Situation report (31.12.2021)

The mass meditations that have been taking place over the last 2 months have had a consistently positive effect on the Planetary Ascension Process.
These weather radar images were made on the day of the mass protests in Vienna last month, showing thick cloud cover over Central Europe, mapping a border right along the northern main ridge of the Alps. Vienna was basically cut out that day because the energy of the people and the installed Light Pillars had an effect on the water molecules in that area and thus also on the cloud formation over the city.                   

The Cabal wanted to use Austria (as they already did in WW1 and WW2) to trigger another fascist timeline in Europe. However, the meditation to protect the protests in Vienna may now have had a reverse effect on their plans (although there were two more attempts to implement this timeline on the ethereal planes after that event).

A few days after the meditations and protests, several government politicians, including the chancellor, resigned from their positions or left politics entirely. The Cabal had to take this step to reduce the pressure on the government:

The mass protests in Central Europe are now increasing, as resistance is also building in Germany. This resistance is different now from the movement in 2020, as this one is more like a real grassroots movement, organized in a decentralized manner and so harder to control for the Cabal.

But of course, one must also keep in mind that the Dark Ones had taken protests into account and will try to escalate them to eventually impose martial law. The various military task forces have already been installed in many countries during the pandemic, ready to take over in an emergency, if the situation gets worse:

The next stage would be a corresponding Black Swan event in form of brownouts, blackouts and hacker attacks, which in further consequence are expected to lead to major loss of power supply and collapse of supply chains. Rumors are currently growing that such a scenario is planned for Central Europe in the first half of 2022.

This scenario is also becoming more likely as the narrative of the pandemic continues to crumble.

To what extent this can be implemented, we will see. I have already written in 2020, that the pandemic serves as a planetary isolation tool, as we move towards the ascension with Light Forces operating extremely close to the surface. That's why the majority of the Cabal has retreated underground:

Governments around the world are increasingly in a quandary. On the one hand, they must continue to implement the orders of the Cabal; on the other hand, they are becoming more and more afraid of the awakening population.

Hopes currently rest on the United States, where we expect further steps against the Deep State soon. The Light Forces are in intensive contact with parts of the U.S. Navy, but I cannot say more about it at this moment, except that we are on the Golden Ascension timeline, and the Dark Ones are doing everything the can to let this timeline drift into the dark, or to replace it with their negative NWO timeline. Therefore, it is important to continue to hold the Golden Timeline, no matter what further obstacles might be thrown in the way.

The Cabal are becoming more and more aggressive in the process, but also more and more desperate because time is running out for them. So, the task for surface Starseeds/Light Warriors is to hang in there and finish the job.

Meanwhile the Light Forces are continuing to free trapped Souls from the hands of the Dark Ones, especially from the Reptilians. More on this perhaps in a later update.

To conclude this short report, here is an inspiring (and currently also still risky) speech regarding the awakening process and disclosure:

As well as an interesting news item:

Happy New Year!


As a response to a question in the comments section...

Jesus Christ is currently NOT incarnated on Earth. The Soul behind the figure of Christ currently lives on another planet, supports the Ascension of Earth from this location and is also in contact with the fleet of the Galactic Confederation. However, Jesus has split off tiny parts of his Soul and given them into incarnated Starseeds here on Earth so that they have a better connection to him and the Light Forces. That's why many of the Starseeds on the surface believe they are an incarnation of Christ. The same is also true for Mary Magdalene or Mother Mary.


  1. Happy new year to all of us freedom fighters and lets make the earth full of light once again ☀️☀️☀️

  2. Thanks a lot for the time and effort put into your update. Time to finish 'em off, indeed.

    Much love from somewhere near Vienna ;-)

  3. Happy New Year! Thank you everyone...

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    1. I dont think you should accept a persons all claims just because you agree on one aspect. That has been a common strategy by MSM to smear people with other opinions then they have.

    2. See postscript in blog entry above.

    3. Thank you for your fast clarification, Teilen.

      Well, I would say that it is still encouraging to know that the soul that was once incarnated here as Jesus is supporting the ascension process, even though it is not incarnated here.

      Since you answered my question and the essence of the question turned out to be wrong, I was going to delete my post about Jonathan Carty.

      Unfortunately, I can not do that. Could you please delete my comment above so Jonathan Carty is no longer exposed here? Thank you very much!

  5. Hello, I wish you a happy new year too. I'd like to know if you've heard of adjusters? I read this article
    and the explanations correspond to my experience. I dared not tell anyone about it. But I haven't been home alone for a while. some entities are there. I first thought of attacks but it did not correspond because when the entity acts on me, I have a physical feeling and I feel much better.
    She injects me in a certain way (which can be confusing) with pure light. the result is that I feel more and more serene and detached from the 3D world. It acts in the evening but also during the day. If for example I read an unpleasant news, I immediately feel its energy which calms me and calms me.
    I talk to her if I have health concerns or to fall asleep she treats me or puts me to sleep.
    I also think that she downloads me codes because I can get up with specific ideas on actions to do in relation to my starseed mission.


  7. What you think about this?

    Going onto public places in your city and village like operahouseplace. And stand/sit there many people in a circle and sing for 20 Minutes the OM-Chant ! 😍

    its already happening in many places worldwide. Lets anchor the light with good vibrations.

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  9. Malaysia Flight 370
    Airplane Kidnapped by greys??

    9.11. a terrorist attack??

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    2. HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,
      Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
      Head of Government,
      President and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada

  11. elena danaan is a good woman but she is a channeling a being who promotes implants in the body (AI Agenda) I am sorry to tell you that. I also believed to her source and realized about the 99% truth and 1% damaging lie (AI Agenda).

    Every Whistleblower who promotes brain implants with a "good AI" as a good thing is against the biological human and surely the rogue AI.

  12. World Wide Demonstration Announcements Channel


  13. Nice observation from GLP to be remembered:

    "So the moment i got word of the ebola monkeys, ive been keeping tabs. From the very beginning ive had a strong clairvoyant knowing that this is big, i mean yuge.

    Its going to get out of hand.

    We asked for an alien invasion, and we are getting 28 days later/contagion/ WWZ/ 12 monkeys.

    Its the illuminati's way of saying fuck you.

    The "you" being us who chose not to subject ourselves to experimentation.

    They are butthurt. Expect repercussions.

    Stay strong, stay wise. These will be trying times.

    For any further elucidation i will require magic mushrooms. And they are not in season so we will just have to wait for further psychic downloads to happen on their own.

  14. dear galactical messenger fm144

    the video youtube link in the
    post doesnt work anymore.

  15. Hello, you said in 2019 that the Event was perfectly timed, can you confirm today that the timing has not changed since? Thank you for your answer if you can, and thank you for your whole blog!

  16. Is there a further update on the horizon?

  17. So, when your next commentary? And what about the situation in Canada?

  18. So when is your next commentary ? And what about Canada ?


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