The year 2021 has just begun and, as expected, the chaotic conditions are increasing.

Lockdowns are being successively extended, tightened and people's range of motion is becoming more and more restricted. Vaccinations would not change this:


The Cabal want to establish "ghettos," so to speak, especially in urban areas, where they can control the population more effectively:



And suddenly there is also talk of camps for infected citizens:


As well as for quarantine refusers:


In addition, in parts of the world the weather is going crazy, which is partly artificially created by the Dark Ones (also through the energetic planes):



Reports of power outages or potential outages are increasing, and since the Cabal has announced a "Dark Winter," it is advisable to always be prepared for such an event:


So the density of events is increasing more and more and, as already mentioned last year, all this chaos has only one reason: The Dark Ones know that the event is coming and are in panic. This is why they have bunkered themselves and sealed off the planetary surface by using the pandemic and announcing global lockdowns:


Of course, military force is used for that, but on the other hand, the Light Forces were aware of this and that's why getting the military under control has always been a primary goal.

Last summer, a major false flag or an incident was announced on this blog for the fall that may have nothing to do with COVID-19. In retrospect, it turns out that this was most likely the election fraud in the United States.

As for the situation in the USA, it is clear that the Cabal has planned maximum division of the population up to a civil war, see the cover of the in-house magazine of a well-known family:


In this respect, however, this message is also interesting:


So there is a possible chance that the U.S. can break free from the grip of the so called Deep State.
Electoral fraud is nothing new, also not in the western world, but it has never been carried out in history in such a scale and with such audacity and obviousness. The scope of this incident combined with the massive censorship through Big Tech exceeds even 9/11. And just as 9/11 led to an awakening among many people, this event, as well as the staged pandemic, will led to a true mass awakening.

Further escalations up to larger false flags are not excluded in the next days, but there have already been further calls for mass meditations to get things moving in the right direction in the United States:


The whole situation on the surface only shows that the liberation battle is becoming more and more physically visible. Nevertheless, it remains only a partial view of the current events; there are a lot of other things going on outside of the Quarantine.

Over the past month, the Dark Ones' negative fleet has carried out sporadic desperate retaliatory attacks on neighbouring Earth planets as a result of their impact on the consciousness elevation of Earth's population. However, the Galactic Confederation was able to quickly repel these attacks after repositioning.

In turn, the Light Forces were able to free further trapped Star Souls from negative underground facilities and bring them to the ships for healing.

In the process, further negative occult key members of the Dark Ones were captured, members who committed heinous atrocities against other Souls in these facilities. In case of massive resistance during capture, the Light Forces have the possibility to make these members feel all the suffering they have done to other Souls throughout this and other lifetimes.

This experience is purely emotional and only lasts a blink of an eye. But it is enough, so that the capture and removal of these individuals can be easily carried out. They are brought directly to the Central Sun.

In addition, further Soul Parts of important incarnated Star Souls stolen by the Dark Ones were recovered also.

The Light Forces further advice not to let the spectacle that is currently taking place outside pull you down too much, instead, it is furthermore important to remain centred. It is also advisable to use the lockdown time for healings and meditations, because especially now the energetic contact with the Light Forces will increase further.

There are more and more Starseeds whose consciousness is now not only brought to the ships at night but also during the day. And more and more surface incarnated Key Lightworkers are able to retain some of these memories.

Even if the situation currently looks gloomy due to the lockdowns, the mood is at boiling point and it is only a matter of time before it tips over. More and more people don't put up with the situation anymore, and in some countries the government is already helpless against it:


At the same time, UFO Disclosure is also being advanced:


And it is only a matter of time before the hunters become the hunted. In this age, lies can no longer hold their own. Victory is coming:



  1. Wonderful use of images from “Legend of Korra”. <3

  2. https://longstarodyssey.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-event.html

  3. @ FM144 thank you for having accompanied us for this end of the world. Thank you for your sharing and your information. Thank you for supporting our moods, our questions and our impatience.
    Appointment for the celebration of the victory of light and the new world.

  4. under current conditions, do you recommend that people continue to do astral projections?

  5. Hello fm144.

    Just want to know if a major operation is appening right now in the United States abd if the corporation is officially over.

    And if the operation about removing the archontes in non physical planes are being successful.

    Ah and i would like to know what is the operation going with the removal of the chimera undergrounds. Can you give us a pourcentage?

  6. Some insights on the election that can be given by now:


  7. Dear FM144 and readers of this blog

    my father got the first vaccine. I am now very scared that this vaccine is very harming. What can I do now? I tried to talk to them to not take it. But of course my family think I am a conspiracy person.

    What can I do to lower my anger and fear. I want to have constructives energys. I wish that my father could experience the medbeds soon (like all humans too).

    I wish that my father will be healed and he will experience this futuristic near future with us. I want that he will survive till this future will come soon.

    What can I do to support him now?

    Can anybody help?

  8. A quick note on the situation (1586):

    February 8, 2021
    Pleiades 1 calling Terrans to recognize origins! Attention to calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    * Divine Artistic Expanded + Revealing Movements +++ Eleven. ProjSustEleven: 12% (non-regressive).

    P1 +++ Sint Eleven Terranos >>>> 65%.

    Hermetic synchronizations started. 35% (non-regressive).

    Hermetic reverberations in progress. 35% (non-regressive).

    Crystalline visualizations continue to occur.

    Ashtar(s) deliver needed.

    Drama discs are finalized.

    Old Pharisees continue to show themselves.

    Matrix collapses now.

    Matrix repairs are flawed.

    MiD(Cabal) articulate, but fall. Game Over.

    Allies X(Resistance Movement) set up a specific base in an earthly environment.

    Expected releases continue to occur.

    Reflections of negative collectives are exemplified in acclaimed broadcasts.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.


    Source: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2021/02/uma-rapida-nota-sobre-a-situacao-1586-ashtares-entregam-necessario.html


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