"Operation Storm" (24.02.2020)

Since the last entry has caused some fuss; I'll start with a brief follow-up explanation regarding the pulling out of Soul Parts from surface incarnated Starseeds:

First of all, this doesn’t affect all Starseeds. Primarily it is about the more fragile Souls, who have an extremely hard time dealing with the attacks inside the Grid. It doesn’t affect Soul Parts, which are strong enough to deal with the situation (like in Lightwarriors).

Second, the complete Soul is never in the body anyway (too gigantic). You decide yourself in the consciousness of your Higher Self, which parts go into the Avatar, and the HS also decides which parts, in the sense of the bigger picture, go out or are exchanged.

Third, the ascension of the Soul Parts precedes the Ascension Process into 5D. If the Soul Parts are already on the ships or far outside the planet on a non-physical level, then this will inevitably also lead to the fact that it will manifest itself in the material world ... i.e. Event, First Contact, release from Quarantine etc.

And the fourth, last and most important point, it is a precautionary measure of the LFs, because if, for example, the Earth/surface population would be destroyed/wiped out by the detonation of Exotic Bombs, a World War, or the latest visible attempt, a worldwide pandemic, and the Soul would be still surface-bound to a large extent, then it would suffer extreme damage through such an event, so that only returning to the Source could help to recover, but from there on, the Soul would have to start all over again in its development process.

Billions of incarnations and lives of ones Soul in these and other universes would be in vain in an instant. Of course this must be avoided. That was also the leverage of the Chimera and Archons over the Galactic Confederation to hold this planet hostage for so long.

It is therefore a precautionary measure + it is part of the Ascension Process, in this phase in which the hidden war for the Liberation of the Planet becomes more and more visible through measures like the Cabal’s artificial release of a genetically modified virus.

Since this virus has now reached Italy, mass meditations continue to be called for in order to harmonise things:


It is also recommended to extend the meditation to further affected countries like Iran or South Korea:



At least the Cabal offer us "their" antidote right away:


After the research was supported by donations from a certain foundation:


Thanks to the talent to "anticipate" certain things:


As well as simulating an outbreak a few months prior to the real one:


But perhaps they’ve just read this 40-year-old (play)book in which the outbreak was predicted:


Although the virus apparently had a different name in the original edition of the book (and with the media trying to play down the whole circumstance), the name was changed to "Wuhan-400" in a later version, still long before the actual outbreak (mathematical probability that this is all coincidence? We live in the Matrix. Events are often announced in advance):



One of the largest shareholders of the pharmaceutical company that now produces the antidote is BlackRock:


BlackRock is a global investment management cooperation and the world’s largest asset manager/shadow bank:


In 2009, BlackRock also bought the British  multinational investment bank Barclays, whose boss had just been targeted by the British authorities due to his connections to Jeffrey Epstein:


This case, however, as well as the boiling up of the involvement of the British (non-)Royal Family in the Epstein case, as well as Harry's escape from England, and the Brexit, may or may not be physical signs of the clarification of the St. Michael’s Ley Line, which took place on British Isles during last year:



Back then, many storms in this geographical area of the world occurred, just as currently in the past few weeks across Europe and also worldwide:


Not triggering these storms, but using them to get certain things done on the higher plains, the Pleiadians right now are running a campaign that they call "Operation Storm", whereby I can't say more about that right now.

The situation on the surface remains tense due to the rising energies, not only because of the CV.

The totalitarian measures taken by governments controlled by the down falling Cabal will be becoming more and more apparent. And the division into political left and right is being driven forward by strategy of tension:


There will be more false flags. The Dark Ones are trying to keep their grip by creating a loopback to the Nazi timeline, still making use of the trauma and resulting guilt cult of that time.

They will provide actual MK-Ultra controlled (and now dead) Patsies, with prefabricated and confusing manifestos (as in the Christchurch shooting), which are also supposed (apart from political power and division of society) to have the effect of not only pushing people who deal with so-called “Conspiracy Theories” (like UFOs, MK-Ultra, Secret Underground Bases, Child Abuse etc. ) into the right corner, but also equating them with crazy mass murderers now:




At the same time, the Dark Ones have also ramped up the irradiation of the surface population in order to add fuel to the fire. In places where there are physical radio towers, there are usually similar constructions on the plasma levels and above, which are used for mind control.

At the moment, it seems that the aggression potential of the people should be increased in order to promote the division, maybe to create riot-like scenes in the streets or military tensions.

We have to see how things develop in the China-US conflict now.

The situation around the Goddess Vortex in Syria also remains in focus.

So things continue to come to a head, and as Starseeds it is again important to stay calm, to stay centered.

The LFs have been focusing a lot on plasma spiders lately, and these entities have some sort of "dead man's switch" so that when they get neutralized, at the last moment they would like to pump a large amount of Anomaly into the Grid (like an octopus releasing ink into the water), which would trigger their earthly lackeys to do all sorts of crazy stuff, as we are experiencing right now in this delicate phase. That's why the LFs approached this with caution, almost with surgical precision, but still radical when the chance is there.

There are reports from members of SURFACOM that in the past weeks the Chimera even wanted to present themselves to them as golden, almost ascended beings on the non-physical plains, probably to somehow turn the corner at the last moment.

However, there will be no spiders in paradise, I can assure you that.

To conclude, once again, keep calm through the Storm ...


  1. I have some new posts on my blog https://whoisdavidchicago.blogspot.com/

  2. Tank you for clarify all of this.

    Keep meditating and stay calm I can feel that the planet is in a critical stage so that we come out of this victorious stage. Pay attention to purified you especially in the plasma and enteric plane. I think that the archons and reptilians are on red alert, they no longer have their master by their side. Persisted we do a good job. Thank you fm144 and in the light for the work you are doing the victory will be worth it. 💪🏽🙏🏽

  3. Is there still 'in cards', after so much 'progress' the possibility of the detonation of Exotic Bombs, a World War, or the latest visible attempt, a worldwide pandemic??

  4. Who will appreciate this supposed extreme damage through such an event, so that only returning to the Source could help to recover? And who will decide something else?

  5. I get the feeling that those storms and hurricanes whom we experience in Europe since few weeks has something in common with the struggles on another level around earth . I assume It is a kind of mirroring of the situation on the astral plane. have i right ???

  6. Thanks Teilen, I was hoping you would post your intel soon and thankfully you did. Difficult energies right now, your intel helps brings some sense, keeps us sane. votl

  7. Hi, I am one of these fragile Starseeds,I can confirm it. I am monarch slave also. I want to ask what can I starseed do when they stole parts of the soul because of the abilities. The only part of soul which left is that deep within me, and if they manage to take it, I would die. But at the moment they can't.
    1. What can I do to have my lost soul parts? *They stole them because of the abilities which were rare.
    2. Is the only way for me left is to go back to the source and to develop again?

    1. Dear Lalena,

      in a youtube interview says Gorey Goode a good book with a lot of tipps is writen from cathy o brien.

      All the best for you and a lot of power <3 <3 <3

    2. @Lalena

      Book _

      PTSD time to heal

      Cathy o brian

    3. 1. Ask the spiritual world to show the missing parts, through dreams, visions etc. Retrieve them during a meditation/operation.
      2. No

  8. Thank you. But I would like to remind you and Mr. Cobra that the Corona virus has become epidemic in iran before in Italy and that it is very necessary for Iran to meditate before Italy ... if for you and mr Cobra non-European race is important..Thanks

    1. 1. YW!
      2. This blog is independent
      3. No race or country is preferred or disadvantaged
      4. It was already added
      5. First meditations were for China (non-European)
      6. Iran has always been involved in peace meditations

  9. yes, these are intense times -- "hold on to yer heart"! :D

    it seems to me that the only soul parts "pulling out" are related to the cabal, since the light conditions are increasing to the extent that those who resist the light to the most extreme get "escorted" to a different "place" when their lower dimensional existential integrity can no longer be sustained

    as for ascension, it seems to me merely a natural consequence of "embodying more light", in the sense that is commonly known as a combination of mindfulness (being present in the moment) and breatharianism practices (raising the vibration of the physical body)

    any mention of "starting all over again" due to extreme calamities (whether physical-based or plasma-based) seems to me a little too extreme and again, only applies to those resisting the light
    there have been various "accounts" of people passing over after the greatest turmoil, such as Nagasaki/Hiroshima, where souls receive support that is above and beyond to compensate for the energetic destruction, in other words "catching" any souls in a way that is safe and safeguards the integrity of all the most important parts of the being
    this is also described in detail in various channelings, such as Matthew Ward, James Tyberonn (Metatron), etc

    in the old times, when the tensions rose, there would be immediate conflict
    in the current very special times, the tension can rise, but instead, the conflict brings people together, and quickly points out the people (or creatures) pulling the strings, so they can be seen, and be dealt with accordingly

    remember: we came here for the ride of a cycle!
    and a very unique one at that!

    1. Pulling out Soul Parts of Starseeds and Dark Ones going back into Source are two different things.
      Not extreme from a neutral point of view, it is as it is, but it won't happen because it is the worst case scenario which will be avoided (Nagasaki/Hiroshima was definitely a turmoil, but triggering exotic bombs would be an entirely different scale with even enormously more negative consequences).
      We came here two end the Quarantine, a Quarantine that wasn't exactly what the Source intended.

  10. I always read and translate your articles because they are very useful and informative

    1. We have very heavy storms going on in Germany in right now. In the past weeks/months we had a lot of storms and very strong wind. It‘s like Gaia cleaning herself to prepare for the event and the planetary shift into the 5th dimension.

  11. Thank you for the update. I also notice several days of irregular strong wind several weeks ago in Southern CA where I live.

    Light is getting stronger and it could be felt through meditations. Here is the link for all active meditations, join us if you also feel guided: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/p/blog-page.html

  12. According to Cobra all Plasma spiders are gone. Then how can u say this:
    There are reports from members of SURFACOM that in the past weeks the Chimera even wanted to present themselves to them as golden, almost ascended beings on the non-physical plains, probably to somehow turn the corner at the last moment."

    1. 1. That's what sources have reported.
      2. Time frame is suitable (2 to 3 weeks prior to entry)

  13. Hi Lalena, you may want to check the soul fragment retrieval exercises that Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior, provides.


  14. Dear Fm144

    Thank you for answering the questions I asked you above.

    Does the souls (or soul-fragments) from unwakenend humans, that are captured in this quarantine, also have starfamily from other starsystems? Therefore is every human on this earth a starseed?

    Can you tell us in a other post about the antique egypt, the involved e.t. races and the fuction of the pyramid of gizeh? I  have a strong faszination in this topic. Especialy I love the shape of the pyramid.
    Some Whistleblower does refer the book " law of one" from RA, as very accurate.
    Can you recommend us others books about the true history of the earth? If anyhow such a public buyable book does exist on the planet surface.

    Does benevolents E.T.s also read this Blog and the comments?
    If yes. From my part. Many greetings to our galactical & universal sisters and brother! :-) Victory of the Light! Thank you all for joining the comming freedom! Soon we gonna dance on the stars, meditate and celebrate, sing and make music together! :-)  Will be fun to re-unite and to re-member and re-meet my starfamily!  :-) I'm still curious to which starrace I do belong.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. YW!

      1. Unawakend people are mostly (not all) no Starseeds, otherwise they would find it easier to wake up by now, in many people the Soul is not really active inside, many are possessed. Not every human is a Starseed.

      2. Too broad a subject for a short answer.

      3. Difficult, because almost all publishers are controlled in some way. But there will be once everything is disclosed.

      4. Yes.

    2. "The precision of science, the geometry, the alignment, the cutting of the stone, the drilling of the holes and the architectural design of the Great Pyramid were the result of a heritage preserved by the wise ancient priests of Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the greatest architectural achievement of mankind. Two and a half million blocks, varying in size from two to seventy tons each, were used to build this silent guardian of the past, the largest and perhaps most enigmatic of the three related structures on the Giza Plateau.

      But this marvel of the past is more than just an architectural feature, as it contains a level of precision that is far superior to anything the world has produced since then (...)

      How could the pyramid builders have such an extraordinary insight into a science and technology that is so little known even today? What has become of this lost technology and why has so much of it only been rediscovered in our time?

      To answer these questions, one must embark on a journey that reveals "an almost alien world". It is inhabited by a forgotten culture consisting of a priestly elite who lived in Egypt, in the fertile Nile Valley, in a very distant time, long before the recognized emergence of civilization.

      Andrew Collins (*1957), British writer and researcher

      "The civilization of ancient Egypt never ceases to amaze us (...) The Great Pyramid... it is as if these monuments do not belong here or should not be there. They are so large, so perfect, so old and so unknown ... To have there a monument of such quality, size, precision and overwhelming dimensions, containing astronomical alignments and mathematical constants ... we still cannot explain. It's a big mystery, which in my opinion has not been well solved by the experts. To assume that these monuments were built as tombs was a big misconception.

      They don't really fit the theory that they are tombs, but they fit the idea that they are more like "metaphysical machines" than anything else.

      I think it's time to look at these monuments in a different light."

      Robert Bauval (*1948), Egyptian archaeologist,

      Engineer and writer of Belgian origin

      Alcyon Pleiades 74:
      The Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Obelisks, Star-gate technology, Toroidal energy


      The e-mail subscription button is located at the top right of the sidebar. The blog is available worldwide under ShadowBan.

      Victory of the light! 🕊

  15. Hello FM144

    Thank you very much for your posts...
    During a session in the tachyon chamber, to calm my mind, I visualized another me meditating.
    My mind became an observer of my meditating self.
    From there, it led me to see several meditating selves, on different frequencies. Then they all aligned themselves... I felt my energy increase. I started to feel my head spinning. I felt a flow of energy rotating in one direction.

    I told myself that I was only doing things halfway. Why do we always have to go up to our "I Am". We also have to go down to the center of the earth. I began to descend towards Gaya in the same way that one ascends towards one's "I Am".

    All of a sudden, I felt 2 streams of energy flowing in opposite directions. I was perfectly aligned. My head was no longer spinning. I was centered. Amazing!

    After all that, I thought to myself:
    "Well, we're the compression drill too.
    Because as we move up and down... We increase our vibratory rate and become the centre of energy.
    Just like the surface of the earth, which is the center of the compression breakthrough....
    Furthermore, by increasing our energies, we also become the actor of the compression breakthrough.
    Everything is connected. And, what happens on the surface of the earth, we also experience it."

    I don't know if I'm being very clear and if this is all right...

    If you want to make a comeback don't hesitate .

    1. It definitely sounds like something good.

  16. Last week, I had another session..

    I went right back to the two opposite energy flows... Then I fell asleep more or less...

    When I came out of the session, I was exhausted. I sat down on the couch.
    And then I left...

    My eyelids were moving by themselves at an impressive speed, with a scrolling of images impossible to see... no thoughts at all. Anyway, they didn't have time to settle down...

    I feel like I've been given a packet of information... But I can't say on what subject...

    My phone rang.. It lasted 20 minutes.

    Do you have any feedback?
    I'm aware that your time is very busy and valuable...

    thank you very much!!!!

    1. Maybe some kind of download or Soul was briefly active on higher plains or other time/dimensional line.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. https://whoisdavidchicago.blogspot.com/2020/02/contact.html

  18. Hello again,
    How can I protect my child, can you share a method. I bought elite shungite, but they beam voices into my childs head, telling my child when to breath out and breath. And thats not all...

    1. Place the child in an energetic protective cover/sphere. Cleanse through (White Fire of AN). Close energetic access points for Dark Ones. Remove negative entities. Set up energetic mirrors in case of irradiation. Call the LFs for help. I have already posted some techniques on this blog.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. This is the painting I was watching, I am not sure if it Satan, I am sorry that I wronged you:
      Alexandre Cabanel - "Fallen angel"

    4. Post is deleted. Lots of Starseeds are also visited by "this entity" and are seeing same number, which is a warning sign, that Dark Ones are operating in the higher planes around you.

  19. Is the Situation controlled by the Alliance of Earth Members and Outer Space Forces ?

  20. For those of you that are not aware of it, the global Ascension Timeline mass-meditation on April 5th at 02:45am UTC can also be followed online!

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