The Wingmakers

This blog entry provides information that comes directly from the Cosmic Central Race. But first a little overview of the current situation on the surface:

After defeating the Draco Fleet who followed the Cabal's emergency call, the Light Forces have intensified cleaning  of plasma spider nests within the Grid, which in turn is also a reason why these entities have recently become so startled and are taking targeted action against Lightworkers:

There is also a lot going on in South America. The continent is still an energetically shielded Cabal/Nazi stronghold. And the Goddess Vortex in Venezuela is still fiercely contested:

You can continue to support the Goddess Venezuela with the meditation from this blog entry:

The Chimera is currently focusing on Germany. A visible sign of their activities could be that Vodafone suddenly switched to 5G antennas in 20 German cities and towns:

According to the Light Forces, Germany is one of the countries with the highest number of incarnated Starseeds in order to hold the Light in this area, since the energetic junctions there are among the most powerful as well as embattled  on the surface.

If the German Ley Lines and Vortices were free, the Grid could no longer be maintained. That is why the Dark Ones have been causing so much chaos, manipulation and destruction in this part of Europe for thousands of years, with the climax of the two World Wars. But it is only a matter of time until Berlin is liberated from any dark influence and the Ley Lines in this area, like the one connected to the Sanssouci Palace, will be freed again:

The most visible operation of the Light Forces is probably the Epstein case, which will crack the protective wall of the Cabal around the global paedophile system and will mark the beginning of a subsequent chain reaction of (worrisome) disclosures that will at some point end in the collapse of the matrix.

After the resignation of the English Prime Minister, you can also see further physical effects of the energetic liberation of the British Isles, by the publication that parts of the English (Fake) Royal Family are also involved in the Epstein case, which will at some point lead to their demise too:

It is also interesting to observe that parts of the MSM now seem to report more neutrally and seriously about the QAnon Community, as they had already spoken about the island long before Epstein's arrest:

As for the topic of the arrival of Twin Flames and the creation of Islands of Light, it must be said that there has been a change in the plan:

Cataclysmic events around the Event will occur more quickly than previously planned, as Earth/Gaia as a conscious living being has decided to cast off all darkness as she has reached her limit of suffering … and she wants to rest.

Thus some Twin-Flames, which already went into avatars via Walk-ins, were removed again and are back on the ships now. This is because the number of natural catastrophes will increase faster now and due to time constraints, the focus of the Light Forces is currently no longer on the slow build-up of Islands of Lights, rather it’s on cracking the Quarantine and First Contact ASAP.

Some of the Twins and Maries have joined the Delta/Silver Command and are working from the ships towards the breakthrough:

The Dark Ones/Cabal also know about the forthcoming cataclysmic events and that they will therefore no longer be able to stay on this planet. The first thing they did was to create the narrative about man-made climate change, to blame their slaves once again for everything and everyone and to perform one last great theft of money by taxation before the curtain falls.

In the background they are already working on an escape plan, as they still think that they can get away without being caught by the Light Forces. Nothing more can be said about this, except that the ever-increasing mention of topics related to UFOs and aliens within the MSM is currently possible, as both positive and negative groups are pushing it.

As far as cataclysmic events are concerned, the Cosmic Central Race announced that in South America there will be massive eruptions of a lot of volcanoes about the same time, and along the American West Coast there will be a breaking of the tectonic plates, emerging from the Mojave Desert: 

This brings us to the actual subject of this entry: The Wingmakers aka Cosmic Central Race

The Cosmic Central Race has been in the spheres around planet Earth for some months now. They have already made contact with various Key Lightworkers on the surface and can also be contacted at any time in meditations. The Wingmakers in their non-physical form usually appear gigantically large in brightly shining silhouettes. But they can also turn into giant spheres that can actually serve as spaceships too. Sometimes they also seem to have a kind of beak, which is why they are often portrayed as birds or eagles.

The eagle can actually be regarded as the representative animal of the Central Cosmic Race, since it is completely free, stands above things and overlooks everything. This is also the reason, why the Native Americans worshipped the eagle and often wore feather decoration as headgear.

Two centuries ago, it was also the last time that the Wingmakers actively appeared as Walk-ins on the surface of the planet. Because of the fact that many positive indigenous tribes were so pure, the CCR were able to go into the avatars of a few lightful female and male shamans for a short time and thus could provide important knowledge to the people.

However, the Archons separated this connection by triggering the extermination of those tribes through the colonization of America, so that the CCR no longer had clean vessels available on the ground.

As with many other symbols (Swastika, All-Seeing Eye) the Dark Ones have also taken the symbol of the CCR, the eagle, and have attached it to their own flags. This is also the reason why many royal houses or nations have a one or double-headed eagle on their emblems (or see the Roman Aquila or the Imperial eagle of the Nazis). It’s all about appropriation of the radiant power of originally positive symbolism, because the Dark Ones have nothing comparable of their own.

But now, after a long journey from the Center of the Galaxy, the “real” eagles are back and about to land. And that means that the end of the Quarantine is approaching, because the CCR is energetically superior to the Chimera, comparable with a real eagle in the sky to a spider on the ground ... the Chimera fears the CCR.

Tolkien also referred to the Wingmakers, in form of the eagles which appear whenever the situation is most hopeless:

Nevertheless, the CCR does not just want to be associated with the eagle. The Wingmakers are much more; they are creatures of pure Light and Love and full of kindness. They can also appear as golden angels and possess wings. It’s also possible to be brought to a golden intermediate realm during a meditation and to be connected with 3 or 4 of them. There the CCR can carry out healings; they can even carry out energetic operation on the light body with their beaks. They can immediately identify the causes of many physical and mental problems, be it a simple lack of nutrients or a lack of love. In fact, for most people the lack of love is the main cause for many problems.

It is therefore recommended to actively connect with them and to let them recharge you with Golden Love Energy in order to feel self-love again. You can also let them protect you energetically or let them clean your environment, in case of energetic attacks (e.g. by plasma spiders).

It is also recommended to do this during the next few days as we have a so-called "Black Super Moon", and the Dark Ones are already ritualizing massively and running energetic operations and attacks:

It is also recommended to clean the entire planet with the White Fire AN in the next few days to neutralize the anomaly that is pumped back into the grid during such phases. You can also use Golden Energy or Pink Goddess Energy to further cleanse, harmonize and recharge Earth.

This brings us to the end of this entry. Let’s finish with the following suitable song:


  1. it will be glorious, thank you, really for your blog!
    What happens to the bloodlines and the genetics of the Moriah (illuminati) after the event; I still cannot understand the true origin of these tribes the Archons and reptilians seem to be a convincing a.d.n track, but yet many members of the Cabal seem to have an eccentric, lunatic, illogical and frightfully creative personality while the Dracos and the Archons are reputed to be robotic and devoid of true feeling.Their magic is strange and invoke as many demons, as gods of the ancient pantheons, side and kind of fairy some ways they had preserved their genetic purity and condesncer all kinds of occult sciences they remind me of the Unseelies of Irish mythology or the wizards and lords of alice in the wonderland .what are their true origins, since the occult and so-called "literary" part of the Moriah seems to be at odds with the common decription of the Archons and reptilians such mad scientists or wizards a kind of chaotic, surreal and illogical energy .

    1. You're welcome. Perhaps a separate entry on this topic.

  2. Thank you for the update 😆 if possible some questions for reply or in another blog?

    How do the CCR make contract to these key light workers, through dreams or in real life?

    Are there any light workers or warriors who are incarnated now that have the soul of a CCR?

    Are there such a thing as key light warriors?

    Do some key light workers and light warriors have Toplet bombs attached to them?

    Can you maybe do a blog on the 144 000 and the roles they will play at the time of the event?

    With the grace and light of 10 000 suns to you

    1. You're welcome.

      Non-physical contact can be made during the night but also during the day if the person is clairvoyant.

      I don't have informationen on that at the moment. Only (short time) Walk-ins in the past centuries.


      Some had, but removed; others might still have.

      For the other topic, again, perhabs a separate entry.

  3. interesting for everyone :)

  4. This is most interesting.... While taking a walk yesterday I noticed an empty pack of 'Eagle' brand cigarettes. I was going to disregard it but something strongly guided me to take a picture of it:

    Thank you for this post. I believe synchronicity helps us confirm what is truth and what is not. This has been the case for me personally many times.

    1. You're welcome and thx for sharing. Currently many clear symbols recognisable (on ads, logos) as well as recurring digits (clock, house numbers, number plates, speedometer etc.)!

  5. hallo! was passiert mit den tieren wenn die vulkanaktivitäten und naturveränderungen zunehmen? werden sie von den lichtkräften evakuiert, um später wieder auf der neuen erde zu wohnen? danke fßr die unterstßtzung und informationen. alles liebe!

    1. You're welcome. Thx for the good question; perhabs also worth a seperate entry.

  6. Hello FM144, your updates are very appreciated as always.
    I have a urgent question. When I meditate or just lay down in my room and my frequency/radiation is high, there is something activated that pulls down all my fields and almost completely eliminates my magnetism. It is strong and feels like a machine that responds to my field inverting it. It also pulls down conciousness to complete 3d. It has been going for some time now and I did everything I could imagine to stop it (calling for help and intervention, manifesting and cleaning with white fire of an, moving my place in the house, crystals etc. ) but none of it helped. Some advice would be highly appreciated. And yes this is just the tip of the iceberg of what they try to manipulate my fields.

    1. Definitely grid-related. Could be a combination of implants, interference/passivity fields, attacks of energetic entities, something on top and also under your home (energetically) ... etc. Perhaps also a good idea to ask the CCR for help. Maybe they can also give you signs or images of the cause and its solution.

  7. Thank you so Much for the information

  8. Thank you so much. I am based in South America (Peru). Probably not many light workers in its modern/Western culture area, but more (yet not visible) ones in areas linked to ancient cultures/traditions. We seem to be far away from the real 'movement' in the world at this point... Besides personal preparation/meditation, and increasing communication within this region and with other regions of the planet, should we be doing anything in particular? Given its large size, has the Spanish-speaking population a role to play in this process?

    1. You're welcome. Despite the dark influence, many incarnated Starseeds and positiv hidden networks in South America. Supporting the Goddess Venezuela is currently very advisable. Regardless of origin and language, everyone plays a key role if they are positively involved in the liberation process.

  9. You claim that "Twin-Flames, which already went into avatars via Walk-ins, were removed again and are back on the ships now".

    How did they removed them? By walk-out again, or as they were walk-inned in their new earthling body?

  10. In this post, you said, "After defending the Draco Fleet ..."

    Were the Draco defended by the Light Forces? If so, from whom? Or, perhaps, did you mean "defeating the Draco Fleet?"

    Would you please clear up my confusion on this?

    1. Should be "defeated". Thanks for the hint. Will be corrected.

  11. Dear Friend,
    Since 2 weeks many of my core team members are experiencing various symptoms like
    1. unusual sleep patterns with rigorous astral work
    2. While doing guided meditations, they were not able to say the intent out
    3. Going into sleep during meditation or loosing conscious during meditation and they are coming back exactly at the end of meditation

    Is there any specific reason for it?

    1. 1. Heavy attacks since August. Maybe involved in Light Operations - standby duty.
      2. Meditations might be disturbed, attacked.
      3. Maybe simply exhausted due to the attacks, maybe memories of what happened during the meditation will not be released - security reasons.

  12. Hello there friend!

    I am experiencing different things right now in life and I do not know why exactly. I have discovered recently through some of my friends that I can channel energy and "see" what things cannot be seen by people that are not aware. If you understand where I'm going with this... So, I am not sure exactly if this means something or not, but I need a bit of help deciphering. If you can help, I would honestly be ecstatic and very happy because my whole life at the moment is very confusing and I am trying to find answers. I have a really rough sketch of what I drew, but I don't think I can add one on here... So I'll try my best to explain what I saw. I was doing meditation at the time I saw this, with the intent of finding my ancestors...

    So at first I saw woodland planes. I started walking through the trees. Moments later, people started showing up and walking towards me through the trees. I didn't feel any hate discontent or anything from them... It was like they were all neutral. I don't know how else to describe it other than neutral. They were lining up and making a path thing type thing. They were on the right and left side making a path in between both sides and in the middle for me to walk and follow. I started following it and at the end was a circle of people. Like all the people around me were in a circle and it confused me, but I then saw a man, woman, and two of their children next to them. These people were in the middle of this circle of people and so was I. I didn't really see what they looked like though. I don't know why, but I know they felt a happiness and had a joyful energy about them.

    I started going up in the air and I felt different in a way. Not sure how to describe the feeling but it was a good and harmonious feeling. But after I started to float upwards, the scene changed into a different, yet similar area.

    Where I was at... The scenery was a mountainy woodland type area... Very peaceful and calming. I was at the bottom of a stone staircase.
    It was like the stone was carved intricately and everything. The angles looked like a perfect 90 degrees. I saw 2 trees up at the top of the stairs. They had pink budding flowers on them. There were 2 white pillars and 2 guards. One on each side, left and right. I started walking up the staircase and at the top the guards put their spears in an "X" type position, so I couldn't enter. A woman legit came outta nowhere behind the spears... it was like she was putting together her astral body into a 3d body. It was very interesting and cool, to be honest. At this time though I started thinking about Kyra, my little sister who I have not seen in about 2 years. That's when I started loosing concentration and my mind was starting to stress instead of being at ease. I do remember her saying,(the being) "You are someone more than you know. You are just denying who you are and afraid..." I didn't catch the rest of the sentence which stinks cause I could have been at ease longer and didn't.

    I know that the universe is guiding me. It's just the fact that I get confused so much by what it's trying to say to me. I am finding myself still and I guess I just need some pointers/advice... If you have any ideas on how I could find me. What/who that woman/being is. Where I was. Who/what those people were that were neutral. And lastly, do you think those people inside the circle that were with me, my soul family? A lot of this is still very much confusing. Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this long book-like chapter XD

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    1. Please note: Longer comments cannot be previewed in their entirety without unlocking them. Important information always right at the top, not at the end! Thank you.

  15. Thank you for sharing all the wisdom, blessings and light to everyone!


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