Wind of Change

Some Major Event occurred recently, that can not be discussed in detail yet.

Just in short: The tide has turned after Solar Eclipse and Super Full Moon.

“We take it from here!”

Planet Terra is still a war zone and needs to be cleared from the last remaining pockets of Dark Ones which, of course, want to cause as much trouble as possible right up to the end. Also, as with any battlefield, there needs to be a lot of corpses recovered from the marshes.

But there are Major Light Force Operations in preparation / ongoing ...

The number of cloaked ships in the sky continues to increase enormously, as some awakened and excited sky watchers have
for certain noticed. Rest assured, they are actually up there, to a gigantic extent!

Also, many of the Lightworkers increasingly feel that they get contacted by the Light Forces. Some Starseed Souls are already energetically brought to the healing ships of the Pleiadians overnight, where they get checked through as well as undergo first healing sessions, in order to be ready.

In the meantime, also the Inner Light of the Earth is expanding more and more. Thus, the Quarantine will be crushed from both sides.

Thrilling times are ahead!


  1. I had a healing in th ecrystal chambers of Gaia and am being shown light and sound healing. I have been told I am a light weaver. Its beautiful and awesome and I AM READY. It is soooo cool and beautiful :)

  2. Could you give a hint to what this extremely positive event would of been ?

    1. A fundamental disruption in the command structure of the Earth occupiers!


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