Timelines (25.12.2020)

Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius and events are accelerating.

The Archons produced a huge amount of new entities over the last weeks which were specifically designed to attach themselves to the executive power so that the physical part of the Cabal can enforce its current bullying of the population in terms of COVID with greater vigor. This is the reason why parts (not all) of the police are currently acting so harshly when it comes to complying with restrictions and lockdowns.

The Light Forces are in the process of extinguishing these entities on the ethereal planes, but more importantly, the Cabal's attempt for a reconnection to the old Nazi timeline of the last century has been crushed. During an operation, the Light Forces managed to remove various occult key players of the Dark Ones from the board, players who were already responsible for the manifestation of the 3rd Reich.

So, final purpose of this timeline will not manifest anymore, even if it looks rather the other way around, but the physical plane always needs a little while until it catches up with the higher realms.

Meanwhile, the resistance on the surface is growing and a few commanders of the Light Forces have been placed in certain Avatars, mainly to wake up more people and accomplish some other missions during this important period … and although we are talking about Light Warriors here, and of course some of them know how to defend themselves physically, they are not here to produce any escalation of violence involving the normal population.

Many of these commanders are not aware of their origins in everyday life (so they couldn't take the memories with them for various reasons), they also don't replace any reptilian fake leaders and most of them are not in public life either, but there are some exceptions (so, yes, there are a few who have been on TV/mainstream media in certain countries).

However, some commanders have already left again because their mission, for example, was only to connect certain Key Lightworkers on the surface. And speaking of connecting and statements that Telegram would be a trap of the Cabal: Personally, I wouldn't say that. First of all, every messenger is hackable in some way, that is not different with Telegram, but the service is currently preferable for many Lightworkers and truthers, because the censorship is not yet as strong as with most other services.

As for DNA database, of course the Dark Ones are eager for DNA. DNA is one of most important commodity on intergalactic level and of course it would be beneficial for them to know who eventually carries specific genetic material from certain Starseed races, from certain bloodlines, etc.

As for the massive push in testing on COVID-19, there may be also another reason:


And of course, the Cabal will try a few more things to escape their inevitable fate:


However, the meditations on December 21st were very successful and have triggered major positive things, as it allowed an extremely large amount of Light coming form the Source to be directed straight onto the surface.

Many Starseeds have participated, some have made protection for all participants, some have tried to create a hole in the Grid and to keep it open as long as possible, so that as much Light as possible can come through, while simultaneously the Light Ships carried out their operations. And the energies were overwhelming as almost never before.

What we will experience now in the physical is, that the Cabal will push their plan with such ferocity and haste that it simply has to wake up a very large part of the population. And they won't get this part back! Even if they tighten the reins even further in the short term, it will all blow up in their faces in the end.

So, although times are hard, this process is important, because this is the fastest way to get more people out of the matrix ... it might be painful for many, but this helps people to realize that something is not right here anymore in their world they thought was fine. This also makes it easier for the Light Forces to then physically intervene.

And even if some fear and panic is understandable to a certain degree, the message of the Light Forces is still to stay centred, to stay calm. But it is also important to take care of yourself, and especially not to let yourself be dragged down by the chaos that rages outside.

And what time would be better for centring than Christmas time, especially this year's very special Christmas time, when many people will really have a think. Use this time well, recharge, go into nature, connect with the Light Forces, network with other Starseeds, join the meditations ... this is important, because the density of events will increase even further, also immediately in the new year. But believe me, in the end it will have been so worth the effort.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Excellent article, thank you so much !

  2. Hello thank you very much for this very interesting update. Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for this dance ;-)

  3. Thank you very much for this wonderful update. It makes a lot clear to me. Merry Christmas.

  4. I truly don't understand. Why do we have to wait for a large part of the population to wake up, to start interviening on the physical plane? Is it because it would save the lifes of the unawakened? How many times have we tried to wake them up, and were instead laughed at and discredited? So now some of the ones who deserve liberation may never see it, because of the "unawakened".

    It took 50 million deaths to stop Adolph Hitler. If he hadn't been stoped, maybe 1 billion would die in the long term. What i'm saying is that maybe the event should involve some loss of life after all, since there may be no revolution without blood. None of us want that, but in our world, perhaps it's the "hard solution".

    This is getting unbelieveable. We mean no harm to the unawakened and will protect them when possible, but I believe we have the means to bring this war to an end, do you guys want a "colorful, purple event, with rainbows, baloons and etc" and very few alive starseeds to see it (while the unawakened WILL see it) or a operation to erase all evil from the universe once and for all?

    Keep in mind that it is not our business that some negative humans from the surface may not be able to handle the event. We can even try to protectd them, but each person is responsable for himself/herself after all, and while we try to be compassive to their mistakes, we can't keep delaying a intervention in a world where thousands die everyday by starvation.

    1. This is precisely one of the reasons why I have a truly reduced confidence and I am suspicious of this movement of light, because if these creatures are highly developed and clairvoyant inter-dimensional beings, they would openly say that the majority of humans will not wake up, because we have been waiting more than two thousand years for the coming of Christ. While medidaitons are organized and that messages on the persistence of light are updated we are at the dawn of an unprecedented economic and ethnic crisis in fact I just think that this event will not really come and that the forces of light are a bait, cobra registered his site in his name with his real coordinates and a photograph so I think it he is not really threatened and then if this movement was real the site would have been closed long ago same for his conferences. You may have to realize that this was just a mirage, there have been hundreds of movements like this with deceptions for centuries in our time neither really special nor unique.

      And then if you look carefully you will realize many other things.

    2. To be honest I join all of you and I don't think that the forces of light make great change I mean the human masses don't deserve joy, euphoria or anything else because it's up to its alone to find them. The Archons have never forced humanity, they have only manipulated it, the Archons have never forced humans to obliterate thousands of blacks by fire, to kill millions of Jews, to enslave or destroy humans, they have done it to their fellow human beings when the Archons and Dracos do not attack their fellow beings, even if I give you a gun and I manipulate you to shoot your family who will be the most guilty you or me.

    3. Bunch of Debby downers over here, Mr. Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3. Lmao.

      Patience... a lesson that has no end.
      Forgiveness... your OWN responsibility.
      Faith... believing without seeing.
      Love... UNCONDITIONAL.

      As for this manipulation justifying talk... don't you KNOW it's called DECEPTION in the end? I mean we're talking about one of the most over-used cowardly tactic by the dark that has enslaved humanity for 350,000 years. Yet here we are, discussing whether humans don't DESERVE this and that?

      NOW is NOT the time to WHINE, fellas. Master UP or stay in ya diapers... Your choice. We're all ascending regardless! Father-Mother is doin' work regardless! Truly exciting times :) ONE LOVE for HUmanity. Are you all truly helping by passive aggressively shitting on humans? (rhetorical question, so perhaps just sit on it instead of reacting again. Ha)

    4. Quite simply, the Galactic Federation is bound by laws of their own creation, and the dark does not have to obey them. If you are begging the Galactic Federation for a change in life, it will take years of disappointment.

    5. @John Kim30

      You talk about patience, forgiveness and love but you don't seem to respect people with different opinion than yours. Diapers?
      You are not the owner of the truth and people have the right to express themselves in what they believe.

      Do you see, Teilen, Cobra once complained in his blog that I used to fight too much with other people. Do you see now why? Some people in this planet are extremely disrespectiful, I don't know if they are triggered by the dark ones or not, but it sucks... No wonder why the situation of humanity is so complicated.

    6. TRUTH is One and Many, for OUR sakes, to TEACH US about the ONE, in LOVE, through the Many.

      "Master up or stay in ya diapers... your choice" is precisely what I said. Y O U R C H O I C E . If you took offense to any of my words, perhaps it is providing a detailed reflection of your inner world in some ways. are you truly reading with your Open Heart or are you CHOOSING to find things to be offended of and getting lost in the sauce of shallow semantics? I repeat, NOW is NOT the time to WHINE. The party is FINALLY about to get started on this planet for GOD's sake lol.

      Patience, Forgiveness, Faith, Love... I forgot to mention one more thing. Humor. So Lighten up, my fellow human :) sorry I may be too sassy for your liking, but at least I'm not beating around the bush. Disrespectful? Who? All I got is Love for you. For ALL. Just giving you the real real, man. No need to play victim games anymore. All is WELL.

      DOUBT... a friend who is a distraction. a mere illusion. so OVERCOME it !

    7. @John Kim

      Since you were still being hostile, I didn't read your text, and I won't read it.

      I'll just ignore any negative material, i'm a lightworker, I don't allow myself to be triggered by the dark ones.

    8. The majority of Humans what I call the herd are the co creators of the Matrix in whom we all stuck in . They love to swimm in the swamp ! They will do nothing to improve the situation ! They are like parrots whom does ordered their own cages ! this is the most problem and the reason why it takes so long !!!

    9. Spirit of justice I'm a kind of light warrior , a spiritual surgeon and I know that my mission is to merge with the darkness in order to transform it into the light . This is also your real purpose and the reason of your existence here and now . As light worker you have to enlighten your environment but currently you are rather blindet by your own light because you look for too long at your flashlight that's why you see light there where does the darkness still reings . In this condition you are like a doctor who wants to heal only those one who are not sick .

    10. Dear lightworker...

      A LIGHTWORKER doesn't IGNORE the Dark.
      A LIGHTWORKER doesn't RUN from the Dark.
      A LIGHTWORKER sees Oneness in All, INCLUDING THE DARK.

      A lightworker? how noble and beautiful.

      A LIGHTWORKER is no coward.
      A LIGHTWORKER is not afraid to engage while remaining centered.
      A LIGHTWORKER has compassion for ALL - including the Negative & unaware ones.

      A lightworker you claim to be...

      A LIGHTWORKER never disempowers one's Self by uttering such words like "I truly don't understand."
      For what is Light without INFORMATION?
      Information = Knowingness
      Knowingness leads to Understanding.
      Understanding ALL is what a LIGHTWORKER does like a BREATHWORK.

      So now, come again, are you a LIGHTWORKER or a "lightworker"?

      The True Spirit of Justice points us toward but ONE concept: COMPASSION. So please, have some TRUE compassion for the "negative" humans and the Dark ones.

      IMPATIENCE is no virtue of a LIGHTWORKER.


    11. you just didn't understand that it's not about saving humanity. It is up to humanity to save itself by taking responsibility and creating their own world. the starseeds are there to make the population understand to take charge of themselves. Because there is no savior. Galactics do not want to be saviors because otherwise humans will take them for gods. This has been the case in the past, and it hasn't worked.
      This is why it takes time the galactics only level the game so that it is not too uneven, remove the "big chunks" and limiting technologies.
      But it's up to humanity to realize it, to stop being followers and start creating the world it wants to see.
      if you find that unfair it is because you too are just waiting. We must act, show by actions that we can get out of the manager, in order to give the idea to people that they can create a new world on their own. This is the only way they can evolve.
      What the galactics are waiting for is simply that a large enough mass of people understand this, that it is up to them to take charge and to take responsibility and create their world.
      So instead of complaining and doubting, create working groups and show them the way with your actions!

  5. Thanks for the update. It's good that You are being cautious now in this period of dark entity attacks on individual people. At the end of 2020, I am attacked through by people close to me and a sequence of events that stimulate my emotions. I must remain silent.
    Thank You for bringing up the members of the Light Forces among the military and other leadership of the world. The World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab, its leaders) and AI remain a problem. The arrests of these "elites" in Switzerland and beyond should begin. Our focus on dissolving AI, which is a threat to humanity, feels the need to use power to dismantle it and therefore remove the etheric spiders and their creators. We are waiting for the Cobra update. We should not get the Covid vaccine under any circumstances, whether it contains microchips or just chemicals.

    1. According to Your information, do the Light Forces support Donald Trump's surroundings, his person and the entire Warp Speed ​​operation (including these covert military operations around the world) ?

    2. If our senses are fine-tuned, the ships of the Galactic Federation, (ark) in the form of colored clouds will be visible ?

  6. Dear fm144

    thank you for the update.

    What is about the vaccine?
    It is still hurtful or even deadly?

    I am in worry that some people who I know wants to take it!


  7. Thank you for yours Update !

    1. Do plasma toplet bombs still exist?

    2. Are there still dark forces trading on the intergalactic plane?

    3. How can the dark forces trade on the intergalactic level, trade with the human DNA database, when the galactic confederation of light forces have surrounded earth with their fleet all the way across sublunar space?

    4. If starseeds have done Covid-19 tests and the dark forces know from their genetic material what starseed race, bloodline etc they are, what are the dark forces doing with these starseeds?

    5. Is the UK's new Covid virus a new bio-weapon unleashed on the people there or is it pure scaremongering by the DF via the mass media to get as many people as possible to volunteer to be vaccinated because this news comes a few days before the vaccination starts in Europe?

  8. Hello fm 144.

    Well i know that's a little to early to ask for but seing what is appening it will be absolutely great if you can share something with us about the planet situation right now if you have of course new information.

    I wish you a great day🙏🏽

  9. And another blogpost which might explain the delays in liberation some people heavily demand much better:


  10. If you're able to disclose ... can you list the top 3 'highest priority blocks' a mass meditation group needs to focus on anytime between now & the 18th [Monday].


  11. General a.D. McInerney says something very interesting about the storming of the US Capitol.


    Auch General a.D. McInerney bestätigt White Hat Operation.


  12. Thank's so much FM144 and best wishes to you in 2021 for your health abundance and protection

  13. Everything is unfolding before our eyes, military operations have already started around the world. we are in the middle of the storm! follow Simon Parkes he says it all!
    I am very happy ! stop fighting lightworkers people are going to need your light.
    the truths will come in 6 days. already 700 arrests!

    1. Simon Parkes is MI5 disinfo agent and by no means trustworthy at all

  14. If you do not understand the control of the dark, you should come to China and experience the life without rights. In China, this kind of spiritual information is constantly reported and deleted.
    Who can change China?
    I don't know. In foreign countries, Chinese people are discriminated against.
    At home, we are under strict government control.
    I dare not say too much here, the CCP would always find out where the source was and I would lose my job and be detained.
    If it gets worse I'll just disappear for no apparent reason.

  15. Hello FM144, it seems that there are real military interventions all over the world and a global blackout is announced (Simon Parkes) with cuts to the communication system and the banking system.
    question: is this a false event created by the cabal?
    or is this the event announced by cobra?
    what is Trump's role in this?
    the white dragons via Benjamin Fulford seem to want to keep some control over humanity don't they?
    How far is this possible?

    in short, are we heading in the right direction for the benefit of humanity or are we still being manipulated?


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