System Shutdown (15.03.2020)

First of all, there is no reason to panic about COVID-19, not more than about a conventional flu. The virus was successfully contained by the Light Forces weeks ago. What we are seeing here is probably the largest orchestrated global media (fear) campaign the Cabal has ever conducted.

The only problem is this fear, which is pumped into the minds of the people and especially into the Ley Lines of planet Earth. Therefore, the highest doctrine at present is: do not panic, stay calm!

According to the LFs, the situation is as follows:

As mentioned in posts before, the Dark Ones know that the game is over and that the Light will strike the surface – which means the end of their dominion.

We are experiencing the retreat of the Dark Ones from the surface below the surface, where they want to entrench themselves in order to escape the Light.

The network of the Cabal is gigantic and they have infiltrated all areas: politics, finance, economics, science, military, healthcare, entertainment, sports … list is endless.

People in such high positions of power can't withdraw all at once just like that  ... that needs a really, really good reason … like a global pandemic … in combination with a total economic collapse.

It is interesting to see how many reports are just coming in from politicians, high-ranking military, nobles, celebrities etc., which seem to have fallen ill with CV or are going into self-quarantine because of it:

According to the LFs we see here the retreat of the Cabal into prepared underground facilities, where they want to hold out the Event, COVID-19 is only a pretext.

Of course they do not want to leave the field just like that. They are currently causing a complete shutdown of the system and forcing humanity into quarantine and social isolation, which is to be enforced by military force if necessary, which is why many countries have issued holiday bans for police/army and have activated their National Guards/Civil Defence Forces.

This lockdown is also visible on the energetic levels, where parts of the planet are covered with a black energetic shell ...  this is to prevent the contact of the surface population with positive extra-terrestrial beings … but this is taken care of.

According to the LFs, this is the situation... but at the same time they try to calm down, there is no reason to panic, apparently things are going according to plan.

I can't tell you exactly what's gonna happen or how long it's gonna take. The LFs just keep insisting that it is important to stay calm now, it is also good to stock up some supplies, keep in touch with your Starseeds comrades via internet, social media, do your meditations, but most important: stay calm – all the seemingly chaos is part of the ascension process (and besides, the sky has not been as chemtrail-free as it is now for a long time)!


  1. “What’s about to happen this summer and fall will change the world’s history.”

  2. That's what fear is all about, pumping into the league lines! Fits completely to the current situation. If the cabals are hiding in the underground bases, it's probably in the last Plasma Toplet Bomb shift. The Dark Forces cannot manipulate the event, the shot goes for the Dark Forces, with all the synchronized mass meditation from and especially from the LF on April 4/5. A wonderful strategic final blow! Ha-ha-ha-ha

    We enjoy the sun and the warmth of a beautiful blue sky and laugh a lot about the Corona Virus. Many people don't take it seriously in our environment! Hahahaha

    Laughing into the ley lines is wonderful to anchor. Many cats from our surroundings visit us and we stroke them a lot and then they sometimes sleep with us for a few hours.
    So sweet : )

  3. Hello ! Many thanks for this information!
    I just saw a message from facebook saying this:
    "Nathalie, donate now to support efforts against the coronavirus
    Facebook is doubling donations to $ 10 million to raise funds for the United Nations Foundation to support the World Health Organization (WHO) in its fight against COVID-19. Show your support and donate now. "
    do i have to donate?
    no i laugh :-)
    I just launched a call on my site for sharing this information and for creating impactful visuals like this:
    I guess it is useless for the cabal to hide underground because the light will be everywhere is not it?
    It will probably be easier for the LF to make the arrests if they are all gathered in the same place?
    I love you all ! victory of light

  4. My intuition has been telling me for awhile now that the LightForces hijacked this pandemic.. neutralised it and now are rounding up all the cabal before they can hide. Italy has it worse because of the Vatican & how much corruption is there, London will follow and the USA will likely use martial law to completely sweep up the cabal. We are watching a show, the greatest show ever played.

  5. Thanks for the intel FM144. The Light is Victorious!

  6. Will the following events be destructive for Starseeds. Are there going to be cataclysms?

    1. There will most likely be (natural) cataclysms, but at that time the first contact should already be established.

    2. How one will know if this contact is with the good guys and it isn't them posing as the good guys.

    3. Justified question, since the Dark Ones of course often try to imitate Light as well. But they cannot deceive the Higher Self, if you have a good connection to your own Higher Self, to your own intuition, then you cannot be deceived. You will also notice it in the energies when you feel peace, excitement, joy, love ... you will just know it then.

  7. Here is a summary of the latest measures for France, in a TV speech 30 minutes ago:
    The main statements of Emmanuel Macron
    "Until then the Covid-19 epidemic may have been a distant idea, it became immediate"
    "France has never had to take such decisions [...] in peacetime"
    "On Thursday, a scientific and political consensus was established to maintain the municipal elections"
    "I want to thank the state services, the mayors, the staff of the town halls [...] the French women and the French who went to the polls"
    "We have seen people gather in parks, in crowded markets, in restaurants [...] as if life had not changed"
    "You don't protect yourself [...] but you don't protect others!"
    "Let us respect the barrier rules, the instructions against health risks!"
    "Without serious signs let us contact our attending physician"
    "Let us show a spirit of solidarity and a sense of responsibility"
    "Everyone must limit the number of people they are in contact with each day"
    "I have decided to further strengthen the measures to reduce our travel and our contacts"
    "From tomorrow at noon, and for 15 days, our groupings will be reduced"
    "From noon tomorrow, walking, meeting friends in the park, the street will no longer be possible"
    "Only the necessary journeys must remain, with specific instructions"
    "All companies must organize to set up remote work"
    "The government will clarify these new rules this evening"
    "Listen to the caregivers: if you want to help us, you have to imitate the contacts and stay at home"
    "I have decided that the second round of the municipal elections will be postponed"
    "Avoid the spirit of panic, believe the false rumors"
    "I have decided that all the reforms in progress will be suspended, including the pension reform"
    "As of Wednesday, in the Council of Ministers, a bill will be presented allowing the government to respond to the emergency and, when necessary, to legislate by ordinances"
    "This project will be submitted to Parliament on Thursday"
    "We are at war and the nation will support its children"
    "An army service field hospital will be deployed in the coming days in Alsace (region)"
    "The armies will also help to move the sick from the most affected regions and thus reduce congestion in hospitals" (I think we will never see them again!)
    "As of noon tomorrow, the borders at the entrance to the European Union and the Schengen area will be closed"
    "All travel between European countries and the European Union will be suspended"
    "The French who are abroad and wish to return may well join their country" (do not do that! Wherever you are you are better than in France!)


  8. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Declare Global Recession Under Way -
    Bloomberg March 17, 2020, 11:03 AM GMT

  9. Were we able to see the LF tonight in the sky? I saw a bunch of white lights, little bit smaller than stars, move all like pulled by a string. This lasted for like 5 minutes and sometimes there were 2 close together.

    1. I thought of satellites too, but they had a much larger distance to each other than i´ve seen on any video online, showing a chain of satellites. Also it was strange, that every few of them, two were relatively close to each other, building a triangle (something like this: ". . . : . . . . : . .") with the two of them flying closer to the "tip" of the triangle over time and eventually passing each other (they were kinda far away at this point, but looked a lot like they crossed and flying in the opposite direction).

      Thats why im not sure, if they were just satellites.

    2. I also saw them 2days ago. They moved on the same track at equal intervals. Maybe they are satellites? A friend of mine also saw them in another region of my country 3 days ago. At one point I saw two short flares, as if the starlight had turned on, the star went out. It was definitely not a plane. So I wonder what it was ...

    3. That sounds pretty much exactly like what ive seen !

    4. Most likely SpaceX Starlink satellites:

  10. You said that it's not more dangerous than a common flu but in Italy the mortality rate is over 6% which is very much higher than 0,1% for common flu. Somebody is not telling the truth here...

    1. Me too am wondering about this. but there are several things to consider: is the number of deaths announced real? if it is announced by organizations belonging to the cabal, I doubt it!
      people who enter the hospital, they are not infected by another disease through drugs. I read yesterday that SANOFI wants to give free medicine to treat the people of Covid 19. is it to cure them or to kill them?
      I think it is in the interest of the cabal to aggravate the situation and the number of deaths and that by all means! it’s not necessarily the Covid that’s going to kill people. in his speech Macron announced that the virus was going to kill people much younger than before, it was for me more a threat of what they are going to do than the reality of the virus.

    2. There are currently an extremely large number of inconsistencies in the statistical recording (also with regard to testing). Many (sadly) deceased may have had the virus, but did not necessarily die just because of it.

      Yes, the virus came from a laboratory, and yes, people are dying, but it is not as numerous (also thanks to the intervention of the LF) as the media would have us believe.

      General health status, previous illnesses, as well as 5G also play a (very important) role. In the meantime, however, some virologists and doctors have already come forward who doubt the figures. But this is a separate chapter.

  11. Galactic Federation are on the orbit by 2 years now and they started to contact humans using internet via some russian servers ... information given are very powerful and empowering people give them hope .... here is a you tube chanell that transmitting their messages will see questions from people and answers from them .....

  12. According to you, this is a common cold ...But you have to know that a common cold could not kill people in big scale...thank you



    The Interview
    Featuring David Enrich
    Published on: March 17th, 2020


  14. FORBES, 03.17 - Facebook excludes coronavirus posts, leading to censorship charges.

    The reality, according to an executive Facebook post on Twitter, is that there was a bug in a system designed to prevent spam:

    We're taking care of that - this is a bug in an anti-spam system, unrelated to changes in the workforce of our content moderator. We are in the process of correcting and bringing all of these posts back. Early.

    Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity, Facebook.

    This has resulted in potentially thousands of posts and links being incorrectly assigned as spam and blocked for public viewing. And not all are posts on Coronavirus or COVID-19:


  15. @ unknown

    CobRA once said that the Jesuits will throw the Iluminati to the wolves (LF) and then present themselves as the good guys and try to hijack the new financial system. This will of course fail!

    The latest update from CobRA could be linked to the low levels of mass arrest, among other things, as soon as we reach the critical masses in this mediation on 4/5 April, all the people infected with the Corona virus could suddenly get well again. Then people will ask themselves how that works...

    Exciting times are ahead...

    Trump went to a Jesuit high school and is affiliated with the NYC mafia...

    The Jesuit and Black nobility families will not be arrested until all the plasma top-top bombs have been removed....

    We starseeds are the forces of light on the surface of the earth!
    It is the team work of the forces of light that holds the key to the liberation of the Earth. A united consciousness where action is done. Synchronized Mass Meditation and Cintamani Stones gave away, stay calm and work on yourself (increase vibration).

    For example, you can bury Cintamani stones at the 5 G antennas. These stones clean the plasma field.

    Participate in synchronized mass meditations

    Enjoy the nature and the silence with his love where she gives us .

    I have never experienced such a wonderful time like this.

    Much love to all


  16. I think there is time for some clarifications

    1Who is Queen H ???

    2 it seems like desclosurenews. it is another Desinformation side or they ware taking over ? What's going on There ? the shady Elon Musk with his 5G satelites is doing the right thing ???! Yeah right i would say quite the opposite !

    TEC1+ harmonizations are initiated. Next %.
    [It is the Positive Magnetic Grid that will be forming with the wave of multiple satellites launched by Elon Musk. This grid will help to dissipate the old negative grid, artificial intelligence and mind control by the negative forces. This belt of positive satellites that will form around the Earth will also trigger intense pressure on the Matrix, causing drastic cracks/ruptures and bringing relief to physicality.]

    Here is the original source of this scam !


  17. Global markets sink despite Fed's promise of unlimited support for the economy

    CNN, 23.03 - US stocks opened lower on Monday and European markets were paralyzed even after the U.S. Federal Reserve pledged to create an unlimited amount of money to keep the world's largest economy from plunging into a deep recession. .

    The decision to buy unlimited amounts of government bonds was part of a much larger package of extraordinary measures announced by the Fed, which also included a promise to launch a loan program for Main Street.

    US stocks were about to open dramatically before the central bank's announcement, which briefly raised European stocks and oil prices. The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq retreated some of their losses, but still started trading in negative territory.

    "It was clear that our economy will face serious upheavals," the Federal Reserve said in a statement.
    "Aggressive efforts must be made in the public and private sectors to limit job and income losses and promote a rapid recovery when disruptions subside."

    Global stock exchanges were hammered on Monday after US lawmakers failed to agree on a massive stimulus package designed to help Americans deal with the coronavirus pandemic and as authorities around the world took action increasingly draconian to restrict movement and public meetings.
    The Australian and South Korean markets fell more than 5%. Hong Kong's Hang Seng (HSI) index fell 4.9%, while China's Shanghai Composite (SHCOMP) fell 3.1%.
    In Europe, London's FTSE 100 (UKX) fell 2.7% after the Fed's announcement, while Germany's DAX (DAX) and France's CAC 40 (CAC40) fell less than 2%.

    A new wave of coronavirus job losses is about to collapse.
    Currently, there are more than 339,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide - forcing further travel restrictions, shutdowns and interruptions for companies.

  18. I can reprogram my mind. I can see the code in my mind and I can change it.
    I started my blog, where I write about this:


  19. 25 million people are threatened by hunger in Africa because of a plague of locusts.
    The Corana-addicted Western media say nothing more about it.

    In addition, more and more 5G antennas are switched on worldwide.

    Trees and bees die between 2G antennas.
    I wonder what it can do to people...

    If the bees die out there will very quickly be 1/3 less people on Earth.

    Why is there no mass meditation on this?

    Aren't the forces of light doing too little for these situations? The dark forces are going way too far.

    Matematically seen the health systems can collapse in about 8 days. Then many more people will die from other things than from the Corona virus...


  20. Bloomberg 03.24 - Gold has extended its manifestation with new waves of stimulus measures, with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. saying that precious metals are probably at an inflection point and it's time to buy.

    The precious metal is rising along with risky assets amid renewed hopes that the US Congress will pass a spending package that, along with the Federal Reserve's massive stimulus program, could ease the impact of the coronavirus.

    The traditional paradise is resurfacing after the decline in the past two weeks, when investors favored the dollar and sold the precious metal to raise money.

    Goldman reaffirmed its 12-month target for gold bars to advance to $ 1,800 an ounce; As spot gold has not traded at this level since 2011, the year reached its highest prices. The increase in Fed action would also offset the negative impact of weaker demand for emerging metals, the bank said.

    There was also a vote of confidence in gold bars by veteran investor Mark Mobius. The port's recent liquidation along with risky assets like stocks and oil was a sign of sheer panic, with investors selling everything like the spread of the pandemic, Mobius told Bloomberg TV in an interview:

    "I think it's a mistake," he said. "People should have gold and maybe this is a good time to increase their gold holdings - in fact, I'm thinking about it."

  21. Thanks Teilen! Trying to remain calm. Not been well with virus (unsure which one, but similar symptoms) now have severe post viral fatigue. feel lost sad and angry that I'm sick again and pretty useless.

    but... I'm using Command RCV Stardust often for my town, my country, and the whole world. Trying to meditate and lift my vibe up again to support the LFs as despair isn't a vibe that helps lol.

    Simon Parkes reports a satanic underground base in USA was just captured and kids freed. so this is progress thank God, hopefully all remaining negative bases will soon follow for the air of the children and adult victims. Much gratitude to you and the LFs. Votl.


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