Weeks of Awakening

The Mars energies of the past days are currently generating a lot of potential for aggression within the surface population. Combined with Black Magic and neg. irradiation executed by the Cabal, this can currently also cause a lot of chaos in the world.

And of course also energetic attacks, which are supposed to trigger physical arguments, violence, injuries, problems with technical devices as well as nightmares, as the Archons manipulate mind and non-physical body.

Here protection, cleaning, implant removal, healing, charging is important ... I have already made several entries on this blog concerning these topics:



On a global scale these attacks manifests itself in tensions between individual countries, but also through many protests within countries, see Belarus:


See USA:


While some of the protests are engineered by the Cabal, there is also resistance which actually comes from an awakened population, see Germany, where after the Anti-Corona protests about a month ago a new even bigger protest is planned for this weekend.

Germany is an extremely important energetic hub on the planet, which the Cabal has always tried to suppress and manipulate (culminating with the staging of the two World Wars in the last century).

It has also one with the highest number of incarnated Lightworkers in order to keep the vibration high.

In the last two years there have been several operations of the Light Forces in this country and several Key Lightworkers have been stationed at various energetically important points ... Key Lightworkers, whose sheer presence cleanses these points and also raises the consciousness of the population:


We may be seeing the physical effects right now, because while at the last protest in Berlin there were already (contrary to the mainstream media reports) several hundred thousand people on the streets, this event now has the potential to gather a couple of millions which would not only be the biggest peace event in the history of Germany, but also one within world history.

It was also confirmed that
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be in Berlin this weekend.

The city government has already banned the protest, and definitely will put further obstacles in the way (meanwhile, by building up the narrative that the protesters would arm themselves). The organizers are doing everything in their power to make the event happen, and many people, also from across Europe, will come despite the ban:


In order to prevent the police or provocateurs or hijackers from turning peaceful protest into polarization and violence, a protective meditation has already been called for:


For Starseeds who live near Berlin and who don't know if they should join the protest, I repeat my answer to one of the comments in the last article:

“Whether you take part in this is up to your own inner guidance. Some Souls are certainly currently here to stand on the street. Some highly empathic Starseeds are not advised to participate, however, as the energies out there can be simply too chaotic and they can become the target of archon or reptile triggered attacks (as these beings could attach themselves to policemen or provocateurs and thus could create physical violence).

It is not for nothing that their own home currently serves as a safe house for many Starseeds and many Key Lightworkers can help much more when they perform energetic operations in a safe space instead of standing on the street. Also, many Starseeds who suffer from severe energetic attacks currently do not have the strength to leave their home.”

The Light Forces also clearly advise that especially "Old Souls” should rather stay at home and clean/protect the movements from there.

These meditations should of course continue to be extended to countries such as Belarus, the USA, China, the Near and Middle East, the whole world in order to harmonize this critical phase.

A part of the Cabal wants to go through with the second lockdown, see Paris, where since today one has to wear a mask everywhere:


The mask insanity and the social distancing is only the preparation for the technological dystopia that is planned for humanity after the pandemic:


But on the other hand, the narrative is staggering massively at the moment, so that the chances are increasing that there will soon be a big false flag again as a further distraction.

Therefore it is important to stay calm but on guard, so we can manifest a peaceful awakening of the population.

Let's finish this entry with this matching remix of a song already posted here:



  1. Less than three months 'Till the return of JFK JR'


    Where we go one we go all!

  2. Yes! from the magic-mystic Germany, an influence to the world, I will be there (remotely). Thank you for EACH ONE of your posts :-).

  3. Is there any good people in the current government of Germany (Merkelheim) ? Could you name their names ?

    1. I very much wonder if the politician Sahra Wagenknecht, who often criticizes Merkel's policies, happens to be on the side of the light forces...
      It would be great, if you could give us some hints, or answers, here.

    2. Not in the high positions, and if so, they have already been removed.

      Besides, there is no point in focusing on politicians, since almost all of them have nothing to decide. And the oppositions are usually also controlled.

    3. "Besides, there is no point in focusing on politicians, since almost all of them have nothing to decide. And the oppositions are usually also controlled."


      Many focus and concentrate too much on the politicians.

      I mean the politicians are just puppets.

      And the puppets do what they do. Follow orders.

  4. If you are looking for Lev, here is https://www.disclosurenews.it/category/lev/ 💛🧡❤️

  5. Thank you as always!
    I am also interested in the situation of the lightworkers in mainland China. Many of them have been following this blog for a while

    1. China is, like many others in Asia, a highly spiritual country with a lot of old knowledge, see its history and culture. Of course, many Lightworkers are incarnated in China as well, since the country is massively infiltrated by the Cabal and serves as a blueprint for the current global NWO respectively as the new war counterpole for the (still Cabal infiltrated) USA. Therefore it is very important to keep the vibration high there as well.

  6. https://youtu.be/fhtEnesF3DQ

    YouTube (https://youtu.be/fhtEnesF3DQ)
    WELT INTERVIEW: Corona-Demo-Verbot gekippt - Erste Einschätzung von Rainer Wendt
    Der Bundesvorsitzende der Polizeigewerkschaft im Beamtenbund Rainer Wendt hat die Entscheidung des Berliner Verwaltungsgerich


    YouTube (https://youtu.be/fhtEnesF3DQ)
    WELT INTERVIEW: Corona demo ban overturned - First assessment by Rainer Wendt
    The Federal leader of the police union in the civil servants federation Rainer Wendt has the decision of the citizen of Berlin Administrative Court

  7. hello, thank you for this information. In France The mask is now fully or partially imposed in more than a third of the cities of France. The mask is compulsory outside in Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg and 12 other cities of the same department.
    In Paris, an anti corona protest is also scheduled for August 29

    1. You are welcome.

      Thanks for the information.

  8. We hear many times about light (in a metaphysical sense) of different colors (violet, blue, golden, pink,...). OK!
    But, what can you tell us about the metaphysical UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) light?
    Give us some details please!

    1. There is not much to say about that now. Keep in mind that one thing has to do with the physical limitation of the human eye's color perception. There are of course other colors in the metaphyical world too, but they cannot be described in the physical world.

    2. Yes, but, for instance, if we invoke the Violet Light, what do we call upon? is it the physical violet light (of 390-410nm) or something more, that is on higher planes? So, what about the UV (ultraviolet) and the IR (infrared) from a similar point of view?

    3. Since it is called Violet Light/Flame, it is best to imagine it violet, and it behaves the same with all other colors.

  9. https://longstarodyssey.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-paranormal-decade-part-3.html

  10. Thank you so much for the update. Holding the light here in Canada.
    FYI, the Unknown Light Warrior is hosting a 144K mass meditation for anyone who cares to join. Following is the link: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio/2020/08/31/the-144k-heliocentric-pluto-eris-square-144k-mass-meditation-of-aug-31st--2020

  11. TolecfromDakote, Andromeda, Galactic Council

    Alien false flag attack coming [from outer space], it's a lie.


    1. I dont agree with that. The fake alien attack would start direct strong countermeasures of the light forces and that would be the defeat of the dark forces.

  12. Is there still in the cards a 2nd lockdown? What can you tell more about?

    1. "There is a 75 - 80% chance of a second lockdown, and certain rumours that it could happen as early as the end of August. On the other hand, the resistance in the population is growing. We will see."

    2. So, can we already expect the second lockdown? Or has it been postponed?

    3. At present, many governments are working toward it or are announcing tightening measures for autumn/winter. Cities like Melbourne already started a 2nd lockdown. So, signs are increasing, but also possible that it comes only regionally. More on that in future updates.

  13. Thank you for the information about Germany. I always sensed there must be an "occult" reason for the war against this country, not only economic or general power issues at the time of the two World Wars. The cabal have gone to extremes in order to keep Germany and it's people down, programmed in "eternal guilt"... But the times are changing, as one can see now.

    It would be great if you could share more about this subject (Germany's spiritual role ) in the near future. There's no information available about this. Even Cobra barely mentions Germany, although it plays a critical role in the heart of Europe, and I have always wondered why.

    1. Possibly in future posts if it fits the topic. What I can say in short is that there are certain energetic points in this country which, if completely free of negative influences, would cause the Grid to collapse.

    2. Dear Teilen, would it be safe to share where these energy points are so we can support them?

    3. If I get a confirmation, then yes, but in the meantime the exact locations remain unmentioned for security reasons.

    4. Hallo Ruth,

      die Gegenseite (Archontenpack) hat mit schwarzen Würfeln, Obelisken die Leylinien "verstopft".

      Schau Dich einfach nur in Deiner Stadt um und schau nach schwarzen Würfeln, dort sind in den meisten Fällen Leylinien und auf dem Kreuzungspunkten der Leylinien sind schwarze Würfel.

      Schwarze Würfel sind gern verpackt in Kriegsgräberstätten, so dass der normale Mensch da blind vorbeiläuft und nichts sieht und wahrnimmt.

      Was kann man tun?

      Rosmarin pflanzen in Kombination mit Lavendel ;)

      Die Dinge sind heilbar. Dauert halt ebend ein bischen.

    5. How can we clean these spots from negative energy, so that these energy points are "cleaned" again, beside planting some rosemary as do it yourself suggested? Is it possible, that this cleaning happens without us recognizing, if we pass these energy points without knowing that they are such points?

    6. @ VoTL

      By installing Light Pillars, Violet Flame, White Fire of AN, asking Light Forces/Angelic Beings for support etc.

  14. Dear fm144

    Victory of the Light !3

    I would be happy to read in a post about the scenario how will it be after the inevitable defeat of the dark forces.

    How will we live? What kind of happy, joyful, loving, creative society we will have?

    How will be the first contact?
    How will be our relationship with animals?
    Will we be able to communicate telepathicaly with animals?

    How will be the love relationship of woman and man? How the family structures? Will starseeds go home to their origin star races and/or stay on earth?

    What kind of tasks/jobs we will have?
    How about healing/remembering about past lifes?

    So many questions. :-)

    Maybe is the focus now more on this end battle. And I would love to know more what is comming....  for visualizing it now and anchor this good vibrations into the now.

    Thank you.

    1. Many thanks for the input.
      Maybe in future updates when there is time. At the moment other things are in focus.
      Some things I have already mentioned on this blog and there are many other sources in the internet where many of these things have already been described.

  15. Welche und wo sind die bestimmten energetischen Punkte von Deutschland, wenn sie völlig frei sind von negativen Einflüssen dann das Gitter zusammenbrechen würden?

    Which and where are the certain energetic points of Germany, if they are completely free from negative influences then the grid would collapse?

    1. If I get a confirmation that it's safe, I will post it.

    2. @Island of Light

      Schau mal im Internet nach ""Leylinien"", das sind die energetischen Punkte um die gerungen wird.

      Die meisten sind mit Kriegsgräberstätten, Obelisken, schwarze Würfel verstopft.

      Was man im Kleinen machen kann ist
      Rosmarin und Lavendel pflanzen.

  16. Kennedy's speech in Berlin and David Icke's speech in London is incredible and historic! The lions wake up !

  17. @ do it yourself

    Es gibt soviel Information im Internet über Leylinien in Deutschland.
    Die Frage ist nur welche dieses energetischen Punkte sind in Deutschland um die wo gerungen wird.

    Wenn du solche Orte weisst, dann kannst sie mitteilen.

    Wenn diese Orte bekannt werden im Massenbewustsein, können die dunklen Kräfte noch viel mehr Chaos dort hin bringen. Die DF haben eine Gedankenerkennungstechnologie. Lichtarbeiter und Lichtkrieger werden mit Sichehrheit wo das wissen sofort mit Energiewaffen angegriffen.

    Es ist wichtig Mut zu haben. Was man im grosen machen kann, ist diese Orte mit Cintamani Steine zu vergraben.


    CM Steine reinigen die dunkle Energie jeden Moment.

  18. Is there in the cards a certain 'Announcement' to come (not the Event, but something else) until the end of the year, that will lead to a game-changer?

  19. There are rumors on the internet, that an world wide Announcement will come (a time before until the Event) that will be understood by everyone, and that will be a 'game changer' that will awaken the people world wide, and will prepare the world for the Event.
    Voices are that it will be somewhere during the 2nd lockdown.
    Can you tell us more, or at least confirm it?

    1. I cannot confirm if or when such an announcement will come (although it could be possible, and would also make sense).
      If there should be one, (already awakened) people will notice it.
      Perhaps it is also just an energetic sign that Starseeds will recognize.

  20. uAre there any Revelations about China? I need to hear some good news.

    1. Not at the moment, except that in the last few days Hongkong was/is somehow in the focus of the Light Forces.

  21. Здравствуйте, безмерно благодарю Вас за информацию, которая помогает прояснить многие вещи. Скажите пожалуйста стоит ли работать с Фиолетовым Пламенем на данный период времени? Имею ввиду очистку пространства... Прошла информация, что это не работает уже... Или это дезинформация?Есть сомнения. Проживаю в Казахстане. СМИ пишут, что ожидают вторую волну. Два месяца была пневмония неизвестно откуда в Казахстане, утихла.Вам всего доброго! Пусть поскорее настанет время, когда все Световые Души и не только, смогут выйти на улицы и обнять друг друга! С радостью любовью, я со слезами на глазах... От счастья... 💖Да будет так Аминь Победа Света!

    1. You're welcome.

      I cannot confirm that the Violet Flame would not work anymore. Besides, there are also other methods like Light Columns, White Fire of AN etc. which one can use.

  22. Dear FM 144,

    The information you shared about the energy points in Germany (quote - "What I can say in short is that there are certain energetic points in this country which, if completely free of negative influences, would cause the Grid to collapse." - unquote) is of enormous importance and certainly there are a lot of lightworkers etc. who, if they had more detailed information about it, would start working on it.

    Could you please give us as many details as possible (more than you have shared in this comment (quote - "By installing Light Pillars, Violet Flame, White Fire of AN, asking Light Forces/Angelic Beings for support etc." - unquote) that could help us to start this meaningful work - of course only to the extent that sharing publicly is safe.

    Points of interest could be:

    - Where are these points?
    - How could these points be found?
    - Do all points have to be liberated or does it already have an impact if some of these points are liberated?
    - What are the physical ways to free these points?
    - What energetic possibilities do we have to free these points?
    - What possibilities are there to increase the effectiveness of the work?
    - Is a special form of protection recommended for this work?
    - What possibilities are there to protect the positive results achieved from being recaptured by the dark side?
    - How can we check - as reliably as possible - whether or to what extent these points have been liberated?
    - Would teamwork be recommended?

    Any kind of publication - here in a comment, as part of a post or even in an extra post - would be extremely appreciated.

    Thank you!

  23. Ik heb zojuist een advies gekregen om in moeilijkheden ysana van de etherea clan aan te roepen zij staat voor vrede maar ik heb er geen goed gevoel bij! Zij is een alpha draconia

  24. Ich unterstütze was We speak German geschrieben hat. Es wäre eine exzellente Zusammen Arbeit zwischen erwachten Lichtkrieger und Lichtarbeiter. Die Lichtkrieger würden zusätzlich noch eine andere Arbeit machen als die Lichtarbeiter. Mit dieser Zusammen Arbeit könnten wir dieses Netz zum Kollaps beringen.

    Die erwachten und aktivenSternensaaten (Lichtarbeiter+Lichtkrieger) sind das Bodenpersonal der LF.
    Effektive Zusammen Arbeit zwischen der LF ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg!

    I support what We speak German has written. It would be an excellent collaboration between awakened light warriors and lightworkers. The Light Warriors would also do a different job than the Lightworkers. With this cooperation we could ring this Grid to collapse.

    The awakened and active starseeds (Lightworker+Lightworker) are the ground staff of the LF.
    Effective cooperation between the LF is the key to success!

  25. Dear lightwarriors & lightworkers

    I would recommend you, to just listen to your inner guidance. You are your own chief.

    All this informations you are searching for are already inside of you.

    Trust your inner guidance. My opinion, just do it. Myself I went to different energy places here in switzerland, without knowing what I really wanna do there and when I was there I realized, I'm guided, protected, supported.

    I was on the right place on the right time and even the right date there (portal days).

    Myself I had the inner guidance to visit the energy place on "Rheinau island" (Insel Rheinau). This energy place is in switzerland right on the border to germany. I recommend this energy place. Seems to be a goddess energy place. (Magdalenenkapelle)

    How do I know it?

    I didnt read it in a book or in the internet. I realized it when I was there. I saw the signs and I felt the energy/goosebumps/vibration. And I was full of joy in this moment when I was there and got this aha experience. :-))

    Of course, the writer of this blog, could give us more instructions about energy places and rituals but maybe what fits for lightwarrior 1 isnt the mission for lightworker 2. etc. Therefore I believe, trust your inner guidance.

    When I would live in germany I would maybe feel guided to go to the "Externsteine in Lipperland". Or I would google the ancient ruin/cult places of the celts.

    I would just try it and just go there ....

    and of course (very important) doing cleaning and protecting mediations and taking energy/cleaning stones with me.

    Visiting an energy place, that is my experience, needs also spontanity and flexibility. When you would have a strict schedule of what you have to do, and something is comming between, because it is a public place and other humans are there too, then it could be stressful and lower your positive intention.

    I recommend you to take in-ear headphones with you and ear protection. Maybe there are musicians or loud people or traffic noices. So you can make relaxed and calm your mediation. And be even open for maybe meeting there by change a like minded person.

    Me too, I needed sometimes to change my plans when I was on some energy places and the change was then even the better choice. I was guided and protected.

    The same approach I have with approaching animals. I can't plan how I want to connect with animals. It is happening when its fits. Some animals used to be my guides and are also the reason why I got interested into the E.T. topic.

    I experienced a few times telepathy with animals. Something that just happened that I couldnt plan. It just happened because I just shared much times with animals. Just do it without plans, without thinking with an empty mind. Thats my opinion.

    I believe that starseeds are many times during sleeping in contact with the starfamily. You have meetings there, you get all this informations into your subconscious. You are already guided. Just do it. :-)

    If you wanna know more about my animals experience, feel free to search on youtube "romeomovies82".

    It is even exciting like an adventure, to just do it and explore all this signs of guidance and joy. Good luck everybody. :-)

    Victory of the Light

  26. The world is hopeless. There is no room for different opinions, different genders, different ideas.
    Everyone was angry, and the violence spilled out into unrestrained language.
    More and more people are being silenced by cyber violence and social norms.
    I do not want to ascend at all, but to judge the Galactic Federation.
    All of this disaster seemed to them like a game of SIMS, looking sympathetically at human life, picking up a cocktail and laughing: it was another thousand years, and the time for ascension was almost up.

  27. Dear FM144!

    I read that Smart Meters are being installed in my area soon. I researched and found out that I basically have two options, either accept it with full functionality or choose an „Opt-out“ where I still get the Smart Meter installed, but it won’t send 24/7. On the internet I found a website where people reject the installation of a Smart Meter and they usually get into quite uncomfortable situations with the people wo install them. Some people even get their power supply for their homes cut off...

    If I choose the „Opt-out“ option and attach a „home electrosmog protection“ from Cobra’s Tachyonis website, do you think that this would be an option until all of this nonsense get’s wiped away after the Event? I am generally very „allergic“ to radiation and would like to live in my home without too much radiation, but at the same time don’t want to attract any further unwanted attention from the dark ones...
    And are there any other protection-measurements I could use to protect me and my family as much as possible against radiation?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Yes, there are petitions and websites that try to reject the installation by offering forms that, for example, make the provider/installer liable for any consequential damage. There are also reports of people who have successfully rejected this device without having their electricity turned off. But whether this works I cannot say, because it also depends on the country.

      If it cannot be avoided, at least an Opt-out option is recommended, as well as devices for protection against electrosmog.

      If I get more helpful information about this issue, I will share it in the blog.

  28. Hello fm144.

    Can we have the statuses on the neutralization of chimera enteric spiders and the percentage of draco fleet remaining?

    I hope this information is not classified and if it is I fully understand why.

    But if you can share them it would be greatly appreciated by the whole Starseed community thank you.


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