Q&A (04.10.2022)

As announced, a few answers to the questions in the comments of past posts.

1. What was the reason of the DF to extract soul parts from us, besides weakening and taking us hostage? Did they do it to just get more powerful on their own? What advantage has such a dark creature, filled with soul parts?

To the reasons already included in the question, there is definitely the issue of jealousy. The Dark Ones are jealous of the gifts and talents of Light Souls, since they themselves no longer have them due to their deep fall into darkness. Furthermore, every Light Soul has a so-called prosperity plane on the subtle levels, which is supposed to ensure that one also experiences prosperity and abundance in the physical world. The Dark Ones have also assimilated these planes, so that abundance and prosperity flows easily to them within the Earth Grid. That's why the Cabal lives in prosperity, while Starseeds have a hard time making a living (as long as they don't sell out to the Dark Ones either). Above all, however, it's simply a matter of neutralizing Starseeds and Keylightworkers to collapse the Light Grid and take possession of the planet and its inhabitants.

2. If such a being is being destroyed permanently and the soul parts are set free, can those soul parts find their own way back to the souls they belong to? Or is the assistance of the lightforces necessary for that? (as long as quarantine persists)

Soul Parts should be brought back consciously/actively and preferably also with the help of the Light Forces, especially as long as the Quarantine still exists; otherwise the Soul Parts could get into the hands of another negative being again.

3. If we get our soul parts back - in any form whatsoever - how do we recognize that? Do we get memories or skills back?

It is very possible to get back certain abilities. One may also feel more aware, stronger, healthier, more complete... physical life may suddenly change for the better, things may manifest more easily, healing abilities or clairvoyance may come back, etc. However, one must be energetically on guard because as long as the Earth is contaminated with the Dark Ones, beings such as Archons might start attacks to steal these Soul Parts again (at least energetically).

4. Good evening FM144, again I.. I felt guided to ask one more question about the parts of souls, when the person starts the recovery process, when they "feel" that the process has been successfully completed or when they "realize" that the parts of the souls returned to the body... I really got a flea behind my ear hehehe, thanks again for everything, stay with the goddess, take care

See answer to question 3.

5. I have a question for the site admin. The plan of the militaries clearing the US and europe of cabal sounds like the delta plan but more. Is it delta plus? If its not delta, could it happen but post event with a possible event scenario playing out soon?

If it's the Delta Plan, or if there is a Delta Plus, I cannot say. Personally, I suspect this will take place before the Event, but after some scare scenario that will take place in the near future. A scenario that could make it appear that World War 3 has broken out, which it has not, but many people, which are still completely stuck in the matrix, will believe so.

6. You mentioned hollywood as a place of some chimera or cabal actors connected with the chimera. There was a lot of strange things in fear and loathing in las vegas with johnny depp. Reptilians in the bar with all the alcohol, a spider tv pyramid in the room while they used adrenochrome which they got from some satanist. This depp v heard trial seemed stupid and like a big distraction and possibly a big ritual. They are both probably cabal connected but all these alt media people supporting depp show they arent as awake as they think. My question for the admin, Is depp chimera connected?

No, said person is not directly connected to them, but of course to the Cabal, and accordingly the movies are full of symbolism, and such court cases are only for the show. Perhaps it's worth mentioning that the infiltrated entertainment industry is currently not the film business, it's more the music industry.

7. How was the veil created?

The Dark Ones landed on the planet and then set up their exotic technology/distorting force fields which depress vibration and prevent Souls from escaping or retaining their memories.

8. What is the energy source that sustains the veil?

I am not an expert in this field, but like all technologically advanced ETs, the Dark Ones have their own technology to generate energy from the ether. I believe they are also able to generate energy from artificial black holes. On the subtle levels, they feed off the anomaly.

9. Why did the light forces not destroy the dark fleet immediately before the dark fleet landed on Earth and infiltrated the light temples back in Atlantis?

It is a galactic war, which has been raging for galactic ages over the entire space. Some planets fell, others were liberated, it was just not all preventable, especially since the Dark Ones moved stealthy and struck by surprise.

10. In what way did the dark forces manipulate the spiritually weaker lightworkers before these lightworkers betrayed the key lightworkers (starseeds) ?

Usually they initiate or trigger lower emotions like greed and jealousy in these weaker Lightworkers, which then leads to corresponding physical actions. In some cases, it is also blackmailing, for example by holding the Twin Flame of that Lightworker hostage.

11. What other areas have the physical incarnate Chimera infiltrated on the surface of this planet besides the entertainment industry ?

As of now, I can't confirm any other "visible" areas on the surface yet, which doesn't mean they don't exist.

12. Are the meat-eating animals quarantined in the light ships, where they learn not to eat meat before being taken to other planets ?

First, not all meat-eating animals will be saved, by that I mean especially those that are genetically engineered by the Dark Ones and would not survive in pure, higher vibrational environments anyway (for example many reptiles, sharks, etc.). The other species will behave differently outside the grid, and of course for the beginning, the Light Forces can also use their technology to produce food that has a meat-like consistency, but no living creature had to die for it.

13. How can the Chimera spider king and queen be weakened or destroyed and then beamed directly to the central sun ?

Keeping yourself in high vibration is already a good start. The rest is up to the Lightforce and the Source because it's too dangerous for normal humans.

14. In which place exactly do the dark forces plan to control everything digitally from a big centre ?

They don't plan, they control and have always controlled everything from underground. And I would say the Antarctic have always played an important role in this. That's where they first landed back then, and from there they carried out the infiltration and takeover of the planet.

15. How can Starseeds activate clairvoyance ?

For example through: healthy lifestyle, chakra cleansing, raising own vibration, retrieving Soul Parts, meditation, remote viewing etc.

16. I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer.You write that: At the moment the Light Forces are still busy to free captured Keylightworkers on the surface from the captivity of the Dark Ones. Does it mean that those Key lightworkers are / wore kept in undrground caves? I know that some pleiadians were maybe still is. Or do you mean the unseen captivity of all on earth, or do you mean kidnapped souls? And are those freed lightworkers now evacuated from the surface of the earth?

That's a bit complex to answer. It happens both energetically and physically, both underground and above ground, where above ground it happens more ethereally as it is still too dangerous physically. Also, many Keylightworkers don't even realize they are being held captive on the surface. They lead an average life, but are monitored, for example in their environment ... by into human bodies incarnated Reptilians.

17. Please advise how I can send this message for you only.

Currently, you can only contact me via comments. These are checked in advance and if desired not published (simply add as a note). Also, only I get to see them. Maybe there will be other possibilities in the future, but currently contact only via comments.


  1. 'And I would say the Antarctic have always played an important role in this. That's where they first landed back then, and from there they carried out the infiltration and takeover of the planet.'

    This made me think of the 1980 movie The Thing directed by John Carpenter. The alien landed in antarctica and intended on taking over the world although in a different way than the dark forces. The alien was also a mix of different creatures, sort of a chimera. Probably not a coincidence.

    'That's a bit complex to answer. It happens both energetically and physically, both underground and above ground, where above ground it happens more ethereally as it is still too dangerous physically. Also, many Keylightworkers don't even realize they are being held captive on the surface.'

    This really resonates. How many have felt trapped and controlled but didnt understand why? I did for much of my life along with the paranormal attacks and fragments of memories of being taken and tortured or worked on somewhere, possibly underground or on ships.

  2. Fm144, please Brother, If possible answer my question regarding the situation in Brazil and its elections.... I live here, and i really need details please, the situation here gets worse from time to time in an alarming way.... THANKS you my Darling for everting, may the goddess bê with us

  3. Light Forces, led by ground commander Kimberly Ann Goguen, are conducting operations. Kim shares her posts and updates on work and results. do you follow her updates? why don't you publish?

  4. "Also, over 50% of the physical Chimera spiders are already gone. The Light Forces have also removed the spider king who was the main occult force behind countless wars throughout human history."


    "Now they are focusing on removal of the key Chimera spiders which form the backbone of the Matrix system in quarantine Earth. They have already managed to remove the spider queen, who was responsible for destruction of Goddess temples in Atlantis and destruction of the Goddess mysteries in the first and second Archon invasion."


  5. I would like to take this opportunity again, it's asking the blog author a question about manifestation.... In some articles from 2019 you talk about the new moon and full moon in the manifestation, i don't know If i understand correctly, but i believe that the New moon and full moon helps in the manifestation process or does your energies somehow increase or potentiate, you also comment on something from three days before and three days after(correct me if i'm wrong) of the full moon and New moon in the manifestation, i wanted to know if this helps or improves, in fact i would like a better description of it if possible about how the full moon and new moon influence this process and how we can actually use these energies in our favor, the COBRA informant has already commented on some astrological aspects that are good related to finances too (mainly involving the planet mercury and Sun) is there some sort of astrological "movement" that helps in manifestation beyond the moon phases that author could comment on or clarify as well? I would be eternally grateful to the author of the blog if he could not only clarify this but also respond in a more detailed way on how to manifest things too etc... Immense gratitude for EVERYTHING 💖 Sorry for my English :)

  6. Rebirth of the Society meditation

    We’ll be brief.
    The aim of this meditation is to remove as many toplet bombs as possible. You need to understand that if one of the main blockades towards the event are the toplet bombs, we need to focus on removing them as soon as possible. It is that simple.

    If we reach one million meditators we may be able to remove many, if not all of the bombs. This will accelerate what we wait for.

    The moment of the meditation will be the exact moment that Earth enters the Scorpio sign (death and rebirth of the society), October 23TH 6:36 AM New York time

    You can check the exact time of the meditation on your location here:


    Please, invite (and remind) as many people as possible to participate. Let’s reach one million participants and change this damn situation once and for all.

    Instructions for the meditation are here (you can translate online if you need to):


  7. Dear Lightworkers

    Thank you all for having this conversations even when we have different opinions.

    Myself I follow Cobra and Corey since about 2018.

    I was wondering very much about an answer from Cobra in his latest interview. here the source:

    The Question in the interview:
    Is it possible for non-humanoid races and androids to reach Ascension and even become highly-advanced masters?

    Cobra: Yes, of course, non-humanoid races can reach Ascension as well. And very rarely there are life forms with consciousness in android bodies. That can reach Ascension but it is really rare. It's not, it's not common.


    So I dont understand that. A.I. (Android with  consciousness) should be able to ascend!!?

    That is totaly anti-human and sounds like the A.I.-Agenda. So please explain me, why does Cobra say something like this? 1

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Good Day everybody

    I see lately regulary people commenting in different blogs about Elena Danaan.

    Elena Danaan is channeling a rogue A.I.

    Proof?  She once said, that ThorHan has an implant in his head that is connected to the "good" A.I. and that his arm implant can transfer micropayments. I am sorry to tell it, that is totaly transhumanism agenda.

    We should remember that the A.I. also try to take over with the strategy of telling 99% love and light storys and then telling 1% of the matchmaking "humanfriendly" transhumanism.

    Keep be careful of all this storytellers. A.I. is against humanity.

  10. Hi! It's been a long time, have you intels about the last base still controlled by the chimera?

  11. Good question and answer session, and thank you for broaching the subject, though the subject and the history of the taking of souls is unspeakably evil and never should have come to be. The natural path of the soul must be restored, and will be.


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