Situation Update (26.10.2020)

The further the Light Forces advance, the more the Dark Ones fall into panic mode, with a corresponding effect on their actions within the Earth quarantine.

On non-physical levels, the last month was marked by fierce Archon/Chimera attacks on surface based Starseeds, which were so strong that they could manifest themselves physically in the form of accidents, diseases, technical defects, everything to make the work of Lightworkers as difficult as possible during this important time.

In the course of the COVID crisis (and from a physical point of view), they want to seal off the planet militarily and put it under total surveillance. The way to achieve this are massive testing to drive the numbers as high as possible to justify their actions, completely ignoring the serious effects of the number of false positives:

While the mask serves as an MK-Ultra instrument to make the population compliant:

Many governments act more and more totalitarian. It is also no longer so much about being afraid of the virus itself, but much more about being afraid of the punishments if the measures are not followed.

The population should be stirred up in such a way that they supervise themselves and rebuke all outliers (e.g. mask refusers) without questioning the sense behind it, which is very clearly presented in the following (whether actually performed or not) psychologic experiments:

The awakened part of the population who has recognized what is going on and is actively protesting against it is confronted with increasingly harsh police violence (whereby there are signs that the Cabal is bringing mercenaries into various police units to break resistance).

In addition from a non-physical point of view, be also aware that within the quarantine negative entities are entering the police forces (resulting in violence against peaceful protestants) and also normal citizens (resulting in attacking and denunciation of mask refusers in daily life) in order to defend the system.

This is especially the case in urban areas, where the anomaly has a stronger impact than on the countryside. But the Pleiadians have pointed out that the chaos on the streets is a clear sign of the beginning of the decline of the Matrix ... and we are right in the middle of it.

It is further recommended that the peaceful protests against the lockdowns should be energetically protected by placing Columns of Light over relevant areas, imagining how all anomaly and negative entities are sucked into the Light/Source/Central Sun.

For protection, all participants can then be enclosed in Silver Spheres, followed by sending pink Goddess Energy or Golden Energy originating from the Source into the area to harmonize the situation.

This will be important for the coming weeks, as the Cabal announces a “dark winter” or “difficult months” through their various puppets:

A digital Christmas is also announced: 

In Slovakia, the entire population should be tested:

In Spain there is already a talk of extending the measures until May 2021:

The aim of the Cabal is to further panic the population with such news, so that the energy of the collective consciousness is kept as low as possible as the breakthrough approaches.

But this good news shows that energetic countermeasures are effective:

Meanwhile in China, life seems to go on again too:

An alliance of doctors from all over the world has formed with the aim of ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity:

The current volatile events in some parts of the world are only happening as the Galactic Confederation is moving closer and closer to Earth.

There is currently a lot of activity in near Earth space, some professional remote viewers may got short glimpses of it:  (till minute 32:05)

Also with regard to the Galactic Super Wave in combination with a Carrington Event:

The Space Force is being further expanded, with new bases in Qatar:

And Germany:

The subject of UFOs is being pushed further into the mainstream:

On the non-physical levels, the Light Forces are in the process of freeing Twin-Flames that were separated by the Dark Ones and forced into fake partnerships with the negative side during countless incarnations (this will give a massive boost to the Liberation).

In addition, Soul Parts of many Key Lightworkers are being recovered, which the Dark Ones absorbed during the invasion of Atlantis (and also later on) to manifest many incarnations of prosperity and success (e.g. for many Illuminati artists), while the affected Lightworkers only experienced incarnations of struggle and destitution.

These recovery missions are important because as a Starseed, for example, one can only leave this planet once the Soul is complete again ... and the Souls will be completed and united again.

The ever increasing influence of the Light Forces and other factors are reasons why the Dark Ones are currently panicking more and more. The irony of the whole situation is that while trying to force all of humanity behind masks, they are completely unmasking themselves ... and their actions will come back to them like a boomerang.

There are still turbulent weeks ahead, with the presidential election in the U.S. also in the spotlight. Not to forget the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, in which Iran also threatens to intervene:

So it is important to remain on guard, keep the faith and successfully complete the mission as a Starseed on the surface, allowing the planet a transition as harmonious as possible:


  1. ps. it's ok to post previous message, (I forgot that you said that you don't answer private messages via private email. You can edit it however).

    So the Space Force that's being expanded, is under positive military control?

    And can Starseeds who have trapped soul fragments (soul-parts absorbed by darkness, as you put it) can they do simple visualization sessions to retrieve each absorbed/trapped soul fragment?

    Recommended method (to greatly accelerate the process - as opposed to 'waiting' for your soul parts/fragments to be saved by our off-world brethren) ... is:

    1) Go up to your Light Teams/Guides in beam of light.

    2) Show them any negative emotion or struggle you might have, and ask them to retrieve the 'next soul fragment from any era, plane or timeline - that's most effecting your current incarnation.

    3) See yourself on a 'healing table' surrounded by your Teams/Guides, and watch them clear (transmute) any dark or grey things, in whatever form they may be, that come up.

    4) then when nothing else is coming up, 'dive into your soul' by diving into your chest. All you'll see is white light for 10-30 secs, until you 'come out the other side' of your soul and you'll see the next soul fragment that needs to be retrieved, in whatever time/space it may be.

    5) Don't 'try' to see it. The image presents itself. The less you try the easier it is. Detach.

    6) See your 'other' self in that negative event or state (it may not be a physical or emotional trauma). It depends. Don't judge or label, just observe in a neutral, casual way.

    7) Visualize your 'former' self (trapped/absorbed soul fragment) turning into white light (like a light body) and raise it up, back into your soul, (that's represented by a big ball of light, up above). And you're done.

    It is strongly recommended you do this a minimum once a week. And extremely empowering.!


    1. 1. Unlikely.
      2. Yes, but you should at least see or sense where they are (or with whom). And one should be prepared to fight for them energetically, because these parts are usually not given back voluntarily (when they are in the hands of the Dark Ones). Strong energetic protection is also essential during such retrievals.

  2. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

    What do the incarnated light warriors do from this earth surface from your perception?

    Why is so little written in the articles about the Light Warriors?

    1. ^Great question, I would like to know this as well.

    2. As the name suggests, they "fight" for the Light.
      They have been mentioned a few times in this blog.

  3. "In Spain there is already a talk of extending the measures until May 2021:"

    the article is from April 2020, I think it's May 2020 not May 2021

    Thanks for this important update.
    You say the dark forces want to keep people in low vibrations.
    Concretely what will happen during the event, for people who are part of the light but who are in low vibrations such as people who are depressed or have addictions?

    1. Thanks for the hint, wrong link was posted, here is the current news (will be edited in the article):

      Probably the ascension process will be a bit harder for them, but nevertheless unavoidable.

    2. The list is growing, Macron has just announced the lockdown of the French people from Friday, October 30 :-(

  4. Have the reptilians already left the planet as was predicted earlier?

  5. Thank you for the update.
    What would you be able to say about situation in Poland and the protests. Why is Poland so corrupted and deeply connected with the church?

    1. What happens in Poland is simply a part of what happens globally. Uncomfortable truths can no longer be suppressed, people are angry, old doctrines crumble.

    2. I dont know If this is the truth but according to Benjamin Fullford Polen was one of the Locations (together with Ukraine) where the kazahrians branch stem from .

  6. Thank you Teilen for your update. It is so much appreciated

    1. His name is not Teilen.

      Teilen means "sharing / sharing this post" in german.

    2. He was nicknamed by some of this followers as 'Teilen'...
      He came with no a name in this blog, so we had to find him a name.

      The 2012portal came with a name: Cobra. But this blog came without a name, so, we kindly call him" Teilen...

  7. this subject brings a lot of confusion . Will Starseeds leave this Planet without their human bodys in which they currently stuck in or do they receive some different maybe etheric (shells) or how is gonna to be ???

    1. it will vary from Starseed to Starseed. For those who are too stuck in their current incarnational [false] 3D identity, and haven't truly been doing their internal work & consciousness growth ... they'll likely (with the agreement of their Higher Self) get taken up by their galactic family (maybe when they're asleep) & just transferred to a new body - with genes & memories set up a certain way that will allow them to continue to evolve.

      Though some may just 'drop their physical body' and moved to another one, with memories removed or altered all together. Many are just too damaged /traumatized.

      The more healed & evolved Starseeds will simply receive DNA/Gene altering frequencies within their current bodies ... and change/evolve that way. They won't need to 'drop their bodies'.

      Feel free to add or correct anything their, FM144.


    2. Many Starseeds will get on the ships and just switch into a new body.

    3. But on what occasion is this expected to happen? In what circumstances?

    4. When the planet is liberated to the point where a contact is safe.

    5. Yes, but on what occasion? To bring them 'home' in other worlds? To ascend them in a higher density? Simply, to send them back on earth? On what else?

    6. if they are taken out of their bodies in their sleep then it will look like they died (for their relatives) or how should one understand that?

    7. @ undknown Everything possible. Will be decided on the ship.

      @ Dreammaker This will most likely be a physical pickup. No body left behind.

    8. Thanks for the informations all of you i Like to know now

      Is the Rammstein Base still a Stronghold of the dark Team or was this area takin over by the Positive Military ? Which Locations in Germany are still under the force of the Chimera ?

    9. You can be sure that everything that has to do with space defense is still under negative influence at the moment.

  8. In the course of my work, I met someone who looked like a caricature of an old mobster. He was fat and small and had a very gray aura. He was trying to look nice to me by being friendly and fraternal but in a somewhat hesitant and childish way. He had a ring on his finger with the sign of "boylover" as in the FBI file that I had seen in one of David Wilcock's articles (at a previous point in my life, I had also seen this ring on an extremely negative man who was very weak, as if he had AIDS or cancer). At the time I didn't know what it meant. When I looked at the ring I froze a bit and I don't know why I did. The fat man asked me if everything was all right, I said "uh yes" with a little smile.

    He was accompanied by his wife who was much younger than him. Let's say he must have been 60 years old and she was probably about 40. She looked very young and was very beautiful. She had a very gentle and positive energy despite the fact that she had a fearful look in her eyes. She was very careful about what she said and she was subject to this coarse character. She was dressed like a woman of the 60s. It was probably this man's fantasy, but he seemed to be proud to have such a beautiful woman.

    I saw this fat guy again a few weeks later. He told me, somewhat confusedly, that he had had a heart attack recently and I had the feeling that he was trying to guilt me in some way. I'm pretty sure that deep down it was true that it was my fault... that it was because he contacted me. It was probably a darkforce agent who was sent to investigate me... I say this with my personal discernment because it seems to me that this is not the first "cockroach", as I call them, that tries to contact me or investigate me.

    So, at the time, in hindsight, I figured that this woman was probably a lightwarrior who was on a spy mission or something like that. But with your text, everything becomes obvious. She was simply an exclave and the darkforce was exerting a hold on her. I'm very happy that now all this is coming to an end. Anyway, that's my interpretation, it seems to me that what you said with "fake partnerships with the negative side" resonates in me with the experience I just wrote. Could that be the case?

    Thank you for your update, your detailed information.

  9. Do the twin souls that were incarnated on this planet know they were forced into agreements with the negative side?

    1. During incarnation mostly not, because their minds are negatively manipulated.

    2. Is there a likelihood however that twin souls will even evolve separately? May this also be a case? Or, the more, can a twin half join another twin half that is not his counterpart? Are there possible 'agreements' in this way?

    3. Relationships with non TSs are possible, especially here on the surface to survive, but anyway, mostly these other Souls belong to ones own Soul Family.

      TSs can exist separately, but to become fully healed again (especially after this earth trauma), reunion must take place, as far as I know.

  10. In some material I read about the Ashtar Command they said that members of the Ashtar Command who are incarnated on earth will be lifted up to the ships (not an exact quote) CONCIOUSLY for a couple weeks for a briefing or series of briefings and training just before the event, so we will know how to help during The Event/Planetary Liberation period. Is this true to your knowledge? Can you comment on this? It is an older article I believe so I would imagine some details would or could change. Also thank you so much for taking the time and energy to answer our questions, it's very helpful.

    1. What I can confirm is, that this has been happening for years, non-physical.

  11. Insights into what exactly made Earth a planet under quarantine... completely blocked on Facebook, they do not want this info to surface:

  12. How are the twin flames on the surface freed?

    Are there pairs of twin flames on the surface in the moment?

    When the twin flames are released, is it possible that many twin flames meet on the surface before the event?

    1. This will not said at the moment (maybe later on).
      None that are together (to my knowledge). Too dangerous yet.
      Might be (when it's safe enough).

  13. In which posts on the FM 144 blog can you find information about light warriors?

    1. Search function in the upper right corner. Keyword: "Light Warrior" or "Light Warriors"

  14. Dear FM144, a few questions for You:

    1. Why for several months, every time I look at watches in the telephone or in the car, I see hours like: 11:11, 14:14, 17.17. 22:22, always repeating numbers ?

    2. Donald Trump says media narrative about Covid will change after November 4. According to your intel, did Trump win the initial avalanche of unmasking the world hoax Covid and other lies ?

    3. According to Your data, do we live in a huge crater on a giant planet?

    4. Why does the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, have monumental buildings with clear masonic symbolism ? (Hipotetic future capital of NWO ?)

    5. Cobra writes about spiders, linking to the blog "Alloya", where it is also stated that the praying mantis are positive entities that help rebuild DNA help - this is absurd, because manitis is very old parasytes manipulating human's DNA. Why is Cobra suggested by blogs with misleading knowledge ? It's very careless. I am very surprised/shocked by this.

    1. 1. Signs of the spiritual world.
      2. Could be the case for the United States.
      3. No.
      4. Almost every city has such symbolism, there they are just more "striking".
      Las Vegas, for example, is just as full of it, but goes under because it is considered a gambling metropolis.
      5. I can't comment on that, I am responsible for my blog. Sharing a source because it contains certain useful information does not automatically mean that everything there is correct, or that the sharing person agrees with everything. So sources given may not always be perfect, also applies to this blog here (that's why it's good to always check with your own intuition).

    2. Thanks for the answers - high vibrations. Yes, there are no infallible people and everything must be verified with the senses of intuition, like a filter. Cobra's last entry, however, is very optimistic - that is, if humanity with energy harmony causes contact with the Galactic Federation, and the last bases and Reptilians in the bodies of bankers, politicians and clergy will be removed definitively.
      One more thing - then Europe appears to be globally currently in the worst oppression of the Cabal by the Covid lockdown and medical terror ? (The dark agenda of G. Soros finances women's strikes in Poland - vulgar slogans, very low vibrations, an attempt to destabilize the economy).

    3. @Robert
      People in Poland are actually fighting for freedom and their basic human rights. They are really tired of oppression by the government which in partnership with Catholic Church is trying to enslave the society

    4. In Polish protests about abortion, one can sense a strong programming of minds and perfect organization with the consent of the opposition and ... the police, and in the background a lot of money from abroad. They are an excuse to rapidly increase Covid stats. Unfortunately, these masked women (most of them) show no signs of spiritual awakening. What is needed is harmony, balance, calm, peace, not screams and pushing the right hand to the left and the left to the right - the dual matrix of the spider web.

      *The most important parasite is the mind dualism toroidal spider. This is one of the innermost secrets of reality.* (Stephen King used this symbolism in the novel and in the movie "It").

    5. Robert To some extent I agree with you but it must be also said that many of them are there to instigate havoc and that this spiritual degraded group is fighting but particularly for the right to kill the Babies ( abortion ) . It is basically the same Modus operandi like with the BLM movement . All of these so called distorted freedom fighters are useful minions , a kind of pawns in the hands of great deceivers like Sorors or Gates whom both are the architects of chaos

    6. Dreammaker, unfortunately it looks like You wrote. Let us support the intention of the blog FM144 and its Author, exchange information in the comments and radiate the energy of peace, harmony and joy. Let our intuitions work like filters.

    7. I'm Polish too and view things differently.
      If you believe that protesters are of low vibration then the government are of no vibration at all. Polish government are cabal too, Polish media so corrupt too.
      Right to abortion is every women basic right and a tough decision too. We're talking about situation whereby woman can't terminate pregnancy even if she carries a dead or severely deformed child or if the pregnancy is a danger to her own life. One can't call themselves spiritual if they are denying others the right to free will.
      From spiritual level, many souls enter the body just prior to birth. You so called spiritual beings should know it's a contract between mothers soul and child's soul. Sometimes, the soul doesn't even enter fetus.
      Of course, you can blame soros etc. These protests are against clearly nwo government, basic human rights and against polish Catholic Church which tries to control every sphere of Polish people lives. The protests were peaceful and done outside, little covid threat here.
      But how on earth do you see any spirituality in Catholic Church or the government is beyond me...
      Of course you can be happy and peaceful and accept happily whatever cabal decides for you like lockdowns and think you are spiritual and of high vibration because you don't object to that but I'm afraid this is not how it works...

    8. To be clear, the personal freedom of a woman regarding abortion should be preserved naturally. However, these protests have been hijacked, infected with the negative energy of aggression, and it is a fight within the matrix, not for a way out. Worldwide - 80-90% of decisions to incarnations people into given bodies are influenced by alien parasites (as reported in the Calogero Grifasi and Lucio Carsi hypnotic sessions and many other research).

    9. Klodi Im a former dark soul from Rigel so im aware of the tactics of the dark team . I assure you the only thing you can achieve with your wypie...( You know the rest) movement and their allegedly peaceful behavior will be feeding the dark entities thats Right they want your emotions ! i call them Acari i mean those arachnid beings whom others called chimera . You will be set off by them just in the way they like it the most and they are very cunning . you think you are fighting the enemy but in fact you doing the opposite . because of your chaotic thought patterns and your angerness you are giving them exactly what they nead means power to create even more chaos ! It works like this you get a firewood to throw it on fire, but you do not realize that you are all gathering on the grill you are heating in this moment ! Do you want to know why the dark team appears to be so superior even almost invicible ? Despite the fact that they are sacrificing their own kind if not useful anymore are they compared to their human slaves able to think in a multidimensional way and humans are only considering me , my and now, and not much else the tip of their own nose is the edge of world of the most humans . Currently The only reason why do you not getting the so called rapefugies ( they are soo peaceful off corse i know) is because of Duda and his team ( neccesery evil ) so how do you think will looking the picture of your country after they are gone ??? You will replace cancer with aids thats all ! Considering abortion because of my dark legacy i have done many thinks which was lets just say mostly anti live but i have decided now to protect live and i dont care if someone embrace my decision or not ! Many of those woman's from wypier... Movement are just willing to spread their legs without taking the responsibility of their lofty party live this is also the truth . Tell you what If you support the abortion ( anti live ) well you can be glad that this was not the common law in the times you ware born because otherwise maybe you would not even have now the opportunity to creating the hell for your own kind and this is exactly what you doing without to be aware of it .

  15. The archon's ability to affect physical matter is definitely real and they're doing it to me. It started about 2 years ago and has become worse. It's become borderline poltergeist activity, like brushing something gently with my hand and it flies wildy across the room with 4x the force, in all different ways, not like my hands are going numb haha. But that's not the worst. The worst is making everything break and fail. It's sickenily obvious something is happening. I describe to people that it's become so paralyzing I just don't do anything anymore, I literally sit and stare out the window because nothing I do, no matter how small, will work. I try to tell people and they usually think I'm mistaken in some way. "Oh that happens to everyone Pat." Yeah no, I'm 35 years old, I've seen how things work. Every time I do anything it's like this, getting a glass of water for example. I get up to walk across the room, there's a staple in the carpet I've never stepped on but somehow now, I still go for water, pick up the glass and it breaks in my hand, clean it up, 10 ridiculous things go wrong there, I get another glass but they're in the dishwasher, I open the door and the handle breaks, I grab a cup but it's still dirty, and another and another, finally get a clean one, then the water filter is screwed up some how. People say that happens to everyone, or maybe the stuff in my house sucks. No, I'll walk around trying to do daily tasks or run errands and I can't even buy food anymore. My physical and mental healthy become like an open joke, I also say is a plan, I can't do anything. I don't know what to do, I'm telling my parents today "yeah I'm never doing anything ever again." They're like what the hell are you talking about? I posted on Facebook about this a month ago before reading these articles about it. Yep it's happening. I came back here to read a second time and this physical level manipulation stood out again because like I say I was telling my parents today it's over for me. Really the only option left is suicide. I can't mooche off people anymore, but my work attempts are even worse than getting a glass of water, so I'm done. I wish I could get excited about noble ideas like living out my life as a starseed, but when you're suffering like me with my 10 ridiculous health problems, ehhh that stuff doesn't really matter anymore. I like Catholicism, but when it comes down to it there's no comfort because nothing is more powerful than pain and fear. When demons kick my spine so I scream and drag myself across the floor begging to die, yeah I'm done with this. Especially with the obvious extra haunting. I guess this is what I get for promoting plasma and tachyons, maybe they saw it before I was born. Reminds me how the night terrors I had as a kid said a lot. Thanks for the update FM.

    1. YW!
      I can confirm that these kinds of accidents are not "accidental" or "happen to everyone". They are energetic attacks and also active black magic, which, if one doesn't resolve them, will constantly manifest physically in the form of these accidents.

    2. @patrick kehoe you are not the only one going through this. I am also constantly attacked in this way. Lots of lightworkers are under attack, but some are in denial and others have enough trouble dealing with their attacks that they cannot help others.
      I don't know how to remove this black magic. I have tried a bunch of protocols, the Tesla violet ray high frequency device Cobra mentioned works well, as well as the tachyon chamber. But the worry is that black magic always comes back. I also have morgelons which multiply I manage to make them leave with the MMS but they come back
      Yes I really think there are starseeds who are more attacked than others.
      But I think it would be foolish to leave this earth now, because we have lived many often difficult lives to come to this moment which is coming soon. It would be a bit like turning off the movie 5 minutes before the end!
      And I want to see the end of the film! lol
      Using command 771 and 1221 helps a lot. I use command 1221 and I talk to them saying what's wrong and it gets better the next day.
      And I bought unbreakable glasses :-)
      You have to try not to focus on what is wrong and stay in high vibrations by laughing, singing, dancing ...
      it is a constant struggle and it is very tiring, it is true. But we're going to hold on until the end, we're not going to let them win! victory of light!

      @ fm144 as you are probably locked too, could you take the time to read this article on the golden age site about spiders and say if this is correct? or tell us what is not right
      please ..

    3. @Patrick Kehoe: I believe you and understand your despair. I'm also being heavily attacked, albeit in a way that is a bit different, so that many activities which are normal for most people have become mostly impossible for me. What I want to tell you is, please stay strong and keep the faith that this madness will be over soon. You are a warrior of light with most likely a strong mission, and you have come that far. If you give up yourself, "they" have won - this is what I tell myself in order to motivate me to carry on.

      @Nathalie: I don't know if it's ok to ask this here, but where did you get the Tesla Violet Ray device from? The ones I found on the internet were very expensive (more than 1000 Euro) or the retailer didn't look very trustworthy.

    4. @Waldfee

  16. How does one know when they have collected all of their fractured/trapped soul parts? I have gone back to specific locations where trauma has happened to me and called back my soul parts. For those traumas on different timelines, dimensions, planes, etc. that I cannot remember, I used a tachyon chamber to declare and decree that my soul parts be returned to me in it's entirety. Is that beneficial since the tachyon chamber is connected to our star families?

  17. Hi Patrick, do you invoke COMMAND 12 21?
    If you don't, try it. It may help you.

  18. Hello FM144, thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask questions here.

    Many starseeds are alienated from their physical families and other, non-awakened people, and I wonder if after the Event some kind of reconciliation and healing will take place regarding this?
    Will the general population, at some point, be able to understand what starseeds have been through and recognize what they have done for this planet and humanity and give them the respect they deserve? Or doesn't it really matter because both groups are on different evolutionary paths anyway?
    And concerning the situation pre-Event, is there a way one can discern if a person either has a reptilian soul or is “only” possessed by a reptilian? Are reptilians behind narcisstic abuse (especially against lightworkers) or something else?
    Thanks and all the best to you

    1. Starseeds are more likely to return to the circle of their Soul Family.

      Probably when, after Liberation, everything that has happened here on Earth will be reviewed and revealed and everyone is healed and awakened.

      If an otherwise nice person behaves negatively, but after an energetic cleansing is back to the way he or she normally behaves, then it was most likely just a possession (reptile souls , on the other hand, behave constantly malicious).

      Not always, but in most cases definitely yes.

  19. What is the best way to clear black magic?

    1. Energetic counteraction: Protection techniques, cleaning, curse dissolution, removal of negative entities/mechanisms/installations etc. ... you can also call it White Magic, if you want.

  20. hello fm144, what's going on with the american elections? Is this a fraud or did people really vote for Biden?
    What will be the implications if Biden wins the election?

    1. Manipulations took place (was to be expected).
      In the long run, it should not go through.
      But it will probably cause some chaos on the streets.

    2. I didn't think they were manipulating the votes. I rather thought that they would take an external action, attack, cyclone ...
      I thought the light forces would protect the elections from fraud.
      Trump appealed to the Supreme Court is she on the side of the light?
      if the fraud is revealed the dark forces will be too.
      there is already a lot of chaos in the streets

  21. What if it was the plan ??? Let them try to steal the election so that they can later be exposed of their dirty games . If this is the case the parrot tv ( MSM) would be also exposed because they have embraced this fraud from the beginning of ! We will see soon

  22. Also, thank you for the insight regarding the twin flame/twin soul aspect of quarantine on Earth. I always kind of knew, but it is nice to hear someone say it out loud.

  23. Hi Teilen, thank you for your service to the light.

    There are a few things i'd like to know, and you and Cobra are the few ones I know would be able to answer correctly, and in a efficient way.
    To this day there are reports about living pterosaurs spotted in many places around the world. Including developed countries, and these reports are NOT isolated and rare. People call them the Thunderbird, Ropen, Kongamato, etc.
    I believe these beings (and others beings like bigfoot) are multi-dimensional, hence why they still avoid being captured and proven to be real. I know also they come from underground caves, inside mountains, etc.

    My questions are:

    1) How does this multi-dimensionality works? Is "another dimension" just an underground region where they live, or can they really become "ghost-like" creatures and swap from one dimension to another? Or maybe both.

    2) Would a person become "fourth dimensional", if this person goes to the underground area that these creatures come from? If yes, how would this work? Will the Person be "turned into a spirit" or "fourth dimensional" would only be a concept, for a very different region in the world?

    3) If these beings are fourth dimensional, does this mean that if a third dimensional human go underground in their caves, the person wouldn't see anything, because the pterosaurs are there in spirit form only?

    4) Can these beings, and others, like bigfoot, materialize out of nowhere? I know they are supernatural, though.

    These concepts about other dimensions are very confusing. Please, I would love to hear your answers.

    Thank you very much, Teilen.

    1. 1. I think this is not a question of the location, but rather a question of frequency,

      2. One could be transformed into a "spirit" indeed ... because one might not physically survive such an encounter down there.

      3. If one is not clairvoyant, then probably not.

      4. Whether the entity, which is called "Bigfoot" by the surface population, can materialize out of nowhere, I cannot answer. However, there are reports that these creatures lurk at certain underground entrances indeed.

    2. Thank you, Teilen. These questions came from decades of research, so I appreciate your kindness to answer.

      I have a few more questions, if you don't mind.

      1) These pterosaurs and some others mysterious beings seem to be intelligent. Is this statement correct? Also, are they negative and belong to the forces of darkness, with their own cities perhaps?

      2) If only a clairvoyant person can see such beings if they are not in the physical matter frequency, does this mean that we have these beings in human cities all the time, but in "invisible frequency" to non-clairvoyant people?

      3) As far as I understand, they can materialize "out of nowhere" in regions of the third dimension that "match" somehow the frequency of the lower fourth dimension. Beyond that, they can only come from underground. Is this statement correct?

      4) Aleister Crowley used to say that he was in contact with the loch ness monster. Is it truth? If so, some of these plesiosaur-like beings are also intelligent/negative beings?

    3. 1. Perhaps. I cannot comment last part.
      2. They do not necessarily have to be the mentioned ones, but nevertheless there are definitely a lot of beings in and around urban areas.
      3. I cannot comment on this question.
      4. I cannot comment if there was a contact, but of coures there are also negative beings involved.

    4. I understand, thank you. I also have a few more questions.

      1) Some “bright orbs” are spotted all around the world, including in the USA (marfa lights). A few people believe these bright orbs are also pterosaurs with bioluminescence (just like in the ropen legend).
      When recorded, these bright orbs appear to be UFOS, and we don’t see a pterosaur form.
      I believe the pterosaurs are there in another dimension, maybe the fourth, and here in the third dimension, we can see them only as a glowing orb. Is this statement correct?

      2) What is the difference between draconians with a head like a real dragon, and draconians with a head like a “skull” with big teeth? As far as I understand, they are both draconians, but the one with a “skull” head and big teeth do not looks like a dragon. So why are they called draconians?
      Is it another form, or a “transformation” of the draconians with the head like a dragon?

      3) Can these reptilian beings “transform” like, for example, a transformation we see in the dragon ball z series?

      4) How did Tolkien get his information? We all know he knew a lot, usually in a way that only researching isn’t possible. Was he inside a secret society, or maybe he knew how to astral project?

    5. You are welcome.

      Many of these questions always go into great detail and are difficult to answer briefly in comments, so please bear with me if I can't answer all of them now.

      What affects Tolkien and other authors, yes, many of them were in secret societys, but for many it is also the case that these storys are created through memories of old lives. And some authors are not even the real writers.

    6. I understand, Teilen, Thank you.

      Can you please only answer the question 2? About the draconians. There probably won't be a way for me to know if you don't answer, since most sources won't have realiable information.

      The first type of draconian is this one illustrated here:

      The second type of draconian, here:

      Thank you again!

    7. There are simply different subspecies, related species and body forms, especially on the higher realms... can also be created artificial.

  24. Beste fm 144 hoe kun je jezelf wapenen tegen iemmand die een reptielenziel heeft en je probeert op allerlij mogelijke manieren probeert je kapot te maken? Word dat door de lichtkrachten opgelost??

  25. The National Guard has been deployed in my city, how do I know if this is cabal related or part of the Light Forces? How can I help and stay safe? How can Lightwarriors step into their role in a somewhat safe or protected manner? Is it possible to help even if one is working through many of their own traumas and dramas? Also, I have heard that some Lightwarriors/Lightworkers are more "undercover" than others, does this mean that some would be a "activated" at a very specific time, regardless of the progress or lack thereof one is making? Thank You. God Bless.

  26. Hello FM144, you have already mentioned on this blog that the appearance of physical spiders can be an indicator for attacks by etheric spiders (which I can confirm). I don't want to sound silly, but what about wasps? On Wednesday, after having participated in Cobra's Timeline Meditation, I went to the supermarket and while shopping suddenly felt a needle-like pain between neck and shoulder. I was wearing thick warm clothes, a coat and scarf, and when my husband came to help, a wasp flew out... I mean how weird is that? I wasn't feeling good before, but after that when coming home I felt miserable... We think this was no coincidence, the whole situation seemed to be so odd and surreal, and I would love to hear your opinion. Thank you.

    1. I can't say if there are ethereal wasps or not, but such incidents can of course be attacks triggered by the Grid/Archons and manifesting in this way. The insects could serve as drones here.

    2. Thanks for your answer. What do you mean with drones in this specific context?

  27. Hello, Trump just announced on the White House channel that a vaccine 90% effective (90% is the population reduction rate wanted by the NWO ) will be distributed from December as a priority to the elderly and at risk in order to offer them a "new golden age". Vaccine which will be distributed by the army which ensures "that they will not forget nobody"
    @ FM144 do you have any information and comments on this?

    1. This is the game with the vaccine that is played worldwide now.
      Also, best not to focus so much on Trump.
      Light Forces keep saying that Starseeds should not panic about vaccinations.

    2. You will tell the light forces that the last time the dark forces vaccinated me without my consent, it cost me some of my abilities and irreparable physical worries. the light force did nothing to prevent this poison from entering my body. so, I am a little worried when I hear about a vaccine available in December!
      It would be nice if the light forces told us a little about the advances on earth. We have no news about it, they tell us about the plasma plan or the advances underground. We have a lot (too much) of information on the advancement of dark forces on earth but never anything on the advancement of light forces. So it is normal that the starseeds are worried. And moreover we are attacked by dark entities very strongly.

    3. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

    4. Their message was related to a forced COVID-19 vaccination, so it seems that Starseeds will not forced into it.


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