Short Situation Update (17.11.2021)

The triggering of an Atlantis Doomsday Timeline (see last blog entry: was averted for the most part. The Dark Ones dropped the action in this regard and are now trying to cause disruption elsewhere, especially within Europe. Hotspot number one is the border conflict between Poland and Belarus, which has the potential for a military conflict:

The second disturbance would be the renewed attempt to trigger a fascist timeline inside Europe (see also this older blog entry:

This time they try to implement it via Austria, where a lockdown exclusively for unvaccinated people has been in effect since this week. The current government is under the influence of Soros Family:

And the new chancellor (who replaced the former chancellor Kurz, who in turn was taken out by some positive intervention) belongs to the Schallenberg family, which is connected to Habsburg Black Nobility:

There is also already public talk about introducing compulsory vaccination for the entire population in this country, and how this could be implemented legally... even against their will.

So, similar to countries like Australia or Israel, Austria serves as a test balloon for the Cabal to see how far they can go with the population inside the Western World. Should this measure pass, countries like Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries could quickly follow. Thus, a fascist system/timeline would have been successfully implemented inside Europe, with borderlines similar to the Axis powers in 1939, especially if you also include the earlier mentioned border conflict between Poland and Belarus, which also runs along those lines in the east (which has occult reasons because WW2 also started with the invasion of Poland).

There is a certain positive group, which has partial influence on the Austrian military, but also on parts of the local media, which at least try to spread some truth regarding COVID. Moreover, a not-so-small part of the population is also ready to resist and that is why a large demonstration will take place in Vienna on Saturday the 20th of November, which has the potential to attract several hundreds of thousands of people.

A large protest would be a huge boost to the Ley Lines in that region, which would be important in curbing the Cabal's plans. This is important, since the Dark Ones are currently busy with blocking already activated Ley Lines again to keep mass consciousness under control.

So, Lightworkers worldwide who are not able to participate in these protests are gladly called upon to energetically protect and cleanse the event of all negative energies via Light Columns. Meanwhile, the Light Forces will go after the negative timeline, as it is energetically protected by Dark Ones, more specifically by Chimera/spider beings.

Regarding ethereal spider beings, I would also like to point out again that these creatures are currently still very active in terms of suppressing Lightworkers (see again this entry: Therefore, Starseeds and Lightworkers should stay sharp in this respect and use countermeasures if necessary.

If it were possible to initiate a change of thinking in Austria regarding the current COVID tyranny, it would have a positive impact on surrounding countries such as other Cabal strongholds like Germany and Switzerland. And in addition to countries like the USA, France or Italy, it would also have a positive effect on the overall mass consciousness if more resistance comes from the population in this region as well.

I would also like to point out again that all kind of people play an important role during such an event, i.e. those who are at the forefront of those protests and may be exposed to police violence, those who are making speeches and inform people, as well as those who protect those events energetically from the distance.

As for the question of whether all underground bases on the planet have been cleared, I can only say: Cabal is still running the show on the surface because negative extraterrestrials from under the surface are steel keeping their back. In this regard, perhaps this news report is interesting, regarding the issue of arachnoid life forms and if you put this in the context of the bigger picture of the current planetary situation regarding the Chimera and the whole vaccination agenda:

extraterrestrial beings will also soon be forced out of their holes, and are already running rampage against the population because of it.

Therefore, as Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors, it is important to keep the surface stable so that chaos does not break out.

So much for this brief situation report.


  1. There will be worldwide protests on 20 November 2021.
    There will also be demonstrations on 20 November in Germany, Switzerland (Zurich, Lausanne, )Italy, Poland, Austria and all over Europe and worldwide.

    World Wide Demonstration



    Protests Austria

    Protests Germany

    Protests Poland

    Protests Italy

    Protests Switzerland

  2. Very interesting update, thank you!
    Being in Germany, I can feel the grip of the dark forces getting tighter, just as you described it.
    I've been wondering what are the deeper energetic reasons that the opposition that was clearly visible in this country in 2020 collapsed? Of course there are still people protesting in the streets, the core of them are very dedicated, but given the circumstances and the numbers from last year, it's a joke, especially in Berlin.

    1. this is a very good question the answer to which i would love to know, too!

  3. There will be two very important mass meditations at full moon on 19 November, when the longest lunar eclipse of this century will take place at different times. This is exactly one day before the worldwide protests on 20 November.

    Meditations 19 November 2020


    2: Full moon meditation on Friday, November 19th at 2:45 PM UTC

    There will be other very important mass meditations on 4 December and 21 December.
    December 4 is the solar eclipse. December 21 is the winter solstice where there is also a very important mass meditation.

    You can also sign a very important petition for the liberation of the Earth.

    Petition: Planetary Liberation NOW!

    4 December:

    21 December:

  4. We should throw the so called masks but used dirty right before the doors of those Korona parrots and instutes who are willing to participate with the Corona Dictatorship like tv , radio stations and so far . Even better would be to dispose this Garbage full of dirt directly in the mailboxes of those pitiable happy slave's !!!


  6. Although there have been very successful protests almost everywhere on the surface, including in Vienna, there is already information where people are being put into quarantine camps in Australia.

    Even sewage that has tested positive and people who have been in contact with those who have tested positive are being locked up in quarantine camps in Australia. Maybe soon wars will break out because of the Covid tyranny and we will see how long it takes until the event comes and maybe the light forces intervene....

  7. These are the phases ( URL) of the Great Reset of the Dark Forces. We are currently in phase 5 and so far all phases of the Great Reset of the Dark Forces have arrived. The work of starseeds and also key light workers/light warriors, protests, meditations, Cintamani missions on the surface, the light forces (above+below) could not dissolve this plan of the dark forces until now.

    We will see whether the dark forces will carry out their Great Reset between March-September 2022, or whether the light forces (Earth's surface, below, above) will succeed in dissolving this plan of the dark reset....

  8. On 4 December at a strong solar eclipse at 08:35 CET a very important booster mass meditation will take place for the main mass meditation of 21 December this year.

    You can also now sign a very important petition for the liberation of planet Earth:

    If we work together, dreams can come true.

  9. Hello! Please, join the first global quest of the Ground Crew of Earth.

    It's a quest to perform mass charity for animals, and everyone can physically join.

    Thank you!

  10. Love is always founded in Truth.
    Our Mother and Father, our Life, our Essence, know this very well.
    So do we, in our hearts.
    She Is Life Herself, She Is Truth Herself, She Is Love Herself, She is Wisdom, She Is Justice, She Is Presence, She Is Being...
    She Is Light...
    So Is He...

  11. Is that what we are are doing? Is that what we are saying? Is that what we are being?
    Is that what they are doing? Is that what they are saying? Is that what they are being?
    We must learn to take measure and become aware of what is what and of who is who in this way.

  12. Sera que teremos alguma atualização ainda este ano?

  13. Dear Fm144

    I am wondering about the new Matrix4-Movie.

    The moviestory is, that Neo is watching the matrix 1-3 movie.

    So I wonder when humans go into the cinema watching matrix movie how neo watch the matrix movie. (-:

    Would that be a catalyst worldwide that cinema visitors starts think about that this crumbling matrix could really exist?

  14. Are you ok?
    I would like to know that you are, if that's ok with you.

  15. Still here.
    There will be another update this year.

  16. I'm looking forward to the update, possibly with an emphasis on the goings-on in the German-speaking countries? Thanks a ton.

    1. Dear FM144, I would like to know if you or your sources have news from Brazil, I am from here and I am keeping as much light as possible on the surface here, in fact our president here is against the vaccine passport and is trying to take action on this


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