Call for action (Peaceful Goddess / Warrior of Light)

The Cabal is pushing ahead with its lockdowns and, as announced during March on this blog, they are also using the military now to enforce it.

Energetically speaking, the last weeks were marked by fierce battles between the Light Force and the Dark Ones on the higher planes. The Dark Ones have energetically attacked various Goddess Vortices in Europe with exotic weapons.

During this time interval there was a physical earthquake between West Turkey and the Greek Island of Samos, which resulted in a tsunami that hit the coast, not far from the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus:

With the House of the Virgin Mary very close by:

At the same time there were also several terrorist attacks in Europe, more precisely in France (with a woman beheaded in a church in Nice) and in the city centre of Vienna (near a synagogue). Moreover, inside a Jesuit church in Bavaria, Germany, a statue of the Virgin Mary was also decapitated (and a face mask was added!):

From a physical point of view, the Cabal wants to create divisions between Christians and Muslims in Europe (in America between Republicans and Democrats / worldwide between corona believers and mask deniers), they want push through laws for even more surveillance:

And they want to get soldiers on the streets just right before the lockdowns take into effect.

But from a higher perspective the main goal is to disturb the planetary Vortices and Ley Lines... because, well, it is still a game of Ley Lines.

Many of these lines are located in large cities, especially in the government districts, and what the Cabal fears are (peaceful) marches of the awakened population along these lines (such as in Berlin, Germany, a few months ago), since this has a massive impact on the collective consciousness of the planet.

This is also a reason why they want to ban gatherings and lock up people at home. But of course this is a balancing act, as we now have protests in almost every city worldwide.

For this reason, the Dark Ones also try to capture protest movements by putting fake leaders in front of them (some are actually occupied by Reptilians). The aim is to turn such gatherings, if the police have not already disbanded them, into a stalling or fun event that wakes people up but does not have the necessary impact on the planetary grid. There are also attempts to get such events out of cities, away from the Ley Lines.

However, a march of an awakened and resisting population creates a vortex of energy along the Ley Lines that enters the planetary grid and affects people around the world. So happened again recently in Germany, this time in the city of Leipzig, where people broke out of the police blockade and marched peacefully through the city centre.

Such a march had already taken place in 1989, after which the Berlin Wall fell.

So, as a countermeasure against leading fake protesters, the Light Forces have currently sent high-ranking members of the Galactic Confederation to the surface, who have actually entered human avatars at this very moment (via walk ins), in order to guide the surface resistance into the right direction and to wake up even more people, because it is extremely important right now.

The Dark Ones are trying to make a connection back to the old Nazi timeline of World War II, trying to reinstall the fascist regime of that time in this timeline by using the pandemic.

They use the exact same patterns, just the naming has changed: Burning Books is now Internet Censorship, Authorization Act of 1933 is now Infection Protection Act, Aryan Identity Card is now Immunity Certificate … and what the Jews were then, the masked refusers are today.

Even the buildings look the same, if one compares, for example, the Reichstag in Nuremberg with the planned new building in Berlin ...

Through mass testing, they can also create a DNA database of the entire population this time.

I already wrote in the summer that the fight against this Nazi Cabal faction is raging, whereby one must consider that in the last instance negative occult forces are behind it, both then and now, so-called Black Magicians.

All the politicians or philanthropists who are currently promoting this totalitarian system are just talking dolls, remote-controlled robots, and this is not only meant symbolically. In fact, many current leaders are completely empty in their minds, when they stand in front of the people.

They say what needs to be said (they basically channel their Dark Overlords), then they crawl back into their homes, and some of them even go underground from there, into their Cabal shelters. This way the Cabal can carry out these brutal measures without hesitation. The real puppet masters are not even on the surface ... partly not even in the physical world.

However, the Light Forces are currently taking action against this fraction, and also many Starseeds on the surface are involved on the astral planes during night. So if any readers are involved in fierce battles during the night and believe that they just dreamed it all... I can say, no, you were probably involved in an astral operation.

The Light Forces also keep saying that no matter how chaotic it may be outside, as a Starseed you should trust that you are protected to a certain degree. According to my information, Starseeds will not be “forced” to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Also, one shouldn't get too involved in this Pro Trump / Anti Trump debate, it only dissipates the energies that would be more important for other things, for example for mass meditations.

One meditation is already taking place today especially for Germany, to prevent the biggest government intervention in the basic rights of the population since 1933: 
(Translate to English with DeepL or Chrome)

A further meditation to stabilize the timeline takes place on December 21st:

It will also be important to keep an eye on the USA with meditations, because as soon as the election winner is determined, even greater chaos will break out there.

It will also be important to stay in its centre and then help the other people who cannot grasp what is happening here, especially when the matrix finally collapses.

All of these seemingly negative scenarios have only one reason and that is that the time of the Dark Dominion has passed. And these turbulences somehow also must happen because too many people are still in deep sleep.

But we are not alone in this; our allies are much closer to us than many believe, or maybe many have forgotten …


  1. Hello, thank you for these news.
    personally I work in the astral 4h per night. I fall asleep around 11:30 p.m. and I often wake up at 3:33 a.m. not feeling sleepy at all. I always have a few memories of my nocturnal activities which are various activities.
    I wonder when will we get paid and if we can have time off lol
    Here is some information about the attack in Nice (France)
    - there were 3 people killed in all
    - the basilica is called "notre dame" (our lady)
    - it is located on the main avenue of the city and a street perpendicular to the basilica, houses a bar of Muslims who have invested the street and the back of the basilica. The place to carry out this false Islamic attack is therefore very strategic.
    - a few days later there was an anti-Islam protest of which I was able to see a video. I was shocked because there were only men, young, all dressed in black or very dark, who walked almost in step, in the front what seemed to be a leader shouting anti Islamist slogans. Who were taken to the heart, by others, in an almost robotic way
    - but on Saturday there was a real very peaceful anti mask protest, with a lot of people, men and women, I saw a lot of videos, it seemed bright and people seemed happy to participate.
    - something else, some residents say they heard after the attack, explosions under the basilica.
    - I think there is an underground base under the city of Nice. in the years 1974/75 (I lived there), there is a river which crossed Nice which was covered. But it came out of the earth truck a lot, the newspapers said that they were digging so that there was no problem in the event of a flood. But my dad who drove the buses and spent all day in front of them, said he came out of lorries full of dirt. It went on for months and he wondered what was going on saying it didn't look normal to him.
    A few years later there was a heist organized by "Spaggiari" denominated by the newspapers as being "the biggest heist of the century" he passed with his team, by the bed of the river but he climbed up by a gallery perpendicular underground, towards the bank of France, of which he emptied the coffers during a long weekend. This bank is on the same avenue and a few blocks from the Basilica.
    No one has ever explained why there is an underground gallery perpendicular to the bed of the river that goes up along the main avenue of Nice, where there are luxury stores and this basilica.

  2. Thank you FM for the encouraging update!

  3. Thank you for this very interesting update!
    Regarding infiltration, I think that the Querdenken movement, which has organized the big demonstrations in Berlin, is not free from it, if one looks a bit closer at some of the people who are behind it... also the fact that after the big success in August in Berlin they had organized another big event, on Reunification Day, in the province town of Konstanz/Bodensee-Region, which is an energetically interesting place too, but I'm sure the real intent was to get the masses of protesters away from the capital and the vortex there... would have been an absolute nightmare for the Cabal if masses of Germans gathered on that specific day in Berlin again, shouting "we are the people" like back in 1989.

    1. Not the first time I heard of this idea..
      Tho I always disregarded it as smearcampaign of the dark, however I am curious .. do you have names in mind? (I'm german too, so i know a lot of them)
      The change of the location away from berlin could still be a simple reaction to the stubborn police and anti-protestor-mindset of the berlin senate..

    2. @FluffyFractalshard:
      It’s no secret that Michael Ballweg, one of the leading figures of Querdenken, is a former member and president of Round Table (Stuttgart), an organization with ties to the British royal family. This alone does not prove anything, and I don’t want to speculate about people here… But you can do your own research and use your intuition, which is often more important than knowing all the facts. Looking at pictures and how people present themselves, who they hang around with, the energy they radiate can also be revealing… Whatever the case, the dark forces have infiltrated society and positive movements since eons, so why should it be any different now.

  4. Thanks for this very good update

    Could the high-ranking members of the Galactic Confederation where sent to the surface and entered human avatars (via walk ins) be allowed to keep their memories when they came to the surface?

    Were there quarantine agreements between the high- ranking LFs (via walk ins) where they came to the surface and the DFs?

    Where did the other reptiloids or human souls of the false protest leaders of their Avatars go after the high-level LFs entered the Avatars via walk ins?

  5. Thank you FM144! Very helpful. Yes so many intelligent people I know still fully believe the government, mainstream and social media lies.

    But martial law might help that lol. I get sad that all of this nonsense could have been avoided if more people woke up but I can see why they sleep, it is much easier on the ego, happiness and health to just block out the true science of covid we share.

    I try my best to stay balanced and send love as Gaia and we all need it so much but it has been tricky, even more with USA election and Mars retrograde energy. Shine on folks. Brad Johnson channeller of Adronis says very important to keep high vibe attitude from 21st Dec (ideally before of course), as it is a special marker point for our energy intent onwards. He says 21st Dec we enter the outer most limit of the 5th dimension, finally on our way slowly up into it.

  6. Does the telegram massanger belongs to another traps for the truth seekers ?? I get the feeling that it is indeed the case because the telegram worshipers might be very upset if someone is trying to bring them into reflection that this massanger is not the ultimate source of Truth that it could be also used by the dark side like anything else because otherwise they would not allowing this massanger to be still on running . The way the telegram worshipers are reacting this is to me the clear sign of mind manipulation. I am sure that by the using of certain virtual ways of communication that the minds of the users will be more and more dependent of this way of programing their behavior . i wonder what are your thoughts considering this topic ?

  7. Thank you FM144! Very helpful. Yes so many intelligent people I know still fully believe the government, mainstream and social media lies. A well known French channeller of The Pleiadians has been told same, we are slow to awaken, it will take ages to win.

    But martial law might help that lol. I get sad that all of this nonsense could have been avoided if more people woke up but I can see why they sleep, it is much easier on the ego, happiness and health to just believe and follow what they know.

    I try my best to stay balanced and send love as Gaia and we all need it so much but it has been tricky, even more so with USA election and Mars retrograde energy.

    Brad Johnson channeller of Adronis says very important to keep high vibe attitude from 21st Dec (ideally before of course), as it is a special marker point for our energy intent onwards.

    He says 21st Dec we enter the outer most limit of the 5th dimension, finally on our way slowly up into it.

    Shine on folks!

    1. thank you for your message. I dont believe it takes more years. People who do channeling could also be under influence of dark beings who wants that it takes more times.

      I have the messages that the process speeding up very fast. :-)

  8. I appreciate the information.
    Inspiration that was needed.
    Question re this statement and thanks in advance for guidance from anyone.

    Starseeds will not be “forced” to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

    Something is telling me not to travel and to stay put at this time but I can't work out if that is fear or guidance.

  9. just a question when you talk about walk-ins that came to the surface to wake people up and guide resistance. is their action just to make peaceful maeches or can it go further?
    There is a guy out of nowhere who says he wants to overthrow the French government, he says he has an army and the financial means, but he asks the people to be with them. it seems to me that he wants our consent above all. I read your article yesterday and then saw his video, I think it might be a walk in. Could you see the link in English:

  10. Today 18 november and only sad news from Germany. Anyway the worser it may seem to get the faster will their end come ! Victory of the Light

    1. I agree with you. Victory is close...

    2. Yes. Now it is official. We are living in a dictatorship. Just as we did before in 1933. So sad for this country. But still, after that government has shown its ugl y face to the public people really should wake up now.

  11. This blog also said that large parts of the military are under positive control and are just waiting to smash the governments controlled by the cabals.

    But now it is being written again that the cabal is using the military to enforce the lockdowns.

    Is the majority of the military no longer under positive control?
    What has happened?

    How do the other light forces want to prevent starseeds living on the surface from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination against their will?

  12. Why do the cabals want to create a DNA database of the entire population?

    Apart from mass mediations and energetically protecting peaceful protests, what are the (Peaceful Goddess / Light Warrior) also called for action?

    Where are the Goddess Vortexes in Germany and the rest of Europe?

  13. Can the beings from the Galactic Federation who have entered the physical plane be intuitively recognized, sensed by being visible, for example, on TV, or during events showing resistance to the forces of darkness ? Or they work completely behind the scenes ?

  14. Is a certain percentage of humanity required to be awake for the event to happen?

  15. The cabal wants a global human DNA database to determine which human beings are of the Cain seedine and which are not, as they have differing plans for each of these two groupings

  16. I really hope light forces win. Wish you luck. The info that light forces members enter human hosts is very optimistic, I really hope they will enter my child and help her get more stable. As Baphoment and Lucifer show to my child. Btw I was at this nazi timeline, but then they changed me, energetically, so to speak. Changed my number or whatever you can call it. By doing this I am physically the same, but on an energy level I am not me anymore. And when I communicate with someone physically it is prevented to happen on energy level. They, the bad guys, told me I need to go abroad this to be repaired. They dont call me Elena but Eli. What do you think they did to me? Thanks in advance for the answer if you know. They also stole my energetic books, my knowledge. I was viciously destroyed. I am not kidding or crying, just sharing my situation and I am 38. Not very young

  17. Hi fm144

    interesting new post.

    Does Corona-Test includes ingredients and or Nanochips for hurting humans / lowering their vibrations?

    Why they do in certain countries (for example) Austria wants to test every person in this country?

    are the goverment speeding up the tests because they want reach something before the 21. december 2020?

  18. Other than the media mind controlling the population, what is the primary way the DFs are controlling the flow of energy through the leylines that needs to be dealt with for breakthrough to occur?

    1. See the next comment for insights on media control and more. As for flow of energy they use structures like buildings and symbol-rich installments like fountains, sights like statues etc., big streets enriched with certain types of business i.e. banking, mass media transmission and program centers and the like. They then use Earth‘s energy to fund what they place there, in this example to corrupt the media and money system etc.

      It would help to have a lot of people gathering at such places esp. media and banking for a peaceful reason. It takes the energy away from the corrupt setup and will be diverted to the positive reason of the gathering.

      The Cabal fears that alot.

      And Corona is btw. a perfect reason to organize such gatherings.

      Everything truly positive helps for breakthrough though there is a lot that needs to happen that is not in the hands of humans who are rather the hostages in this scenario...

  19. Another view on the situation:

  20. Thank you fm144, very helpful update. I've tried to say thanks already, hopefully this comment will get through. Yes, still so many are asleep. So dark controls will continue until enough wake up I guess to help the white hats win through.... Hold and ground the light, and spread some truth....

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I know anyway that the forces of light and darkness work together, they are two cabinats: the sons of perdition and the great white brotherhood of Shamballah all work with his holiness Sanat Kumara as well as the Iluminati on earth, the iluminati bloodline always worked with the ascended masters: Alice Bayley the channeling of the United Nations and the occult founder of NATO is the inventor of modern New-Age movements and she worked with the Rothschilds and ascended masters

    Anyway, I'm part of it, and so are you, and my guardian demons won't tell me the opposite but here is the problem of humanity is that humanity ironically seems to be extraterrestrials, no species of the shadow and Light has only suffered so much and also seems to disconnect from the spiritual realm on a titanic level. The fact that the Starseeds will not be vaccinated reinforces my opinion that this is all a sort of masquerade, but the humanity seems so foreign to our worlds.

    Even if this is not politically correct what is the origin of humanity? It is not part of the Great White Brotherhood nor of the sons of perdition / belial, and suffers like no other species has ever done so she is entirely different spiritually from other enchanted beings whether Draco, Faeric/Angelic , Pleiadians or Andromedans. And the sons of perdition have close torp links with the Great White Brotherhood and the Pleiadians so that I can't believe we are in a war for it besides the Dracos and the archons never treated the Pleiadians and other species lined up in the light the same way they treat humanity

    I have always worked with the Dracos and the Luciferians as well as with other faction but there was no spiritual war all work with the spiritual hiearchie of Shamballah, the Pindar, the masters ascensded , the commander of Saturn even the worship of the goddess is practiced by the Iluminati with the Grand Druid Council and the Faery Council , which is strange remains the case of humanity that the two species, whether Pleiadian or Draconian seem to hate

  23. It is now more than a week since the last update and the admins have not yet answered a single question or comment.

    It's the first time after more than a week the admins haven't answered a single comment or question.

    Why has not answered any question or comment from the admins of the FM 144 blog yet?

    What are the peaceful goddesses and light warriors called upon to do?
    In this blog post you will not find a single call for the peaceful goddesses and light warriors.

    Are there still answers to questions or will there be no more answers to questions on the FM 144 blog in the future?

    1. Dear Islands of Light, I don't think it is right to blame FM144 for not answering questions right away. In the past, he/she has already put a reaction to this issue by stating he/she is very busy. Most probably this is also the case this time. So, be more patient.

      Most answers on the questions can be found by connecting to your spirit guides, by meditation, by connecting to your I Am Presence, your soul, etc. I always do that and the answers that FM144 give are most of the time only a confirmation of what I found out myself already. I am convinced that everyone can do this, just find your own way for this, use your inner guidance.


    Thank You

  25. current dreams or out of body activiity

  26. @Engineer

    This is not a blame assignment to the FM 144 blog. It's not just about me but about everyone.
    Most answers to the questions, are not all answers to all questions of all.
    Everyone has a different perception and when everyone can see the same answers with different questions, a unified consciousness is created.

    I feel that at the moment dangerous operations of the LF behind the scenes and therefore no answers are given, so that the DF has no additional information....

  27. Even if my question might seem naive, if the source is light and compassion why are animals forced to live in a logic of predation with such a low longevity: the most atrocious acts that humans commit also exist in the animal kingdom especially insectoids like slavery, rape and and cannibalism. But you say these are archontic creations or influences but why Gaia herself behaves this way

    1. Because earth is a prison and there is primary anomaly here.

      Read the information of Cobra and all of your questions will be answer.

      The dark force control the earth and there is a magnetic field around the earth wich lower the frequency of all beings.

      Read the Cobra interviews and you will know the truth.

    2. That is why Earth was under quarantine. It is a parasitic contamination. In inner Earth the same animals are not predators, it is only the contamination making them predators.
      And Gaia has completely different plans anyway. Also what she wants for humanity is very, very beautiful (and different to now).
      She herself though has had enormous problems and attacks which almost dried this planet out without her being able to do much or even recognizing the parasites at all.
      But it is being addressed, the Lightforces will guarantee her (sexual) maturity (she is still a child for her size), which will bring quite heavenly changes upon Earth. Though keep in mind she is very old (how old is Earth itself?) and big so it might still take decades till that happens regardless of the event.

      Read my blog for insight on the parasitic contamination and how that works to create predators.

    3. The garbage heap, where the anomalies of the universe are concentrated, is cleaned up once and for all, the earth is a honeypot of anomalies.
      This is also why darkness has been allowed to develop rapidly.
      You think angels are good people?
      Is it the presence of kindness?
      No, they're just evolved humans.

  28. hello FM144, There are 2 mysterious monoliths that have appeared. the first in Utah, and the second in Romania. watch this video, at 0:52 it shows that it is the same monolith as in the movie "2001 a space odyssey". Here is the one from Romania:
    is it black magic? or is it the galactics who want to awaken the population to is history? Or other

  29. There is no spirituality on this planet.
    Misleading information.
    Political disclosure of information.
    The Galactic brothers who took over the dominion of humanity.
    The master who dared not step into the mire.
    All of this is so lovely that it treats one Freemason America as the savior and another China as the devil, created by the same capitalists.
    Left - handed capitalism, right - handed communism, with spiritual ascension in the middle.

  30. New situation report completely blocked on social networks because the Cabal fear the truth:

  31. Thank you very much for the many comments. Unfortunately, due to time constraints it is difficult to answer the many questions at the moment. In addition, the opposite party is listening too, which means that some things cannot be disclosed.

    In the future I will try to answer questions that might be important in the current situation (and which are also interesting for the general public ) in the updates, so that additional important information is not lost in the comments.

  32. Are you able to confirm the questions & answers below?
    (place you own Y or N [Yes or No] on the right side of my Y or N)

    Thank you ...


    1) Are the physical dark ones ritualizing against the release of the Cracken election survailence data? Y

    2) Has some sort of negative grid collapsed, letting out entities & they're flying about attacking mostly Starseeds, in the past 2-3 weeks? Y

    Is it the:

    2.1) Chimera grid? N Archon grid? Y ibc grid? Y COMPLETELY? Y

    3) Are the Chimera (including dormant clone bodies in temporal bubbles)
    close to complete collapse & anhialation? Y

    70% removed? N
    80% removed? N
    90% removed? N
    95% removed? N
    99% removed? N
    100% removed? Y

    PANIC with Cabal? y
    PANIC with neg entities? y

  33. Благодарю Вас за информацию!💜🙂
    🙏 🙏

  34. Famous British musician standing up against Covid vaccine being mandatory 🤩🤩🤩

  35. Famous british muscian speaks out publically agaisnt covid vaccines!! we need more people like this :)

  36. Is it true that the Pleiadians are provided with rainbow-colored transculid and bio-luminescent scales ?My guardians don't really look like common humans or "alien Nordic" but rather fairy or magical beings or creatures

  37. More in depth report of the current progress of the Lightforces, please share!


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