New Moon Update (27.10.2019) - Positive developments

The last weeks were marked by intense battles between the occupying powers of the planet and the Light Forces. Many Starseeds have noticed this during their sleep and have been involved in various different meetings and missions during night.

As a positive result, there was some prevention and disclosure regarding various plans and operations of the Cabal, also including climate fraud and their movements: (article and video in German, but content described here in the blog)

Environmental movements such as Extinction Rebellion, who currently paralyze entire cities and display their occult signs everywhere, are a psychedelic drug supported MK Ultra Project. This of course does not affect all participants – many people participate in good intention, but do not recognize the true agenda behind it at all.

Some of the founders behind the movement have connections to various “interesting” organisations:

Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of ER, is also a speaker at Breaking Convention, an UK charity which supports research on psychedelic substances and organises regular conferences regarding this subject:

Some of the speakers at this conference:

… also have, besides some “aristocratic descent”, a direct connection to the Beckley Foundation:

… an organisation, which, among other things, studies the effects of LSD on the human body and consciousness:

And some speakers also worked for the British Ministry of Defence:

In addition, another co-founder of ER comes from a very interesting area within Wales (from an occult point of view):

Llandeilo in South Wales (where this man had his farm) is a town and community in Carmarthenshire. The county town of Carmarthenshire is called Carmarthen, which, translated from Welsh, means “Merlin's Fort” (Arthurian Legend):

Near the town of Llandeilo is Dinefwr Castle:

A distant descendant of the noble family who once built this castle was John Dee:

JD was a black magician, astrologer, philosopher and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Many negative occult lodges and magicians (for example Aleister Crowley) followed Dee's teachings, especially as far as the Enochian Magic is concerned, whose "Holy Table" is also recognizable in various symbols appearing in the world:

If we consider that the Enochian Magic is a system based on the evocation and commanding of “various spirits”, and that people under the influence of stimulants and drugs (also alcohol) are more controllable and more vulnerable to Archon attacks and occupations:

… and we also consider both occult and military ties, we can conclude that ER is a psychedelic drug based MK Ultra Program initiated by the Cabal to push their agendas through another “Cultural Revolution”.

LSD has always been used in MK Ultra Projects too to manipulate the mental state of participants:

It is simply a repetition of the methods used in the creation of the Movement of 68 (Laurel Canyon; many well-known musicians from this generation were children of military personnel too) were already close links between the military and occult families existed, for example inside the Temple of Seth:

At Present, the result on the streets during ER events then looks something like this:

Or leads to tensions like this:

Here it is important for Starseeds to stay in their midst, while the streets are getting more and more chaotic.

The LFs have also been able to achieve some important victories in the last few days. For example, a new military escalation in the area of the Syrian Goddess Vortex could apparently be prevented again.

The Dark Ones have installed a kind of black energetic octahedron in the northeast of Syria which, in combination with plasma entities that negatively affect the various parties and governments involved, creates a permanent centre of conflict in the physical realms, in order to continue blocking the Goddess Energies.

Shortly after some of the global meditations (in combination with various pos. operations of the LFs), a ceasefire was first agreed in the region, followed by further positive developments:

Now we have to see how the situation on the various fronts of the planet develops. Dreams may continue to be intense, whether dreaming of spaceships or agent-like missions in which, for example, military facilities or other targets gets infiltrated.

Many Starseeds incarnated here on the planet, believe it or not, are real agents of the LFs and on their way on behalf of the Cosmic Goddess herself (and the successes in recent operations have had an enormously positive impact on the current situation on the planet).

We must, however, continue to keep it up and remain calm, no matter what happens in the outside. But thanks to current developments, liberation has again come a little closer:


  1. Thank you for sharing with us. Definitely feel the profound changes lately. Is it safe to say that we are in Phase Three? As indicated by COBRA "The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event."

    1. Things are definitely boiling over. Turbulent times lie ahead for financial market.

    2. thank you for the confirmation. we are so close to the boiling point finally <3

  2. What have the LF bewared while there was constructed a kind of black energetic octahedron in the northeast of Syria?

  3. What about the Maries? Have they walk-inned back, or their participation is no longer in cards?

  4. Is the lack of dreaming and the lose of spiritual abilities a consequence of memory erasing of meeting with LF in the astral realms? Isn't it??...

    1. But why are many of us lost the dream recall and psychic abilities as well?

    2. Because the Grid and Matrix Life mutes nearly all people their daily consciousness.


  5. Thanks for update!!

    Why Lazenby Bond?

    Temple of Set

    Temple of Set

    Order of Trapezoid

    Order of Vampyre

    Order of Belzeebub

    Order of Leviathan ( seal is from or )

    Order of Setne Kahmuast

    1. Title fits.



    2. Interesting!

      " it appears to be a gigantic, floating, crystalline octahedron (two pyramids attached at the base, one on top and one on bottom). The surface of Ramiel is blue and highly reflective"

      From Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime

  6. What should I do here in China? Here dictatorship, and permanent spiritual information is released. Has the Galaxy Federation noticed this?

    1. They have it on screen. You can clean the whole country in a meditation with a Light Column and the WFofA on a regular basis (protect yourself well beforehand) and then charge it with Golden Light directly from the Source or pink Goddess Energy (It's probably going to be very tough at the beginning and a lot of negative stuff will be pulled out).

  7. Should meditations to peacefully resolve the Syrian situation continue? Or is our job done there now for the time being?

    1. It looks better now. But it's always a good idea to clean and protect this energetically important region from time to time.

  8. Thank you for the info, I have a question ..

    So any NATURAL plant grown in nature like mushrooms also is considered dark? Any god placed plant attacks dark entities ?

    Its better to sit in deep depression sober allowing dark entities to feed off you than take any kind of natural mushroom that can have a very positive impact?

    In past though I personally have had beautiful uplifting experiences I am rather confronted by this......

    1. As long as the Grid is still active, I would recommend energy work on onself (especially in case of depression, attacks or energy vampirism) rather than relying on mushrooms.

  9. Hello, thank you for this information that enlighten me on many things. The energies are rising and it is much better. I try to keep a constant view of the new world. in this regard, I have some questions:
    1) Can galactics in 5D have children?
    2) if yes, considering that the galactics are out of the terrestrial matrix and are therefore not in a system of erasure of memory. The souls who incarnate children 5D, are they aware of their previous birth from birth? have they kept their previous knowledge? do they know the language?
    3) concerning the twin souls, can it be that some souls do not have the same evolution, for example some in 3d and others in 5D or 6D?
    4) You mentioned twin souls coming as "walking" then finally it did not work, what about now?
    5) Telepathy seems to be the main form of galactic communication, could one have advice or reliable information tracks to start learning telepathy?
    or, is telepathy innate to the starseeds who will find this faculty after the event?
    thank you

    1. 1)Yes
      2)Usually these are completely new souls. There is no re-incarnation cycle from birth to birth. They know the cosmic language automatically. The procedure is very different from what we are used to here within the quarantine.
      3)Evolution may not be the right term here. Some souls are in the physical world because they are on mission while the Twin is waiting on a higher frequency.
      4)Some walked in, majority is working on the ships towards breakthrough.
      5)Telepathy will become much, much easier once the grid's gone.

    2. Yes, but is it possible for the twins to remain separated, if at least one of them wish it, or will we be oblidged again to 'work' in order to match our twin.

      And what if one of the twins wish the reunion but the other wish to stay alone, lonely. Will burst out a conflict between the twins??...

    3. Everyone has the free will, but unlikely that Twins want to stay alone. Outside the Grid there is no conflict between Twins. When the quarantine is over, the natural state of the Twins is that they to be reunited again.

  10. Thanks keep us in the loop.. anything you can add about black goo ? Had dream about a guy covered in it was infested with spiders.. infects.. I battled him.

    1. Energetic Black Goo is liquid anomaly. The Dark Ones use it on the energetic levels to manipulate people ... they pump it into them, to make them dark/negative/one of them (think of the BORG from Star Trek). Occupied people are energetically covered or full of it in most cases. But you can energetically clean it out with a Light Pillar. It's like sucking poison out of someone.

  11. Is it true that Semjase was traveling in a parallel universe named DAL Universe?

    Do you know more about DAL Universe? The world needs to know it...


    2. Can't confirm it or deny it at the moment.

    3. Yes! Respect.
      This is the crux of the matter.
      Maybe you can read it , breath and breath It.
      So feel if can go well or not for you.

  12. Ole Dammegard: Global NWO machine now broken; connects dots from JFK to 10/24/2019 Global False Flag

  13. Do you know if on other worlds is something like 'Syntrophic electricity" in which a higher electrical potential draines a lower one instead of establishing an electrical current from the higher to the lower one?
    Cobra told us that other worlds are so syntrophic (no entrophic, like ours), that we consider legitimate to ask this question...

    1. This is a very wide-ranging subject. Perhaps in an own post.

    2. It's not hard understandable, even for the 'average' awakened and educated person, that it's not in discussion the electric energy as you learned in school.

      At first, try to imagine how may 'look like' a syntrophic electrical energy...?

      For instance, remember that the orgonic energy is claimed to be syntrophic. The stronger source will drain the weaker one.

      For a better understanding, consider that, let's say, a source of hotness being put together with a source of coldness, will not 'meet' at 'halfway', but instead, the hotter source becomes hotter by draining heat from the colder source, which becomes colder (maybe near -273C :-)…). But this is only an example to a rough understanding of 'reversed entropy'...

      Electric energy of 3rd dimensional physics (as we learn in school) looks like entropic, as looks the entire 3rd dimensional world. And even so it is!

      Let's an example understandable for all.

      Imagine you connect in parallel circuit 2 batteries of 1.5V, thus it's not recommended in some or more cases.
      Yes! it's not recommended because, let's say that if one has 1.7V and the other has 1.4V, then the weaker will drain the stronger, so that they will 'meet at half way'. In fact their voltage will come 'in-between', and a short-circuit current will flow from the stronger to the weaker, until their voltages will equal and so the short-circuit-current will stop. And most likely they will become at, or a bit more than 1.4V, as in example. The weaker source drains the stronger, so the system looks entropic.

      Let's imagine the 2 batteries in a syntrophic system (in a '5D'' world.. :=)…)

      the stronger should drain the weaker until it drains at all.

      So, the 1.7V one shall drain the 1.4V one until the first goes to 1.7+1.4V while the second drains to 0.

      But what about the short circuit current in this case?... the batteries are connected + to + and - to -, while one has 3.1V while the other is zero...

      How might the SC go in this syntrophic case of system??…

      a first 'answer' from the syntrophic point of view might be that was the 'short cut current' of 'syntrophic electricity' which determined the stronger to become stronger and the weaker weaker until it drains at all...

      yes! and in this syntrophic electricity the so called electric current has to go towards higher potential, instead from the higher to the lower...

      if something 'electric' is in discussion when concerned the light and the darkness, from multidimensional physics,

      if the Light drains the darkness, then anything related to 'electric' in this case shall work as syntrophic.

      Otherways the system will meet at 'half way' between light and darkness. And 'hopely' not the case.

      So we may have an 'educated expectance' that anything related to 'electric' in multidimensional terms (or at least concerning the multidimensional Light) has to be syntrophic…

      If you are an educated electrician, please keep it so! It's only an example for a better understanding...

      But let's say that even in the syntrophic system we assume the 'quantity of electricity' to be summed, not the voltages of the batteries... :-)…

      That is only an example for everyone to understand. it's your time to explain the 'magnetic energy' in the syntropihc systems,... :-)… with 'right hand' rule instead the 'left' one, and with the 'right handed corkscrew' rule on left... :-) :-)...

  14. Thank you for the replies and info.

    I have some further questions please:
    1. 3 months ago I woke up to what felt like my entire body went into a reset, literally for a few seconds i went offline. I woke up and thought the event had happened, but I realised this only happened to me. It was like a total reboot/reset. What was this?
    2. This week I had a dream an entity (unsure of side) placed a white and blue "logo" or disc onto my solar plexus area. What is this please?
    3. I have dreams often of friends i was in school with but no longer talk, one person in particular. Is there any significance in this?
    4. I often find myself in very close proximity to very famous or powerful people (not by my choice and often "coincidental" I have zero interest in these people but I always end up working for them, being near them or sitting next to them in food places. Why is this?

    Thank you for the insights.
    PS are you a walk in?

    1. 1. Can say nothing
      2. Maybe implants
      3. Maybe special connection; past lives
      4. Some Starseeds have same dreams, oppression by the false rulers, positions stolen from Altantis, kings became slaves ...

  15. Sorry an additional question....
    I was a vegan but then one day I felt I was very weak and needed something in meat, is there vegan diet healthy why did I suffer to greatly and craved meat after a long period of not eating this? I am very confused on diet here on earth, especially with the vegan campaigns being shoved down everyone's throat that comes from places like EX. I feel guilt like I am doing wrong things, and also this disgust to myself, and most of all confused about what is best to eat. Please advise?

    1. Meat is extremely bad for the body. Vegetarian better, vegan even better, raw vegan best. Enough information out there in books or Internet (YT) for correct, for example, vegan based diet to become healthy again and getting no nutrition deficiency at all.

  16. I would just like to take a moment to remind everyone that we are incredibly close to the Breakthrough. Closer than many may realize. It is imperative that we give our best efforts right now, and this means we need EVERYONE to meditate as often as possible. Are you getting sick and tired of the situation on Earth? Then please, now is the time in which we can END IT. Please consider joining mass meditations and/or simply meditating on your own any time you can. I can assure you this is the fastest way an individual can help bring about The Event. The next 90 days have the potential for many incredible breakthroughs culminating in the victory of victories. I cannot stress enough how close we are, and that means your help is needed more than ever. Here are some meditations that you can join, the first one being the protection protocol you'll need to do FIRST to protect yourself from the nasty energetic attacks which (((THEY))) will try to use against you:

    The time is now. We have the dark forces on the ropes. Let's do this!!!

  17. Michael love says grand flash will happen near the end of 2020.can you confurm this? can event happen before grand solar flash? Can silver trigger meditation trigger the event?

    1. No dates.
      Event comes with the Flash.
      Possible, but unlikely ... but it will speed things up.

    2. As for Mickael Love, I have been watching her page for nearly two years now. I am convinced that this man is an impostor!
      1) He announced several times the date of the event, but it is not produced. Last year he completely erased his messages to erase his false forecasts
      2) It uses the information of the whistleblowers, or other pipes, by doing a mixed of all that. using code names given by COBRA and that have absolutely nothing to do with what he's talking about.
      3) no channeled message can be so long (even in "law one")
      4) His pseudo technical explanations are totally incomprehensible: do not we say that what is conceived is clearly stated?
      5) His words are full of ego and resentment, no being of light speaks like that! (ML yes, he is full of ego)
      6) The structure of his messages is always the same one way or another, to put people in expectation of something (the event in particular). Think about when people are vibrating the wait,
      they get what corresponds to their vibration: the expectation> who benefits from this?
      7) Its number of followers, like and comments is absolutely abnormal for a page. Indeed, facebook has considerably restricted the activity of the pages in favor of the pro pages which have a paying activity via the ads.
      8) the "like" and comments arrive en masse right after the post, in a completely abnormal way> it is necessary to know that the followers, the likes, or the comments of a page can be exchanged or simply to buy!
      9) Have you ever seen a (true) whistleblower have no detractors? Mickael Love has no negative comments! does this seem normal to you in this world?
      10) comments like a mother complaining that he told his schizophrenic son to stop treatment, or people complaining that he sells fake glass stones, or people complaining or
      wondering about the fact that the event did not happen on the given date, disappear almost instantly. Do we need to hide criticism when we tell the truth?
      11) Has he only already brought new, interesting, and verifiable information that does not come from anyone else?

      FM144 Is my analysis wrong?
      Thank you very much for your previous answers

    3. YW
      Let's just say a lot of "sources" out there put quantity over quality.

  18. Can you please confirm the intel about Andromeda Council in the way as Tolek claims?

  19. This channel does some amazing confrontations with the "elite" one that is relevant to current topics is this, Al Gore being confronted for his climate fraud:

    One of my favorite's are also these, because you get to see the real truth and lies and most of all the fear when these beings are confronted by our truth:

  20. Spirituality has become another evil. Many people speak spirituality and teach awakening methods, but no one wants to leave the matrix. Am I wrong? I don't know if I am doing something wrong.

    1. 95% of what is said or taught in the spiritual scene doesn't get you out of Quarantine at all because you hardly find sources that actually address what is really going on on Earth.

      One part is just money making, one part is just fantasy, another part is distraction and manipulation, and another part is the famous "Everything is Light and Love", which makes people stay passive and accept the Quarantine "blissful" (which, of course, the Archons like too).

  21. There's no big secret, I just pay attention to trusted intel sources and right now they're all in agreement that the breakthrough is very close. We are so close that an approximate date has been announced: January 2020! We're just waiting for a few final things to line up and the trigger will be pulled, so to speak. You can probably feel it yourself energetically. But we were here before in 1995 and very few lightworkers were willing to wake up and perform their missions, and 24 years of darkness (1996-2020) resulted. That's why it's so important that we all do our part NOW. Every person meditating increases our chances of wiping these bastards off the planet forever. We've suffered enough. There will never be a better opportunity to change a universe forever. Meditate, hold the light, and it will all be over soon.

  22. I have the information that the forces of light would be neutralizing 5G. Can you confirm?
    Are the orgonites good for neutralizing 5G?

    1. Something is definitely being done about it.
      It can help. Best protection is closeness to nature, away from city areas.

  23. Do you know about Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda? If yes what is your point of view?

  24. To be honest, I can't stand this kind of fooling and don't want to go on meditating.I just feel like I've been tricked into a self-fantasy.My most frequent question now is whether aliens are real, and if so, how many people in heaven understand our situation.I just think the LF plan is a stupid way to get heads.

    this is fun,Like some kind of contact

  26. I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a nag.I hate the attitude of not objecting to spiritual information.It made me feel like this was a new form of control.When I was very young, about 10 years old, I saw a flying saucer in circular motion, and at 19 I was exposed to spiritual awakening, some kind of primary awakening...What I want to know is, does awakening come from the stimulation of seeing an alien object?


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