Autumn Forecast (19.09.2020)

As expected, the Cabal pushes a second lockdown just in time for the beginning of autumn to finally give the economy the final blow by boosting testing and thus the number of COVID-19 cases.

Israel makes the start, where people are currently not allowed to move more than 500 meters away from their homes:

But there were already first signs in Europe when Hungary closed its borders to its neighbouring countries at the beginning of September, including Austria, where the Cabal implemented a so called “traffic light” system (very similar to the Chinese colour codes) to shut down individual cities and districts as needed:

While on the southern hemisphere cities like Melbourne currently serve as a test chamber to see how far totalitarian measures can be applied against a Western-oriented society (with the objective of applying this to Europe or North America too at some point):

Soon, also people who "might" violate the lockdown could be arrested:

To counteract this, a worldwide mass meditation has already been called for, which will take place on September 21st and in which every Lightworker is invited to participate (bear in mind energetic protection):

No matter what the outcome, the Cabal will probably not be able to force all countries into a lockdown (or they will not name it as such), as the resistance in the population is growing stronger and stronger, as the demonstrations in London and Berlin showed:

Meanwhile also dear Mr. Gates becomes an opponent of vaccination when it comes to the fact that it may not be “his” vaccine which is made available to the public:

And the US Secretary of Justice has just stated on public television that the lockdown may have been unconstitutional:

As the election approaches, the USA is busy with other things anyway: On one hand, the attempt of a colour revolution by Cabal-controlled extremist groups and on the other hand the wild fires along the West Coast, which are partly man-made on site but also partly caused by the use of DEWs:

The whole situation in the US creates more and more surreal sceneries that truly resemble an end-time mood:

It shouldn’t remain unmentioned that Gates' father passed away this week:

As well as US Supreme Court judge Ginsburg:

While other Cabal controlled philanthropists and architects of colour revolutions are increasingly becoming the focus of public attention:

Besides all state tyranny, if the Cabal should also come up now with the idea of using the military against the surface population, this should no longer be possible, since large parts of the military worldwide are already under positive control and are actually waiting to strike against Cabal controlled governments.

This could/should have happened already in March during the first lockdown, but a too big part of the population would probably not have been accepted this scenario. Now, however, as people are becoming more and more aware of the economic effects of the lockdowns, while the lies and totalitarian measures of certain governments are becoming more and more obvious too, the positive military could be in a far better position to take over.

However, it is impossible to say whether this will happen or not (or when). Fact is, we will probably experience another (False Flag) event this fall, that might not have anything to do with the virus anymore, but it will probably create even more chaos in the short term, but in the long run it will have a positive effect.

It is still recommended to stock up on food as we enter this challenging autumn.

It is also important to remember that the Lightships of the Galactic Confederation are stationed across our skies and are heavily involved in ground operations.

Of course, the ships of the Dark Ones are also active, among them are not only the ships of the Dracos, but also those that may appear pleiadic, but belong to the opposite side. These are groups of renegade Pleiadians, which are contaminated by negative technology and Anomaly ... but this is only a small group.

What some of them try to do is steal/abduct energetic Soul Parts of the Starseeds incarnated on the surface. If necessary, these parts must be retrieved in a meditation, if one has the feeling of being affected.

When negative ships are active, Starseeds usually gets irradiated by scalar weapons and begin to feel bad, while when the Light Force is active above you, you feel light, free and extraordinarily positive.

In response to the question in relation to Germany (but this also applies worldwide) about what could be done to free important energy points on the Earth's surface to bring the Grid down, I cannot reveal the exact locations at the moment, but what I can say is that in order to free these points, energetic actions alone are not enough, because in almost all cases these points are deliberately blocked by the Dark Ones through (big) negative physical objects.

And these objects need to be physically removed completely in order to allow a, for example, vortex or a Ley Line to flow freely again. Such physical removals will probably only be possible after the Event.

Nevertheless, energetic operations can be performed to decrease the negative effects of these physical objects. Therefore the note: keep an eye out for Churches, and especially Cathedrals, and envelop them in Light Columns. And if you live near one, you can bury a Cintamani Stone near it. But don't forget to energetically separate yourself from the stone after the placement.

That’s all for now. To finish off, here is a beautiful video of the many Lights right at the Siegessäule in Berlin three weeks ago:


  1. Through our consciousness we are able to send blessings of peace, Love and harmony into the planetary energy grid through the portal of the Cintamani stone. This is why it is suggested that you disconnect from your stone when you are not in a balanced state:

    " Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid. "

    So I don't understand why you're suggesting we disconnect from the stones we bury. That would seem to defeat the purpose of creating a Light grid in my opinion.

    1. You have already partly answered it yourself.

      You should cut yourself off, because as the carrier of a gemstone you are energetically connected to it, even if you bury it somewhere.

      Within the Grid it is unfortunately the case that even Lightworkers and Starseeds are to a certain extent contaminated with Anomaly, have emotional wounds and traumas and are often confronted with anger, wrath, grief, fear, destruction, quarrels due to attacks by the Archons, so that it is difficult even for the highest Key Lightworkers to constantly maintain this balance in every single moment. These emotions then go into the stones and so also into the Ley Lines.

      Therefore it is better to separate from it, so that the stones can do their work. It is also possible to reconnect the stones energetically with the Cosmos/Cosmic Energies/Source in a prayer or meditation (the stones are connected to it anyway, but you can strengthen this connection even more).

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    4. Exactly. I was talking about the buried stones, not the ones you carry with you.

      At your request I have deleted the comments.

    5. The Souls who first started the planetary Cintamani grid project in 2015 (Cobra and Untwine) have never mentioned the need to disconnect from the stones before you bury them. So I'm not sure how important that is to do. But it's an interesting perspective. Perhaps for some this could be beneficial.

      Here I would like to note that if you intend to enhance the planetary Cintamani grid it's quite important to use tachionized stones from a trusted source:

      to no surprise the dark forces have realized a way to infiltrate the grid. many stones gathered and sold today have potential to contaminate the grid.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the update, and keep up the amazing work.

    Light and Love from Scandinavia!

  3. thank you for mentioning about the negative Pleiadean ships, & their influence overhead. It has helped!

  4. "because in almost all cases these points are deliberately blocked by the Dark Ones through (big) negative physical objects."

    In 2019, while I was meditating with a group very close to a church, I experienced going backwards in time. The church was undone until it was not there anymore, and then I saw a column of light in this place joining the earth with the sky (higher dimension). Going even backwards in time, I saw a very potent light descending on the area and making a triangle on the area, and leaving the place. Just now, when I am writing this, I recall a Templar's mission "I have to destroy the church". Thanks!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer the question regarding the energy points in Germany. This is greatly appreciated.

    We will see what we can do - in relation to this situation and in general.

    It's interessting times we live in.

  6. Can you tell more avout Schumann resonance from 2 weeks ago. Many sources said it flatlined. Why?

    1. Not at the moment. Many people may also focus too much on the Schuhmann Resonance, it is not as important as some might interpret into it.

  7. Can you confirm the information? Benjamin Woolford states here -us-election-and-their-manchurian-candidate / that Putin is not real, and Cobra claims that Putin is defending the Light, although this cannot be said about his domestic policy.
    Although I noticed that Woolford is spreading rumors, nothing more, or are we misunderstanding something?

    1. benjamin fulford not woolford lol is a good guy but he often has sources that give him bad information. He does not take or does not have the possibility to check the information transmitted to him

    2. Yes, there is a certain positive influence on Putin and Russia, but of course there are also many secular things going on, with different factions involved and so on.

      Mr. Fulford is trying to do good, some information from his sources is probably correct, others probably not. He just gives out everything he gets. Distinction is important ... but applies to all sources, including this blog here.

  8. To the author of FM144 greetings!

    First receive our all congratulations on the excellent work you do on this blog, it is a pillar of light to guide others who need it so much. In this same energy I come to invite you to join us in our second edition of the World Meditation in favor of the Unity of the Peoples and Planetary Peace, if you feel guided in helping us with share this event to reach more people, you can find more information through the our official website for this event, on the website you will find a Google automatic translation button in 5 languages, follow the link:

    Or if you prefer you can find the guidelines and videos of this Meditation already translated and published in English through this link from one of our partners:

    Thank you very much and see you soon! <3

  9. There are rumors on the internet, that an world wide Announcement will come (a time before until the Event) that will be understood by everyone, and that will be a 'game changer' that will awaken the people world wide, and will prepare the world for the Event.
    Voices are that it will be somewhere during the 2nd lockdown.
    More recently, the rumors claim that it might be related to the entire virus scenario, but not sure.
    It may fit in some way this time, isn't it?
    Can you tell us more now, have you something new from your previous post answer?

  10. Thanks for these informations. I have been subjected to waves for 2 weeks, I think it could have come from 5G but the probability that 5G is in my village is quite low.
    Now I think it's a scalar weapon attack. this leads to strong, almost constant headaches. the top of the head becomes very hot. I have nausea and dizziness. and extreme fatigue. And especially a very loud high pitched sound in the ears.
    i also have strange dreams where i am being abused or seeing other people being abused. lately it was faceless men who mistreated me by telling me to stop (what?).
    I would like to know if there is a way to protect yourself from scalar waves? for example with protective fabrics against electromagnetic waves as for 5G? or is it a totally different technology.
    I tried to get out of my house in the forest or the beach, but the headaches remain even when I'm not attacked so I don't really see a difference.

    1. Best protection against irradiation is still in nature, away from urban areas.

      If symptoms still occur, cause could also be black magic or neg. implants.

  11. would you confirm the statment that 5g ( from now on) is much more positive then in the past ? i have heard that this technology belongs now to the light forces and that the 5g towers are currently emitting a frequence which is quite beneficial for the nature environment ? to be honest i would not buying into this story because if it woud be the case i think they would immediately stop to pushing their evil 5g agenda and you can find it still everywhere !!! everyone should be aware of this Desinformation !!!


    Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused

    So how can negative energies from light workers or starseeds due to energetic attacks of the DF connect to the Cintamani Stones if Cintamani Stones are pure light and purify the anomaly?

  13. With what kind of meditation can the stolen/abducted Soul Parts be retrieved by the DF?

    1. Looking, feeling if you see anything.
      Try to see, feel if a share has been stolen and where it could be.
      Get it back from there with your own coherent method.
      Use energetic protection during it.
      If necessary, let a competent and trustworthy clairvoyant person check it, if you have the possibility.

  14. Does the administrator or administrators of FM Blog 144 live on the surface?
    If so, in Germany?


    «Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused»

    Cintamani stones are pure light where it cannot be misused. So how is it possible that negative emotions from the Lightworkers/Light Warriors have been buried with others where the stones are carried or buried, even though the Cintamani stones are pure light, these negative emotions come to the other CM carriers or buried stones?

  16. @FM 144 Blog
    I wrote the question about the stolen/abducted Souls Parts shares for the other starseeds where they are affected. Thanks for the answer.

    I do not agree with the Cintamani stones.
    I myself have buried a lot of Cintamani stones on the surface of the earth in very dark places. In the darkest place I have felt until now, when I buried the Cintamani Stone, the dark clouds immediately dissipated all over the area and the sun shone. Once after a Cintamani activation, I saw a rainbow perfectly centred around the sun. This rainbow around the sun could be seen for hours.
    I write from experience.
    It is very easy to write, if you have no experience.
    The Cintamani stones are pure light where, when buried, the dark energy dissolves. I have experienced it myself!

    1. You're welcome.

      It was also never claimed that the stones alone would not work like this.
      It was about the connection of buried stones to the carrier, and the effects if the carrier is NOT IN BALANCE.
      This does not only come from this blog, but also from the sources that promote these stones (see again first commentary).
      Experience is at play here too.

  17. Is there a reason why California is being attacked so viciously by DEW and burnt down without mercy beside the Agenda 21/30? Is there a spiritual or karmic reason for it - maybe some sort of cleansing- and if not, why is this destruction allowed to take place? Maybe larger cataclysms on the horizon so people are forced to leave? Anything you can share? Many thanks!

    1. California actually has a very strong, extremely positive energy. That is why there are many negative occult forces that have established themselves there, which misuse this energy for their own purposes.
      Fires are neg. occult fire rituals.
      Fires are supposed to stir up fear.
      Fires are used to steal money (emergency funds)
      In the long run, these occult forces are about to extinguish themselves.
      The same thing that they did to Atlantis will happen to them.

  18. To my perception, the ongoing demonstrations in Germany, but especially the ones in Berlin on August 1st(!) which had a very pure, uncorrupted energy and the one on August 29th have shifted us in a much more positive Timeline which have /will prevent larger lockdowns in Germany. Overall they have shifted the energy not only in Germany but in many other countries. would you agree to this viewpoint?

  19. Good answer!

    The reason is because the positive Agartha Network has connected to the Cintmani Grid 2 years ago. Otherwise, this energy will flow to the positive Agartha Network. This makes sense.

  20. Hello FM144.
    I have a very strong connection through my past lives with California in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.
    According to Your Intel, does the probability of physical intervention of Light Forces depend on the light power of the meditating and focused awakened people ? If the repression in many countries going very severe, like fascist, will the forces of light strengthen their actions with a determined attack on the dark side ?

  21. Hello FM144.

    According to Your Intel, does the probability of physical intervention of Light forces depend on the light power of the meditating, focused awakened people? If the repression in many countries start very severe, like fascist, will the forces of light strengthen their actions with a determined attack on the dark side ?

    1. First and foremost, it is a matter of making the process towards the Event as harmonious as possible, i.e. the best way would be to strike a balance between premature physical (military) intervention and the introduction of the NWO, as both would probably involve a lot of chaos.

      But of course, the more people wake up, the better for the plans of the Light Forces.

  22. @Tranquil Soul20. September 2020 um 13:51

    Very good commentI I total agree with you!
    You hit the nail on the head.

    Thank you : )

  23. Thank you for the information FM144.
    Just wanted to ask if you know anything about the outcome of meditation to stop lockdowns? If we managed to make any significant influence? Thank you!

    1. Precise evaluations will come from other sources.
      Experience shows that mass meditation almost always helps. How much, we will see.

  24. September 21, 2020
    Archives FinCen - Banks sink into the financial market after investigation by journalists

    Complaints have hit banks like JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Deutsche Bank.

    HSBC, Deutsche Bank, ING ... Big names in finance suffered losses today on the Stock Exchanges, after the revelations of a consortium of journalists who accuse these banking giants of having allowed dirty money laundering on a large scale.

    In Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank closed the day down 8.76%, while Standard Chartered fell 5.82% in London.

    US economic recovery may be slow for unemployed

    In Hong Kong, HSBC's stock reached its lowest level in 25 years, closing HKD 29.30 down 5.33%. In addition to the fact that the group was cited for investigating the consortium of journalists, it may face sanctions from Beijing as part of retaliatory measures against certain foreign countries.

    Also cited in the case, the ING bank lost 9.27% in Amsterdam. According to Dutch media reports, the bank's branch in Poland has been helping clients send suspicious funds out of Russia for years.

    On the Paris Stock Exchange, Société Générale lost 7.66%.

    The shock wave was also felt across the Atlantic: in the middle of the Wall Street session, giant JPMorgan Chase was down 4.08%. In turn, Bank of America fell 3.89%, while Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo fell 4.5% and 5%, respectively.

    In a survey conducted by 108 international media outlets from 88 countries, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), denounces the deficiencies in the sector's regulations.

    Dirty money

    "Profits from murderous drug wars, diverted fortunes from developing countriesand hard-won savings stolen in pyramid schemes were able to get in and out of these financial institutions, despite warnings from bank employees themselves, "details the investigation.

    The investigation is based on thousands of" suspicious activity reports "(SARs) handed over to the police financial the US Treasury, FinCEN, for banks around the world, but "kept out of public view."

    according to the ICIJ, amounts of dirty money passed the astronomical world's largest banks for years.

    These documents refer to 2 trillion dollars in transactions, between 1999 and 2017. It would be money from drugs and criminal acts or even from fortunes diverted from developing countries.

    The investigation points in particular to five major banks - JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York Mellon - accused of continuing to carry money from criminals, even after they were prosecuted or convicted of financial misconduct.


  25. The dark ones lies and never can be trusted. I just really hope this will end soon, and I will see their end soon. Is it true many archons were destroyed by the light forces and then those archons returned like green spheres of energy to fight again. What's your opinion on Q?

    1. From a higher perspective, there are many Starseeds incarnated around the Q group (Military Intelligence) who are here to liberate the planet, but are not so aware of it as they are very involved in their human activities.

      On the other hand, it is also somewhat a partially distraction paired with a kind of external reflection.

      So, it is neither black or white ... maybe it is more like a grey area that tends more towards light, as they definitely play a role in liberation and are definitely also advised by positive forces.

  26. For all. Niw its a very critical time. Please helph with meditations.

  27. Its a very critical moment. At all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Light Warriors, please helph with mediations.

  28. Cobra claims that is a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground bases.
    How do you see this?

    1. There are operations going on.
      Many Starseeds on the surface have felt that the energies were very turbulent 2 days ago.
      Many will also have seen things in their dreams.

  29. Cobra claims also that Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st meant peak quarantine status for this planet, both as a planetary quarantine and as covid quarantine, and now the dark forces are daily losing their grip upon the surface of this planet.
    He also claims that there is still great possibility for the Cabal to try to impose new covid lockdowns for about a week, and moderate possibility for the Cabal to try to impose them in the next three weeks.

    Can you give more details, please?

    1. There is actually not much to say, one only has to follow the media to see how they are now pushing the lockdowns.

  30. Are you so willing to go without a mask? Compared to China, the United States has had countless assassinations and accidental deaths, and everyone knows that it is a democracy and a beacon to the world. You see a racist "Trump" as a fighter out of the cabal, and you have nothing to do with AsiAn-American discrimination and persecution, because you have laws that systematically exclude yellow people. China has brought the virus under control through months of wearing masks and mass quarantining. Now it is back to normal here, and you do not listen to the government or wear masks to hide 5g in so-called masks. And keep their world locked away for longer. Freedom and democracy are indispensable, and whether people die or not is none of my business. I think you should give the land back to the aborigines and beautify the places where the white massacres took place in the United States and Australia as democratic and free.

  31. I got some different question . This time Its about the so called save the children organisation Is this in fact rather a slave the children organisation ? are they contributing in all this evil agenda in some form ? I need to know this because i have supported them for a long time but now i have doubts considering their true intentions and i intend to cut my donations off for this group if they are working together with the predators !

    1. Can't speak for individual organisations now, but of course, the fact is that many large organisations (if not almost all) are infiltrated by the Cabal and are doing exactly the opposite of what they promise.
      When in doubt, it is better not to donate.
      It is better to donate to small regional groups/organisations, where one can verify the results (where one can see where the money is going).

  32. Is somehow the false flag event you speak, is it expected to be the already in discussion 'fake alien invasion'? To what degree is it still in the cards?

    1. Possible, but can also be something else.
      No exact probabilities, but much military activity currently on the surface.

    2. Much military activity currently on the surface for something good?
      And including positive ETs or not?

  33. FM144, is the event that is announced is the "EMPCOE Event" - a magnetic storm of all time, 3 days of darkness, where gravity will disappear, everything will go up ? Will we be, like inside a light bulb or a plasma ball, in which there will be thousands of plasma lightning bolts, looking for metals in our bodies and metal objects ?

  34. FM144, is the event that is announced is the "EMPCOE Event" - a magnetic storm of all time, 3 days of darkness, where gravity will disappear, everything will go up ? Will we be, like inside a light bulb or a plasma ball, in which there will be thousands of plasma lightning bolts, looking for metals in our bodies and metal objects ?

    1. Personally I have not looked into this "EMPCOE Event" yet, maybe some aspects of it correspond to the real Event, but also maybe not. Pay attention to your own inner guidance.

    2. @fm144 This is the "corona discharge effect" which is an electrical phenomenon. Some say that there is a dark plane, to increase this effect. And this would have consequences on human bodies resembling the coronavirus.
      apart from the name "corona" I could not find any serious document on the real effects on the human body.
      Question: when can we expect your next update?
      in France the government has just implemented a curfew in several large cities (but people have the right to go to work by taking crowded public transport after 6 a.m.) Because it is well known that the virus does not travel that night the day we risk nothing lol
      more seriously does it hide positive military operations?

  35. What more about the 2nd lockdown do you have?

    1. Nothing significant.
      Things are going as announced.

  36. Dear fm144

    I am following in germany a freedom movement over video livestream. They are travelling from city to city and more and more people are joining this movement. Always more mainstream media stations are reporting about them.

    In every city the people welcome them and even ex police officers speak on the microfone.

    At the moment they are promising that they will publish truths about a case, that a child died because of the masc mandatory, if that will become mainstream, the domino-stones will start to fall in germany and then maybe also in europe.

    I would love to ask you, if fm144 could organise a mass meditation for protecting this movement and the crew of the german "corona info tour" and to support them with love, freedom and meditation energy. :-)

    many greetings

    1. Parts of this movement and sites are already being protected by Lightworkers.
      You can, of course, participate by either joining in your own meditation (or a group meditation) or/and by asking the Lightforces for protection.
      How exactly the protection can look like, I will add in the next update.

  37. Hello Dear Moderator,

    i'm a bit confused- does Billy Meier always says the truth ? for him no masters exist, there is no ascension, no maitreya, and this is contrare to Cobra.
    Cobra says Beam has a Mission. Do you know why he says this ?

    To Beam there is no German arctic station, no government which has contact to Ets.

    Is he not allowed to say the truth ?

    Greetings and Blessings
    from Germany

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don't know if BM has a mission, but I cannot confirm his claims.

    3. Dear FM144

      Maybe I found a solution to get out of it.

      Tompkins says, that all governments are controlled by Reptilians,
      Cobra also says this about Merkel, Draghi

      Billy says Reptilians do exist-

      so maybe we have to find out what is the truth

      There are shaeshifters, Billy says for example
      Gilgamesh, which is 10 000 years old

      Tompkins says all American Presidents were shapeshifters
      incl. Obama, but not Trump.

      I Think that Billy wants to give us the chance to puzzle the truth together by using ourself mind.

      If somebody says the truth .. then you have to believe it

  38. Dear fm144

    I dont understand about the second lockdown. For example cobra2012 recommend to meditate that the second lockdown doesnt come.

    Other sources say that the lockdown2 is a "good" thing because then the WhiteHats starts to do the arrests and prevent that the people are save at home. So is the lockdown good or bad?

    1. if I understood correctly it is good in a way, as you say. but bad because the whole economy will collapse and the economy should not collapse before everything is ready for the new start. that is to say the event.
      is that FM144?

    2. I would say its complicate thing, so that simple answers dont make sense - like white and black

    3. The lockdowns are triggered by the Cabal and have mainly negative effects. How the Lightforces will/can use the situation, we will see.

  39. This might be off topic(ish)...
    In the realms of our celesial origins, have Maya and Atlas come to harmony in the Light?

  40. Thanks for your info and all your answers to comments once again fm144, you are a great help.

  41. Is there any salvation in this world?
    Everyone is trapped in an information cocoon, unaware of the rest of the world.
    I'm getting sick of the message. It's almost there.
    What will China look like in the future?
    To tell the truth, I have no desire now, I do not want to put on the body again, if this time also reincarnation, please send me into the central sun for formatting.

  42. FM144. Do you use twitter?

    Thank you for your time and effort.

  43. Viral! World Lockdown Plan Leaked
    October 14, 2020

  44. A question about the stolensoul parts. What if the dark ones leave you completed/whole but take your gifts and abilities. Or they take only time periods in which you developed those, so you need to re develop these abilities again? I won my case but the dark ones played time looping and brought back my timeline back in order to take my gifts. Apparently now the light forces are busy and when the timeline changed nobody came to help, so the dark ones used this opportunity to loot me again. What would you advice me to do? Other things happened also. But they must leave me now supposedly.

    1. Try to retrieve the soul parts again, change time lines again (magic operation).
      Not easy, maybe get help from capable, clairvoyant, positive light workers, if you are not able to do it yourself.
      Explain situation to the Light Forces during meditation (ask for help).
      Repeat until results come in.

    2. It wasnt me changing the timeline but the dark ones. These people were playing my timeline back and forward so many times. It was impossible for someone to help me. People who wanted to help got confused. In the end on Arch Michael came to defend me
      Also they transferred consciousness from one body to another. For example they made my husband to be my father. For their purpose. After they looted us, they made us like we were abroad without exiting our apartment and other stuff too. In the changed timeline 1 hour could be equal to days. I really hope thing will be good for me...


  46. @ fm144 hello,
    1) I would like to know if black magic can act on objects to prevent them from functioning or from functioning normally?
    2) Some people use MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) which is used as a water disinfectant, in higher doses (1 to 15 drops in half a glass of water, while the normal dose is one drop per liter as a water disinfectant) to cure diseases (malaria, cancer, skin disease, etc.) but also against morgellons acting by oxidation thereof.
    Do you think this is effective? Are there any health concerns? Could this eliminate some negative effects of vaccines?
    Thank you good day to you

    1. 1) Definitely yes.
      2) MMS is helpful, that' s why it is suppressed. For correct use, please see (medical) sources who have the necessary expertise and experience with the treatment.

    2. 1) oh! now I understand. the cabal does not want me to leave my house. Before, I went out a lot because I was a photographer. Now to go out I have to force myself and when I'm outside a mile from home I have bad thoughts (kidnapping, rape ... by the cabal) I know these thoughts are not mine. And my vehicle a scooter breaks down regularly in an abnormal way. currently I can not go out because the repairs are too expensive.
      last year my vehicle broke down. I had posted an ad to find someone to repair it on the spot. because otherwise it is very far and very expensive to take it to the garage. A man came. In conversation he showed me a photo of an isolated cabin in the countryside. I had a bad intuition about this man. then he contacted me and I pushed back the date for the repair and asked him questions. He said he was awake, but as soon as I told him about the cabal he cut the conversation and disappeared altogether.
      I then learned that the breakdown of my vehicle that he indicated to me was not the correct one.
      some time later a girl contacted me on my site, it was about a message from cobra. she said no one would stop the cabal .. she said they tortured and raped him in a cabin in the woods, in a lot of horrible detail.
      But I think this is the same person who has been harassing me for years every time I put a cobra article on my site.
      But I realized that it was more of a threat to me.
      I think the man who came to my house is a black magician. I felt he was playing the "good guy" but he's not.
      As soon as the scooter was repaired it broke down again, the mechanic told me that the new part was defective. He fixed it and told me it was in good condition and could still drive thousands of miles. Since then I have driven very little with it and it is still broken down. this is not normal.
      my question is why don't they want me out of my house?
      2) okay that reassures me. Yes i am humble jim protocol
      thank you very much

  47. Good evening fm144.

    I would like to know if we will have some information on the progress of the alliance on the surface of the planet before the American elections.

    Cobra told us that we will have more information on the surface situation around the beginning of November.

    What I would like to know is, will you be allowed to publish a lot of information or will it be limited after the beginning of November?

    1. I think CoBra will post enough information about it, because he is deeper involved in US affairs than this blog.
      I will try to cover things that might not have been mentioned else where.
      Since this year it is also more difficult to get useful information.


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