attacks usually also shows how important a Lightworker is within the Grid for the Light Forces, and how dangerous he or she is for the Dark Ones. That is why energetic protection is important, every day anew. Maybe I'll include this in the next update.

    8. That's who you are buying the stones Chintamani for 170 euros have all the same money . And I have no money I live on a pension of $ 50 and nobody will give a stone Chintamani . Whom I asked to send me the 200 Euro all so greedy but to brag that they bought . preslit I was 200 Euro so I could have the stone Chintamani .

    9. Any clarification would be appreciated Talon. Attacks are getting increasingly disturbing. I usually wake up around 3:00 am to do my meditation and then go back to sleep. Now every time that I go back to sleep after meditation I am being attacked. Now my solarplex is constantly in pain and numbness, I don't know what they're doing exactly. Please keep informing us about this situation. Thank you for your light :)

  22. Thanks for this update.
    I would like to know :
    1) what is the percentage of chance that they will try to achieve this plan?
    2) if I understand correctly they intend to take the souls in the spaceships, not the physical people?
    So actually kill 1 in 3 people to take their souls?
    3) if not by what stratagem do they intend to convince, unenlightened people, to get into spaceships?
    4) Since they are alergic to light, why don't they kill lightworkers? or for fun / revenge before leaving?
    (many lightworkers have already been visited by the cabal, they know exactly where we are!)
    5) could we reunite with our soul families in islands of light to create much more light and eliminate them?
    6) I noticed that many people in my neighborhood (including me) do not leave their homes, despite the end of confinement. you spoke of etheric chains preventing us from leaving. How to eliminate them?

    1. 1. Since they don't want to surrender, but also don't want to be wiped out by the Solar Flash, the probability is high that they will try an escape.
      2. No, they want physical hostages.
      3. Either by deception (fake rescue?) or simply by force.
      4. Despite the Grid, Light Forces are able to provide some protection, so they cannot simply wipe out Lightworkers en masse.
      5. The timeline of the Islands of Light is over, now it is a matter of mastering the transition as well as possible. Cleaning the Grid and flooding it with Light always helps, no matter from where.
      6. People are scared. Freedom of movement was massively restricted. If you see any energetic chains, simply cut them during meditation. Also keep in mind, that for many Starseeds, their home is currently also the planned place to be protected from the current and coming chaos.

    2. " The timeline of the Islands of Light is over, now it is a matter of mastering the transition as well as possible."

      How is over the timeline of the Islands of Light?
      Cobra claims that there will be even in post-Event time.

    3. Because we had a timeline shift.

    4. OK! Yes! But in this timeline, there will be no Areas of Light, nor in the post-Event time?
      What is the plan now?

    5. Where will take place the first contacts (not the official First Contact) if not in the Areas of Light?

    6. @ fm144 thank you very much for your answers.
      If the reptilians take people hostage, it will probably be by force. Because how to get people not awake, in spaceships that are supposed to not exist !?
      what if the event happens before the reptilians leave? would they be destroyed?
      I no longer understand the plan, everything seems to change very quickly. How will humans be protected during the final flash, if there is no island of light?

    7. There are always certain situation-related changes in the plan, as the Dark Ones also make their moves (see the lockdown), but nevertheless, we're heading for Liberation. No reason to panic.

    8. @FM144 Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. It helps me a lot, I focus on high vibrations and meditation.
      you do a good job, thank you

  23. Be advised there are a very large number of TR-3B antigravity craftat Vancouver Island Canada. I have about 100+ photos from different days over the last 2 months. July 2020.

    1. Waa if you can share Your pictures it would be great.

  24. I feel lonely, even though I know I'm not alone.At high latitudes it is easy to observe, at low latitudes it is difficult to perceive higher dimensions, and an awakened one can see the fear, the impetuosity, of the unawakened one.I don't want to live in that mood. I want to have a child's heart like the old master.In China, it advocates positive energy, but the more it advocates, the more impetuous and morally corrupt it becomes.Here, there are a lot of words can not be said, business is very prosperous, but the Chinese religion and spirit, those ancient things have disappeared.I need a VPN to get here.I don't want to be a slave to the Communist Party, nor a slave to the game of democracy.Here, many spiritual people fall into another kind of madness, putting on spiritual garb and committing large-scale fraud.Here the spiritual path is engaged in a kind of anti-human practice, believing that anyone who does not practice spiritual practice is damned, repeating the master's words from day to day, and engaging in a hatred of non-spiritual people.For the spiritual masters, I'm talking about the high latitude kind, and I sometimes feel angry about them.Sometimes you get pictures.I didn't know I was a light worker or a light warrior.Is there a third way, outside democracy or autocracy?The greater fear is that I will be lonely forever, only one person can live life.Even if you read a lot of channeling information and focus on the side you like, you can't help but think about it when it comes to reality.I don't know if the West understands Asians, and I don't know why asians are so stigmatized, just because Asians don't speak well?

  25. Question to FM 144

    Why aren't the Reptiloid Bases immediately destroyed by the Galactic Confederation before they take 1/3 of humanity hostage?

    The Galactic Confederation surely has enough ships to destroy the Reptiloid Bases.
    Also the Galactic Confederation has enough ships to clear the Draco fleet in sublunar space.

    The Galactic Confederation must not forget that everything is connected.
    Hopefully, there will be no more suffering...

    1. As mentioned, the Light Forces have counter plans, of course they remain secret.

  26. Will island of light island / temple of love still be built after the event? The ascension window of the earth closes in the year 2025.

    1. According to my information, it now looks as if the Earth will enter into a process of self-purification and recovery more quickly, which is why the former Island of Light plan was discarded. Possibly there will still be Island of Lights, but probably not in such high numbers as previously planned.

    2. sir i have a question what if were reptilian but not aggressive or wishing to attack

    3. FM144@
      Can you give us in a few words, the difference between the plan with Areas of Light, and the plan without (or very few, as you say)?

    4. Already mentioned in this blog: most of the Reptilians are anomaly-contaminated, but there are also some that are pure and of higher consciousness.

      System decay will come faster than expected, not enough time to build Island of Light in the way as planned before (+ lockdown), Light Forces try to break through even faster.

  27. I am interested in alien technology therefore I would like to know what the ships of the dark team especially Draco and Chimera look like? I assume The ships of the Arachnids must look weird totally different . Do you have any information considering these vessels and how big they are ???

    1. Partly, but that would be too extensive now. The UFO that crashed recently in Brazil is apparently a Draco scout ship.

  28. Which is the stage of the veil?

  29. What can be expected due to the astrological configuration for 21th December 2020

    1. Despite much chaos until then, further stabilization of the positive time line.

  30. We were told for long time to no longer watch TV!
    OK! We didn't!

    But, do you consider that now has come a time in which is worth to watch TV in order to feel the degree of disarrayment and lack of coherence for the crumbling establishment??

    1. As long as mainly the Cabal still controls television, I' d say no.

  31. The pressure on my mind is high,neg and chaos situation make my dreams num is 144

  32. Hello and thanks again. Here's a few questions:
    1- This frequency shift/solar flash/event that is mentioned so much, will that reach every human being in a deep level that will lead to an awakening? Even for low vibrational humans who only believe in the matrix? I find it hard to believe that any awakening can take place without some proper inner individual work (this could be my ignorance talking)
    2- Have you heard about the Babaji consciousness? If so, any comments you can share about it?
    3- I heard that we humans had the chance of evolving altogether in 2012, but that we chose not to take that leap. That would mean that now, evolution has to be sought individually. Does that sound right to you?
    4- There's a very old mantra called Mahamrityunjaya that (as I understand), has been given to mankind to help "defeat death". I have been using it for some time now and it has proven to be useful. Did you know this one? And what's your view on mantras?
    Again, thanks for all the information you provide!

    1. 1. The topic was dealt with in older entries.
      2. No comment.
      3. I wouldn't put it that way. I think the fallacy here is that it was assumed that 2012 would be exactly the end of the old cycle and the beginning of the Golden Age. I think we are entering this transition only now, but 2012 served as a certain wake-up trigger.
      4. Chanting positive mantras and God/Goddess names is extremely powerful and highly recommended.
      You're welcome.


  33. Thanks for your info. This is very good if the earth will enter faster into the process of self-purification and recovery.

    If there are probably much fewer Islands of Light, will much fewer starseeds be able to rise from the surface of the earth?

    Where will the other starseeds be able to rise when there are much fewer Islands of Light?

    Where will people not be able to ascend, will they live in a place near the Pleyadi star clusters and ascend from there?

    Or will the Island of Light be on the ships of the Galactic Confederation, and that is where Ascension will take place?

    1. I wouldn't worry so much about the Islands of Light right now.
      Let's just say the Isle of Light is wherever there's an awakened Starseed, and the Light Forces can reach anyone on the surface from anywhere.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Vaccinations damage the body physically and create holes in the energy body to which negative entities can attach themselves. Light forces will take action against compulsory vaccination.

  35. Thank you for the information.
    Please let me know again for confirmation.
    Is it true that "in autumn the economic consequences of the corona lockdown will really start to take effect."?
    If it's true how much range will it affect? (I'm living in japan)

    1. There is the possibility of a second lockdown, which would add to the already battered economy, which in principle would affect almost all areas.

    2. When do you expect the 2nd lockdown in EU?

    3. Not 100% sure, but possibly still this year for various countries within the EU.

    4. … and the 'next year' will still be 'in place' for 'they'??
      It will be after the 21.12.2020 entering of the Age of Aquarius. Isn't it??

      Does it exist for 'they' something like 'next year' while in the Age of Aquarius??

    5. I can't comment on that at the moment.

    6. Do you expect the 2nd lockdown to be allowed by the LF in order to ease the so called 'mass arrests'?, or you expect it with no link to that?

    7. You can never rule anything out, but the main reason for the lockdown is definitely that the Dark Ones want to seal off the surface and keep the collective vibration as low as possible by fear.

  36. Hi everybody :-)

    We are living in a time with many changes.

    We don't know exactly what is comming next.

    Myself I check daily if there are new informations from my favourites whistleblowers.

    I realized for myself that all this whistleblowers know many things ....

    but the future events also does depends on myself.

    Me too, I'm very excited what is comming and also worried in the same time.

    I try to remember that I'm protected and guided by my higher self. I try to do my little part of this big galactical puzzle game.

    I'm quite sure that everybody here, who is reading this blog is already performing a very important puzzle piece of this comming liberation.

    We are searching for answers from fm144. Of course he/she/they can answer us many questions... but a piece of the liberation key is inside of ourself.

    Thank you @fm144 for the recommendation for connection more with other starseed people.

    I did a meditation on the same time with a starseed friend who is living on the other side of this planet.

    This meditation did something with us. I don't understand it yet, what happenend but somehow we made another lightful puzzle piece with just
    merging our energy together.

    Starseeds United
    Victory of the Light


    1. "but the future events also does depends on myself." That is so true. All of us have the ability to create the future, push the Earth onto a new timeline.

    2. You're welcome.
      Thanks for the input.

  37. July 26, 2020 - A note by Pleyades 1:
    Memories come to be healed.

    Lunar space is crystallizing.

    Star A(Sirius) unites.

    Árguan reorganizes itself.

    Larger body parasites begin to be removed. 94% (non-regressive).

    Time codes are increased.

    Goddess presents for completion of MiD(Cabal) actions.

    Specific transformations are initiated.

    Attention * Plastic transmitters(designers)! Single unification projector in support: 9% (non-regressive).

    Nano projectors are cut.

    Internal Cousins(Aghartians) negotiate climb.

    Divine adaptations expand.

    Non-Time expands NOW.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.


  38. Teilen thank you so much for very patiently and kindly answering our questions (so many this time!).

    Your info and help in understanding what is going on means a lot to us. And really helps gives me hope when I have doubts about light forces etc

    1. You're welcome. I try to answer as best I can.

    2. Dear Loveandlight

      "Teilen" is a german word and means "sharing this post". It is not a name.

    3. But, if you allow,... you have now a nickname given by some of us... :=)

      For sure, it is :..."Teilen"... :=)

  39. Thank you for the update and your work for the LF!! :) Some of it correlates with my own experiences - I don't get nearly as much info as you or Cobra but quite often bits of both his and yours info is the exact same as I get via visions or from higher dimensionals etc.
    I wanted to ask if you know if the Pleiadians still have a plan to evacuate lightworkers at some point, as far as I know it’s too dangerous right now for both them and us to do so, but I was wondering if yo might have knowledge about if it is part of their future plans?
    Thanks again :)

    1. You're welcome. Let's just say this option is again not unrealistic.

  40. Do you know the 2 Ladies from Venus who Rob Potter claim there were at a conference? (11:55 mark)

  41. Is there a likelihood that, even after the Event, the process of transition to fail, to bumble into a uncertain direction? Or, is it 'nailed' to happen straight ahead?

  42. Do you agree that the Age of Aquarius start on 21.12,2020? What else can you briefly tell us about the start of Aquarius age?

    1. No dates. There's already information out there for that.

    2. Do you mean "no dates" for the Event, or for the Age of Aquarius start on 21.12,2020?
      Is it, or not, possible to have the Age of Aquarius start on 21.12,2020, while the Event on a later Date?

      Cobra, who also gives 'no dates' claims however that the Age of Aquarius start on 21.12,2020:
      "After the Age of Aquarius activation, there will be many astrological configurations throughout the year that will lead our society through transformation that will officially begin the Age of Aquarius at the moment of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on the day of winter solstice on December 21st, 2020:"

      We need your point of view in a bit more details, to put things better together.

    3. AoA.
      And as I said, information is already out there.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Is Putin still working with the Light Forces? If so, why is a mass vaccine campaign happening in October in Russia?

    1. Read this for an answer:

    2. Until now there has always been a certain influence of the Light Forces on him and also on Russia. I think that will continue to be the case. Please remember, all countries must move within the narrative of the pandemic that was forced upon them by the Dark Ones. In addition, different factions continue to have influence on events, also in Russia, although the restrictions there are looser than in other countries, reporting is more neutral and even critical voices are allowed to speak out in the media about the pandemic.

  45. Do you know who is Lev who gave long comments on Cobra's blog?

    Is there anywhere his own blog available?


  46. Is it true that after the Event, there will be new monetary/economic system?

    1. All negative systems will have disappeared, including the old monetary and economic system.

  47. there are 600 children who went missing in Arizona in July 2020!–ugKYv7EJITReg/htmlview#

  48. Can someone share what's going on in Lebanon? Who's fault is the explosion there? If my comment isn't acceptable, do not post it.

  49. following the very disturbing (above the usual average) number of missing children in Arizona. I thought about this:
    the dracos may be planning to kidnap children, not adults. 1) children are more manipulable and live longer.
    2) Would light forces destroy a spaceship full of children?
    so, children are better hostages!
    in France, in September, it would seem that a screening test for covid is planned in schools without parental advice. This could make it possible to separate positive children from parents for "health" reasons. And thus, to make disappear many children, especially if this stratagem is applied all over the world.
    What do you think about this ?

    1. In case of hostages, I would say it does not really matter if the physical avatar is that of a child or an adult. But of course, one can see it that way when it comes to children, and there are indeed a lot of children trapped in the hands of the Dark Ones.

  50. Thank you for your information !
    Please tell, what is your opinion about:
    1. Nibiru, Planet X, LUCIFER project
    2. Trump & Qanon movement
    3. Nesara, Gesara, new digital currency system
    4. Artificial Moon with purpose of harvesting our souls (Max Spiers testimony)

  51. Hello, how are you? I would like to ask you something very very important. You're talking about sleeping attacks. How can I know what is an attack from them? See....
    Weeks ago I was sleeping but I woke up worried and my heart was beating so fast (I read conversations with God from Neale Walsch and God talks about alliens and how much they are in scale of spiritual evolution, and how much important is their help in us) anyway, that day I woke up and I opened my eyes and I saw a big person, I say person because it looks alike, but it has black middle hair (to the shoulders) pearled black eyes and white, really palid skin. I said, leave me in peace, go far away, I need to sleep.... but from that they I haven't sleep at all and I always wake up with that fast beating and my body feels very heavy, with some tickling in my arms, legs and head. In that time, I can feel myself fighting with something, I don't know what it this but I feel myself in my room but in another place, it is very very strange. I don't know if it is an attack or not, but that's really strange.... I would like to find answers, it's not the first time that happens to me. Then I say to myself, hey keep calm, maybe it was just a part of a dream, then I go back to sleep. How can I contact with that, I think it was a pleiadian, but they are blond, they don't have black hair and black almond eye.


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