Short follow-up Report (02.03.2020)

The coronavirus acts on the non-physical levels like a kind of black anomaly nebula, consisting of billions of tiny spider-like entities or nanoprobes. Nevertheless, it is important to remain calm and not to panic from the additional pushed media coverage controlled by the Cabal (Note: one can also make people sick just by persistently scaring them).

The whole thing is an attempt to kill several birds with one stone: reduce basic rights to a minimum, introduce mass vaccinations, chip population, trigger financial crash, abolish cash (because cash serves as carrier for viruses), introduce digital currency, install world government, etc. Looks like the Cabal has gone All In.

The LFs have their corresponding countermeasures for this. And the best physical protection against the virus is, as with any flu, primarily a good natural immune system, which can already be achieved by a healthy lifestyle (no cigarettes, no alcohol etc.), a nutritious diet (vegetarian; plant based even better) and adequate physical exercise.

There were also measures to harmonise the situation between Turkey and Syria. The Dark Ones are massively manipulating parts of the Turkish government, while in Idlib itself, a form of black obelisk is energetically rammed into the surface. Also here the LFs are taking care of. A operation was already started on the weekend and maybe we already see the first positive physical results here:

With regard to mass meditations, it is also always advisable to energetically cleanse the affected areas beforehand in order to remove such constructs, should one notice them during meditation, before starting the actual healing process (just like removing a skewer from the skin before applying an ointment).

It is also advisable to include the Greek-Turkey border area and the Greek Islands, just as the situation threatens to escalate due to the impending flow of refugees:

The Greek Islands are also directly connected to the Goddess, which is why the Dark Ones also like to see an negative escalation there:

High-ranking members of the LFs, who are in the service of the Goddess, also want to point out that there are some Starseeds on the surface that are exposed to extremely dark hypnosis. This hypnosis in combination with black magic turns them into slaves of demons and demonesses, who usually use a copy of the Avatar of the real Twinflame/Soulmate in order to deceive Starseeds and keep them bound to themselves.

These demons/demonesses then would energetically drain these Starseeds (also sexually), while the real Twinflames/Soulmates live separated from their real partners.

This all began in Atlantis, when the Twinflames/Soulmates were separated by the Dark Ones, and continued through all incarnations inside the Quarantine until the present.

This hypnosis and black magic can be broken during meditations.

During a meditation (whereby good protection is needed, since the Archons usually do everything possible to prevent this), one can visualize that oneself and/or all affected Starseeds are covered under a Pillar of Light, which erases all dark hypnosis and black magic, including all negative connections, cords, implants, curses, which are related to the demons/demonesses ... across all incarnations, time lines and dimensions.

Concerning the demons/demonesses, it would be advisable to imagine how they are captured by the LFs and transported away, or being sucked off directly into the CS by a Beam of Light.

Afterwards one can imagine that all stolen energy, including Soul Parts, will flow back to the affected Starseeds, who in turn wake up through this procedure and become complete and healed again.

Finally, image how they reunite with their true Soulmates and their Twinflames on the surface, on ships, at other beautiful places, depending on how it feels best at the moment.

You can do this meditation as often and as long as you want, the more often the better, because persistence always pays off, even if you have the Grid against you here … but not for long!


  1. Thank you for the advices, you are amazing! Victory of the light!

  2. The dark forces use something to cover certain physical places, if a starseed go to a new place everytime for meditation, they will be caught not prepared. But you cant use the same place for a second time, as they will send physical people to sing, they will play loud music, and you wont be able to make your meditation.
    They can't cover places which have high altitude! And you should stay there at least for 3 hours, to get disconnected from the archons.

  3. Hello FM144, again your article sounds very fair to me, regarding the Twinflame / Soulmate. I met a soulmate with whom there was a very strong sexual attraction. But this person treated me very badly, like I was a prostitute. Yet I saw his soul and his behavior was in total contradiction with his soul. I understood that it was inhabited by a demon and I stopped talking to him.
    Right after I met a person, whose tastes seemed to correspond 100% with me. but all this information about me, could be found quite easily on my page or my facebook profile. I was wary. I asked him a series of questions and when he understood that I did not trust him he cut the conversation on msn, his facebook profile was false. and I realized that in my facebook "friends" there were some who joined illuminati groups! but the demon does not need avatar of Twinflame / Soulmate to steal my sexual energy, he manages to create an artificial excitement and steal the energy when it is released, I realized it recently. the concern is that I find it very difficult to maintain the visualization of the light column, it seems that it manages to blur my concentration and to insert ideas that disturb me. Yes I know, I persevere lol
    I have had contact with a lot of women (who are not all starseeds) who are manipulated by fake Twinflames, for some it can go very far in the evil. The groups dedicated to Twinflame are full of "trolls" who keep these fragile women in depression or waiting by comforting them in their ideas that the person who harms them is their Twinflame, when that is completely false!

    1. TY for sharing this important information! People have to know about the methods they use!

    2. the concern is that the twin flames which are deceived by false twin flames, no longer want to hear about it or think that it is an invention and that the twin flames do not exist. it creates a double wound because there is the wound of the original separation and the wound of having been abused by it.
      I take this opportunity to tell my twin flame who is in the LF, and maybe can read this blog, that I remember everything now, and even when I had no memory, I remembered our love because it is indestructible.
      I have a question on another subject. because there are cases of coronavirus in the neighboring department here in France. the government has closed certain public establishments to the public. things are going very fast. what can we do if they decide to do a mass forced vaccination of the population? do you have any idea how they would do it? do you think they planned to do it? how to escape vaccination?

    3. Don't think it'll come to that. If it does, there should be ways out of it. LFs say they've got the virus under control.

    4. I hope it will not happen! but if the LF control the virus, why cobra organize a mass meditation and why in 1 month why not now? I do not understand

    5. The current chaos just shows how much the system is already stumbling and what measures the Cabal must take to somehow stay in power.

      It is never wrong to keep pushing and provide support also from inside the Grid through mass mediations.

      Favourable planetary constellation in April and it also takes time to acquire people.


  4. No texto anterior os fragmentos de alma das sementes estelares seriam salvos.

    Agora devemos cuidar para não sequestrar nossas almas...

    Não entendi...

    Como saber se estamos sendo salvos ou sequestrados?

    Ainda tem risco de um falso colapso com implantação da criptomoeda??

    Se este risco ainda existe significa que a luz não é vitoriosa coisa nenhuma... e que nada está ganho!


    1. First of all, this has not affected all Starseeds and secondly, not all parts got pulled out, as I explained that in detail, there were still parts left.

      And this here is also a different subject. This is mainly about fake relationships and hypnosis.

      There is always risk, but I think the LFs have it well under control, the whole circus now only shows how much the Quarantine is already crumbling.

  5. In the name of my I Am Presence,

    In the name of my Soul,

    In the name of the Source,

    In the name of all beings of Light,

    I cancel and nullify all my primary contracts with the dark forces.

    All my primary contracts with the dark forces are now null and void.

    All consequences of these contracts, past, present and future,

    are now null and void.

    So be it and so it is.”
    Does this work aswell?

    1. If it feels right to you, sure.
      Visualizations are also a powerful tool.

  6. Thank you once again for your intel support.

    It is helping a lot.

    Keep it up!


    ps. dear Lalena, re your first comment " … Thank you for the advices, you are amazing! " … you've clearly been watching the movie - Love Actually - too many times:

    … lol

  7. 1Is the pope seriously ill or maybe already death ?

    2 Is Greta T an gray alien in human disguise ?

    3 to what kind of sort of beings belongs some of the news Reporters ? I mean no one at least neither human blinks as often as many of them do . The same with politicians, actors , singers generally the so called stars even you tubers i call them Barbicans ! Not sure what they are or what is the reason of their unusual behavior but i thin they are clones ???

    4 there is something strange happen to our sun 🌞 why does the sun appearing since a couple of years to be White and definitely not yellow anymore🌞 ? Is this anomaly coused do to the arrival of the wave from the central sun or ist this a fake sun ?

    1. 1. No informations, also not important.
      2. She is just a girl exploited by the Cabal.
      3. Some are clones, some are Reptos, some is fake.
      4. May have to do with the Event, or by filtering or non-filtering the beams through the Grid... no fake Sun.

    2. Thanks for the answers .im an Orion Rigelian soul i was born in darkness ! my kind study the anatomy of the evil That's why i am currently here and therefore i am able to sense the darkness hidden inside of other beings although i have lost many of my memories because of the Veil i am still certain that she is definitely not just an Innocent girl .IT is nothing from the light side rather a dark seeed in her case i sens the grays energys she looks even similar to them ) Elon Musk with his killer Gretamobiles and 5G network is also an imposter dark agend . Their modus operandi is the same they are wearing light in order to hide how spoiled and dark they really are . They can decive others but not me ! ! !

      Are the tall whites from Arcturus ??? They are also not of the brightest kind right ???

    3. Of course she is not innocent (Illuminati family).
      Musk also shady.
      More complex issue, there are small split off groups that are contaminated by Anomaly.

    4. Everything and everyone would be here in more or lesser form contaminating by the anomaly there is no other way because you can not remain dry when you running in the rain . The negative souls needs suits wich must be manufacturing in a negative environment this is exectly how the Greta T project works the same with the Clintons and other who are also many of them kind of Royals Rigelians . A soul who wish to overcome the darkness musst be born in a environment where the new body does not have the power to spread chaos all over the world anymore . I have two other comrades from my Branch and we are doing something similar like the mass meditation but in our unique and creative way . We hear the same musik at the same time mostly at night (there are reasons for that ) although everyone of us lives in another place and we using the emotions wich this music awakes in us to spread light all over the world and to transform the darkness into light . We dont like the way how it will be done by others ( mass meditation ) we are creative the one painter the other music maker and so on so we do require a difrent way to reach the same goal something more stumalting like the apropiate powerful acustic tons in combination with some color patterns wich contains strong vibrations . We are using this emotional boost in order to imagine and to create a better world thats why i call my self the dreammaker . However we are for the reach of the same goal so Lets make together the Universe great once again . the one may better see in the day the other in the night but we are looking straight in to the same direction and therefore together we are able to recognize more !!!


  9. Victory of the Light🤍👽

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hello FM144
    i have a question is there a Method to heal Multiple Sclerosis or will we only be able to heal it after new technology gets Released (after the Event?)?

    would be nice if you could answer my question.

    Victory of the Light my Brothers and Sisters be strong and positive in the Final moments of the Liberation

    1. There are people who claim to have cured MS with a (healthy) vegan diet, but I am not a doctor. Alternative methods may be already out there, but definitely YES after Event or Full Disclosure!

  12. Dear fm144

    I had an interesting dream tonight. I shifted in my dream into another body state. I felt like being sleeping but also being very awake. My whole body, from my toe just to my head was shaking/vibrating in my dream. My body started to change into a humanoid lion. My head became bigger and bigger. And with a vibrating head and tone I was doing some very  powerful roars. 😊 Very lovely energy.

    When I was a child, I was scared to hear in the zoo the roar of a lion. Now, from the perspective, comming out from myself, it was magical, positive and lightful. 😍

    To which starsystem/culture do the humanoid lion star people do belong? Can you tell me something more about this culture?


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