Situation Report (22.03.2019)

There is a lot going on behind the scenes and various effects are becoming more and more visible on the world stage. Power struggles of various secret groups, which are reflected in the form of Intel dropping, false flags, disinformation, delays, secret military operations as well as partly controlled mass demonstrations are currently the order of the day.

The Internet is flooded with news and speculations, making it increasingly difficult to keep track; let alone, to filter out the right information.

For example, there is currently a lot of confusion about the situation in Venezuela. While some believe that the current government is backed by the Cabal and needs to be removed, others believe that it is in fact the Cabal, which is forcing a coup there.

Well, the truth is that none of the forces working here “from the sidelines” can be seen as what the Galactic Confederation would call "Pure Light" – something that also applies to background forces of the Yellow Vests Movement, but that is also a more complex issue.

The Light Forces therefore advise not to become too attached to individual power blocks or politicians.

From a higher perspective, Venezuela is about something completely different: It’s about The Goddess's struggle against Patriarchy.

Similar to the Syrian conflict, which is also kept complex on purpose, Venezuela is an extremely strong Goddess Vortex too, that has always been blocked by the Dark Forces.

From an energetic point of view, there is actually a "Goddess Venezuela", but she gets abused and suppressed by the Dark Forces. So that the Starseeds can participate in her liberation, the Galactic Confederation has given the following short Meditation/Visualization for Venezuela:

"Imagine the Goddess Venezuela in a beautiful red dress, with hazel hair and eyes. Imagine now how the Dark Forces, the Patriarchate that oppresses her is drawn into the White Fire of AN and gets neutralized there, so that the Goddess Venezuela can rise again and give Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony to the region ... across all Time Lines as well as across all Dimensions.”

Those who wish can also charge and protect the land with Pink Goddess Energy. 

So, with this small visualization you can help Venezuela enormously from an energetic point of view. 

Politicians, apart from a few exceptions, are completely irrelevant to the Light Forces. They are much more anxious (apart from removing the Toplet Bombs) to bring the military under their control, because whoever controls the military ultimately controls the planet. 

Nevertheless, the Galactic Confederation is aware that humanity will go through several phases of social unrest, whether controlled or not, as shocking truths come more and more to daylight, leading to much anger and rage among the population – a normal process when you realize that you have been enslaved for millennia in a planetary open-air prison, or as the Venusians call it: A Planetary Concentration Camp. 

People are also increasingly gaining the ability to use their previously suppressed abilities to see through deceptions for themselves ... such as in the case of 9/11 – the biggest mistake of the Cabal.

Recognizable by the tensions in the physical world, also a lot is happening on the Higher Plains. Heavy fighting between Pleiadians (+ Support) and Archons are raging. Operations are answered with counter-operations and vice versa, while at the same time preparatory measures for the First Contact are taken.

Starseeds are welcome to contact the Pleiadians mentally to be energetically brought to the Healing Ships of the Fleet over night, which have taken up position camouflaged in the sky.


  1. This heavy fighting between pleadians and Archons will we feel this daily within are selves ? Thanks VOTL

    1. Depends on to what extent one is sensitive and involved in these processes.

  2. Thanks for sharing and providing useful information!

  3. Thank you! Please continue to provide information.....

  4. Thanks for the insight and all the good work you are doing


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