Follow-up Post for Venezuela

Venezuela is not the only country with a Goddess. Also the other South American countries have their own Goddess as well as the countries of Central America like Belize, Panama or Costa Rica.

Especially in the jungle region of this part of the world there are a lot of incarnated Goddesses/Priestesses who get physically oppressed or abused, for example by soldiers who gets often occupied by negative beings (Demons).

From an energetic point of view, the Patriarchate, in one way or another, is always linked to the Devil, who is indeed an actually existing being created by the Archons to subjugate the Goddess Energy on the planet. This is also the reason why Dark Groups who worship this entity are always anxious to oppress the Goddess as well as Sexuality – like the Black Nobility through Jesuits through the Vatican/Church, which are very strongly represented in South America.

Goddess Vortices are Key!

The Devil is also constantly re-produced by the Archons, which is why it's so difficult for the Light Forces to take him out of the game, as well as his demonic henchmen on the energetic plains.

Therefore it is advisable to clean all of South America as well as Central America energetically, using the usual tools: Light Column, White Fire of AN.

Lightwarriors, who feel guided to do such meditations, should not forget to protect themselves energetically before starting!

Some Starseeds on Earth are also struggling with the fact that sleep during the night does not seem to offer them any rest at the moment.

The Archons are also responsible for this. Through the grid and the Fall of Atlantis, they managed to put the majority of people to sleep at the same time, depending on the continent. They send special entities to seek out sleeping Starseeds and tap their life energy unnoticed on the higher plains during the night – this has been going on for millennia.

In order to counteract this, the Light Forces highly recommend to use a Light Protection Ball or Mirror Sphere with additionally installed, outwardly protruding sword tips or spikes when going to bed, so that these energy parasites can no longer approach one.

These technique looks like a rolled up hedgehog, or a combination of Testudo Formation and Phalanx, but is extremely effective.


In addition, you can also visualize a fire ring consisting of the White Fire of AN around your bed.

Remember, what happens on the energetic plains determines what happens on the physical plain!

With all the political turmoil taking place in the physical world right now, one look at the energetic plains is enough to get some clarity: 2 Eagle Heads, one over London, Red, looking west, a second over US East Coast, Black, looking east, both staring at each other ... both connected, both not positive.

Black Nobility > Luciferian Cabal Fraction

... but there are also (strong) Positive Groups at the table (US ... Q = Starseed)


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