Situation Update (10.10.2019) - The darkest hour is just before dawn

The preparations of the Light Forces for Liberation are in full swing, but still kept strictly secret. There have been a lot of strategic planning meetings lately, in which some of the surface incarnated Starseeds may also have participated (astral during sleep, with probably blocked memories the next day).

Chimera and Archons are still trying to protect themselves from the Event. The planet has been heavily covered with anomaly the last few weeks to counteract the positive operations around the Earth and to somehow block or at least dim the incoming increasing Light.

Energetically, it looks like the Earth is completely cemented in at the moment, so it is possible that some Starseeds could feel more separated from the Source than usual and are experiencing increased Archon attacks at the moment.

Additionally, the sky over some areas gets heavily sprayed and the trails can be seen as a kind of physical manifestation of the energetic spider web in which humanity has been trapped for thousands of years.

The Dark Ones believe they can bunk in here ... one last fortress to survive the Event ... but that's impossible, and secretly they know it too, but they just play it to “their” bitter end.

The closer we get to Liberation, the more the situation inside the Grid becomes unstable, that is why it is so important to stay calm and centred during these times, especially as a Starseed.

What is completely counterproductive at the moment is the fact that Lightworker Groups are wasting time and energy by quarrelling about G. Thunberg.

If you do your research (Who are the parents? Who are the supporters? Which organizations are close? Who are the donors? What is the agenda behind it?), you should quickly realize that all this is a artificially pushed PR campaign by the Cabal:

It's not the first time children have been misused to push a false narrative:

Now, the Cabal created the narrative of man-made CO2-induced climate change and hijacked environmental movements in order to spread fear/chaos and to radicalize people, but also to get them excited about the interests of the Elite:

Even if some members may have good intentions, some of them just get paid for their participation, and major worldwide climate protests are clearly pervaded by negative occult symbolism (please note, some of the pictures in the links can be disturbing):

V. Putin actually put it pretty well to the point, and with his statement I want to let the chapter GT rest as well:

Should there still be trouble in Lightworker Groups because of this, I recommend this article about internet trolling:

Which doesn't mean government agents are trolling your Lightworker Groups, but Archons can manipulate group members to behave the same way and create a similar chaos. Many Lightworker groups have already been blown up because of this, so once again, these protection protocols were created to keep groups clean and detect infiltrators early:

Now to the rumours that the Cabal may be conducting an Alien False Flag.

These plans exist and as said before, UFO disclosure is currently being promoted by both sides, positive and negative:

In order to control a population, there must always be a threat from outside. Until now this threat could always be generated on the surface (Nazis, Communism, Islamic Terror etc.), but it is clear, also in the course of globalization, that at some point the threat have to be generated outside the Earth for the first time, to keep the Matrix running somehow and also to set up a kind of world government (and of course to portray the countless Confederation Ships that have parked in orbit as hostile too).

If it should come to such an incident, then surely not by ships of the Pleiadians or other Allies of the LFs, it will rather concern flying objects which are already in use for governments on the surface of the planet:

It depends on how the situation evolves, but at the moment there are a lot of operations going on in this regard, especially on the non-physical realms, where battles are underway on this matter.

Currently, it may occur that Starseeds are dreaming of heavy warlike combats during night because of this. They may suddenly find themselves as a member of military Special Forces units, camouflaged and heavily armed, during severe battles against unknown hostile forces.

In many cases these are not just dreams … these are real battles of specially trained Starseeds who are on night missions against non-physical forces of the negative SSP and other groups.

So, the situation is getting increasingly tense. It is most important that the Starseeds on the planet stick together, stay calm and concentrate on spreading positivity instead of fighting each other.

It is important to continue to anchor the Goddess Energy, or if protests worsen or FFs occur, to clean the affected region with Light in order to stabilize the situation, especially with regard to the situation in Syria:

And don't forget, the present chaos is just a clear sign that this dark system is finally starting to fall apart ...


  1. Love reading your update and it always resonates with what I have experienced for the past days, the dreams, the battles and the disconnected feelings. Thank you so much <3

  2. For a very long time every night when I sleep I am either engaged in battle in a front line total war scenario or I'm infiltrating what seems like a government building like a military base with a hospital type facility in it to extract some secret documents or information or rescue some one being held captive. I'm so James Bond with it because I always "make it out alive". I am also boarding what I'm my sleep seemed like they were career "work offices" were actually space ships. It was the bathrooms that gave it away, I couldn't explain why the bathrooms of my "office" looked so "futuristic" until one of your last posts contained a vid of the inside of the ships.
    I'm happy to hear an update this morning but it is bittersweet as I have been notified that one of the closest people in my life has past away under very strange cercumstsnces and I sense foul play. I ask anyone to please help guide her to peace as she lived one of the most tormented lives of anyone I ever knew.

  3. With whom permission are we "blocked memories the next day"??… No matter by the Light Forces or who...

    Was ist diese Spott hier??

    1. Your own (in Higher Self state, not day consciousness)!

  4. Are you sure that it is "just before dawn"??…

    Or is it rather before the 'zodiacal light', which may be quite much before the real dawn...

    1. Cobra sagt wir mussen machen mass-meditation fur Zielber. Weist du etwas?

    2. Starseeds can join in. Good appropriate energetic protection should be kept in mind during it!

  5. What are your opinions on hollywood illuminazi movie 'joker'? My third eye isn't active. So how can i ask for any telepathic sign from pleiadians or other lfs??

    1. Better not watch it.
      You can start with mental images, sounds or thoughts you can get while communicating with LFs during meditation.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 993/5000
    Here again a colleague from Poland. As for the chemical streaks in the sky, I confirm. However, something has changed in them now they are often almost invisible and yet they work. Their impact is based on limiting the amount of eergy reaching the Earth's surface.

    I personally see energy and talk about it based on my own experiences. On days when airplanes do not fly, the level of energy increases significantly.

    Anyway, each of you can check it out for yourself.
    You have to look at the blue sky and do a divisive strabismus. As if you want to see the air. Then you will see energy, they will be small, white dots whirling in the air. It looks a bit like microorganisms when viewed through a microscope.

    Thanks to the short training you will know how chemical streaks and other sources of harmful energy emissions work, and you won't have to take anyone's word for it :-)

    However, I warn you that the beginnings can be difficult and that at first you may have a headache later.

    Greetings friends!

  8. You're an astoundingly talented blogger. I have joined your feed and envision searching for a more noteworthy measure of your marvelous post. Furthermore, I have shared your site in my casual associations!

  9. Very similar to Cobra, of course, with a slightly different style.

  10. Thank you for everything. I understand that it 's their interest to prevent us from sleeping to prevent us from performing our mission at night.
    I also have memories of mission, I am not armed but protected by someone (a man) who told me several times that we were seen or attacked by the enemy, that we had to leave. He said "wake up, you have to wake up". Waking up makes it possible to disappear from the astral and to the eyes of the enemy. this is probably why I remember that, because in the emergency my memories may not be erased.

    There are entities that wake me up at night too. now I put my dog ​​in the bedroom with me but around 2 or 3 in the morning, the dog growls. that night I saw the dog sitting in front of the bed staring "something" and grunting. I turned on the light it took time to become normal again, and to see that there was no one but just me.
    But it was not very pleasant and very strange to see that the dog saw something that I did not see. That's why he barked when he was alone in the living room, he sees or feels the entities !
    The 3D days are very complicated because the nights are very complicated!

    maybe it can help the community. I tried to do it but I do it partially.
    It is difficult to have high vibrations when you are too tired.


  11. What is democracy and what is freedom? Is Taiwan the right party and whether China is a dark fighter? Why do I receive some images, the most recent one is shaking hands with two people in a blue and white flying saucer.
    Is the earth really free? Will there be evil? Will people be united?

  12. What happens if someone involved in the planetary liberation wants to cease his spiritual evolution after the liberation is done?

    1. You have free will and that will absolutely be respected. After the evacuation you will certainly have the option of going back to your "old" life, before you volunteered to go through hell to liberate Earth. You have literally been through hell and you will never be harshly judged if you decide you need a change of pace for a while. But your spiritual evolution is a process that never stops, right now you're just in need of healing. You will be given all the time you need to heal, at which point you'll likely be keen to continue again.

      The bottom line, once you've been evacuated and have been healed, you can return to your soul group in the density you originally left, or if so guided you can return to Earth as an Ascended Master (the true "Return of Christ") and help wake/prepare others for the same experience. I hope your question has been answered.

  13. Indeed, they do seem to go to great lengths to prevent lightworkers from sleeping. Night is when I've always gotten hit the hardest, so I guess I must be doing something on the Astral Plane while sleeping that they really don't like. Between 1996 and 1999 was the worst, they'd hit me literally every night with something that made me feel like my heart was about to explode, making it impossible to sleep. Victory, when it finally arrives, will be sweet. Perhaps bittersweet due to the living hell (((THEY))) put me through. I won't shed a tear as they are escorted to the Central Sun.

  14. What words, images, and emotions can I use to connect with the light forces?

    1. You can use all the positive phrases, images and emotions that you feel guided to. As far as pictures are concerned, you can imagine, for example, that you travel up to the ships of the LFs energetically during meditations.


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