Situation Update (03.04.2020)

Fearing the ever-increasing presence of Light Forces as well as the coming Solar Flash, some top members of the Dark Forces have used the self-imposed quarantine during this COVID-19 chaos to escape into underground facilities (mostly underground luxury bunkers). They can be reached by elevators hidden in their villas and castles. Some also escape down there in their non-physical form by stripping off the surface avatar like a piece of clothing.

From there, they continue to try to control their surface minions during this crisis, but also perform negative occult rituals, which are strengthened by the fear energies of the isolated surface population.

Especially around the last New Moon there were increased energetic attacks on Key Lightworkers through negative irradiation and entities.

However, the situation has improved in the last few days, as the Light Forces have carried out various non-physical operations with the aim to “smoke out" some very major negative occult strongholds and foxholes.

Parts of Starseeds incarnated on the surface were also involved in these operations; some may vaguely remember corresponding dreams during the last days/weeks.

There are also rumours and reports of physical military operations against the Cabal in order to rescue children and some of you may have also noticed that the topic of Adrenochrome is becoming more and more present in the consciousness of the surface population.

The LFs want to point out, especially in these extraordinary times, that it is important to keep your own vibration high, because it makes it easier for them to communicate with you.

Many people are currently suffering from quarantine, social distancing, the economically uncertain future, media panic-mongering; all factors that have a much more negative impact than COVID-19 itself.

On the other hand, it is also good for many people to get off the hamster wheel and take some time for themselves. And of course, the whole situation is definitely good for nature:

So, it is important during this situation to raise your own vibrations, also preferably by using humour (without being impious)...

But also through simple skyping with friends and family, contact with nature (if you still have the possibility within the legal framework), enjoying the sun, eating healthy food, doing workouts, dancing, singing, meditating, everything you enjoy to do in order to raise your own vibrations.

Also, the LFs again invite you to participate in the Mass Meditation on April 4/5th ... and don’t forget also to protect well energetically during so, because due to the importance of the planetary constellation and situation, the Dark Ones will try to disturb it as much as they can, of course:

Many have probably already noticed that Venus is passing the Pleiades Star Cluster these days. Especially Starseeds, who also carry a Venusian Soul Part in themselves or are members of the Venus Command, have probably noticed this in the form of raising Kundalini Energy.

This striking constellation can be seen in the night sky these days. Venus shines bright not far from the waxing Moon (and if there are any moving chains of lights in between, these are almost certainly not UFOs, but the SpaceX Starlink satellites, which are currently circling around the planet like a string of pearls; you can track them here to be sure:

You can use this constellation during the mediation to connect with the Pleiadians and also the Venus and their Goddess/Love Energy.

As mentioned in older posts, you can also be energetically brought to the ships and lay down in Medical Beds where the Pleiadians can check your system for negative implants as well as clean and heal it.

You can also, for example, travel to Venus with your Twin Soul to spend some time with him/her together and recharge yourself. That is of course possible, even if you are not physical incarnated together … and this will help to raise vibrations too.


  1. thank you …

    This intel further assists in tmrw's 2 meditations.

    Q: Are the SpaceX Starlink satellites beaming negative frequencies to surface Starseeds. If yes, are they fortified by toplet bombs?


    1. What I can say is, don't trust Elon Musk.

  2. ps, if you're allowed to provide further intel on any other types of technologies & the locations of their facilities housing these technologies (underground, on surface, or earth orbit) - which are attacking with negative frequencies/beams/irradiation, etc) it is recommended to provide these.

    Thank you

    1. Many such facilities/technologies/causes are located at the non-physical levels, which makes the whole topic somewhat more complex, but it is important to bear this in mind.

  3. German translation:

    Craig Connelly feat. Kat Marsh – Light The Way (Craig’s Higher Forces Extended Mix)

    Victory of the light! 🕊

    1. Thank you very much indeed for the effort.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us. The energy can so beautifully felt recently.

    For the Chinese readers/中文读者, all the previous FM144 posts translations can be found here:

    1. Again, thank you very much for the effort.

  5. We are offering our insights and protection protocols to also support this mass meditation:

  6. Hello how are you ? thank you for this update. Since confinement in France I feel very good. it is not because of the virus, but because I feel that something is finally happening, it is the end, after all these years of efforts and disappointed hopes. moreover there are no more chemtrails. the sky turned blue after 6 months of rain. there is less noise, the neighbors finally talk to each other, the birds sing ... of course I measure the luck I have of not being in town. for those who are in the cities, women sometimes locked up with violent and alcoholic husbands. This must be very difficult. but it is also an opportunity to realize that certain situations are not normal and should not continue.
    I point out to the LF that there are dark people who spread the noise on facebook that meditation is a bad thing, that it is a dark meditation which will give a lot of darkness and that you should not participate in it. :-(
    of course there are people who contradict that. There are a lot of people who have invested in making this meditation known, it works on social networks in all languages. it is disappointing to see that some are trying to destroy this. :-( I know we are at war ..

    1. It is true that under these circumstances many (false) relationships will break down, but in the long run this should be a positive thing.

      It's an information war. The Dark Ones will use misinformation, half-truths, personal attacks to disguise MM. They will energetically attack MM, and then when participants feel bad, they will claim how harmful such MM would be (why protection is so important).

      It has been scientifically proven that MM that focus on a positive goal also have positive effects on the physical world (that's why they attack it). Genuine information, awareness and clarification is important.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I am glad that we have far exceeded the critical mass. even if many of us experienced blockages during meditation: concentration problems or falling asleep for some. I guess the dark forces acted to disrupt the meditation, but we held on!

      I have 1 questions to ask you.
      I have increases in blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat, in the evening or at night. I feel my heart beat very fast, I also feel it in the pulse of the neck and in the eyes. I know this is not natural at all. I would like to know if it comes from a wifi \ 5G type wave or smart electric meter? or via a satellite or a directed energy weapon? or can they do this through our implants? or is it an entity attack capable of motivating the heart rate? what to do when this happens?

    3. Anything is possible here.

      In case of serious physical complaints, it is of course always good to consult a doctor (perhaps one who is also open to such topics?).

      But it would also be good to have this checked by a (trustworthy) clairvoyant/healer (also open to such topics and not infiltrated) to pinpoint the exact cause.

      In case of energetic attacks, several techniques for defence have already been posted here.

      It would also be good to travel up to the Light Ships during meditation, present the symptoms there and then go into a healing session.

    4. Nathalie:
      Change rooms when you feel attacked. Change the places you sleep. You may look for EMF blanket info on the internet.
      Burn frankincense/sage - if it is energetic attack the smoke of these stops them immediately.
      Play heart frequencies. I like "Meditative mind" frequencies. Turn off the router and the tv. Put mobile in airplane mode, if you do not expect calls. Take a shower. Make a salt water for your feet and use it for at least 30min.
      I haven't done this yet. So it is just a suggestion : Neodymium magnets n52 with holes - You should take 2 of these and place them with opposite polеs, they need to repel each other, while in this position you need to secure them with a bolt, that's why holes are needed. Video on the subject:

    5. @ FM144 thanks, i think i will choose the Light Ships option, much simpler.

      @ Lalena I have already tried all of this except the magnets, I will see that, thanks

  7. Thank you for this info. Will focus on reading funny things.

  8. Hello,
    me and my twin flame feel a great, great need for recharge and freedom for our love, it's difficult for us to have some calm time because of the lockdown.
    We were talking about it for some time and now I saw your information about travel to Venus. It's like an answer for our case.
    Can you share some more details? What should we do?

  9. Hello,
    I have to repeat my comment, don't know if I added it correctly.
    Me and my Twin Flame, we were talking for a long time that we need a recharge, travel somewhere to find calm and peace for our love which isn't possible during this lockdown, we feel really tired and there is a great need to get to a peaceful place in us.
    I saw your information which is like an answer to our case, the Venus.
    Can you share some more informations? What should we do? The idea of recharging on another planet sounds new to me, but anything just for some peace and love that we really need right now.

    1. During a meditation one can ask in pairs or also alone that the LFs create a protected portal above one through which the Soul can energetically travel to Venus.

      Venus will be perceived differently by everyone, but usually on the higher planes there are magnificent beaches, thermal baths, healing temples, tantra temples where you can spend time and recharge yourself (kind of like being on vacation).

      This will also have a positive effect on the physical body here on the surface, and it will also anchor much needed Venus/Goddess energies on Earth.

  10. I was one of the over million participants in mass meditation. It was huge success. Could you (Teilen) inform us how this will affect our ascension/liberation process? Thank all of you who participate. Love and Light to all.

    1. Just a remark because I have observed that many people make this mistake. "Teilen" is not the name of the author(s) or FM144. "Teilen" is a German word and means "share". You can click on it and then you can share the entry on FB, Twitter, etc.

    2. @JT I will possibly go into how the other side tried to manipulate the meditation and how to prevent this in advance. What I can confirm is that the critical mass was definitely exceeded many times over, which will give the whole process a huge positive boost.

      @Engineer That's right. Thanks for clarifying.

    3. Thank you for clarification. Hoping to see new post soon.

    "A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures"
    He explains that accuracy of test unknown!!! (estimated 80% false positive rate) and that corona viruses and exosomes are very similar.

    I guessed this means that the actual number of patients infected by corona virus is one fifth of the statistical figure.

    1. The fuzziness of the numbers in the test procedure is one thing.

      The other thing is that no difference is made in the counting between people who died "with the virus" and those who actually died "from the virus".

  12. I want to ask a question totally different from the topics in this post, but as I find your info reliable, if you know and if you want to answer, please do so.
    Q: Are Anunnaki from the bad guys? Is it possible there are Starseeds with anunnaki genes?

    1. The term Annunaki usually refers to the Reptiliods that act here on the planet as henchmen of the Dark Ones (and who see themselves as gods against the slave race of mankind), so from this point of view, yes.

      I can't say if there are Starseeds with reptiloid genes, it may yet be possible because there are also groups of reptiloids that have not been manipulated by the anomaly and are (or got) highly spiritual and positive, but unfortunately this is not true for the majority of reptiloids, especially here on Earth.

      But what's more important: Beings will be judged by their deeds.

  13. I found one more nice one.
    "More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!"
    It's all about Mainstream Media's fake news.
    市民レポーターたちの逆襲 (NY / LA)

  14. Hello, dear. I was surprised about reports of Venus, constantly looking at her, drawn to her.
    I suggest you read about Lama Ramp, about his visit to Venus, tex in Russian, but you can translate through a browser, a very interesting reading, read


  16. Hello, fm144. I hope you're well. I'd like to ask you some questions today, as I think a lot of lightwarrior it asks the same thing.

    1: is it true that the children have been rescued from the D.u.m.b.s and are currently on the ship "mercy" and "comfort". If so, this would be a great positive step forward for the military and could be the beginning of the shock of the human population about the atrocities that have been committed and could also be the beginning of mass arrests.

    2: Is it true that several DUMBS are currently being destroyed at the same time?

    3: Do they already have arrests of the physical chimera group?

    4,1: How is it going with the indigenous reptilians (vempires)?

    4,2: Are they all negative and connected to the human sacrifice dumbs?

    4,3: How does the galactic federation deal with vampires?

    4.4: Should we stop them all before the event?

    Thank you for your information.

    Victory of the Light!!!

    Translated by Google translation

    Translated with (free version)

    1. What I can say (I think i read that on Benjamin Fulfords´ page) is, that the phrase "self quarantine because of Covid" is the phrase they use, when they actually got arrested.

    2. Major operations performed on the non-physical levels (storming certain neg. facilities and freeing hostages).
      Could serve as door openers for physical operations (the physical follows the non-physical).
      Lot is Deep Black, but things definitely happening underground right now.

      No information about arrested physical Chimera.
      Still Chimera spiders on non-physical planes in the last weeks (both underground and in space).

      Vampires will end in CS too.

  17. They use names of Goddesses and positive beings for their nefarious programs. The chimeric hybrids of DARPA and the US Air Force are preparing for an intense and rapid battle against the Confederacy, which will take place shortly before the Event.

  18. Hi,

    So during the last mass meditation about three quaters of the way through I started to experience a pressue at the top of my head. Almost like a bowling ball had been placed there. It made visualization almost impossible and the resulting headache lasted hours. Unfortunately it has continued whenever I start to visualize things. It's made things like my daily protection protocols impossible to do.

    I have also started having incredibly disturbing nightmares.
    I have always been involved in battle type dreams and the like but these have been really disturbing.
    Last nights one was a vampire being had trapped myself and a group of others on a ship that somehow connected to an underground cavern and involved incredible violence and other traumatic things that I wont write down. But it was like the worst horror movie they've ever made.

    I'm a male pleiadean starseed and very goddess based and anti violence (I understand the current need but it's not my place) and am normally very good at resolving things through meditation and intuition but this has really thrown me, especially as I'm unable to meditate. I dont really know how to proceed so any advice would be greatly welcomed.

    1. Yes, you're not the only one, they turn us off like me, for example.
      A mental attack, but somehow I quickly fought off them yesterday.
      Do not be afraid of them

    2. Suppose, I connected to the Pleiadians last Easter and they answered me, there was a spiritual experience, so they tested me and there was a clear thought from them.
      And I understood them, and the next night there was another psychic attack of the dark, but I was able to defend myself from the demons.
      Ask your brothers for protection and they will help.
      But protection protocols also work and they cannot harm you, either death or victory.
      But I don’t know who I am. You are saying that you are Pleiadan, and I don’t know who I am, but there is a connection with the Higher.

    3. Energetic protection important, cutting off external energies important, checking and cleaning your own Soul Plane important, fending off energetic attacks important, recharging important ...

      Meditation was successful, but was massively attacked by the Dark Ones. There were also retaliatory attacks two days after it (most likely affect you too). Possibly discuss this in the next post.

  19. Hello fm144,

    As you have plenty of time in confinement to answer the questions I take advantage of it lol
    The link that Lanena gave above is a lady who talks about physical implants that move people
    limbs and hear sounds. it describes exactly what I have suffered for years, to prevent me from having a normal sleep: sound and movement of the limbs when falling asleep in deep sleep.
    1) are they really physical implants? or are they not physical?
    2) she talks about a method which consists in gluing magnets in an inverted way, in order to create a "force field" which would be effective to remove these implants. is it true ?

    About the trauma of the souls of children who have suffered terrible things:
    seeing that dark forces have been doing this for centuries, where do these souls go when they leave their bodies? are they also recovered by the archons? are they reincarnated next? can they use the same souls many times to do these things
    Are souls saved and safe now? will they be able to recover and be healed? how can they cure it? and how can humans get over this when they know (including us)?
    Have starseeds suffered this kind of thing in their previous life?
    where is the free will, in these horrible trauma, no soul can agree to that, it doesn't make sense.
    I am very shocked by all this, I do not know how to react and manage this, it traumatizes me!

    1. Thank you very much for your question, but please understand that I cannot check links due to time constraints.

      There are physical implants, but among the majority of incarnated Starseeds, it is the non-physical implants that are more likely to be used.

      As for the trauma of the Souls here, no matter how terrible it was, everything can be healed once the Light has completely removed the Anomaly from the planet.

  20. Hello There

    We had a very successful mass meditation on April 5. But the dark forces still control the mass media as you can see. The dark forces want a lot of people to give their energy to what the mass media wants to show us and play. Therefore, many people become afraid, where then flows into the leylines, just as the dark forces want to do to stay in power. To transform the fear please participate in this meditation and this information.



    If you go by the numbers of corona infected, then the health system would collapse long ago. In addition, although there is social distancing, still the numbers in the mass media are still going up from the Corona Infected.

    Although the numbers of alleged Corona Infected are still rising, some countries are already beginning to relax their social distancing policies....
    Perhaps the successful meditation of April 4/5 is beginning to manifest itself...

    Here 2 videos based on facts, subject Corona Virus

    1st video

    2 video

    Please spread it far and wide


  21. 04.14.2020
    P1 calling Terranos to recognize origins! Attention to calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Recentral codes are sent.

    Silver Mothers feed Gaia.

    Evident projectors spread across the Terrano Plan.

    Galactic Scouts are born.

    Izush changes are evident.

    Abundant assets are returned.

    Balancing protocols are announced.

    Green Angel keeps it intensive. Untruths are removed.

    Visitor numbers increase.

    Flash is discussed immediately.

    Flash notes are targeted.

    Sacred codes for reconstructions are delivered.

    Cosmic Evaluators arrive for the final event.

    Passive presence is seen as a sign of cyclical closure.

    Arrived logos intensify energizations for Event.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.


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