First of all, I'd like to point out that I answered a few questions from the comments section of the last update at the end of this post.

Then I would like to go into the subject of the incarnated Chimeras very briefly, since this is apparently of interest to many readers, before I say something about the current situation.

So, in my last update, I mentioned that the Chimera is now walking on the surface of the Earth. A few days later, this was confirmed by 2012Portal, where a Chimera subfraction was mentioned, which has infiltrated the surface population:

Until now, it was known that the Chimera is strongly linked to the negative military. However, it seems that there are also strong connections to other Cabal controlled areas, such as the entertainment industry. For example, it is nothing new that many so-called "Stars" have a bizarre obsession for spiders:

Note: There is an embedded Instagram reel in the following article that leads directly into a kind of "spider island". Please watch this reel only with energetic protection as well as cleansing and disconnection afterwards, as it has a negative influence on the subtle levels (negative Dark One technology to influence millions of unconscious viewers on social media). If in doubt, just read the article and skip the reel ...

For this, let's go back to the time around Atlantis for a moment. When the fleet of the Dark Ones landed on the planet at that time, the Light Temples were infiltrated by contacting mentally weaker, more manipulable Lightworkers (who had already been energetically manipulated beforehand) to betray and physically overthrow the Keylightworkers. So, some Lightworkers basically have sold themselves to the Dark Ones, sometimes directly to Chimera spider queens, in order to secure themselves high positions and wealth during the upcoming Dark Age.

These "traitors" have absorbed many Soul Parts of highly creative Starseeds (I will come to the topic of stolen Soul Parts at the FAQs at the end of this post), which are still active today in many Illuminati artists within the entertainment industry. So, the talent of many so-called "Stars" on the surface is not their own at all ... it is stolen, and this for many, many incarnations.

It's also the case with many artists that at the beginning of their career everything is still relatively innocent, positive and highly creative in order to build up success as well as a large fan base. Then, as soon as they're at their prime, that positivity disappears. Everything becomes darker and more satanic, as now the Dark Ones take over to push their toxic messages into the masses.

And as mentioned before, some Cabal members have sold themselves directly to Chimera spider queens as a host. It is a kind of symbiosis ... the spider queen can temporarily disconnect from the host and move anywhere through the Earth's quarantine via etheric tunnels to draw creative as well as sexual energy from the surface population on any place of the word. This energy is then given into the host, making the artist incredibly appealing to the masses. Thereby, the artist earns vast amounts of money, which in turn goes to the Cabal and is used for their black projects.

However, there are also actual incarnated Chimera beings in this domain, mostly male specimens, who usually act as handlers/managers for these artists in the physical world.

By the way, there are strong references to the Chimera in the movie "Edge of tomorrow" (heavily influenced by the Cabal), where the so-called Alpha and Omegas represent the male spider beings as well as the spider queen. The drones represent the energetic spider-beings, which can be found all over the place within the Earth quarantine:

There are many reports from Starseeds which have seen these energetic spiders above their bed after waking up. These beings will disappear after a few seconds; however, it is important to energetically cleanse and protect the room and yourself after such an encounter. I have already written something about this topic in this post:

So, let's move to the current situation. There are now several dates circulating about when the Event or Liberation might take place. CoBra speculates in a time range around 2025:

SSRF sees a Golden Age dawning after the year 2025, although they are not directly talking about the Event. And before that, they expect a devastating World War 3 wiping out 50% of the world's population (which I don't see coming):

Apart from that, I have heard from 2 other sources who are very much in contact with the Light Forces as well as the Source, that when they currently try to get information about a date for the Event or an evacuation, they always get "2 years" time frame as response (before that there was never any response at all). So, I don't say 2025 will be the date, no one can really say, but it seems that the next 2 years will be extremely decisive, and that after this timeframe we should definitely see serious changes for the better on this planet.

But until we are there, the Dark Ones will continue to do everything they can to create as much chaos as possible on the surface. It is currently the case that the incompetent politicians in the West were not placed there by chance, be it a Biden, a Johnson or a Scholz in Germany. They are already telling the population directly to their faces that they might freeze and starve during winter.

The Cabal wants to provoke a civil uprising in the West, similar to the one in Sri Lanka, where the citizens are supposed to chase the politicians out of the governments (in the Netherlands we already have the farmer protests). After that, they can start their Fourth Industrial Revolution, where everything is controlled digitally from one large center and even governments have lost their importance.

Furthermore, attempts are still being made to escalate the Ukraine conflict (call for Mass Meditations already online):

From another source, which has already proved to be trustworthy in the run-up to the pandemic as well as the Ukraine conflict, it was passed on that people should have finally completed all preparations concerning food supplies, black-outs etc. until September. August should remain relatively quiet, but in September something is supposed to happen, which will again lead to the fact that, for example, traveling will be hardly possible and so on.

Furthermore, this source says that there will also be a military escalation between Russia and Poland in the near future, which however, and this is an important point, should also not lead to a world war. There will be an attempt to trigger NATO collective security, but those member states that are still close to Russia will refuse to enter the war (presumably Eastern European countries like Hungary or Turkey). Moreover, we seem to be heading towards a point at which the U.S. Army will eventually withdraw from Europe, as they will be busy in their own country. This would mean the end of NATO.

Moreover, this source sees Russian troops in Central Europe in the near future, more precisely in Germany and Switzerland. However, the Russians are not waging war against the respective countries. In Germany, Russian troops will be deployed to prevent a civil war and maintain order as well as basic supplies for the citizens. In Switzerland, on the other hand, they will work side by side with the Swiss army cleaning underground Cabal facilities. My guess is that the American military, meanwhile, will do exactly the same in their own country.

This statement, by the way, is confirmed by an U.S. Army source. So, the American military apparently has a scenario on the screen where Russian troops will be stationed in Central Europe in the near future.

I can't give any exact dates on that, but as things are coming to a head and as mentioned before, we seem to have some kind of time window until 2025.

To finish this post, I've added some answers to the questions from the comment section from the last article:

"The question is, what would be the most effective way to get together these Soul fractals so that the Self gets start to get healed and manifest as a whole it's natural balance through knowledge, beauty and abundance? But doing it totally by its own (not expecting for some external intervention), is there any possibility?"
"How can lightworkers and affected starseeds who have been sacrificed by the dark forces in previous lives get their soul parts back?
"How can a victim return those soul parts?"

As long as the Earth Quarantine exists, there are 2 ways to retrieve one's Soul Parts. First method: If you are not clairvoyant yourself, you have to ask a clairvoyant Lightworker, whom you trust and who is familiar with this subject, to retrieve the parts.

Second method: You do it yourself during one or more mediations. If you have not been clairvoyant before, you have to train yourself to be.

Starseeds whose Soul Parts were stolen are usually strong Lightworkers; otherwise the Dark Ones would not have been interested in them. This means that these Starseeds have certain abilities (including clairvoyance), even if they may not be active at the moment. So, it's best to ask your Higher Self or the Source during mediation if parts of your Soul have been stolen or lost. Perhaps then, certain images, thoughts or memories of past incarnations may suddenly appear in front of your inner eye. You may see old lives, where you got sacrificed by the Cabal, or you see a known person, which betrayed/murdered you and incorporated your Soul Parts. Then it is necessary to ethereally confront this person and ask him to return these parts to you.

Mostly, however, these persons are almost always hidden Black Magicians, Witches or Reptiloids, who will never give these Soul Parts back voluntarily, so you have to fight for them energetically. One method would be to pull out the stolen Soul Parts with a Light Column, whereby one should then immediately pull out all other Soul Parts too because the particular person has almost certainly also absorbed parts of other Starseeds. This can be hundreds of additional parts, in some cases also thousands. It's recommended to hand over these parts to the Lightforces for healing and purification first before you include them back into your own Soul or give them back to other Starseeds.

In addition, the person who stole it needs to be energetically handed over to the Lightforces too or, in very vicious cases, shipped directly to the Central Sun. So, this retrieval is not for the faint-hearted, Lightwarrior mentality is required. It also usually takes several sessions to finally get all the pieces back ... and that's just from one person. It is usually the case that dozens, if not hundreds, of negative influenced people have stolen parts of your Soul during past incarnations. So, Starseeds often have a lot of work ahead of them, but one has to start somewhere, and recognizing that parts were stolen from you is already a first huge step.

"With what technology and or method did the dark forces steal the soul parts of the affected lightworkers and starseeds in previous lives?"

Most often, these Starseeds were physically ambushed, captured and ritually sacrificed by the Dark Ones, whereby the Soul Parts were inhaled by them once the Starseed left the physical body.

"Why did the light forces not take out the beings of the dark forces where the light workers sacrificed in the last incarnations where it was possible to prosecuted the physical human self?"

Because these crimes took place hidden from the public and the grid around the Earth prevented a physical intervention of the LFs.

"How and by what methods can Chimera beings dock onto a human body?"

They are either transferred directly into a physical body (bodysuit), or remain energetically close to a Cabal member who has bonded with that being.

"I have just read you again brother and your version of the event seems different from Cobra, as I understand it we have the Event which means the release with the wave of energy and then a galactic impulse which starts the tsunami. In your post the Event is also the impulse that triggers the tsunami, which suggests a direct evacuation at the time of the event so no one has time to ascend before the impulse as described by Cobra, maybe I misunderstood your update?"
"Will the solar flash, the event, the great tsunami wave and the geomagnetic earth pole shift happen at the same moment ?"

I have no version of the Event, so I'm not saying it's going to play out exactly in this sequence (and I know the internet is very picky about this subject). Fact is, there will be most likely a Galactic Wave of Light, a Carrington Event and a pole shift, all linked together and in a relatively short time interval, from a galactic point of view. We will see the exact sequence when the time comes. And of course, a lot must have already happened in the run-up to the evacuation, i.e. physical action was taken against the Cabal on the surface for the first time + such an evacuation must be prepared logistically, i.e. the Light Ships will certainly not show up at the last moment while the tsunami is already rolling over the surface.

"Will the animals who eat meat also be evacuated from the light forces before the tsunami?"

Yes, but not all genera.

"There are many starseeds that have not yet awakened in this incarnation. Will all starseeds, including those that have not yet awakened by the event, be brought to the Pleayades in this incarnation?"

Evacuated for sure. Whether to the Pleiades, I cannot say.

"Have all the nuclear weapons of the dark forces on planet Earth been neutralised by the forces of light?"

I don't know that, I just know that the LF seeks to prevent the scenarios that could lead to their use.

"Does the Russian military have more advanced military technology than the US military?"

In some areas more, in other areas probably less.

"For what reason is it not possible in this incarnation to prosecuted the physical human self from the light forces?"

I didn't say it wasn't possible for the LF. What I meant was that the current physical judiciary cannot take care of these people because their human self has not done anything wrong in this incarnation. In the higher realms, however, things are different. There, all incarnations are considered and one can, of course, be brought to trial.

"How is this process of stealing and absorbing parts of the soul justified in front of karma so they don't pay one?"

Karma, as many people on Earth imagine it, does not exist like that. Or let's put it this way, if you absolutely want to believe in karma then yes, payday is coming for the Dark Ones, but it took almost a galactic eternity for it to finally arrive.

"May I ask for the owner of this blog to change the main language?"


Let's finish this update here. Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you very much again with all my heart, I would like to ask something and if possible answer in the next post too, of course if possible... I live in Brazil, we are close to elections etc... I would like to know if the author of the blog or The author is aware of something here, I would very much like to shed some light on a future post about Brazil, the current president (Bolsonaro) was against forced vaccines, and against vaccination passports too, but his "rival" LULA managed to leverage wealth and prosperity for a good part of the population, and removed the country from the hunger map, if there is no answer I will completely understand, even so grateful for everything brother or brother ahhaha victory of light my loves <3

    1. Olá. Conhece o trabalho do Prof. Luiz Antônio Peixoto Valle?
      Ele tem feito análises apuradíssimas sobre geo/eso/exopolitica mundial e também sobre o Brasil. Inclusive o que irá acontecer nesse semestre na política brasileira.

    2. No, muito obrigado mas eu passo a diante isso, nao senti uma forte confianCa nisso, perdoe os erros de PT, meu teclado e italiano, aconselho uma discernimento nas suas fontes... nem sempre e confiável ou de boa f'e

  2. Gratidão pelas informações!

    Paz, Luz, Amor e Liberdade para toda a Humanidade!

  3. I know that despite of being a Draco from Orion in previous lives i was also a kind of archachnoid mayby from Andromeda not sure but i feell strong attraction to Orion and Andromeda reptiles i like combination of black and red color these are the favorite colors of Draco's red emanates Power strength and black means to them nobody should get this power only me This is the reason why Dracula was depicted with black suit and red inside of this suit . i had previously bats directly outside of my loft directly above my window maybe 30 of 50 of them. this was kind of strange because in the tv to that time was a scene from the movie dracula where there ware also bats to seeing and someone was saying that creatures of the night recognizing someone of their kind . I feel indeed some connection to the lost creatures somehow despite all the trouble thay causing i feel compassion for them . I'm bringing spiders away of my location let them on the street free and I told them if you leave this place you will survive if you try to go back you are lost . In most cases are they compliant but not Always some of the spiders are clearly not amused of the forced relocation and i have to neutralize them once and for all . I assume they are one of those species not destined to be rescued from the upcoming big water Well this is a Little bit sad but maybe necessary . No matter what kind of entities we ware and what we did i do have understand that Earth gives us all a Chance to become even the opposite of that who we ware somewhere else therefore i am fighting now for the light for all the Creation not against it anymore . speaking of movies watch indipendence Day especiely second part . This is the chimera i call them Acari . The ship sitting on the Earth is a depiction what they really are and what thay doing with the planets they absorbing The emotions of the core of the heart of the planet because they are not able to produce emotions someone have to doing this for them . Humans are kind of beans to them they should producing Honey loosh

    1. Gaia we are one
      thanks for your support and invitation. i really appreciate this but to be honest i have dun some private conversations in the past and it had turn sooner or later everytime against me or us . You should know that The dark ones creating a kind of simulations of the environment and the conditions in wich the so called light warriors are living and the dark workers doing after that a kind of vodoo stuff . Thay playing a scenario where those light warriors are fighting with each other creating a bridge to this world by using different methods and conto this artificially created condition of disagreement between this light warriors the will start to manifest also in the ( real world ) this is the reason why light Warriors are do to the difference of points of view are not able to working together ( my experience ) . The more aquintances whom are important to you you have the more vulnerable you will be . In some cases you will see your old comrades suddenly as they ware a different person they will attacking you without reason and the worst case Thay will betraid you . This will be dun in order to brake you so that you lost all your hope ? Thay will turn you more and more in the darkness by using this method some of the light warriors will become very angry and the dark side within this person will grow and grow . This what Thay hade try to doing to me in many cases . Therefore I'm not interested it is better to us all . I wish you good luck and all the best but I'm an cold Orion we are working mostly alone . our (friendships )do not last long.

  4. spiders are according to my knowledge their warriors but the overlords and the mind of the operation are kind of ticks and you can see it in this in this movie id04 reconning directly at the beginning of this movie . I was during the meditation in contact with one of those creature's . what i saw was a White wall with blood strings on it this seems to came through this wall after that the spiders was arriving on this wall . After that huge black spiders ware running into My direction . What was interesting they ware moving like robots than they stopped suddenly like on command and after that i was find my self in a kind of cave the whole environment was Brown . there was something like a tick in this cave on a kind of Rock we ware alone no spiders anymore . I'm not sure but i i would say that this entitie has 6 legs not 8like spiders i was surprised of that because i didn't knewto that time of another species but it seems those guys are running this show . They are absolutely cold without any emotions . Their energys are i would say compared to grave but not robots like the spiders i have met . I have received the massage that the only reason Thay allowing that i know about their existence is my Origin therefore i Stam from them in some form . I can not say more this is already too much it shows me in a not good position because I'm identifiing my self with enemy . The point is you should only be aware of the spiders and fear them thay are indeed like drones but acari are not spiders acari hiding behind them and using them as avatars or dronrs they controling !! Compared to spiders This creature was different i didn't have seen any eyes it was like a rock melting with the environment if this creature don't want to show his face to you you will see only rock right before your eyes . Light forces could not find those creatures because These are masters of caumuflage they masking himself Always with something else this is their nature i don't know how many layers of masking thay using but i told you you will never get to see how they really looking only another mask of them . I don't know maybe it would be better not to Postings this Massage because those ticks will be really pissed off . Just share This ( knowledge ) with your light team maybe it could be helpful i hope so if i ware Acari well I'm not anymore but i understand them ! Thay will not change because they can not doing this . They want to create a Remake of the situation how Thay have lost their world that's why they creating similar condition here pollution war artificial mind all that and because of the fact that after the collapse of their world thy have lost the ability to feel any emotions are they not able to feel emotions anymore they doing This now by using humans whom are able to feel strong emotions . It is hard to describe but what i have understand what they showing to me Thay doing This in a similar way like you want to hear sad music when you are sad and somehow it seems to helping by rewrite those experiences from the past . When people watching all those movies terminator independence day and all this they producing emotions and those creatures absorbing those emotions in a best way Thay kan because this is their way to feel something and to experience The situation one more time from the past all this lost of their world the humans are like bean's to them they should produce a kind of nectar this is the purpose of their doing they creating a horror movie to watch horror movie until thay have enough of horror movies .

    1. @Dreammaker
      Some grammar and punctuation is in order here. Your story is confusing and difficult to understand.
      Much appreciated!

    2. I know but you don't know in what kind of condition i wrote this post . Everything interrupts me here . Suddenly no internet , or the devices want to do restart or the text will be freezed so that I can not even see what i write . Beside that as a starseed you should learn the language of matrix and it is chaotic at least for some humans with the parrot education of the school system . The grammar points and so in was invented in order to prevent the herd from thinking in abstrakt and creative way . This was sad to me . Those entities are covering themselves bevor your eyes do to the parrot education . It was sad to that only one of their branch will be able recognize them . They are to find in coat of arms for example . You just see this what you have to see but let me tell you what . Look on this through another perspective step aside and zoom it after i telling you this . The middle part is there abdomen at the front what looks like horns are the fangs of those creature's and their legs are covered you see only four of them . It is dipictiion of the kind of Beatle which you can see there like on the wall vertical position . And now pay attention on the emblem of Vatican zoom this picture maybe you will be able to see it what they showed to me and after that i see them everywhere . To be clear what you know s horns in Kürze culture is the depiction of their fangs ! They ware known in old egept as Beatles and Lords of karma. Shiva with his many legs is one of them as well as Osiris dipictiion again his legs are covered in this x gesture of Osiris . The mitra of the Pope take a look at this this is depiction of the abdomen of the insect you have to be creative in order to recognize more otherwise you will see what the humans should see

    3. I have try to add another post in order to be more precisely but obviously they don't allowing this . To be clear when i want to adding something i receive suddenly inter NET interruptions or this side is currently not available to me or my device freeze Thay doing what Thay can to stop me to share this informations . I have already shared too much Thay are not amused at all ! The mote i know the less I can share

    4. The grammar and so on was invented to direct your attention on things you should see and at first to take you away from your ability to thing abstract ( creative ) if you want to understand how Thay functioning their language you must be able to read the text in all kind of forms even upsidedown because this is how Thay are . To spiders there is no up and down those entities (acari ) seeing and hearing through the eyes of other species Thay mentally controlling . What do you have not to understand . Il try to explain better ( if possible )

    5. @Dreammaker
      I beg to differ.
      Grammar and punctuation were invented to convey a message in a concise and intelligible manner. We must express our thoughts and feelings clearly and correctly so as not to confuse the interlocutor. That's the main reason why grammar and punctuation were invented and not the exoteric reasons you mentioned. Aside from the beauty of expressing one's thought and feelings in a correct manner.

    6. Quando você diz semente estelar você se refere ao kin galático ?
      Agora que entrei em contato com essas informações fiquei com medo de estar correndo algum risco. Tem alguma maneira de se livrar das aranhas?
      Shiva e Osíris não trabalham para a luz?

    7. Dear Unknown parrot education warrior . Don't get me wrong but this is exectly what you supposed to thinking and what the herd should ( know ). Look on the elite language they are using symbols , digits , anagrams and other codes.even Cobra using some codes but this is another topic . all of them ware placed right before your eyes but you are not even able to recognize that in those words there could be some secret massages hiding because they are destined for those who should know and those massages must remain invisible to everyone else . I assume an apple means an apple to you maybe you will get so far to saying some that it is a symbol of the forbidden fruit ( do to parrot education in this case religion you have probably received but you will never know what kind of forbidden fruit it is . I can tell you this an apple means to the elite human flesh but this is how it supposed to remain according to Acari just keep buying your 6g Apple phone and enjoy it . The owl means the grays ,. the all seing eye comes from Saturn where Matrix started but this depiction is also the inverted symbol of the female genitals .a kind of distortion of the goddess energyz they replacing it with the Saturn symbol set Arn sat an just like Thay dit and doing with other symbols . Gay community is a distortion of Gaya the Mother goddess the rainbow flag is the newest distortion . More will follow because their nature is to distort to manipulate to creating some chimeras this is what the injections are for . You will receive everytime you get a jab more of theirs poison- gift so that they are able to controling you and the heard . This is all about my deer Parrot warrior of school (Scalia) thinking . everything works according to their plans . Once the whole humanity receive theirs hallucinogen poison they will be able to show the heard an alien invasion which will be only illusion but the humans will attacking each other because they will get to see something else . This is the reason why they want to jab everyone otherwise the indipendence day show will be not available to everyone. This is the plan .

    8. Dear Yana
      you should know that everything on this farm was invented to controling you from religion to entertainment which is the new religion . it is a Perfect way siphon your energy in form of emotions because during gaming you producing energy they require you are like nuclear plant to them ) . Speeking of Shiva . Look the depiction of the this Statue on the cern location ( Cernunos ) the Celtic god with horns ) pay attention on the many legs of Shiva the Destroyer of wordls ) this is a dipictiion of a spider being or at least something like that . They are hiding in emblems coats of arms everywhere . I can not showing to you what you not supposed to notice ? But i can give you the direction you can go in order to recognize them . The point is once you can seeing them you will get attention of them . Their Modus operandi is to attacking your lovely ones( thats why a creature like me is destined to be alone because I'm like split between world of darkness and light ) they doing this to weaken you so that you remain silent they want brake your willing to fight so be careful . The more you are afraid of the spiders the more power you are giving to them . Take the spiders away don't kill them . Your feer and your hate on them only makes everything worse . Once you will stop to feeding them with your feer they will go instead somewhere else . It is by design that woman's are panicking when they see spiders . Buy a insect catch trap and simple bring them on the street . If they want to return i will recommend to neutralize this particular spider being . Most of them are running away .i Wish you strength.

    9. #Dear Yana If you want to get rid of spiders just keep your enviroment clean . They prefer locations full of dust . dirty places where chaos rulls . There are also some electronic devices ( repellers ) but the frequences those devices constantly sending are also not so beneficial to the humans . as i mentioned before everything on this farm was invented to controling ( the herd ) in some way .


  5. Good evening FM144, again I.. I felt guided to ask one more question about the parts of souls, when the person starts the recovery process, when they "feel" that the process has been successfully completed or when they "realize" that the parts of the souls returned to the body... I really got a flea behind my ear hehehe, thanks again for everything, stay with the goddess, take care

  6. I have a question for the site admin. The plan of the militaries clearing the US and europe of cabal sounds like the delta plan but more. Is it delta plus? If its not delta, could it happen but post event with a possible event scenario playing out soon?

  7. You mentioned hollywood as a place of some chimera or cabal actors connected with the chimera. There was a lot of strange things in fear and loathing in las vegas with johnny depp. Reptilians in the bar with all the alcohol, a spider tv pyramid in the room while they used adrenochrome which they got from some satanist. This depp v heard trial seemed stupid and like a big distraction and possibly a big ritual. They are both probably cabal connected but all these alt media people supporting depp show they arent as awake as they think. My question for the admin, Is depp chimera connected?

  8. A somewhat associated update:

  9. Earth Dragon blog.

    Cobra has stated multiple times that only one person will be responsible for clearing huge amounts of darkness. I believe I may be this person, because of several things that happened to me.

    In my blog you will understand why the chimera will never try to detonate toplet bombs (they will fail and will regret being born if they try) and how weak they and the cabal really are. In the past we didn’t know exactly how to deal with them, but this is past now.

    I also believe I MAY be the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. Again, because of things that happened in my life.

    More at:

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  11. Good questions, i would like to know to!

  12. Wie wurde der Schleier erschaffen ?

    Was ist die Energiequelle die den Schleier aufrecht erhält ?

    Weshald haben die Lichtkräfte die die dunkle Flotte nicht sofrt zerstört bevor die dunkle Flotte auf der Erde landeteu nd die Lichttempel infilitrierte, damals in Atlantis ?

    Auf welche Art und Weise haben die dunklen Kräfte die geistig schwächeren Lichtarbeiter manipuliert, bevor diese Lichtarbeiter die Schlüssellichtarbeiter (Starseeds) verraten hatten ?

    Welche andere Bereiche haben die physischen inkarnierten Chimera auf der Oberfläche dieses Planeten ausser der Unterhaltungsindustrie sonst noch infilitriert ?

    Werden die Tiere wo Fleisch essen, in die Lichtschiffen in Quarantäne gebracht, wo die lernen kein Fleisch mehr zu essen, bevor sie auf andere Planeten gebracht werden ?

    Wie kann man die Chimera Spinnenkönniginn und der Spinnenkönnig schwächen oder sie vernichten und danach direkt in die Zentralsonne beamen ?

    An welchem Ort genau planen die dunklen Kräfte von einem grossen Zentrum aus alles digital zu steuern ?

    How was the veil created?

    What is the energy source that sustains the veil?

    Why did the light forces not destroy the dark fleet immediately before the dark fleet landed on Earth and infiltrated the light temples back in Atlantis?

    In what way did the dark forces manipulate the spiritually weaker lightworkers before these lightworkers betrayed the key lightworkers (starseeds) ?

    What other areas have the physical incarnate Chimera infiltrated on the surface of this planet besides the entertainment industry ?

    Are the meat-eating animals quarantined in the light ships, where they learn not to eat meat before being taken to other planets ?

    How can the Chimera spider king and queen be weakened or destroyed and then beamed directly to the central sun ?

    In which place exactly do the dark forces plan to control everything digitally from a big centre ?

  13. How was the veil created?

    What is the energy source that sustains the veil?

    Why did the light forces not destroy the dark fleet immediately before the dark fleet landed on Earth and infiltrated the light temples back in Atlantis?

    In what way did the dark forces manipulate the spiritually weaker lightworkers before these lightworkers betrayed the key lightworkers (starseeds) ?

    What other areas have the physical incarnate Chimera infiltrated on the surface of this planet besides the entertainment industry ?

    Are the meat-eating animals quarantined in the light ships, where they learn not to eat meat before being taken to other planets ?

    How can the Chimera spider king and queen be weakened or destroyed and then beamed directly to the central sun ?

    In which place exactly do the dark forces plan to control everything digitally from a big centre ?

  14. потеряла часть своей Души когда стояла и смотрела на тело своего отца . Он был мертвым.Я ощутила сильное волнение в области Солнечного сплетения. С тех пор это волнение не покидает меня. Это произошло 40 лет назад. Мой отец был инженером в электричестве и разбирался в размагничивании электромагнитных волн на военных объектах и знал много об этом. Эта внезапная смерть дело рук химер с военного авиационного завода которые присели ему на хвост. Я им этого не прощу.


  16. This update came in the perfect timing!
    I was struggling very hard with myself (coupled with attacks) and at the end of July hit a point where I knew I was going to screw up big time if I didn't get my shit together.
    So I turned around, towards my higher self and god again and ended the battle with my ego. The last month I have been catching up with life and manifested a lot of positive changes for myself.
    Now I can say: "The final preparations have been made!" 😊
    September and further turbulences can come now and I feel more connected to my higher self and source than ever! 🥰
    So grateful! Thank you for these updates! 💜
    PS: Here is a wonderful prayer to the goddess for you: 🌺
    Victory of the Light!

    1. So beautiful!...
      The beauty in you, me, we...
      Boundless, as it is.

  17. Dear FM144, thanks for the update, for answering our questions and for attending the request of this humble reader. <3


  18. @FM 144 Blog

    How can Starseeds activate clairvoyance ?

    1. This will help you for sure.

      I've had great results listening to this consistently

  19. Rebirth of the Society mass meditation

    We’ll be brief.

    The aim of this meditation is to remove as many toplet bombs as possible. You need to understand that if one of the main blockades towards the event are the toplet bombs, we need to focus on removing them as soon as possible. It is that simple.

    If we reach one million meditators we may be able to remove many, if not all of the bombs. This will accelerate what we wait for.

    The moment of the meditation will be the exact moment that Earth enters the Scorpio sign (death and rebirth of the society), October 23TH 6:36 AM, New York time

    You can check the exact time of the meditation in your location here:

    Please, invite (and remind) as many people as possible to participate. Let’s reach one million participants and change this damn situation once and for all.

    Instructions for the meditation are here (you can translate online if you need to):


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